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A girl holding a gift from her grandmother.

Unique Gift Ideas for Grandkids?Grandparents often look to give their grandchildren gifts other than the typical clothes and toys. Think about more personal items that may cause them to think of you for years to come. This is a page about unique gift ideas for grandkids.


18th Birhtday Candle

Birthday Gift Ideas for an 18 Year Old MaleA young adult man has developed his interests and can benefit from a lot of different kinds of gifts. This page contains birthday gift ideas for an 18 year old guy.


A cupcake for a 100th birthday.

Gift Ideas for a 100 Year Old Woman?This is a page about gift ideas for a 100 year old woman. Someone's 100th birthday is cause for a special celebration be it large or small. Choosing a gift is easier if you think about those that include well wishes, life chronicles, remembrances, and such.


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100th Birthday Gift Ideas?A woman where I live is turning 100 years old. She doesn't need gifts really or money. I would like to take some thing unique to give to her for her birthday. I don't know her well at all. Thank you for any help you can give me.


Present for Grown Child

Buying Presents for Grown ChildrenThis is a page about buying presents for grown children. As our children get older it can become more difficult to decide on a gift for birthdays and holidays.


Elderly man receiving a birthday gift

Nursing Home Gift IdeasThis page contains nursing home gift ideas. It is nice to give your friends and loved ones of all ages useful gifts.



Grandmother and grandchildren bring gifts to grandfather who is in a hospital bed.

Gift Ideas for Someone That is DyingThis is a page about gift ideas for someone that is dying. Choosing a thoughtful give for a dying friend or relative often just requires some careful consideration and knowledge of the person.


Photo of an 91 year old man with family.

Gift Ideas for a 91 Year Old Man?This is a page about gift ideas for a 91 year old man. Deciding what to get a nonagenarian as a gift can be thought provoking, but try following the same process as for any gift giving decision.


Grandmother and Granddaughter holding pink wrapped present

Gift Ideas for GrandchildrenThis is a page about gift ideas for grandchildren. Deciding on gifts for your grandchildren can provide you with a unique opportunity to break away from the typical gifts already given by their parents.


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Gift and Card Ideas for Your Pastor?I am needing ideas for cards and gifts for pastors.


hands holding a wrapped gift

12 Days of Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about 12 days of Christmas gift ideas. Planning a special Christmas gift giving event based on the old Christmas song can be lots of fun.


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Gift for Someone Who's Had Hip Replaced?I have a good friend who just had her hip replaced. What could I do for her to pass the time while she is recuperating? I was thinking of a gift box, food etc. Her daughters clean for her. Does any one have any unusual suggestions? Something to brighten her spirits. Maybe something that is not food. Thanks so much. I appreciate any suggestions.


Row of Wrapped Gifts

Gift Ideas for SeniorsThis is a page about gift ideas for seniors. As family members and friends get older, they tend to want less material things as gifts. People have years of accumulated things and are starting to downsize their possessions and living space.


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Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Son?I am looking for birthday present ideas for a 19 year old son from his mother.


cardboard shipping box

Lightweight Gift Ideas for Sending Overseas?This is a page about lightweight gift ideas for family overseas. No one likes to spend more on postage than the value of the gift being sent.


50th Birthday Party

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for WomenThis is a page about 50th birthday gift ideas for women. Buying gifts can be daunting; you want to give something the recipient will really enjoy.


Nursing Home Gift Basket

Nursing Home Gift Basket Ideas?This is a page about nursing home gift basket ideas. Fill your gift basket for a friend or family member in a nursing home with useful and thoughtful gifts.


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Birthday Gift for a 96 Year Old?We have a dear uncle who is turning 96 years old in a few weeks. He still lives on his own, is healthy and spry and sharp as a tack! I need suggestions for a birthday gift, if you all would be so kind.


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Ideas for "Cheer Baskets"?I need ideas for creating "Cheer Baskets" for widows, shut-ins, etc in our community.


Golden Birthday Present

Golden Birthday Present Ideas?This page contains golden birthday present ideas. A golden birthday is when you are the same age as the day of the month you were born.


A boy holding a large wrapped Christmas present.

Wrapping Large GiftsA big box or oddly shaped large present can be difficult to wrap. Here are some tips to help you wrap it beautifully and keep the surprise until it is opened. This is a page about wrapping large gifts.



