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Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

I need some ideas on a sweet way to ask a girl to a formal dance. Any help?

Josh from Riverside, CA


Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

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Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Just be confident and look her in the eye when asking. And ask as soon as possible. (12/22/2005)


By Mr. sir

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

So you buy a bag of hershey kisses and a dozen roses. Then while she is sleeping have somone in her family make a trail of kisses from her bedroom to her bathroom, and put the roses

in the tub, with a note that says "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on and showered you with roses, will you go to ________ (Dance) with Me?" (01/30/2006)

By Just_ME

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Get a bunch of rubber ducks and on the bottom of one put their name with the saying "_____ your the one that would make _____ lots of fun. (02/10/2006)

By he he

cute idea

Girls love it when other people know that they have just been asked to a dance. You don't need to spend alot of money but do do something flashy! For example, get like 5 or 6


ballons and write different things on each one and then on one big balloon write______ (dance) with __your name____. You could write things on the other ballons like...

  • I have been waiting to do this forever
  • just give me a chance
  • You light up my life

By a girl

Answering a Girl to a Formal Dance

Here's a great idea to answering a girl to a dance.

What you do is get a ton of fruitloops cereal and put it in her yard or porch, or just where she can see it. Out-line "yes" with the fruitloops. Then have a poster over it all that

says "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Fruitloops are sweet, and so are you" (05/08/2006)

By El Bruco

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

If you work on the newspaper ask your editor, if you could write an article asking the girl you like to the dance. So the title of the article should be "will_ go to the _ dance


with_?" Then in the article write about all the things that make you like her, and talk about what it would mean to you if she did go with you. You could even use this with a couple

of other ideas. Good luck. (08/16/2006)

By Kenny

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Get an alarm clock and set it to like 3 in the morning, and have a sibling put it in there room somewhere but make sure the alarm clock is really loud. Then next to the clock have a

sign saying "sorry to alarm you but would you go to homecoming with me?" (09/10/2006)

By Mary

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Go buy some goldfish at Petco for like 12 cents each and get like 10 of them and put them in a bowl and put them in her room while she isn't home. Write a note saying
"out of all the fish in the sea, I chose you to ask to go to homecoming with me." "Will you go with me?" (09/27/2006)

By Spencer


Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

I have almost 100 ways to ask and one of my favorites is: "Will you rock with me at prom?" then you get the biggest boulder you can find and paint "no" on it and then get a small

pebble, and write "yes" on it. Then at the bottom of the poster after "will you rock with me/", you put "Return your answer" (09/29/2006)

By Angela

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

At school while everyone is in class
get some caution tape, some cones, and some white chalk. Block off a little area and outline your body like a police outline. Make a sign saying "Im dying to go to _____with you. -

name -name (10/03/2006)

By Marcos

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

When asking to homecoming, pour Honeycomb cereal all over their room. Then on their bed put a sign that says "honey comb your hair cuz' I'm asking you to homecoming!" I've done it,


it works great! (12/06/2006)

By John

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

If you live near the beach go there and have roses or somthing and ask her, all cute when the sun goes down. Thats original, if some guy asked me that way. Wow (12/10/2006)

By Cheyenne

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Well when I asked a girl out, you can switch the occasion, I gathered all the photos we had ever taken with each other and made a calender of all the days we went to the movies,

diner, bdays, etc.
But on the day I gave it to her it said the day I asked you to______. (12/11/2006)

By Eric

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Have a box of Hershey Kisses and on the top write "dump this on your head" (weird but just hang in there with me). And have written under where the chocolates are, so she can't see


them before, say "now that I've kissed you from head to toe, with you go to tolo with me? (12/30/2006)

By hogogo

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

I think this one would be nice. it show's you're confident and it won't cost too much.You might even get a kiss out of it. So all you have to do is find out what her favorite flower

is or if you don't know, just get a nice bundle of roses (or just one if you'd like). If you want, you can get a box that usually holds rings or jewelry and put a ticket (if it is

small enough) for the dance inside.

Then, ask the teacher of the class she is going to next if it is okay if you came in the middle of the class to ask her to a dance. if yes, then do it. So in the middle of class,

you walk in looking confident and smiley face. Then you kneel down to her with a flower in hand and the box with the ticket in your pocket. Give her the flowers and then ask her
"will you go to [insert name of dance] with me?"

