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ELF Cosmetics Reviews

Has anyone tried ELF Cosmetics? They have been written up in many national magazines and everything is $1! My skin tends to simply absorb all my makeup including my powder foundation and everything I put on my eyes. I've tried just about every brand - is this any different?


Thank you,
Mindy from OR

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December 7, 20090 found this helpful
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I love elf, more than expensive brands I've bought. Minus, too faced. I've bought from elf three times, and I see myself being a loyal customer now. The eyeshadows can be powder like, but I've found a great eye primer (elf's is great!) or water can go a long way. My favorite eyeshadows are "butter pecan" and "olive". Not to mention I love "sage" and "golden glow" in the eyeshadow refills (lovely with my fair skin and red hair!).

Since using elf (my mascara is the only non elf product in my purse) I've found that my skin has cleared up. The studio line, is fabulous. I love the blush & bronzer compact, I actually just bought my second one. The "clarifying powder" is a+ and the "complexion perfection" is my partner in crime. The "high definition powder" can work as a great primer or on top of course.


The one dollar blushes again, do get messy, but I can careless. They are pigmented so nicely! The cover stick is thick, and I have found nice coverage out of it. A little, can go a long way with elf. Will you have to re-apply? Possibly. But to be fair, I've had to re-apply with much more expensive brands too. I figure while I type this out, I'll share all that I love from them. My favorite lipstick is from them, and it's the "cherry tart" from luscious liquid lipstick. My favorite 1 dollar blushes are "glow" and "shy." The "flushed" blush was too pink for my fair skin (it would look nice on tan or olive girls) and "berry merry" is precious from the studio line.

Some people complain about the product sizes, but I find them kind of handy. The clarifying powder easily slips into my jeans. And in general, it cuts down on the excess in my purse. And as someone stated prior, order something earlier if you need it in time for an event. Don't order a huge amount of things on your first purchase, try it out first through a friend or small purchase. And definitely read the reviews, they are quite helpful.


I think a lot of elf's products can give heavier coverage depending on how you apply it. (face primer, cover stick, mineral kit.) or so on. In general, I love elf for the savings, but also because of the no animal testing promise. Plus, they are constantly treating (I'm so excited for my third order to come with my free make-up kit) and saving women money. Again, if the regular elf line did nothing for you, try the studio and mineral! I've tried many things from those lines, and they are wonderful. The only things I haven't tried from elf yet, are the polishes, and bath & body. The regular brushes aren't too bad, and the studio brushes are super. Oh, and I haven't tried sugar kiss and some of the tools.

Look to youtube and makeupally if you want reviews as well. But keep in mind, something might work differently on you.

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February 28, 20100 found this helpful
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I have ordered from ELF several times and have found that most of their products are very very good. I love their eye primer and eye transformer. Their Ruby Kiss lip glaze is now one of my favorites. It has to be reapplied every now and then but the color is great. I would say their regular elf line is a hit or miss, dependent on one's personal taste, but the studio line is awesome. I still don't know how they manage to sell their brushes at only $1 to $3 dollars! (for regular and studio line respectively)

Twice I've had to wait over two weeks for my order from ELF's site...for $7 standard shipping I find that a bit too long.

One thing I that is for sure though I dont think anyone should pass up the opportunity to at least try them out.

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December 8, 20100 found this helpful
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I've ordered a few times from ELF before, while the prices are extremely cheap, the size of the products are on the small side. With the studio compact, I noticed that the product ran out rather quickly, but the product did work nicely. However i was extremely disappointed with the studio primer, because of such little product was included, about a travel sample size. The eye shimmer eyeliners worked nicely, I really liked how an eyeliner sharpener was included on the cap of the eyeliner, very convenient. Once you buy from ELF online though, be prepared to be swarmed with e-mails from them.

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December 22, 20100 found this helpful
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I do not recommend shopping at eyeslipsface.com. I ordered $35 worth of stuff back in November, when 3 weeks passed and I still didn't have my order I emailed them to see where it was. They said it was lost in transit, which wasn't true because on my account page it listed the order as still processing. They sent out a new order, which didn't have everything I ordered in it. They charged me $35 for $23 worth of stuff! Luckily I ordered through Paypal and I now have a claim filed with them. I've also read many other stories like this on review sites but I didn't think it would happen to me. You're better off buying your makeup at Walmart or if you like ordering online Smashbox is great. A lot more money, but I've never had a problem and I get my stuff within a few days. The quality is much better also.