Senior Woman

Gift Ideas for a Senior Woman?This page is about gift ideas for a senior woman. Finding a meaningful, useful gift can be a challenge.


50th Anniversary Gift Box

50th Anniversary Gift IdeasThis is a page about 50th anniversary gift ideas. A 50th anniversary is a very important occasion, so you will want to choose a special gift.


man holding gift in red box with white ribbon outdoors, close-up

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 20th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 20th birthday. If you are lacking in gift ideas for your boyfriend, maybe some of these suggestions will be helpful.


boyfriend and girlfriend

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for boyfriend's 19th birthday. Finding the perfect gift for an important person in your life can be a challenge.


Row of Wrapped Gifts

Saving Money on Wrapping PaperThis is a page about saving money on wrapping paper. With Christmas, birthdays and other special events it's easy to go through a lot of wrapping paper in a year. All that wrapping paper can really add up.


Small Christmas Gifts

Small Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about small Christmas gift ideas. Trying to come up with ideas for small Christmas gifts for friends, neighbors, customers, etc. can be difficult.


A man in the Navy coming home.

Gift Ideas for Someone in the Navy?This page contains gift idea for someone in the navy. When someone is far from home, finding the perfect gift is a challenge.


14 Year Old Girl with Her Boyfriend

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 14th Birthday?This is a page about gift ideas for boyfriend's 14th birthday. If your boyfriend is turning 14 and you are at a loss for what to buy him, here are a few ideas.


25th Birthday

Ideas for Boyfriend's 25th BirthdayThe more you know about a boyfriend or partner the easier it is to choose the right gift for their birthday. This is a page about ideas for boyfriend's 25th birthday.


Photo of a young teen couple.

Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th BirthdayThis page is about gift ideas for boyfriend's 15th birthday. To make his day special, you want to get or make him something that he will enjoy and appreciate.


Nightmare Before Christmas Diaper Cake

Making a Nightmare Before Christmas Diaper CakeThis is a page about making a Nightmare Before Christmas diaper cake. For a new mom-to-be, who is also a fan of the Tim Burton movie, a Nightmare Before Christmas themed diaper cake is an outstanding gift.


A family taking a selfie with a new selfie stick at Christmas.

Novelty Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about novelty Christmas gift ideas. Novelty items make great inexpensive gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas.


Hand Holding Small Christmas Gift

Frugal Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about frugal Christmas gift ideas. Christmas gifts do not have to be expensive; thoughtful or homemade gifts often mean more to the recipient than the pricey expensive ones.


A young girl holding a gift.

Saving Money on Gifts for Grandchildren?This is a page about saving money on gifts for grandchildren. Grandparents are often on a fixed income, making it necessary to choose a great gift at an affordable price.


Colorful confetti, streamers and gift box on green color

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 18th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 18th birthday. Here are some suggestions if you are having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend's 18th birthday.



Collecting Items For Gift Baskets, Elegant Gift Basket

Collecting Items For Gift BasketsThis is a page about collecting items for gift baskets. Gift baskets are fun to put together and can be a great gift. Finding the perfect items to go into the basket is key to making it a special gift.


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Creative Ideas for Giving Money?I need some ideas on a fun way to give money to my children at Christmas. They are grown.


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Good Gift for a Departing Soldier?We are having a small cookout for my cousin who is leaving for the Army in September. What would be a nice gift for him?


A origami paper tree with tiny paper packages underneath.

Paper Themed Christmas Gift Swap Ideas?This is a page about paper themed Christmas gift swap ideas. Some families and groups like to give gifts based on a chosen theme.


Father and young girl decorating a Christmas tree

Having a Good Christmas Without GiftsThis is a page about having a good Christmas without gifts. Christmas can still be a joyful giving time, even if you are not able to buy gifts for your family.


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Saying That Goes with Empty Box Gift of Encouragement or Comfort?Does anyone know the saying that goes with a "gift" that is just something wrapped (empty box, piece of wood, etc.)? It is meant to be given to someone who needs comforting or encouragement.Thanking all in advance.


creative ways to give money

Creative Ways to Give Money as a GiftThis is a page about creative ways to give money as a gift. Money can sometimes seem like an impersonal gift.


