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ELF Cosmetics Reviews

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This page containsELF cosmetics reviews. Other people's experience with these makeup products can help you make an informed buying decision.


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Has anyone tried ELF Cosmetics? They have been written up in many national magazines and everything is $1! My skin tends to simply absorb all my makeup including my powder foundation and everything I put on my eyes. I've tried just about every brand - is this any different?

Thank you,
Mindy from OR


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I love elf, more than expensive brands I've bought. Minus, too faced. I've bought from elf three times, and I see myself being a loyal customer now. The eyeshadows can be powder like, but I've found a great eye primer (elf's is great!) or water can go a long way. My favorite eyeshadows are "butter pecan" and "olive". Not to mention I love "sage" and "golden glow" in the eyeshadow refills (lovely with my fair skin and red hair!).

Since using elf (my mascara is the only non elf product in my purse) I've found that my skin has cleared up. The studio line, is fabulous. I love the blush & bronzer compact, I actually just bought my second one. The "clarifying powder" is a+ and the "complexion perfection" is my partner in crime. The "high definition powder" can work as a great primer or on top of course.


The one dollar blushes again, do get messy, but I can careless. They are pigmented so nicely! The cover stick is thick, and I have found nice coverage out of it. A little, can go a long way with elf. Will you have to re-apply? Possibly. But to be fair, I've had to re-apply with much more expensive brands too. I figure while I type this out, I'll share all that I love from them. My favorite lipstick is from them, and it's the "cherry tart" from luscious liquid lipstick. My favorite 1 dollar blushes are "glow" and "shy." The "flushed" blush was too pink for my fair skin (it would look nice on tan or olive girls) and "berry merry" is precious from the studio line.

Some people complain about the product sizes, but I find them kind of handy. The clarifying powder easily slips into my jeans. And in general, it cuts down on the excess in my purse. And as someone stated prior, order something earlier if you need it in time for an event. Don't order a huge amount of things on your first purchase, try it out first through a friend or small purchase. And definitely read the reviews, they are quite helpful.


I think a lot of elf's products can give heavier coverage depending on how you apply it. (face primer, cover stick, mineral kit.) or so on. In general, I love elf for the savings, but also because of the no animal testing promise. Plus, they are constantly treating (I'm so excited for my third order to come with my free make-up kit) and saving women money. Again, if the regular elf line did nothing for you, try the studio and mineral! I've tried many things from those lines, and they are wonderful. The only things I haven't tried from elf yet, are the polishes, and bath & body. The regular brushes aren't too bad, and the studio brushes are super. Oh, and I haven't tried sugar kiss and some of the tools.

Look to youtube and makeupally if you want reviews as well. But keep in mind, something might work differently on you.

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I have ordered from ELF several times and have found that most of their products are very very good. I love their eye primer and eye transformer. Their Ruby Kiss lip glaze is now one of my favorites. It has to be reapplied every now and then but the color is great. I would say their regular elf line is a hit or miss, dependent on one's personal taste, but the studio line is awesome.


I still don't know how they manage to sell their brushes at only $1 to $3 dollars! (for regular and studio line respectively)

Twice I've had to wait over two weeks for my order from ELF's site...for $7 standard shipping I find that a bit too long.

One thing I that is for sure though I dont think anyone should pass up the opportunity to at least try them out.

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December 8, 20100 found this helpful
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I've ordered a few times from ELF before, while the prices are extremely cheap, the size of the products are on the small side. With the studio compact, I noticed that the product ran out rather quickly, but the product did work nicely. However i was extremely disappointed with the studio primer, because of such little product was included, about a travel sample size. The eye shimmer eyeliners worked nicely, I really liked how an eyeliner sharpener was included on the cap of the eyeliner, very convenient. Once you buy from ELF online though, be prepared to be swarmed with e-mails from them.

