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Grandmother and grandchildren bring gifts to grandfather who is in a hospital bed.

Gift Ideas for Someone That is DyingThis is a page about gift ideas for someone that is dying. Choosing a thoughtful give for a dying friend or relative often just requires some careful consideration and knowledge of the person.


creative ways to give money

Creative Ways to Give Money as a GiftThis is a page about creative ways to give money as a gift. Money can sometimes seem like an impersonal gift.


Nursing Home Employee

Gift Ideas for Nursing Home EmployeesThis is a page about gift ideas for nursing home employees. When your loved one is well taken care of in long term care, you want to make sure the staff is shown your appreciation.


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Gift Note Ideas?I need a note or words for a note to write on a gift. I am giving an anonymous gift (a shirt, wal-mart gift card and a few small items) to a student who is a foster child and is having some tough issues to deal with right now.


Elderly man receiving a birthday gift

Nursing Home Gift IdeasThis page contains nursing home gift ideas. It is nice to give your friends and loved ones of all ages useful gifts.


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Gift Ideas For a Business Partner?I have a good business partner, and his birthday is coming in 2 months. I want to get him a great, unusual gift, but I couldn't find anyone who can help me with it. The problem is that I'm busy, and do not have enough time to think about it. I'm ready to pay some money for a good ideas.



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Buying a Gift for a New Grandma?A very dear friend of mine is going to be a first time grandma. Instead of buying a gift for the baby or the new mom, I'd like to get a nice gift for grandma. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Best Friends

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend?This is a page about gift ideas for your best friend. Sometimes choosing a gift, even for your best friend, can be difficult.


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Good Gift for a Departing Soldier?We are having a small cookout for my cousin who is leaving for the Army in September. What would be a nice gift for him?


Present for Grown Child

Buying Presents for Grown ChildrenThis is a page about buying presents for grown children. As our children get older it can become more difficult to decide on a gift for birthdays and holidays.


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Message to Accompany Gift of Pen to New Writer?I need a note to write on a gift. The present is a name engraved pen for a friend who starting to write novels. So if you have some ideas what I could write, please share.


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Buying Friend a Moving Away Gift?My close friend and her husband are moving out of state for the first time. I would like to get her a little moving away happy. Does anyone have any ideas?


A young girl holding a gift.

Saving Money on Gifts for Grandchildren?This is a page about saving money on gifts for grandchildren. Grandparents are often on a fixed income, making it necessary to choose a great gift at an affordable price.


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Daughter Regifting To Mother?I'm confused. My question is: how do I take it if my daughter for Christmas birthdays or events will buy everyone else and buys me, or gives me something that someone gave her and that she didn't want or something cheap. She has a husband, a good job and I am a widow with very little income, but I so go out of my way to buy her nice pricey gifts, and through this she acts so nonchalant.


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Heartfelt Thank You Gift IdeasI need, from the heart, thank you gifts doubletime. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last November and my friends are throwing a huge benefit for my family on Saturday.


Notebook with wish list surrounded by gifts.

Gift Ideas for YourselfSometimes, people need ideas in order to give you a special present. This is a page about gift ideas for yourself.


Man holding tickets to sports game

Gift Ideas for a Sports FanThis is a page about gift ideas for a sports fan. Although choosing a gift can often be difficult, if the recipient is a sports fan that helps narrow the choices down. Consider team logo clothing, game tickets, or sporting goods if they play in a sport.


Serving Dish With Salad

Give a Serving Dish as Part of the GiftA nice dish can be given as part of a shower gift or even for a pot luck party or celebration. It can be a new one purchased especially for the occasion or a great thriftstore find. This is a page about giving a serving dish as part of the gift.


A happy family out on an adventure.

Giving Experiences as GiftsDoing an activity with someone can be a memorable, and often inexpensive, gift for a loved one. This is a page about give experiences as gifts.


A girl giving her teacher a gift.

Christmas Gifts for TeachersAs a retired teacher, I want to offer a bit of advice on holiday gifts for teachers. Gifts are never required, of course, but what no teacher needs are things with apples printed on them, or things that state "teachers are....".


Woman in office attire holding out a wrapped gift with a row of people in suits in the background

Gift Ideas for Your Boss?This is a page about gift ideas for your boss. Choosing the right gift for your boss can be a challenge.



Woman looking thoughtful surrounded by Christmas decorations and gifts

Giving Thoughtful GiftsThis is a page about giving thoughtful gifts. A carefully considered gift is more likely to be appreciated and remembered for a long time.


Hands of two people in winter coats and gloves exchanging a gift.

Holiday Gift Giving EtiquetteThis is a page about holiday gift giving etiquette. Choosing a holiday gift that will truly be appreciated requires thoughtful consideration of the person receiving the gift and their interests.


"Swap Not Shop" Party Ideas

"Swap Not Shop" Party IdeasThis is a page about "swap not shop" party ideas. A thrifty and fun way to give gifts is to swap items that you already have.


