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Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

Does anyone have a list of the many uses for dryer sheets? Can I find such a list on this site? Thanks!

Caramel from New Jersey


Cleaning Mineral Deposits from Glass Shower Doors


For your heavy mineral deposits on the glass shower doors, a new dryer sheet will come to the rescue! Wet the doors down and take an inexpensive dryer sheet and wipe straight down the wet glass. Now swirl the dryer sheet into a circle to get into the little crevices on the doors. Rinse the doors and touch up spots where the mineral deposits didn't all come off. It works for fiber glass tubs/showers too.

I buy the cheapest dryer sheets I can find to clean with and I'm never disappointed with the results. A clean bathroom, no harsh chemicals, and my hands get soft!

By Beverly Carroll from Bladenboro, NC

Burnt on Food in Baking Dishes or Pots

Keep those used dryer sheets to put into a baking dish or pot that has stuck/burnt on food in it. Fill dish with hot water, place dryer sheet in, place a fork, tines down on top of it to keep it below the water. Allow the dish to soak for 15 minutes for lightly stuck on, to overnight for horrible burnt dish. The mess will come out and you won't have ruined a pan!

For Stinky Diapers While on the Go

If you have a baby you know that sometimes you have to change a stinky diaper on the go. Carry a ziplock baggie with a dryer sheet in it to trash the stinky diaper in. That way, it's sealed up and the dryer sheet will help keep it from smelling as bad.

By BrookesMommy

On A/C Vents

Place on A/C vents to quickly freshen your home. I recommend using your used ones, so that you won't use up your sheets.

By Mann

As a Bug Repellent

I used to work as a cashier at Walmart and was told by a customer who was taking her grandchildren camping for a weekend, that she always rubs their arms and legs, faces with a dryer sheet and it absolutely works to repel biting insects, and she didn't have to buy the expensive greasy "skin so soft " by avon or some of the other overpriced repellants on the market that smell so bad.


I passed this information on to quite a few other customers and they put me up for a commendation for offering such practical advise when they came back with glowing reports on how well it worked for them


Dusting the Washer and Dryer

I wipe down my washer and dryer every time I take a load of laundry out of the dryer - dust clings to these things like magic.

By TerryfromChilliOH

Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

After I've unloaded my dryer, I use the "used" dryer sheet to wipe off the lint build up from the dryer's filter screen.

By Marie

Used Dryer Sheets For Shoes

I take used dryer sheets, put them into a used nylon knee-hi, then stuff it into shoes to keep them smelling fresh! And, yes, when I'm in a rush, the dryer sheets go straight into shoes!

By Christi

Tips on Bounce's Website

These tips are offered by Bounce. They have numerous tips for using dryer sheets around the house. Clearly an attempt to sell more dryer sheets but there are some interesting tips. Some of the tips may work with used dryer sheets.

Wet Smelly Dogs

When my dog comes in wet from outside I just rub him down with a dryer sheet. no more smelly dog. Also the ticks don't seem to like this!

By Marianne

For Quilts

I use them instead of paper when doing 'paper piecing' for quilts. First they are ironed smooth. Then you can trace your pattern easily onto the dryer sheets. They are lightweight, don't add bulk to your quilt & they smell good!

By jazbo

Help with Cleaning Paint Brushes

(small)Ginny (Guest Post)(/font)
After I am done painting with Latex paint and want to clean out the brush. I take one dryer sheet used and drop that in hot water and put in the brush let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. It works great. Takes about 30 seconds to rinse the brush.

On Grates and Helps Static Air

Use them as "filters" in your heating system. Make nice liners under the small grates on the floor. Smells nice and helps with static in the room with the warm air floating thru.


Removing Static Cling

Dryer sheets can be used to rub over your pantyhose to reduce static cling.

By IMAQT1962

Freshening the Office

The used (and unused) dryer sheets are great in desk drawers and file cabinets. The scent freshens the work area instead of the entire room. It also freshens stationery and files in the desk or cabinet.

By QuietLady

Save Used Dryer Sheets For Dusting

They work wonderfully on baseboards, ceiling fans, doing a quick wipe of the bathroom or laundry floor, dryer, counter tops, or any surface that needs a quick dust. The dirt adheres to the sheet instead of getting flung around the air as when using a feather duster and are much cheaper than Pledge Grab-it or Swiffer dusters.

By Teresa Beaulieu

Reusing Dryer Sheets

Did you know that drier sheets can be used more than once? Use two, "once-used" sheets for a load of laundry. Works fine and saves a little money.

By Renee

Use for Used Dryer Sheets

Run used dryer sheets over television screens and PC screens to help repel dust and smoke! If you are like me and prefer not to buy these, there are always some around at your local laundromat!

By Diane Pollock

Dryer Sheets for Cars and Closets

I put dryer sheets, both new and used, in places like my car, clothing drawers, closets, etc. to keep everything smelling fresh. They keep the scent for a long time! Cheaper than buying expensive air fresheners.

By Robin

Use on Toilet Paper Holder

One more use for those old dryer sheets - I wrap mine around my toilet paper holder. Every time you take a sheet, it freshens the air for free!

By Glynda Lomax

Fabric Softener Sheets For Bath Tub Rings

I reuse fabric softener sheets to clean the rings in my bath tubs. They are also good to clean around the faucets and sinks.