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December 22, 20100 found this helpful
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I do not recommend shopping at I ordered $35 worth of stuff back in November, when 3 weeks passed and I still didn't have my order I emailed them to see where it was. They said it was lost in transit, which wasn't true because on my account page it listed the order as still processing. They sent out a new order, which didn't have everything I ordered in it.


They charged me $35 for $23 worth of stuff! Luckily I ordered through Paypal and I now have a claim filed with them. I've also read many other stories like this on review sites but I didn't think it would happen to me. You're better off buying your makeup at Walmart or if you like ordering online Smashbox is great. A lot more money, but I've never had a problem and I get my stuff within a few days. The quality is much better also.

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May 13, 2009

Has anyone tried ELF Cosmetics? They have been written up in many national magazines and everything is $1! My skin tends to simply absorb all my makeup including my powder foundation and everything I put on my eyes. I've tried just about every brand - is this any different?


Thank you,
Mindy from Oregon


ELF Cosmetics Reviews

Yes I have tried Elf makeup before , I bought it at Target . I have only used their lip products , they seem to last for a few hours . I have sensitive skin so I am careful what I use on my face . (10/02/2006)

By nancy

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

E.LF. Had nothing to do with the Nordstrom's Chain letter that circulated the internet. Try Snopes, or google it, before making accusations.

To the person who had an issue with the eyelash curler - are you kidding me? Sounds more like user error if you can't hold on to an eyelash curler. I have never had a problem with mine, but then I actually looked at it before using it, realized it wasn't a loop, and held it properly.

I am a fan of the ELF line. Some of the products aren't as great as their more expensive counterparts, but they are still useable, and at $1 a shot and the carolina coupon code, I am more than willing to try everything at least once.

I do prefer my MAC pigments, and my only complaint is there are never enough bright and interesting ELF colors. Hopefully someday they make more, but until then I supplement my ELF with MAC.

Not a big fan of the mascara or the mascara brush, but I do like the tweezers, eyelash curler and of course, the brushes. I love my Brushes. (08/29/2008)

By Christen

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I was very disappointing to hear that it is common practice for them not to ship the full order and not give a refund for the unshipped items. I also had that happen to me. I was okay with the quality considering the price. I won't order again because I don't like the dishonest practice. (09/03/2008)

By kimberlee

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I am completely happy with e.l.f. I placed two orders last weekend and received them both today (Friday). Nothing was missing and everything was correct and in good condition. My coworkers were admiring the products and asking where they could buy them. The only item I've tried so far is the nail polish, which I had previously purchased in a store. It's one of the best polishes I've ever used and after a week is still chip-free.

As for the Nordstrom scam, e.l.f. states on their website that they are independently owned and not affiliated with any other retailer.

As for the quality/safety of their products, they recently started posting the ingredients for some of their items on their website. They just started a few days ago, so I'm assuming it's a work in progress and that information on more items will be appearing soon. Also, before placing my orders, I had e-mailed them twice with questions about ingredients, and both times they responded within the hour.

They didn't spam me or hijack my computer.

And I don't work for them. I'm just another satisfied customer. (09/06/2008)

By Cookie

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I have had good success with elf cosmetics. Not every item they sell is amazing (I thought that the mascara was crap) but for a dollar you can try a few and see what works. I have used several of the eyeshadow quads (drama, butternut, luxe, and silver lining are all good) and several of the liquid lipsticks with great results. I also have several brushes and I think that they are a great quality for a dollar. I say everyone should place a small order and give elf a try. For the cost of one item somewhere else, you can try a dozen elf products! (09/11/2008)

By erin

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I fell for the email, ordered a bunch for myself and my 2 grown daughters and got an instant email confirming the order. The next day I got another email that the order had shipped along with a tracking number in case I wondered where it was. The package was on my doorstep the next day.
Everything was there in nice little custom, plastic bags along with a packing slip that I could compare with the order I printed out when it was placed.