By Kevin

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

I got asked by this guy in the cutest way. He got a huge box and made it look like a castle with "Princess _____" written on it then had this huge sign saying "I heard you need a

prince for the night. I would love to be your prince charming for ________(whatever dance it's for) (01/27/2007)

By Susie Q

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Well, I got this from one of my best friends. What you do is you go to her house and doorbell ditch her. Leave a bag of flour saying "would you go to prom with me? look in the

flower for my name." But of course you don't put your name inside. After about 10 minutes, when she is frustrated, ring her doorbell in a suit with a long stem rose, and say "sorry,

wrong flower". (02/09/2007)

By The Man

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Yeah what I did, was I just went to like Office Max or any arts store and get that real big paper that you could make a banner out of and I put it up across her garage saying, "Will

you go to prom with me? Find my name where the flowers bloom." I bought a dozen of her favorite flowers (Gerber daisies) and planted them in her flower bed. It worked so i guess try

it? (04/10/2007)

By Alex

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Yeah, well I'm one of those guys where it's hard to ask a pretty girl anything in person. So my friend gave me the idea of making a nice puzzle and then cut it up. Have a couple of

her friends to give her a piece through out the day. (04/25/2007)

By Winty

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

For winter formal I wanted to ask a girl out in a cute way cause she was into that stuff.There was snow on the ground and her room was on the second level, so in the morning while

she was still sleeping I shoveled the snow away to spell "will you go to winter formal with me" on the ground below her window and called her on her cell phone waking her up and

told her to look out her window.Sshe said yes. (04/29/2007)

By Zack


OK, so one time I got a box in a box, in a box, in a box, in a box, (5 boxes total) and they all had locks with different keys. And then I left the box in her 1st period class and

the keys in the rest of her classes, then in the final box I put, "now that you have all the keys to my heart will you go to__ with me?" It was sweet>

By Travis

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

OK, so I can think of so many cute ways I would want to be asked to any dance. My favorite is probably like go to Build a Bear and make a bear. Then you can get voice things to put

in it, and you can record your own, so you give it to her and when she squezzes it it'll say "will you go to_____with me? So cute! (07/14/2007)

By Sarah

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Last year my bf delivered 3 balloons in the middle of one of my classes and the teacher that delivered them and had me pop them, and confetti went everywhere and there were papers

inside asking me to the Winters dance. It was so cute! (09/01/2007)

By Lizzy

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

This is great for people who love candy. So for people who have a buck on them, this is for you. Put a note with your candy:

For a hershy's bar: write: you're sweet, let's dance together.
For peanut buttercups: write: hey buttercup, wanna go to homecoming with me?

For almond joys: write: it would fill me with joy if you'd go to the dance with me.
Um, if you liked these use them. (09/02/2007)

By A guy whose nervous about attempting this

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

The way I'm going to ask my girlfriend to homecoming is I'm making origami flowers and making about 20 of them and making a custom bouquet. Now who can say no to that? (09/07/2007)

By Random

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Get ice breakers and put a note on it that says "I think Homecoming would be a good icebreaker, will you go with me?" It works for girls you don't know really well yet. (09/18/2007)

By just a guy thats lookin for help

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Get a bag of tootsie rolls. Lead a trail from anywhere you like (example: driveway to her door). Then have a sign saying "hey toots, want to roll to homecoming with me?" It's good.


By tyy

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

One of the guys at my school asked like this. He put the message "Will you go to homecoming with me?" in a fortune cookie. All you do is you heat the fortune cookie in the microwave

for about ten seconds and then unfold it, put the message of your ? in there and you reheat it and then fold it back up. The guy gave it to her and she went nuts! (09/29/2007)

By naz girl

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

So I got asked to formal in a really cute way. This guy that I always saw at a pizza place sent me a medium pizza that said formal? In olives.
I thought it was cute and had to say yes!