By Pat

Stabilizers for Applique Work

Used dryer sheets make excellent stabilizers for applique work. You put the applique on top of the fabric and the dryer sheet behind it the fabric. A bonus is it makes the project smell great! I am working on an appliqued rose quilt for my Mom for Christmas and I couldn't believe the ease those used dryer sheets added to the process - I got every one of the appliques finished in one day with no problems! Now my husband will have to hold me back from digging in the trash at the laundromat for more of them :)

By Glomax56

Inexpensive Dusting Cloths and Cutting Them in Half

Once I am done with a load of laundry, there is always a dryer sheet to be thrown away. Of course, it's only half of a dryer sheet :-) I keep the sheets and use them to dust my furniture, wipe down the washer and dryer, and other surfaces (except kitchen counters). I save a bundle by not purchasing those furniture polish cloths!

By Misti

Keeping Rodents Out of the Camper

We used them in our camper to keep rodents out in the winter months when we were not using it. We just stuffed them around in the cabinets, on and under mattresses, etc. I suppose this would also work in unused places in your house that may attract rodents such as attic, basement, garage.

By Kathy

Uses for Old Fabreeze Bottles and Dryer Sheets

I use old Fabreeze bottles that are empty, fill 3/4 full of warm water and put in three or four fabric sheets and spray around the house as a fabric refresher. I also spray on the clothes in the dryer before turning it on.

By Racer

Sweet Smelling Pillow Case

When my daughters hair is full of static I get the sheet wet and gently dab it on their hair. It works great.

By HopeRomine

Sweet Smelling Pillow Case

My favorite uses for fabric sheets is to place one in my pillow case at night. The smell is soothing to me. and i also use them when my daughters hair is full of static i get the sheet wet and gently dab it on their works great..

By HopeRomine

Used Dryer Sheets for Removing Nail Polish

Used Bounce dryer sheets are excellent for removing nail polish. It saves manicure time, and uses less nail polish remover than anything I've used in the past.

By Betty

Preparing Crocheted or Other Fabric Gifts

I do a lot of crocheting and quilting to projects and give the finished items as gifts. I have found that tumbling the item in the dryer for a few minutes with a dryer sheet and then tucking the sheet into the folded item before wrapping makes it come out of the gift packaging smelling wonderful. The thank you cards that I receive almost always mention how good the item smells!

By Mimi from GA

Musty Smells in Suitcase

If you don't do much traveling, tuck a couple in your luggage before you store it away. No more musty smell when you pack for your next trip.

Harlean from Arkansas

Fresh Scent on Clothing

Ever wonder if there are any other uses for dryer sheets? Well wonder no more, you came to the right website! I use one in each dresser drawer for a fresh scent to my clothing. Also you can use them in clothing packed away or even in closets to keep everything smelling fresh. Yes, even shoes!

By Harm0ny

Dusting with Dryer Sheets

I use used dryer sheets to my mini blinds. Works great.

By lynne

Fabric Softener Sheet for Softer Feet

Want to soften the soles of your feet? Soak your feet in some warm water, then rub them with a Bounce fabric softener sheet for awhile. The sheet acts as a slougher and a moisturizer.

By Lisa Trudeau

Re-use Dryer Sheets/Empty Sheet Boxes

I keep an empty square tissue box on a shelf above my dryer and save all used dryer sheets. They are especially good for putting in sock/underwear drawers to keep everything smelling fresh. I also use the empty dryer box which retains a lot of the perfume smell in my dirty clothes basket -- keeps dirty clothes from smelling up the closet! Used dryer sheets are the best for using to clean out the lint filter of the dryer too.

By Terri

Removing Lint from Dryer

One of the favorite uses I have found for dryer sheets is removing the lint from the dryer filter. Just one swipe with the used dryer sheet from that load of clothes and the filter is clean as a whistle...

By Hazle

Dusting Television

I use my used dryer sheets to dust off my television and pc monitor. I also use them to dust off my mini blinds with. By miss lynne

Removing Static for Rubber Stamp Embossing

With some crafts, like Rubber Stamp embossing, static is a problem. The embossing powder can stick everywhere you don't want it to be. Rubbing your paper with a dryer sheet will help to cut down on that static and give you more control. It is good when working with glitter as well - simply rub over the surfaces you are glittering, and it won't stick everywhere quite as much.

By QueenBeeCrafts

Fabric Softener Sheets Remove Hair from Clothing

You can use fabric softner sheets, any brand, to get pet hair off of your items like clothes, furniture (this one works great), and other things. Also you can pick up dust with these also. They work great!

By Erricka (02/24/2006)

Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

I have a wood stove in my house that we use every winter. I save the lint and used dryer sheets this way: Take a handful of lint. Flatten it out and use the dryer sheet to roll it up. Dryer lint is a great fire starter and the sheets quickly ignite. You can also put them into a toilet paper roll and use them the same way. I also use dryer sheets to dust my car dash.

By Jane

Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

Just a little heads up about the safety of dryer sheets though.
Take it or leave it. (12/08/2006)

By zotty

Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

I've heard that mailmen tuck Bounty dryer sheets into their shirt pockets in summer to keep bees away. I used them on my deck umbrella and had much fewer bees and mosquitoes around last summer. Signaler(i)(/i) (04/07/2007)

By Signaler

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