Gift Ideas for Someone in the Navy?

July 12, 2007

A man in the Navy coming home.My Husband is in the US Navy, and his birthday is August 13th. He is overseas and will be back in November. I need some good gift ideas. I want to send him a package, I just don't know what to send him.


Stephanie from Victoria, TX


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DVD`s or CD`s any kind of books.


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I grew up in a navy town. Navy wives tell me they love toys! Squirt guns, yo yo's, flybacks, etc....


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Send him an envelope of "Redeemable Later, Love Coupons" he'll get a kick out of these... PLUS, you'll have lots of fun redeeming them....


For example:

This Coupons entitles (his Name) to:

-- A one hour long back massage....
-- 2 Breakfasts in Bed
-- One medium size favor of your choice
-- One home cooked meal of your choice
-- One special shower with me
-- a "skip a chore, just for today" coupon (he'll get a kick out of this one!)
-- a 15 minute foot rub
-- a night out with his buddies
-- one special fantasy of your choice (within reason)
-- Etc, etc.

*Anyway, you get the idea... Make up your own special ideas, then print the coupons out on the computer, (you could use colored paper if you like) & be sure to have a line at the bottom where you sign your name in pen... His friends will all be jealous (that is, IF he lets them read them!) If you like, you could include in the envelope a sexy, tasteful picture of yourself...


Sent the envelope of Coupons in a box with other fun stuff... Like:
-- a new pair of sunglasses
-- a good book to read
-- power bars (nutrition bars)
-- his favorite candy or treats
-- a small football?

-- You can go to a place like Kinkos & have a full size poster made of you, you & him, or you & your kids, or you & pet.
My boyfriend had one of these made for me (it was a little smaller than 2' x 3') & it rolled up into a tube... I still love it!
You could have it printed in any size you want...

-- Or how about a calendar printed with family pictures in it to count down the days until you see him again.

-- If you send him squirt guns as the other person suggested, why not go to the dollar store & send 3 or 4 squirt guns, so he & his buddies can have a "water fight"!


-- And while your at it, you might as well send a package of balloons for water balloon fights too!

-- Can you record a DVD or video of your whole family sending birthday greetings? If not... then record him a cassette tape with audio birthday messages on it instead!

By (Guest Post)
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A CD of his fav music, photos of fav places,of YOU
something edible that will survive shipping
contact your local Veteran Support and they
just may send a neat box of stuff for him like


VFW,DAV's they like to send stuff to active enlisted.
Decide what he likes best sports, or whatever and
send him something related like a magazine or
t-shirt for him.
and most of all send him my THANK YOU for
his service he is a true American Hero.
Wife of Disabled US NAVY Veteran Gulf War

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A BIG THANK YOU from a grateful American!!!!


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a list of items they can use was put on here awhile back perhaps thriftyfun could find the link for you.
please tell him we are all thinking of him and want to thank him for the job he is doing. my son returned home from Iraq in december 2006


(p.s my daughter's birthday is aug. 13 also)


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Gum, phone cards, M&M's, a note card to send home, eye drops, small sudoku, crossword,or word find books, combs,
Small Items to Send to Troops

Post By carla bledsoe (Guest Post) (12/11/2006)
i sent packages like that last year. believe it or not one of the guys called me to say thanks.
he said puzzles, cards any kind of games are good. think boredom busters. most of these kids are just out of their teens. magazines, books, things that can be easily carried in a pocket. if you know where they are from, get something about or from their state or hometown. local papers or state conservation magazines. phone cards are always useful.


RE: Small Items to Send to Troops
Post by imaqt1962 (365) | (12/09/2006)
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anything that has a spray nozzle and is combustable probably will be removed from packages. your person may not recieve it.for fear it could explode.securities have tightened down a lot their are several websites posted here prior that not only give you lists of what is and isn't exceptable but sites that will also send care packages
we signed up for several and also contacted our local american legion in our town. there is also a website you can go to that evey 60 days you can apply to have your service person receive a phone card (mailed directly to them)


RE: Small Items to Send to Troops
Post by coreenhart (87) | (12/09/2006)
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Phone cards, stationery, gummy bears, cool ties, and of course, a nice Christmas-y note signed by you wishing them God's protection and wisdom. If you don't have a pattern for cool ties, they're all over the net. I got mine through someone here on Thrifty Fun. They're light weight and help keep them cool. A friend of mine suggested I make the next ones in wrist size. It would be nice to throw in candy canes. Even if they get broken, they're pretty sentimental stuff.


