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Corn Syrup Vs. Honey


I make a granola bar that's supposed to coat dry ingredients with a chewy, sticky sauce that's made with brown sugar, honey, and butter. We really don't like the honey flavor and it gets too sweet for our tastes. Can corn syrup be added to brown sugar and butter, and does this make it softer or harder?

I would think that corn syrup is not as sweet as honey, and would extend the volume, and hopefully would not make it too hard. Or should I add some water? Also, lately I've had a hard time melting the brown sugar in the butter. It just seems to stay granulated. Got any ideas?

wondernana from Clovis, CA



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By (Guest Post) 10/01/2008 Flag

You can substitute corn syrup for the honey, without adding anything else, but you might have to bake it longer to get it crunchy. Honey caramelizes at a lower temperature than corn syrup. As for the brown sugar not melting, try melting the butter first, then adding the brown sugar. That has worked for me.

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 10/02/2008 Flag

There are so many different flavors of honey, try getting some clover honey. It is almost pure light golden color. I get mine from bee keepers. I also get stronger flavored honey that comes from alfalfa, other grains and flowers. This I for dark breads, etc great when mixing flavors in baking. Stick my finger in--I want clover.
If you are looking at sugar vs honey, the honey has minerals/vitamins, et the stuff that nature made. If you want sweetner, it is calorie for calorie the same.

If you find you need more wetting agent, use a light olive oil, which has just as many choices as honey for flavors. Don't use water. It will create sogginess.

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