A 30 year old man holding a gift.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for MenThis page contains 30th birthday gift ideas for men. Entering a new decade can be a landmark for celebrating a birthday and you want to give your guy a meaningful gift.


How to Make a Matching Curly Gift Bow - finished gift wrap with handmade bow

How to Make a Matching Curly Paper Gift BowNo need to buy bows or ribbons to decorate a gift. Use any wrapping paper and a pair of scissors to make a matching curly bow for a lovely finishing touch.


woman handing an older man a gift

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Assisted...This is a page about inexpensive Christmas gifts for assisted living residents. For a resident living with supportive services, there are a variety of inexpensive things you can find for gifts.


Hands opening a wrapped green gift with a red bow.

Gift Ideas for a Developmentally...This is a page about gift ideas for a developmentally delayed person. Choosing the most appropriate gift for a developmentally delayed person is not too difficult if you know their likes and dislikes.


A packaged yellow plastic tablecloth.

Using Tablecloths as Gift WrapLarge vinyl tablecloths are inexpensive and often seasonally decorated. They are the perfect solution to wrapping large gifts. This is a page about using tablecloths as gift wrap.


Friendship Ball in a box.

Giving a Friendship BallThis page is about giving a friendship ball. An English gift giving tradition that can be a fun way to share with your friends.


A girl looks at a wrapped present

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 16th Birthday?This page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 16th birthday. Here are some suggestions to make your boyfriend's 16th birthday super special.


12 year old gift ideas

Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old GirlThis is a page about gift ideas for a 13 year old girl. Deciding on just the right gift for a young girl entering her teens can be difficult.


80th Birthday Cake

80th Birthday Gift IdeasFinding an appropriate gift for this landmark birthday can be a challenge. This page contains 80th birthday gift ideas.


A picture of a pair of shoes being wrapped, since the shoes have not arrived yet.

Wrapping a Gift That Hasn't ArrivedThis is a page about wrapping a gift that hasn't arrived. Even if your gift hasn't arrived on time you can still let the recipient know what is on the way.


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Baby Gift Ideas for a Great Granddaughter?I need suggestions for a gift for a soon-to-be great granddaughter. It's been much too long for this babe to know what is good and 'cool'.


Woman Receiving Baby Shower Gift

Baby Shower Gift IdeasThis is a page about baby shower gift ideas. Shopping for a baby shower gift can sometimes be frustrating, trying to find just the right thing.


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Can I Request Giftcards in Lieu of Gifts for a Shower?Is it inappropriate to request giftcards in lieu of gifts for a shower?


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Magazine Subscription Ideas for 10 Year Old?I would like some recommendations on a magazine subscription for my soon to be 10 year old daughter. I was looking at what used to be National Geographic World (I think it's National Geographic Kid now)....


A bag filled with marshmallows, labeled Snowman Poop.

Christmas Gag Gift IdeasThis page contains Christmas gag gift ideas. You don't have to wait until April Fool's day to give someone a gag gift. Christmas can be a fun time to trick your friends or family.


Blind woman sitting on a bench

Gift Ideas for a Blind Woman?This is a page about gift ideas for a blind woman. Choosing a gift for a person who is visually impaired may seem difficult. But with some though and knowledge of the things she enjoys, you can make a choice that will be appreciated.


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Buying Friend a Moving Away Gift?My close friend and her husband are moving out of state for the first time. I would like to get her a little moving away happy. Does anyone have any ideas?


Canning equipment on a table.

Canning Equipment and Instructions Gift IdeaWedding presents can be a challenge, but here's a gift idea to help a young couple learn the skill of home food preservation. This is a page about canning equipment and instructions as gift.


A hand stamped gift wrapped package.

Five Minute Emergency Gift WrapMy mom got a last minute invite to an event and she needed to take a gift along. As a crafter, I always have gifts that could be given, but what to do to wrap the gift? There was no time for water colors or food colors, as I needed to make gift wrap that would dry almost instantly and would still look presentable.


A hibiscus flower in a pot.

Giving Flowering Plants Instead of Cut FlowersWhile cut flowers are a beautiful gift, consider the gift of a flowering plant. This gift will last much longer and if it can be planted in the garden will continue giving year after year.