The quality is not excellent, but it is good. I'm a Bare Essentuals user, and while the e.l.f.mineral make up is not as good and i.d.'s, it is still good, and $5 and $8 compared to $25 makes it a little easier. I'll probably end up alternating just to keep things affordable. The brushes seem better than the ones you buy in drug stores and the lip glosses and shadows are good enough for wearing to work. For the lady who talked about the "stinging" feeling, lots of lip plumpers do that to your lips, even the real expensive ones. There's nothing wrong with the product.

My only real hesitation about this product is that it is made in China. Given that there's been so much trouble with quality control of products coming out of China, I imagine this is the real threat to e.l.f's future sales. So many of us will not buy again because we don't want to take a chance on our well being. (09/13/2008)

By Evie

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I just received my second order and it only took about 10 days, which was fine with me. My first order took much longer and it was short an item; however, I didn't sweat it. I like the mineral foundation, bronzer, eye shadows and blush. The gloss is fine and I get to experiment for a dollar! The brushes are great! It seems there's some consistency with the Mascara, polish and liquid concealers so I will steer clear from those. I think it's just as good as bare essentials. Perhaps not MAC, but for the price and I haven't broken out at all it's worth stocking up on what works for you. (09/13/2008)

By Dee

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I ordered a handful of items from ELF about 5 weeks ago and am ordering again tonight (they have a $2 shipping special going on). I love my brushes and LOVE the Candy Shop tin I got as a free gift. The only complaint I have is that a lot of their lip products have the weird packaging where the gloss/lipstick comes out of a brush; this is not specific to ELF, but I still don't like it. Anyway, it's totally worth trying and my experience has been great so far! (09/18/2008)

By Heather

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I received an email from a friend about ELF and how Nordstrom was buying it and changing the name. I can't believe I fell for it! Fortunately I only bought a few things. Unfortunately they only sent half of my order and the packing slip says that the order is complete. I don't think I will bother calling them, the stuff isn't very good (not that I expected Chanel quality for a dollar). If you feel the need to buy something the brushes aren't bad, I'm putting them in my travel case so if I lose them while I'm on a trip I won't care. (10/15/2008)

By Sam

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I have had a HORRIBLE reaction to the E.L.F Cosmetics that I've never had with any other cosmetics I've ever used - cheap OR Expensive.

The lipliner and lipstick I used, that very night ended up chapping my lips and the outer area of my lips that I bled and they would not heal for days and are in fact still chapped. Luckily now I am using medicated cream to heal my mouth.

The eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara seem fine and work well, the waterproof mascara actually stays waterproof. (10/19/2008)

By Ana

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I ordered $40 worth (including shipping) and have no complaint about the products. Everything came QUICKLY in the mail and I was able to check my order form with everything in the box. Which all came!

As for the products, I loved the lip gloss it actually stays. The mascara is great, but doesn't do good in cold weather if you leave it in the car/carry it in your purse. Other than that the double stick and choice of waterproof and regular is awesome and the mascara works wonders. The concealer stick is great and really stays put. The bronzer and blush are ok. The liquid lipsticks are great. All the brushes are great. The eyelash curler is just eh... The products in my opinion are a great purchase for such a cheap price. (10/20/2008)

By LucidDreamer

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I received an email from a friend yesterday about Nordstom buying out the e.l.f. brand and what a deal you could get if you ordered before they changed the label. I was very excited and placed an order but then received an email later that made me a bit nervous. After some research (including this website forum) I found out they are not affiliated with Nordstrom and I canceled my order. We'll see if I am charged anyway. Ugh! How could I be so gullible?