Asking for Money as a Gift

Asking for Money as a Gift?This is a page about asking for money as a gift. Finding a creative and polite way to ask for financial support instead of gifts can be a challenge.


Crafter Gift

Gift Ideas for CraftersThis is a page about gift ideas for crafters. Many craft tools and materials can be excellent presents for a special someone, who keeps busy creating with their hands.


Going Away Gift

Going Away Gift IdeasThis is a page about going away gift ideas. When friends or family are moving away, you may want to give them a present to help them on their way.


pink flowering plant in decorative pot with  small gardening tools

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Every GardenerThis is a page about holiday gifts ideas for every gardener. There are lots of fun tools and plants that an avid gardener would enjoy.



Regifting TipsThis is a page about regifting tips. Some kinds of gifts can be meaningful when given more than once.


Holiday Gift Exchange Party

Holiday Exchange Party IdeasThis page contains holiday exchange party ideas. There are a variety of different foods and gifts that you can choose to exchange at a holiday gathering.


Gift Wrapped Bottle

Gift Wrapping BottlesThis page is about gift wrapping bottles. You can be creative when wrapping odd shaped gifts. It doesn't have to be just paper or a gift bag.


A girl receiving a dog as a gift.

Giving a Pet as a GiftThis page is about giving a pet as a gift. When considering giving an animal as a gift you want to be certain that the recipient has the interest, time, and money to keep the pet happy and healthy.



Gifts for Cheerleaders?Being on a cheer team shows school spirit and dedication. After the season is over, many cheerleaders are given a keepsake as a reward for their hard work. This page is about inexpensive end of the year gift ideas for cheerleaders.


Young man giving a gift to girlfriend.

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend?This page contains birthday gift ideas for a girlfriend. Finding the perfect gift for someone important to you can be a challenge.


Gift Certificate

Giving Gift CertificatesThis is a page about giving gift certificates. A gift certificate can be a great gift if it is for an activity, product, or for a shop or restaurant that the recipient really needs or enjoys.


daughter and step dad

Gift Ideas for a Step Dad?This is a page about gift ideas for a step dad. Stepdads play an important role in the family, sometimes they are the only father children know. Choosing the right gift is important to show your love and appreciation for all he does.



Gift Bag Ideas

Gift Bag IdeasThis is a page about gift bag ideas. A bag filled with well chosen, personalized items for the recipient makes a thoughtful and much appreciated gift.


Frugal Gift

Frugal Gift IdeasThis page contains frugal gift ideas. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to show people you care.



Gift Ideas for a Fisherman?This is a page about gift ideas for a fisherman. Selecting the right gift for someone who loves to fish will make for a positive gift giving experience for you and the recipient.


Boy With Thoughtful Gift

Thoughtful Gift IdeasThis page contains thoughtful gift ideas. A gift does not have to be expensive or large to be meaningful.


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Sippy Cup for Two Year Old?My nephew will be turning two soon. Would a sippy cup be a good present? Is he too old for a sippy cup?


Keepsake Gift Ideas

Keepsake Gift IdeasThis is a page about keepsake gift ideas. Giving a keepsake gift can be one of the most appreciated gifts a person receives. It keeps on giving every time they look at it.


Gift Giving Strategies

Gift Giving AdviceThis is a page about gift giving advice. There are several things you can do to help ensure that the gifts you give are appreciated.


gift box

Gift Ideas for Someone That Has EverythingThis is a page about gift ideas for someone that has everything. Some people are particularly difficult to buy a gift for, they seem to already have everything.


Gift Ideas for a New Boyfriend

Gift Ideas for a New BoyfriendThis is a page about gift ideas for a new boyfriend. Deciding on just the right gift for a new boyfriend can be tough.


Giving Photos as Gifts

Giving Photos as GiftsThis is a page about giving photos as gifts. Photos can be a very personal and lasting gift.


Computer Guy

Gift Ideas for a Computer Guy?This page is about gift ideas for a computer guy. Finding the perfect gift for your favorite geek can be challenging.


Sympathy Gift Ideas: Flowers in a Glass Vase

Sympathy Gift IdeasThis is a page about sympathy gift ideas. Choosing a thoughtful gift to express your sympathy may be difficult.


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Saving Money on Shalach Manos?Does anyone have any original ideas for a frugally themed mishloach manos for Purim?


Man With Rose Behind His Back

Gift PlanningThis page is about gift planning. Planning ahead can help make your gift choices less expensive and more meaningful.


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Gift Ideas for Friend?We haven't meet yet, but we seem to really be hitting it off. What kind of gift should I send to show my interest in him?


A signed heart as a hospital present.

Hospital Gift IdeasThis is a page about hospital gift ideas. Deciding on just the right gift for someone in the hospital can be a challenge.


Birthday Present with Glitter

Last Minute Birthday Present IdeasThis page contains last minute birthday present ideas. Having a meaningful gift when you've run out of time, can be a challenge.