By Mel


My friend got asked like this. The guy went through her cell phone and changed his name in it to "formal?". Then he called her. When she looked at her phone to see who called all it

said was "formal?" It was brilliant and of course she said yes! (11/16/2007)

By lala

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

You can get a shoe box. On the top write "the day pigs fly, is the day I get the courage to ask you to a dance". Then put little pink balloons and draw pigs on them and fill them

with helium. When she opens the box the pigs "fly out". On the bottom just put winter formal?-your name (11/20/2007)

By Ryan

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Cut out like big circles and put them all over her room and say "not to put you on the spot but will you go to _ with me?" (11/27/2007)

By spot

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

What I did was I went on Guitar Hero and spelled out" will you go to sweethearts with me" in the area were you can input your band names. Then we played it and I went to the screen

and she saw it and said yes. (01/02/2008)

By anonymous

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

I asked my girlfriend like this. I got a big cookie tray shaped in a heart and filled it halfway with water. I froze it. Then on a little piece of paper, write "now that you have

melted my heart away, will you go to ________ with me?" And write your name if you want. Laminate the paper and set it there. Then freeze over the it all the way to the top. Then

put it in her freezer and have her mom or dad tell her that there is something in the freezer for her. It worked great! (01/17/2008)

By Matt

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Take her to a trail, and leave little envelopes with clues, and then at the end of the trail look her in the eyes, and just ask her! (01/30/2008)

By Micah

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

To ask a boy to Sadies I got a plain white t-shirt and in permanent marker on the front wrote "Will you go to Sadies with me?" with the letters all spaced out and sporatic. Then in

the same color of a crayola washable marker wrote random letters all over, kinda like a word search. Then on the back I did the same thing but with my name hidden in the washable

letters. I left the t-shirt with a note saying to wash the shirt to decode the message. (01/31/2008)

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

My friend came up with this great idea to ask his girlfriend to prom. All morning he had some people write "PROM?" on about 1500 post it notes. Then at lunch we went out to his

girlfriend's car and post-it noted the whole interior of her car. Everything was covered, seats, ceiling, dash. Obviously for this one you need a key to get into her car, and she

can't be to uptight, cuz it can be a pain getting all of them off the car. (03/15/2008)

By Mike

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

If any of you have seen the movie Top Gun, then you'll appreciate this. Wait til she is eating lunch at school and get you and 5 or so other buddies to sing "you've lost that loving

feeling" by the Righteous Brothers like in the bar scene. Trust me it works! (03/29/2008)

By Princey

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Seriiously--Have some class. Simply hand her a single, beautiful rose (any color) and say, " Will you be my date for the prom?" Short and sweet and to the point is cool. Don't be

gushy or wordy or corny...good luck. (03/31/2008)

By Squid

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

Here's what I did. I'm on the football team and it was a pretty huge game. I went out and bought a Football from the sports store, wrote "Homecoming?" on it with permanent marker

and taped a poem to the ball covering it. So she had to take off the poem and see "Homecoming?" then read the poem. I told my coach about it and he said that the 1st touchdown I get

for the game I can run up to the stands and hand it to her. So I did. She loved it and yes instantly. We even started dating after that. It works with any sport with a ball so try

it. (03/31/2008)

By Mike

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

So get a big tub of ice cream and dig a little hole to put your name inside (cover it back up), get a few toppings (optional) and write a little note that says "I scream, you

scream, dig through the ice cream, even though it will be a mess, I hope your answer will still be yes!" it's a super cute way to ask and girls will love it! (09/03/2008)

By Katie

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

So, my bf just did this to ask me to homecoming. He started off by getting my locker combo from my friend (with whom I share a locker) so when I opened it in the morning, there was

a tiara and a note that said "You will always be my homecoming queen, will you go with me?". It also said to wear the tiara if my answer was yes. I ended up wearing the tiara all

day! It was amazing and I loved it! (09/19/2008)

By Rachael

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

First, you need to have one of your friends give the girl a stick of butter. Then about ten minutes later, get another friend to give her popcorn. On the popcorn it will say " Now

that I've buttered you up, now its time to pop the question." Someone in my trig class did that. It worked for them. (09/21/2008)


Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

So I started by getting feathers and I got her locker combination. I put all the feathers in her locker with a note saying: "Will you shake your tail feather with me at formal?"

Pretty good eh? (09/29/2008)

By From Crescenta Valley

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

I asked a girl to a "snodaze" dance by building the letters out of snow, it took me all night and I was freezing but it was worth it because she loved it! (11/23/2008)

By Tanner W.

Asking a Girl to a Formal Dance

What you do is you get a treasurer chest and you fill it with candy or like sand and close it. On the top of the chest write "can you dig it? " and then have a shovel. Have him/her

dig through the sand or whatever till they find the note that says "I dig you. Will you be mine to the _____". It's cute. (01/03/2009)

By Kelseyy

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