By coloradmama

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

DO NOT waste your money! I placed an order and it took nearly a month to come in. The makeup itself is awful! In this case, you definitely get what you pay for! All of the foundation and powder products were ridiculously dark, though I ordered the lightest shade. I'd hoped maybe the eye make-up remover pads would be usable, but they burn your eyes. Luckily I only wasted $20 on their terrible products. (10/21/2008)

By Aimee S

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

The norstrom email is just a hoax, and it has nothing to do with e.l.f., and i am actually a big fan of e.l.f. products, they have great lip glosses, eyeshadows for only $1. And i love their eyeshadow brush, one of my favorite products. The best thing is almost everything is only $1, and I have very sensitive skin and I was able to use it and have not had any problems with it so far.

here is their link: (10/30/2008)

By Alyssa

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I LOVE ELF cosmetics! I completely recommend the mineral makeup and earth/water mascara duo. The mineral powder makes my skin look flawless! My friend Emily and I just ordered from ELf 3 days ago and got our complete order today! We can't get enough of it and are swapping makeup back and forth! (:

5 stars! Although I wouldn't recommend the lip gloss. It's a bit stingy so I give that 4 stars. Love it, Elizabeth (11/05/2008)

By elizabeth.

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I ordered about $15 in products from e.l.f. I received all but 3 products and did not get a refund for the products not received. It was not worth it to deal with the hassle of contacting them. It also took about a month to get the products.

I enjoyed the eyeshadow, especially the creamy shadow, the eyelash curler is awesome and the lip plumper looks good on me.

I did not like the powder or the concealer, they smelled cheap and were way too dark, even though it was the lightest color they had. The lip tins were very stinky, tasted terrible and felt really awful on the lips. The blush broke me out.

Overall - it was fun to try different colors for a very low price, but I do not like how they rip you off with charging you for products they do not ship and I would never recommend you order from them online. If you want to try it, go to K-mart that way you KNOW you will not get ripped off. (11/08/2008)

By Shannon

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I n my personal opinion, elf is an okay brand. I liked the brushes, lip glosses, all over color/cover sticks, and nail polishes. To be honest, I got every single thing they have excluding the minerals and bags. To me, it was worth it. I don't make a fortune, so the price really was what made me choose e.l.f.

I have a few mac pigments and yes, they are better quality, but what do you expect? The only thing I was unhappy with from elf cosmetics was the eye makeup remover pads because 1. The sort of sting your eyes and 2. You only get 18 pads. You can go to target or walmart and get a pack of 60 better quality ones for like 2.50. Like a said, you get what you pay for. In this case, what you pay for is a little better quality then you would expect,seeing as the products are only 1 dollar! (11/09/2008)

By Julia

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

To those of you feeling uneasy about E.L.F. Cosmetics (or any cosmetics produced in China which I'm sure you all have in your bathroom) please don't worry. Lead has not been used in cosmetics in China, or any country for that matter, in about 70 years. Lead was detected in paint used on children's toys, not in your lipstick. Lead paint is still used regularly all over the world for various projects and it happened to make it's way into the toy industry. There is no lead contained in today's cosmetics and just because it is manufactured in China doesn't mean it is any less safe then other products you buy from other countries (Mexico, anyone?). E.L.F. does not test on animals and they sell decent products. They aren't for everyone as is the case with all makeup brands. It's all "try it and see" which is what we all do with new things we buy. If you like it, great. If not then it's not for you and there is something out there that is. So please, stop blowing the whistle just because it comes from China and you have heard stories about this or that. Just do a little research. (11/18/2008)

By H.S.

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

Don't know about the other products but I've used the eye shadow and I think it's comparable to many department store brands. Definitely better than drugstore. It didn't crease or feel chalky and blended very well. Definitely worth $1. (11/29/2008)

By Kay

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I also fell for the Nordstrom's scam. But, I can tell you that I've ordered from them 4 times now, and have NEVER had a single item missing. The first 3 orders arrived within a few days, the last one, a week and a half.
Most all of the products are VERY decent for just a dollar. But the mascara is awful! And the liquid eyeliner as well. I've read very mixed reviews here on the eyelash curler. Mine did not work AT ALL. I have been using a curler for 25 years, so I do know how to use one. It does not curl AT ALL.
The body sets are a good deal at $15, all the products in it are fine, except that the hand soap pumps don't work well, but I just poured it into a decorative one I had.
Today I opened another order and was SORELY disappointed in the 3 $12 "train cases" I bought. The site description led me to believe it was an "organizer". It's just a plain old cheap bag with a zipper. Might as well use a ziploc bag! For the first time, I checked the return policy, "NO RETURNS". That was a BIG waste of $36.
Otherwise, like I said, the makeup is decent, and cheap. (12/02/2008)