Upcycled Cardboard Box to Gift Basket - basket ready to give with a card clothespinned on the front

Making an Upcycled Cardboard Box Gift BasketUpcycle sturdy cardboard boxes to make this pretty display gift basket. This would be perfect as a thoughtful present or as a donation to an auction.


Wrapped package with photo id tag for child to use.

Using Photos as Christmas Gift TagsAdding photos to your holiday gifts and gift tags makes it very easy, even for young children, to help distribute the gifts under the tree or at a family party.


Doll with clothing.

Personalized Baby Doll Gift Idea for Under $20If you know a young girl that would enjoy her very own baby doll, be sure to set her up for a special delivery with everything she needs to care for her new baby. Treat it as a birth or adoption by adding personalized items. An inexpensive but special present for a toddler or preschooler, who may be expecting a new sibling.


Arriving at grandparents for Christmas.

Buying Family Christmas GiftsOne solution to the difficulty of choosing gifts for members of your extended family is to choose a gift that is given to the entire family, rather than individual ones. This is a page about buying family Christmas gifts.


Fountain pen on a paper with writing.

Giving Poems as a GiftIf you have a gift for language, consider writing personal poems for a special friend. Or take a beloved poem and share it with those you love in gift form. This is a page about giving poems as a gift.


Butcher paper wrapped gifts embellished with paper snowflakes and dried orange slices.

Thrifty Holiday Gift WrappingSave money and get creative with your holiday gift wrapping by reusing items you already have, such as brown paper bags, colorful paper napkins, and tissue paper. This page contains ideas for thrifty holiday gift wrapping.


Notebook with wish list surrounded by gifts.

Gift Ideas for YourselfSometimes, people need ideas in order to give you a special present. This is a page about gift ideas for yourself.


Bottle of wine wrapped in burlap.

Giving Wine as a GiftWine is a common gift as a house warming a just a simple thank you. Not everyone drinks wine though so make sure the recipient will enjoy it before purchasing. This is a page about giving wine as a gift.


Spa themed gift basket

Giving Themed Gift BasketsDepending on the occasion or the person your gift basket is for, you can use choose a special theme to fit. This is a page about giving themed gift baskets.


Man holding tickets to sports game

Gift Ideas for a Sports FanThis is a page about gift ideas for a sports fan. Although choosing a gift can often be difficult, if the recipient is a sports fan that helps narrow the choices down. Consider team logo clothing, game tickets, or sporting goods if they play in a sport.


Hot chocolate mix in a jar with a handle.

Dairy Free Gift Mixes in a JarGift mixes are a popular present idea but many of them use powdered milk, which is less welcome for those who are avoiding dairy. This is a page about dairy free gift mixes in a jar.


Jars of Friendship Soup Mix, tied with raffia and a card with instructions.

Friendship Soup Mix in a JarThis is a page about making Friendship Soup mix in a jar. Friendship Soup mix contains the main ingredients to make a yummy pot of soup. These soup mix jars make a great gift for the holidays or to have on hand for an easy to prepare meal.


Serving Dish With Salad

Give a Serving Dish as Part of the GiftA nice dish can be given as part of a shower gift or even for a pot luck party or celebration. It can be a new one purchased especially for the occasion or a great thriftstore find. This is a page about giving a serving dish as part of the gift.


Wrapped Gift Certificate

Wrapping Gift CertificatesGet creative when wrapping gift certificates. Don't just put them in an envelope and stick on a bow. Have your wrapping preview or hint at the gift inside. This is a page about wrapping gift certificates.


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Christmas Gift for your Mail CarrierI think I found the most unusual gift this year for my mail carrier, Pete! While I was at the Post Office the other day, I bought him and his wife a book of stamps and put it in a very cute Christmas card. I think it will be his most unusual gift EVER! What do you think? They need stamps just like you and I.


Teenage boy with birthday hat holding a blue balloon.

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 17th BirthdayThis page contains birthday gift ideas for a boyfriend's 17th birthday. If your boyfriend is turning 17 this year and you need gift ideas, here are some suggestions.


Happy man holding flowers and gift.

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 22nd BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 22nd birthday. If your boyfriend is hard to shop for or you are just lacking in gift ideas, here are some suggestions.