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May 11, 20090 found this helpful

Okay, first, I have a couple of statements.
1) To all of you who spent a tonof money just wanting to "try" the products, and were unsatisfied, I don't see that you have any right to complain. The site does not force you to spend $111 on product your first order. Wanting to try a brand? Order a few products, and if you like them, you can always go back and order more later! If you don't like them, you're not out $111. Because the company clearly states that it doesn't take returns, buying just a few items to try them is generally the smartest idea.

2) To everyone who is calling up issues over the product being made in China: Guess what? most of our stuff in this country is made in China. Deal with it. I'm going to guarantee a lot of the cosmetic product you buy in stores is also made in China.

3) Didn't get your order in time for a special event and now you want to cancel? The website says that orders usually take around 3 weeks for shipping. But guess what? Any time you order online, there is NO guarantee that it will get there before your special event. That's why if you want something for a party, like 75 lip tins, you should probably order it a couple of months in advance. That ensures time to get there. Now, if you order it two months before a party (8 weeks) and they don't get it there in time? Yeah, you can complain about that. But a couple of weeks?

Also, pretty much anywhere you order online, your card is going to be charged before you get the product. They have no way of making sure they'll ever get payment if they charge once you recieve the product, and could end up with all sorts of "insufficient funds" charges- remember, these not only cost you a fee if you bounce a check or card payment, it also costs the people trying to get the money!

As to people allergic to the products and blaming it on China, pretty sure there's a good chance that you might just be allergic and it has nothing to do with the country it's made in? I know that I have no problems with pretty much any mascara, but there is Oone mascara that makes my eyes swell shut. I can even buy other mascaras from the same company. It's just that one mascara. I thought it was a fluke, but it happened with 3 of the tubes that I tried of that same exact product, bought about 1 year apart each time. Sometimes you are just allergic to a product. It's just how it is.

I have ordered several times with no problems. I completely believe people had problems with the company. But keep in mind, you get what you're paying for. My experience, anyway, has been that you get better than what you're paying for, but that's up to each person's own opinion whether or not they like it.

Just sayin' if you're trying, just order a few products so you aren't stuck with so much that you don't like. Perhaps just order $15 worth of products, use your coupon code, and be done with the darn thing. That way if you don't like it, you only paid less than $15 ($15, with a half off coupon code "carolina" is $7.50. Shipping is $6.95, making the grand total under $15). In other words, you didn't spend your life savings on makeup you simply don't like. Just my suggestion.

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June 21, 20090 found this helpful

Ana, what type of waterproof mascara did you get? I really like elf due to it's price and the fact that they don't test on animals, and they support charities. I have placed 2 orders. Both have been missing the one item that was more than $1. I tryed my "waterproof" mascara last night, and it ran way more than my normal mascaras. It did look good on my eyelashes, though!

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October 23, 20090 found this helpful

I've ordered Elf Cosmetics on Drugstore.com and liked them very much. Plus you can earn dollars depending on how much/what you buy, and then you can apply it to your order.

Plus no tax and free shipping over $50 which is a normal trip to Walgreens, Target and Walmart for me! I liked Elf and I ordered some of their brushes too. I'd buy their brand again - through Drugstore.com

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October 28, 20090 found this helpful

Mindy , I absolutely love elf cosmetics. A few days a go I placed an order for a few items that totaled $3.00, then I entered a coupon code called "loyal" and I got a free mini makeup collection, OMG! The colors are great and long lasting. You should give it a try, the free gift is well worth it . 10/28/09 kloey

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November 19, 20090 found this helpful

I have to say I absolutely love this product. I love their eyeshadows. The colors go on as vibrant as they say and last the whole day. I started to pay attention when my friend asked me at the end of the day why I put makeup on just to go to the dollar store. I laughed and told her I applied that in the morning. I think it is a nice bang for the buck and I have bought a ton of their makeup and brushes. Two thumbs up for me.

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January 7, 20100 found this helpful

I had heard good things about ELF but sadly I can't say if it's good or bad because I have been waiting for the order I placed for over two weeks when I was supposed to have three day shipping. I learned that target stores sell their products but not in my area. So I thought it would not be a problem to just order online. I ordered several items and I had a coupon for 50% off their mineral products and an upgrade to 3-day shipping. I got the 50% off but not the three day shipping. When I emailed their customer service department they told me that I had not selected it. Turns out that I didn't need to because it was a part of the coupon promotion. Still I had to fight with them in order to get it resolved and get the money back that I paid for slow shipping. And here I am on day 15 after I placed my order and still haven't recieved it. I will not be ordering from them in the future whether I get the items I ordered, like them or not.

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January 12, 20100 found this helpful

I have just received my new Elf order! I ordered the studio cream eyeliner in black along with the shimmer palette some studio eye shadows also some brightening eye shadows and eyeliners, bronzers too! I love the cream eyeliner it is the best! The studio eye shadows are pretty good too!! the brightening eye shadows are ok, bronzers are pretty colors one is too dark but I could give it too my sister she is more olive than me, overall I am very satisfied with my third purchase, can't wait to try shimmer palette! Oh and I'm really oily!