By Lindy

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I just received my order from ELF. I must admit that I bought into the Nordstrom's scam, but because I'm a beauty product "junkie" I figured for a $1.00 why not try it. The concealer and powder are way too dark if you have a fair complexion. I love the brushes and especially the tweezers, they are no tweezer man, but again they're a buck. Lip liners are nice and so are the cream eye shadows. Bear in mind that they are a 1.00 and they are not MAC, but they are better than some drug store brands. (12/02/2008)

By Kam

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I fell for the Nordstrom scam - my boyfriend would kill me if he knew how much stuff I ordered. I researched the company and while it sounds legit - I canceled my order within 30 minutes. I hope they will honor the cancellation - I will repost to let you know. My girlfriend ordered stuff as well so I will wait for her order to arrive before I decide if I really want to place another order. My experience has been - if it sounds too good to be true - then it probably is. (12/02/2008)

By Tami

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I got my order in about a week and everything was in it including the free wrapping and free gift they promised. I went safe and only ordered lip balm, brushes, and 2 cream eye shadows. The lip balm is great. WAY cheaper than the soft lips stuff but looks the same.

After reading the reviews on here though I don't think I'll order again. I think they sweeten you up on your first order and send you whatever you want and then rip you off later by sending you half your order or an empty box. Sorry to anyone who has had to deal with that. I guess I'll be thankful with the stuff I got and not waste my money later. I only spent like $15 too!


By Kris

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I received my order today - ON TIME. Everything was there. I liked the eye shadows, brushes, lip gloss, and the camouflage stick in medium. The foundation, powder, blush, and tint went straight into the TRASH. I spent $30 - that included the shipping cost. I will probably never order from ELF again. I'm not completely disappointed. What I kept will use. I wouldn't recommend it to any one. (12/10/2008)

By Laura

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I've ordered from ELF 5 times in the last year. All shipments came in a week or week and a half, so I've never had any problems with that. I think the makeup is great for the price! I especially like the lip glosses and luscious lipstick, but the eye shadows and nail polish are also pretty good. I've even tried their tinted moisturizer - my skin is super oily and it doesn't do anything to control that but I use it for classes and lazy days when I don't want to put real foundation on. I've given all my friends and family lip glosses and other makeup for birthdays and holidays, so I would definitely recommend it! (12/14/2008)

By Sara

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I have ordered from ELF twice recently and received my order in about a week and a half both times. I absolutely love the liquid lipstick and candy shop lip tins. I tend to collect all brands of lip gloss and these two are my favorites. The brushes are excellent and I also like the eye primer and liner sealer. The cream eye shadow is very pretty but it creases really easily even when using the eye primer. I used the mascara once and then threw it away because it was really stringy and clumpy. The eyeliner isn't very good either. I haven't tried the mineral eye shadow but that will probably be my next purchase! (01/13/2009)

By Renee

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I have had several bad reactions to the ELF lipgloss and lipsticks. My lips burn and then I get blisters. The reaction lasts for over a week. I have never had a reaction like this to any other cosmetic. It's actually rather scary. I am not too keen on the idea that it is from China. I don't care what anyone says in their can never guarantee that a product from China is safe these days. Even the proper paperwork won't convince me. Chinese manufacturers lie about their products - even to their own people. Remember the powdered milk incidence where babies got sick? (01/27/2009)

By Talka

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I was scammed! Just like everyone else I thought I was getting a high end product for a cheap price. I feel so Dumb! I ordered on 2-5-09 and my products shipped on 2-5-09.(ODD since everyone else is talking about it taking weeks and months to get theirs) I ordered 111.00 of product for My daughter and I. I have sent an email to cancel but no response. I hope they will credit my credit card back. I wouldn't mind trying the product but not under this unethical situation.