Boyfriend and Girlfriend sitting in front of Christmas tree

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas for a BoyfriendThis page contains handmade Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend. Handmade gifts are a good option if you are trying to find a Christmas gift for your boyfriend. They are also a frugal way to give them something unique to their interests or personality.


Heart Shaped Gift Being Given

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 19th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 19th birthday. Maybe your boyfriend is hard to shop for or you are just out of ideas. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful.


Gift Bags

How to Make Scented Gift BagsThis page explains an easy way to scent your gift bags intended for friends and family who enjoy fragrances. This is a page about how to make scented gift bags.


A grouchy old man with a frown on his face.

Gifts for a Grouchy Old ManFinding the right gift for the grouchy old man in your life can be challenge at times. This is a page about gifts for a grouchy old man.


A large family exchanging Christmas gifts.

Thrifty Christmas Gifts for a Large FamilyLarge and multigenerational families can make gift giving at Christmas quite expensive. This is a page about thrifty Christmas gifts for a large family.


Christmas GiftS Being given to Elderly Dad

Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly Dad?Choosing the perfect gift for an elderly parent is easy if you think about what they would really enjoy, such as special foods, a chore jar, books, and such. This is a page about Christmas gift ideas for elderly dad.


Christmas Gift Certificate

Make Your Own Gift Certificates for ChristmasHomemade gift certificates typically take the form of a coupon for a future service or activity such as lawn mowing, cleaning, dinner, a movie, etc. This is a page about make your own gift certificates for Christmas.


11 Year Old Girl at Her Birthday

Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old GirlsTween girls can have myriad of interests, so sometimes find the right gift can be difficult. This is a page about gift ideas for girls.


A girl giving a gift to her boyfriend.

Gift Ideas for a Long-term Boyfriend?Getting the right gift for your long-term boyfriend can be a tough decision. This is a page about gift ideas for a long-term boyfriend.


A happy family out on an adventure.

Giving Experiences as GiftsDoing an activity with someone can be a memorable, and often inexpensive, gift for a loved one. This is a page about give experiences as gifts.


Decorated spoons tied to cup

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix with Chocolate SpoonsThis hot chocolate mix recipe is simple to make. Add chocolate spoons and a cute mug to make this a great gift. Learn how to make delicious hot cocoa mix and chocolate spoons in this page.


A basket of thread on a background of buttons.

Sewing Theme Gift Basket IdeasA specialized gift basket is a thoughtful and useful gift to put together and give to a friend or family member. This is a page about sewing theme gift basket ideas.


A wooden gift planter of spring bulbs.

Giving Garden Bulbs as Christmas GiftsThis is a page about giving garden bulbs as Christmas gifts. A fun holiday gift for a gardening friend can be flower bulbs for indoor forcing or for planting in the spring.


Neighbors bringing cookies as a gift.

Frugal Gifts For Neighbors?It is very thoughtful to give homemade or thoughtful purchased gifts to your neighbors during the holidays. This tradition can include those that have lived there a long time and the new family on the block. This is a page about frugal gifts for neighbors.


A girl giving her boyfriend an anniversary gift.

Creative Anniversary Gift for BoyfriendMarking anniversaries in a relationship is an important event. Choosing the exact gift can be difficult. This is a page about creative anniversary gift for boyfriend.


Hands wearing red fingerless knit  gloves knitting a scarf.

Frugal Homemade Gift IdeasDIY gifts are the best gifts when you are trying to be frugal. Check out these great frugal homemade gift ideas.


A finished bow from your wrapping paper

Making a Matching Bow for Your Wrapped PackageThis is a page about making a matching bow for your wrapped package. By using strips of your wrapping paper, you can make an attractive matching bow for your gift.


Rolls of wallpaper.

Using Wallpaper for Wrapping PresentsThis is a page about using wallpaper for wrapping presents. Wallpaper is sturdy and comes in many colors and motifs, making it a nice alternative to ordinary wrapping paper. Use leftovers from your last project or remnants found at thrift stores or yard sales.


A huge wrapped gift with pink wrapping paper and a bow on top.

Putting a Small Gift Inside a Big Box?This is a page about putting a small gift inside a big box. One fun way to keep a small gift a surprise until it is opened is to place it in a much larger box or container.