RE: Small Items to Send to Troops
Post By Ace (Guest Post) (12/09/2006)

Here is a list of items I sent to a friend that all fit into a shoebox. Vics Vaporub, 3 Chapsticks, Toothpaste, Book of Psalms, Puffs, Ziplocks, Notepads, 3 Ivory Soaps, 250 Tablets Multi-Vitamins, Bandaids, Dr Sholls Thick Shoe Liners, small Stuffed Animal, Hydrocortisone Crème 1%, Address Book w/Note area, Cotton Swabs, Pepto-Bismol Tabs. He also asked for a phone card.


RE: Small Items to Send to Troops
Post by GrammySheila (22) | (12/09/2006)

My husband was a private contractor working in Iraq. I can tell you from my own experience that chocolate does not travel well! It can take between 2-4 weeks for your package to arrive at the destination, so be sure to include things that will not spoil, and make sure that whatever you send does not violate the religious beliefs of the country.

I used to send things like wet wipes, bug spray, SPF sunscreen protection, phone cards, and cookies. Cookies can be sealed in airtight (Seal-a-meal type) baggies and will stay fresh for the duration of the trip.
RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post By imaqt1962 (Guest Post) (10/24/2006)

well,the son has returned from iraq.individual drink mixes are very,very much appreciated. he says it takes 4-6 pkg. to make the water drinkable


RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post By (Guest Post) (10/24/2006)

I am constantly sending items to my troops and I have deployed 3 times myself. Here are some of our favorites:

- Spices (salt, pepper, garlic salt, popcorn salt)
- Individual drinks mixs
- Blank card to send back home (Thank you, I miss you, kids, holidays)
- Holiday decorations
- Anything dorky or funny that will put a smile on our faces
- Microwavable foods (dessert, meals)
Thanks for your support - MSgt Cooper


RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post By jennifer in talladega (Guest Post) (10/06/2005)

when i was in the Navy, we were told things we could send to the corpsmen that help the marines. you remember those beanie babies that everyone wants to get rid of? well, they are small and collapsable and easy to stuff in a soldiers gear for them to give the children they meet.small things like that help promote good impressions on the people there. helps them not be so afraid of the soldiers.


RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post By LaDonna. (Guest Post) (10/04/2005)

I use to send my husband (Desert Storm) tuna and the cans of fish fillets, vienna sausages, baby wipes (good when no showers are available for days), canister of pre-sweetened kool-aid (good for canteens),jerky and slim jims, cheese crackers, cracker jacks, nuts of all kinds. Anything but chicken he loved to receive, he got enough of that in M.


RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post by imaqt1962 (365) | (10/03/2005)
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RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post by imaqt1962 (365) | (10/03/2005)
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q-tips are a much needed item(they also use them to clean their guns) as are panty liners(yes i know it sounds funny,but they use them inside their helmets to help absorb the sweat) tooth brushes,dvd's, heavy socks, flea collars,
sunscreen ,sunglasses, bath soap,are some of the items my son requested in afganistan,pre-sweetened drinks(crystal light now makes the portable packages to just add to bottled water)granola bars.
i've also posted some recipes a week or so ago on this site of recipes to send overseas can give you ideas too of things to send even if your person isn't a marine.


RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post by ThriftyFun (4042) | (10/02/2005)
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You might want to make up stockings for the troops and fill them with things like chapstick, insect bite prevention towels, hand cream, small pocket size tissues, snack food items, etc. but best of all is home baked cookies and candies. Be sure to select types that will last for a couple of weeks or more. Vacuum pack food items if possible or at least put them in zip lock bags then put them inside containers such as coffee cans, potato chip containers, tins, etc.

Avoid any products with pork in them (not allowed in the country) and also avoid candies or cookies that can't take high temperatures. I also suggest you don't try to send any liquid items. They weigh too much and sure make a mess when spilled and I have even had plastic bottles of shampoo burst. I had a jar of homemade jelly my mom sent me that was wrapped in a tea towel then in a large ziplock then in bubble wrap that arrived broken and the jelly was on several items in the box. What a mess. Use the strongest cardboard box you can find to mail the items and tape them securely. You will also have to provide a detailed list of the contents of the box on the custom slip when you mail the box. When they are shipped, they will probably be placed on a pallet with many other boxes and put on an airplane. If your box happens to be on the bottom of the stack, it might have to bear a lot of weight.

Someone who sews can make a cool bandana with the polymer type filling that can be soaked in water and they would probably be appreciated by all. Just think of what you would want if you were outside working in a hot, dry, dusty climate. Please don't forget to include a card(s) with a message telling them how much we appreciate them. Also include your name, address, and e-mail if you have one so they know who sent the items.