Good luck to everyone who has been scammed by ELF. I reported this as fraud to my credit card company but elf ran the card on the same day as my order and already received the money. They are investigating them. Wish me luck getting my money back. For anyone seeing this that has had the same problem should I refuse the shipment when it comes next week? I wonder If that will help my case. (02/06/2009)

By georgia

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

People, this stuff is a dollar. If you bought makeup at a dollar store, got it home and realized it wasn't just like MAC, would you be shocked? I just placed my order, 22 bucks. I'm sure some things will be okay, and some wont. Rest assured I wont be shocked if its not MAC quality. (02/12/2009)


ELF Cosmetics Reviews

All of you who receive your orders that are short shipped and don't receive your refund for products missing and then don't complain because "eh, it is only a dollar" should be taking this up with your credit card company. This is called STEALING. If some random person walked up to you and grabbed $6 out of your hand as you had your money out to pay for something in a store, wouldn't you kick up a fuss to get your money back? It is illegal! (02/13/2009)

By Guest

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I don't think people should really be complaining about the E.L.F. products because you are getting what you pay for. It's a dollar, sheesh. I think e.l.f. is a good bargain and I am planning on ordering some more stuff from them. I do not like the fact that they charge you before you receive you're order. (02/13/2009)

By Michelle!

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

If you want to cancel your order, you need to do it before the transaction posts to your credit card account, you can cancel while the payment is pending. Call the customer service number, I found Esther to be helpful. She canceled my order right away she didn't question me or give me any crap about itl 800-231-4732 (02/17/2009)

By Shreya

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I really like alot of their products, I received my order today. I don't like the pressed powder, it's really orange, but other than that I find that pretty much everything I ordered works great. I especially love their Super Hydro Tint SPF 15. (02/17/2009)

By Alyssa

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I am VERY angry with E.L.F. I ordered $98 worth of items for a special party and they didn't arrive on time! I emailed customer service about returning the items and was returns or exchanges. This is terrible customer service! Why on earth would any company not accept a return of unopened items! I will never order from them again and I plan to tell everyone I know not to either. What in heaven's name will I do with 75 lip tins? (02/17/2009)

By Vickie

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

You should do your homework before responding to ANY email! All you needed to do was read their site before ordering. I ordered several items and was extremely happy with entire order which I received in less than a week. I frequent the high end department stores, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth.


By Barbara

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

i really like most of their stuff. But to be honest, its not THAT great of a bargain, because the stuff is TINY. And in the pictures on the website they look much bigger. (02/21/2009)

By taylor

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I like the lip items. I like lighter lipsticks and glosses. The reasonable priced lighter colors are hard for me to find in the stores and elf carries them. Decent quality for a buck. Their liners (lip and eye) are also decent quality for the money.

However when it comes to mascara, and skin items. I am going to stick with other brands. Mascara goes on clumpy, foundations and powders leave an orange tint on the skin, and the bronzer does not blend in well.

I have never had any problems in receiving my shipment in a timely manner. They have also always credited my card back on items that I bought that they did not have in stock. (02/22/2009)

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I recently reordered several shades of their eye shadow. When they arrived, the colors are way different than my previous ones and not at all like the shades shown on their website. It's like they changed shades but didn't change the color samples shown. I have written and will post their response. Anyone else have this problem? Judy (02/22/2009)