Unique Gift Card or Cash Wrapping

Making a Book Gift Card HolderThis is a page about making a book gift card holder. A unique gift box for cash, a small gift, or a gift card can be made out of an old book.


Santa waving holding a bag of gifts.

Cute Christmas Gifts with Accompanying Sayings?This is a page about cute Christmas gifts with accompanying sayings. Simple things with personalized written expression can make meaningful holiday gifts.


A handwritten recipe in a bound cookbook.

Making a Heritage CookbookGathering all of your family's favorite recipes can make a great heritage cookbook. This is a page about making a heritage cookbook.


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Give Experiences as Gifts

Give Experiences as GiftsI firmly believe that TIME is one of the best gifts, so one of my favorite things to give as Christmas and Birthday gifts is a fun outing. I've purchased and given deals for fancy dinners out, glass blowing, dinner theater tickets, and for our last anniversary, I got my husband a couples massage class.


Family Recipes for a Great Gift

Family Recipes for a Great GiftI like to gather favorite family recipes and type them up in Word on my computer. I then print them off and place in clear plastic page protector sheets and put them into a 3 ring binder.


A Christmas box with a selection of summer sausage, cheese and jams.

Christmas Gifts: It's The Thought That CountsHow many times we've heard that old saying. Is it really true. I mean 'really'? When you've been dropping hints for the past three months you'd like to have a new BMW M4 for Christmas, only to wake up Christmas morning and find a Nissan Versa in the driveway with a big bow around it?


Burning candles shaped like the number 40 on a cake against a white background

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for WomenThis is a page about 40th birthday gift ideas for women. A woman's 40th birthday can be a real personal milestone. Choosing just the right gift can be difficult.


Make Your Own Wrapping Paper - gift wrapped in the paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper IdeasInstead of buying rolls of preprinted wrapping paper, why not make your own. This is a great way to add a special personal touch to any birthday, wedding or Christmas gift. This is a page about making homemade wrapping paper.


Gifts That Cost Nothing

Gifts That Cost NothingThis is a page about gifts that cost nothing. Gifts don't have to cost money to be awesome!


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Cardboard Tube Gift Box

Cardboard Tube Gift BoxRecycle toilet tissue or paper towel tubes as a base to wrap small gifts like jewelry or gift cards. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Beer and Snacks Bouquet

Beer and Snacks BouquetHere is a great gift for a beer lover or even a Super Bowl party. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Messages in a Bottle Gift

Messages in a Bottle GiftThese cute personalized messages are a perfect gift for teachers, close family or friends. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot Chocolate SpoonsThese festive spoons are great as part of a Christmas gift or for entertaining during cold and snowy weather. Learn how to make them in this short video.


S'mores for Two Gift Box

S'mores for Two Gift BoxS'mores are delicious anytime, not just for camping. This cute gift box is sure to make any couple happy. Learn how to make them in this short video.



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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th Bday?Okay so my bf's birthday is like two weeks away and I don't know what to get him. He's not athletic and I don't want to spend too much. We're both anime geeks and enjoy talking about classic cars. Seriously I'm debating just getting him a hoodie right now.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 16th Birthday?My amazing boyfriend's birthday is coming up. I have an idea for a gift, but I need to know if it's a good idea. So my idea, was to get a picture of us having our first kiss. Then frame it in a nice frame. Is that a good idea? Or should I add something else to this gift?


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 16th Birthday?My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months now and I am absoutely stumped on what to get him for his 16th. Any ideas?


15th Birthday Present Ideas for My Boyfriend

15th Birthday Present Ideas for My Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and 2 months now and he's turning 15. I don't know what to get him for his birthday. He and I meet at school and he loves exercising and doing media, playing video games, and he's like the smartest person in our year group at school. I want to spoil him for his birthday the way he spoiled me, but more because he deserves it a lot.


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Gifts Ideas for My Boyfriend's 18th Birthday?I am in need of gift ideas for my boyfriend who I have been dating for almost two months, but talked to for three months before we decided to date. He is shy, a goofball, plays video games somewhat and a football player, but does not play rn. We are both seniors and he loves gummy bears.


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Uses for Scrap Wrapping Paper?What are some uses for scrap wrapping paper?


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