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Dog Gets Car Sick

I need help with my 5 month old pup. We do not bring him in the car a lot, and when he does he gets MAJORLY carsick. I know it is because he will not stay laying down, he moves around like a wiggly worm.

He doesn't whine or hate it, but 10 minutes in he will throw his cookies (and it's a LOT because he is a large dog). And he will do it on the way back from wherever we're bringing him. It is causing us to not want to bring him anywhere, except for where we have to, like the vet.

It is frustrating me a lot. I have googled, and saw suggestions of using Gravol, but I do not feel good giving my dog something made for humans. I also heard you could get something from the vet, but I assume it's expensive.

In a real sense, I am getting tired of our car smelling and looking like barf, it is horrible to clean up, and it is running our patience. I am told dogs grow out of it the more you bring them in the car, but I can't take cleaning up the stink 3 or more times a day, and to detail the inside of a car runs up 100+ bucks. Any help is appreciated!

FYI: The dog is a husky/shep.

Schubunny from Moncton, NB


Dog Gets Car Sick

Crate train him and transport him in his crate.

Don't feed him at least 2-3 hours prior any car ride. (03/19/2008)

By luvmygingerkids

Dog Gets Car Sick

I had a HORSE that got "trailer sick" . it was a disaster! She'd fall over in the horse trailer. What a MESS! I was 4 month pregnant when I had to trailer her home with a friend & driver that had never been around a horse before & was terrified of horses. I'd only bought the horse several years before & didn't know she got "trailer sick". We were driving on a curvy road & had gotten only about 20 miles from my property when the truck & horse trailer started swerving all over the road.

We thought. "What the heck is going ON?" . "Are the horses (a small horse & a pony) doing strange things back there or WHAT?" So we turned around & went back 10 miles to a vet's home. (Thank God there was a veterinarian along the way!) When we tried to SLOWLY bring the horse out of the trailer, She was in a BIG hurry & did a BACK FLIP out of the trailer! Breaking the lead rope that was tied to the front of the trailer at the same time. And Me, being PG, I was afraid to get near my crazy mare!

Well, the vet saved the day. He injected my special friend with "Ace"(Whatever that is?) I think it's some kind of horse tranquilizer? Anyway it would only last just so long & we had to drive SLOWLY & carefully home (6 hours away). BOY! were we ever glad to pull into the driveway of her pasture! We didn't know if we could make it before the Ace wore off! We all lived through it! But WHAT an experience!

Maybe your vet has something you could give your pet. I gave my kids a half dose of Benadryl for car sickness on long trips. It always worked & not as strong as Dramamine. I'd never give Benadryl to a pet without asking a vet first though, as (I'm sure you know) animals react differently than people to meds.

I had a cat who was always terrified to be in a car. She'd shake, pee, poop & throw-up. All at the same time! And she wouldn't stop until she was let out of the car because she was so scared. It didn't matter if she was in a carrier or not. We couldn't even bring her to the vet for her shots! Is your pet REALLY car sick, or TERRIFIED?

* To remove the smell use a half water, half vinegar solution sprayed over the area after you've cleaned it. This will remove the "barf smell". (03/19/2008)

By Cyinda

Dog Gets Car Sick

We had the same problem with our dog, and the vet prescribed Acepromazine. We give it to her half an hour before traveling, and she has been fine. It really isn't all that expensive, and since the vet sees her regularly, we didn't have to make (and pay for) an extra appointment. I think it comes to around $4 per dose for our dog. Of course, the dosage is probably based on weight, so your dog will probably need more. Even though we're on a limited income, it is well worth the cost. It does make our dog somewhat sleepy, too. She dozes while we drive and wakes up when we stop the car. (03/19/2008)

By zballoongirl

Dog Gets Car Sick

Don't feed him at least 2 hrs before your trip then I would give our dog 1/2 a gravol pill about 20 mins before the car ride. Eventually after about 1 year he is now fine in the car without any medication.

Cyndi Ontario Canada (03/20/2008)

By Cyndi

Dog Gets Car Sick

When my huge dog was a pup he was sicking the car all the time. I tried everything, and nothing did any good, including vet medication. Then I found a "people" travel sickness medication in the chemist based on ginger. Ginger is the ultimate stomach calmer, and though Tom was sick once after his first dose, he was never sick again, and now he is an adult he doesn't need anything, and adores the car.
Best of luck, regards, Leah. (03/21/2008)

By Honto

Dog Gets Car Sick

I know that ginger is a safe motion sickness remedy. I have not personally tried it though. I'm sorry you are having such a rough time of it. I would be frustrated too. The best of luck to you with finding a solution that works for you. Blessings! (03/21/2008)

By velsgal

Dog Gets Car Sick

I'm sorry not to have any preventative measures, but having a couple of bread sacks stowed in the dash gives you something to stick his head down in when the retching starts! Makes cleanup so much easier.

A life long pet owner (03/22/2008)

By tamak

Dog Gets Car Sick

Your dogs motion sickness is NOT because he won't stay lying down. Motion sickness is kin to vertigo. He's disoriented because of the motion of the car. My little boy used to go to his grandparents 90 miles away & stay sick because the insurance required they travel the 90 miles again to see a doctor.

We discovered what was wrong when he started into his thing once with my sister who gave him Tacky, the dog's, motion sickness medication & cured him instantly. yep! sane stuff! Dramamine (Ask your vet about dosage).

He eventually outgrew it when he learned to drive & had to keep track of which way was up. No meds? Get up, look forward, & count cars going opposite direction... Avoid anything that adds to his not knowing which way is up... don't make him lie down, no paper bag over his head, a kennel on back seat where he faces forward, a car bucket and a roll of paper towels, kindness & understanding. Pets are people too! (03/23/2008)

By DrRock

Dog Gets Car Sick


We had the same problem for years with our dog, and tried all sorts of things. Finally a new vet gave us hydroxyzine. He takes one capsule the night before travel, and one in the morning of travel. It has worked completely-no more vomiting! (03/23/2008)

By joyce

Dog Gets Car Sick

I have a Bassett hound who gets extremely car sick no matter where we are going. I give her 1/2 a Dramamine pill 45 minutes before we go anywhere & she does awesome! (04/05/2008)

By miss grace

Dog Gets Car Sick

I know it helps to put the windows down a few inches. If he is in the back seat, put the windows down about 5 or 6 inches so he can get fresh air. This might keep him from throwing up. It always worked for my dogs. Don't open the window too much or he might jump out. Use good sense. (04/25/2008)

By Stngray

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