By julia41

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I am completely disgusted with ELF. Ordered it in the past with no problems. My old ELF eyelash curler just recently broke while I was on vacation. I loved it so I ordered another from elf. They changed the finger grip but I thought not a big problem. I curled my right lashes and it pulled out all the eyelashes in the center of my eyelid. I noticed that the rubber was a little weird so I changed it for the extra in the package. I did the left lid and again it pulled all the lashes from the center of my eyelid. I AM WALKING AROUND WITH LASHES ONLY ON THE OUTSIDE OF MY LID. Never again will I use their products. (02/23/2009)

By Eilee

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

After making my e.l.f. purchase I looked online to read any reviews about my product that "will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it," as stated in an email. I saw these reviews and felt like I was scammed. I canceled my card simply because I was misled and, therefore, was not getting what I felt I was ordering which would be a quality product.

THANK YOU to the person who posted the customer service number! It is 800-826-1885. My order was canceled and I expect my account will be refunded. So, if you want makeup for a dollar that is worth a dollar, at least you will know the quality of the product you will be purchasing. This email scam has been going around since 2006 with Bloomingdale's as well as Nordstrom. See for verification. If e.l.f. does not want to receive purchases from an email scam, cancel the 50% promo code "CAROLINA." As long as e.l.f. continues to honor that promo code, they are part of this problem. (02/25/2009)

By Sandra

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

Reguarding ELF aka Eyes Lips Face, the Better Business Bureau stated, "This business has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB."

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I just bought ELF cosmetics for the first time and overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. This make up line is a lighter more natural look, so if you want medium to heavy full coverage this line of makeup is probably not for you. As for me, I wear ELF cosmetics to work and anytime I want a casual look. If I want a more dramatic evening look a use a make up line that provides fuller coverage. I ordered the tinted moisturizer, powder, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. I liked everything except the eye shadow because it did not seem to blend very well. I got my products within 4 days.
All in all, I will difinately order again and would reccomend their products to others. (03/01/2009)

By Donna

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

If you are an online shopper, you will know that any company will charge you before you get any item. What will happen if they run the credit card after they ship out the merchandise to find out there is insufficient funds? I will receive my order by Monday (1 1/2 weeks not bad for the price of shipping.) I will post a review on all the items I ordered. (03/03/2009)

By Clara Gonzalez

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

So I got my order on friday... Exactly a week after I ordered my products. Not bad! By the way there was nothing missing or damaged. I got to try out my new products this weekend and I am happy to say THEY ARE GREAT!

All Over stick- The colors run dark, but Luckly I got one to match. This is really good to cover dark circles under your eyes or any blemishes.

Concealer stick- This is a bit to watery but if you let it dry and then blend it works great.

Eye Primer-This is Great. I love to wear eyeshadow daily and this helps the color stay longer and stand out more. I'm in love with this item.

Mineral Blush & Foundation- If you want a good coverage don't get this! it's really light & doesn't cover much. But you can use it over your liquid foundation to get a more natural look. (the container is really small and hard to get the product on your brush, you should try a blush brush)

Mineral Eyeshadow- OMG these are so pretty! I got elegant earthy, & natural. The colors don't compare to the pictures online. But I still loved them.

elegant/is like a white/goldish color -great for a base.
(the website shows a shimery white)

Earthy/is like a forest green color. Really pretty!
(the website shows a really bright green)

Natural/Goldish brown
This one is really similar to the picture on the site.

Healthy Bronzer-This is a great finsih touch. Gives you a tan look. I really like it. But its really powdery...

Eye Widener-Not sure how to use this but it goes on really smooth and the color is a nice shimmery white.

Tweezers-They are nice better then my old ones. But they are a bit sharp so be careful.

Brushes- I got the eyeshadow, blending, and bronzing. They are great!!!! Must have these, well atleast the eye brushes.

Kabuki Brush- I have never own one to compare but I love how it gives you a flawless look. And it's really soft.

My friend got the studio brush set. And We both fell in love with them. They are the softest brushes I ever felt. I just placed my second order to get this...

Also she got the Eyebrow compact. And They made her eyebrows look sooo good! I had to order 2 of these because they worked great.