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January 27, 20100 found this helpful

Do not order from them they sell your information to scammers do not answer these numbers do not give them your information
616-980-7365 231-732-2731 770-602-2704
They tell you they will give you a free gas card and what not they have your full name your address and the last 4 digits of your card!

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June 25, 20100 found this helpful

I generally stick to some tried and true cosmetic companies, i.e., Revlon, Cover Girl, Neutragena because of my sensitive skin. I do use ELF's clear mascara. I like it because I don't have to worry about those dark blobs showing up on the skin around my eyes. It adds some definition to my lashes although of course not as much as black mascara would. It only cost $1.00 so I think it is an excellent buy.

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February 16, 20110 found this helpful

I love Elf products. the makeup is really pigmented and goes on wonderfully, but I do not at all recommend ordering from their online site. It took two weeks for my order to get to me and when I told them they sent me the wrong color they basically sent me an email back saying "pigments vary on different computer screens". Wow. After customer service like that, I can afford to pay a few extra dollars at cherryculture.com which is ahhh mazing. I will not purchase from eyeslipsface.com again.

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December 6, 20120 found this helpful

Sorry guys but I'm with the folks who have had trouble shipping. I recently moved to Africa and my cousin was in the USA for a visit, so I decided to stock up on some makeup. He ordered for it to be mailed to New York for him to bring back to me.
When I lived in NY and ordered from E.L.F, I had no problem, so I figured this order would take no time either. Well 9 days after he placed the order, it's still under PROCESSING, not even SHIPPED! The whole "5-7 business days" thing is a joke.

To add insult to injury, I wrote asking if they could overnight it so it's there by Saturday when he leaves (today is Thursday) and that if they couldn't, to please mail my package to another friend who will be coming to Africa. You know what they did? CANCELED MY ORDER! UGH. And the items were on a 50% off deal, I'm not going to re-order everything at full price!If this doesn't get resolved, I highly doubt that I'll be ordering from them again in the future.

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August 29, 20130 found this helpful

Elf is an amazing company they're what I call cheap high end. I have very easily irritated skin and I can't use most of the products out there. But the elf products are gentle on the skin and they don't cause me to break out or get a rash. They are very good at giving you a set date on which your products will arrive.

The products usually ship within 3 to 5 days of purchase. Elf also gives you a fedex tracking number which I find very useful. I have never had a product be shipped to me that was broken of not what I ordered. The only complaint I have is that I don't get emailed that products have arrived that I've been put on a waiting list for.

I hope this helped.

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November 27, 20130 found this helpful

I, personally, wouldn't recommend E.L.F. cosmetics. Until recently, I hadn't had a problem with their products. Then, I bought the liquid eyeliner. I could wear it for about two weeks, until it caused a really bad reaction with my eyelids. My eyes swell up, then get a scaly like texture. The skin peels off a little bit, and it is beyond painful.

My eyes will puff up sometimes. Usually when I first wake up. I can feel the spots where it's "scaly", and it's usually only in the area that the eyeliner was placed. I thought I might give it a try one more time, buying completely new liquid eyeliner of theirs. This time, my eyes had originally done the same as before. Then, it spread. Left the spot where my eyeliner was. It's now over almost all of my eyelid.

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May 25, 20150 found this helpful

When I first ordered with elf I had no problems. I didn't start having any problems until I ordered with them for the third time. I ordered a beauty bundle March 9,2015. I got my beauty bundle few days later. I was very happy with the products.

A week later I got an email saying that my package has been shipped. I did not order another package, Nor did I want another one that soon. I never got the confirmation code. I contacted them immediately, and they said I had a total of 3 beauty bundles with them. They cancelled the other two.

The lady told me once I got my package to send it back with the word written REFUSE on it. Once my package gets back to the warehouse they will refund me my $24.95. The beauty bundle only cost $19.99+4.95 for shipping. I did get my money back a few weeks later.

Now I haven't bought anything from the elf website since the first time they charged my card with out permission. May, 2015 I received an Email from ELF saying my package has been shipped. This is the second time they have done this to me. I contacted them right away again. They said the same thing as last time. I had 3 beauty bundle with them. I Don't know how that possible when I haven't ordered anything from them in a while. I have sent back my package, Once I get my money back I am getting a new card so they can not take my money from me again.

Oh: I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem before, but if you have . Do you still buy their make up products or No. Also I have been getting random magazine in my mail ever since I have ordered from Elf.

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