I worked overseas in the middle east and when my family would send me cookies, I shared them with my friends and we were delighted even when they arrive as a bundle of crumbs. We all especially appreciated the home baked items most.



RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post by melody_yesterday (193) | (10/01/2005)
--they post requests here :)
great people too !


RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post by Trudy Powell (55) | (10/01/2005)

A friend of mine looked up some information about good items to send as we are in the process of organizing some packages to send as well. Here are a few ideas:

Food Items (bought)
Tea bags
Apple cider mix
Beef Jerky
Trail mix and nuts
Cereal bars
Microwave popcorn
Ramen noodles, Cup-O-Noodles or Cup-O-Soup
Instant Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat
Breath mints
Candy (chocolate will melt)

Zip-lock bags (any size)
Unscented lotion
Lip Balm
Toothbrushes and paste
Wet wipes
Anti-bacterial gel
Foot powder
Envelopes and paper

Fun Things
Hand-held games
Board games
Travel games
Puzzle and word games
Playing cards
Nerf balls
Velcro darts
Music CD's
Christmas decorations

Things Not Allowed
Pork products
Perishable foods such as fruits, meats, veggies

Some items mentioned that ship well are Chex mix, Rice Krispy treats, date bars, gooey brownies. Generally, moist cookies hold up much better and should be wrapped individually in plastic wrap in addition to putting them into another container.

Hope this helps you get started.

Trudy Powell
Independent Watkins Assoc. #357561 (request a catalog)


RE: Care Packages for Troops
Post By Patt (Guest Post) (10/01/2005)

A good place to go is . Once you join you can send pkgs to the chaplains for distribution and they give out requests for the items most needed by the soldiers. Some are in remote posts and have no PX.

By NavyGirlfriendAUSTRALIA (Guest Post)
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My boyfriend is in the navy and while he was away on officer training, i sent him a small package of lollies, chuppa chups(lollipops) and sealed bags of smaller, sweet lollies. I also included other things so it wasn't just a junk food box...
I had been to the beach so i grabbed some small shells and put them in a zip lock bag, i'd seen a funny movie so i popped the ticket stub in.
i made a point of including lots of small notes with these things.
a note with the shells... 'went to such and such beach, watched the waves crash and thought about you, so i'm sending you some of the beach in the hope that you feel close to where i am'.

a note wrapped around the stick of a lollipop (just silly, 'mmm... strawberry...').

you get the picture.

i also sent a letter and some photos.

oh and the other thing i did, was i worked out how long it normally took for a package to arrive and timed some of them with special messages.

for example, a week before he was due to return to sydney, i sent a single page that simply said 'meet me in sydney. one week.'

he REALLY appreciated that, because it gave him something to be excited about and that he could count down from.

hope you find the right gift. it's a tough thing because they are so pressed for space! :P

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November 2, 2000

My brother is in the Navy and will be gone for Christmas. This is his first Christmas away from home. Does anyone have any good suggestions for gifts for him?

Tamara from Providence, RI


December 4, 20000 found this helpful

Send him a gift basket filled with snacks (cookies, microwaveable popcorn, snack crackers, etc), books or magazines, phone cards (to call you), tolietries (razors, shaving cream, etc.) My husband was in the Navy and he just appreciated the little things I sent since he couldn't get
the stuff he actually liked on the ship. Also send him a update on the family (make it look like a newspaper.)


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Make up a big tin of baked goods that can be shared with friends. You might include a small photo album with pictures of loved ones (including pets, church family, etc.) back home, or maybe a calling card.

Jann McClain - Abilene, TX

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What about making up a little package of a nice pen, note pad and some pre-addressed, stamped envelopes? I would then add a small photo album with pictures of loved ones to help in case of homesickness. A long distance phone card and a pre-filled address book with numbers would be a good idea as well.


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I've been involved with the Navy since 1966 and I can tell you that those men and women onboard ship and those who won't be able to come home for the holidays will love a touch of home in your gifts. Homemade cookies, candies and breads get devoured. If they have younger siblings or small children let them make Holiday cards and drawings. Toiletries from Bath and Body or other specialty store are good, too. Give them the same things they'd find under the tree if they were home, even if it's just fruitcake made by mom!


November 8, 20040 found this helpful

I helped a friend make up a basket for her husband last year. We included extra socks, pens, papper (lose leaf is best, I've been told), stamps (a book or two is best), a calling card (the ones with true mins are better and truley chearper in the long run the the dollar amount ones), pictures of everyone, soap, shampoo, antibacterial lotion, lotion. We also included some homemade cookies and bread. Also we threw in a few poketbooks. He loved it! It was truely one of the best he'd got.

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