The Blushes are really small, well most of the items are smaller than they appear online but Don't get me wrong it's more than $1 is worth!!! The blushes are really powdery too but they colors are great.

Eye brighting colors- These small as well, but good enoughfor a dollar. The colors are very pigmented so you don't need to apply alot.

SO I placed my second order and I'm very excited!!!

Customer Service was great, I called to verified they got all my items instock and to check how long it would take. They were very nice and helpful.

I don't doubt that all you guys had a horrible experience with ELF. I believe they have improved! and I have no complaints whatsoever...


By Clara Gonzalez

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

Ok, so I've been doing my research on ELF products, and it seems to be that it's about half-half. First of all, one of the major issues is that it's from China... I think that people have this notion that if it's from China, it must be bad. Please, most of the things we buy are made from China, and most of us never had a complaint until the baby formula issue and lead in toys issue exploded. Second, I think the shipping and delivering time might depend on where you live?

I had never heard of this product until my sister came with a 50.00-dollar worth of "goodies" from them. She bought different types of brushes, cream and powder eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, concealers, and lip stuff. I asked her, "Are you out of your mind?" I told her for a buck, shemight just get her face tore up, not knowing what ingredients they have on these things (because I'd never heard of it, and a $1 seemed fishy).

So, she and I tried a few of the products, including an eyeliner, a powder eyeshadow (Drama), and the brushes. She didn't like the eyeliner because it was too light and smudged too easy. I used the Blush Brush (just to try, on my Bear Minerals Foundation) and it worked wonderfully. The smell? Well, it just smells like a brand new brush to me, of which I have different kinds of from different brands. The eyeshadow goes on real thick, and I think it can be applied better with a different applier other than what you get with it.

With all that rambling, I just want to say TRY IT for yourself because it's really HALF-HALF of what people say. Consider that people have a pre-notion that if it's from China, it must be HORRIBLE. Also, consider that what you're getting is bought for a $1/piece (plus 50% off), so you're really not missing much, and if you like the product, you're gaining A TON!

I'm getting ready to order MY own ELF. I'll let you know how those are later! (03/24/2009)

By Fez

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I have been ordering from E.L.F. for about a year now. I must admit, I initially fell for the email about the repackaging that is circulating around. However, after further research I've discovered that while the deal is valid, it is not actually repackaged nordstrom make-up.

I have been blessed with normal skin and a skin tone that works with most colors. I don't need (or like) a whole lot of heavy coverage, so I love the mineral products that ELF carries. While it's not as fine as the "Bare Minerals", I'm willing to sacrafice a little luxury for the price. I'm a cheapskate at heart! Another great bonus is that it also has SPF 15 protection.

I also love the nail polish, it goes on great and doesn't chip. And the lip gloss with SPF 15 is great.
My husband and I go boating often and the sun is definately stronger on the water than it is elsewhere. All of the products with SPF do a great job of protecting my skin.

As far as shipping, the website clearly states that you need to allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. I usually receive it sooner than that, but remember that you are ordering online and things have to be packaged and shipped to you. I have never had a problem with missing products the one time I was missing something, it was because it was on backorder. I called customer service and they were helpful.

Keep in mind that when you order from this company, you are not ordering high-end products. So, if you are a make-up snob looking for the same quality, but cheap, this is not for you. For everyone else, I recommend giving it a try. Some products you'll love, some you'll hate. But I've found that the same applies even to the most expensive brands. (04/27/2009)

By Tiffany

ELF Cosmetics Reviews

I got my ELF items on and although I haven't tried my purchases yet, has an excellent return policy.

I bought their concealer and it got great reviews.

That's one of the things I like about as well as other sites, like this one, is that people can write their reviews by each item.

Plus, no shipping and no tax, plus you earn points to use on your orders. What's not to like? I've found items on their site that I can't find in other stores, plus they also offer products.

Good luck. (05/11/2009)

By metroplex

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