Baptism Gift Idea

Baptism Gift IdeasThis is a page about baptism gift ideas. A baptism or christening is an important life event that may be commemorated with a gift.


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Gift Ideas for Girlfriend?I have been dating my girlfriend for less than a year. What are some ideas for the first year gifts?


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Comfort Gift Box Letter?About ten years ago I made a comfort box for my mother who was going through a hard time. The comfort box was made up of tiny presents for her to open when she was feeling down. There was a letter that described when to open the presents.


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Gift Ideas for an Artistic 19 Year Old Girl?I need help with gifts for an artsy (photography, film, and art) 19 year girl. Any suggestions for gift ideas?


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Presenting a Gift of Money?I would like to get an idea on how to present a gift of money to someone. I would like to present it in another way then just putting it in a card.


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Gift Ideas for Baptism Sponsors?We are planning to have our second baby baptized soon. Do you have ideas on christening giveaways for sponsors? Thanks for the help!


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English Gift Ideas?I have American friends visiting me in London in a few days, and am looking for a traditional English gift for the 18 year old daughter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Gift and Card Ideas for Your Pastor?I am needing ideas for cards and gifts for pastors.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Outdoor Activities?My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months in December. He is the hardest person to shop for, I don't know what to get him. He is into snowmobiling and 4 wheeling. Does anybody have any ideas?


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Gift Ideas for a Dallas Cowboys Fan?I am trying to find gift ideas for my boyfriend. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan and I am on a limited income.


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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas?I need ideas for a small gift for a kindergarten school teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.


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Personalized List As Frugal GiftAn inexpensive birthday gift that is truly appreciated by the recipient is to write a list of things that you admire, like, or appreciate about someone that is the same number long as they are old.


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Saying That Goes with Empty Box Gift of Encouragement or Comfort?Does anyone know the saying that goes with a "gift" that is just something wrapped (empty box, piece of wood, etc.)? It is meant to be given to someone who needs comforting or encouragement.Thanking all in advance.


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Practical Gift IdeasI was in Walmart the other day, mainly for me and my kids to walk around, as that is the main thing people do in our small town, and we were looking at the aisle that had locks on it. I was thinking a lock, with a key might be a good gift for an older child to practice on.


Name Ideas for a Carnivorous Plant Club?Can anyone help me find a name for our carnivorous plant club. We are looking for fun, clever names, like: Sticky Fingers or Fly Trappers. Thanks.


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Gift Ideas for School from Former Graduating Class?We will be having our class reunion on April 2010. We need ideas for an inexpensive gift for our school, which is also the venue of our class reunion. We want something that can also be useful for the students. Thanks.


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Garage Sale Items for Gift Exchanges ?I belong to clubs that have Christmas gift exchanges. This year I started buying gifts at yard sales etc. Better gifts than I could buy new for the cost limit. I bought some beautiful crystal in a name brand box, and box shows some age.


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Gift Ideas for Someone Studying Abroad?My boyfriend is 19 years old, and I am unsure as to what to give him for Christmas. He is currently studying in Venezuela. I have to send him the gift by mail, but I have no ideas. He is a basketball fan, but he cannot play anymore because of a surgery. Any ideas?


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Birthday Gift Ideas for a Guitar Player?My boyfriend is turning 23 in a few weeks and I need gift ideas. I'm on a limited budget, but I would really like to do something fun. He loves music and plays the guitar, but I know nothing about guitars and getting him a CD would be pointless. Any ideas?


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Gift Tag Ideas for a Gift Card?I am looking for ideas for a gift tag. I am giving a gift certificate to a spa to my mother for mothers day. She has a lot of problems with her back and I figured a good massage will feel really good to her.


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Start an Emergency Gift BoxThis has saved me so many times. I have a box of goodies. When stuff is on sale, I buy two or three of like pencils, pens, toys, hair stuff, candles, etc. So when someone has a birthday, or baby shower, I go in the box and find an appropriate a gift.


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Making Spirit Gifts for High School Dance Team?My daughter's high school dance team is going to Nationals and I would like to make spirit gifts for the girls (17 of them). Any ideas or thoughts?


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Asking People to Bring Frugal Gifts?My daughter is expecting her first child in April. Her friend wants to throw her a baby shower. However, my daughter, her friend, and most of the people being invited to the shower are students.


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12 Days of Christmas Packaging Ideas?Does anyone have any packaging ideas of poems or sayings to go with the 12 days of Christmas?


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Gift for Someone Who's Had Hip Replaced?I have a good friend who just had her hip replaced. What could I do for her to pass the time while she is recuperating? I was thinking of a gift box, food etc. Her daughters clean for her. Does any one have any unusual suggestions? Something to brighten her spirits. Maybe something that is not food. Thanks so much. I appreciate any suggestions.


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Surprising Someone with a Beach Vacation?I am planning a surprise 50th birthday party for my husband next weekend. I have booked a surprise beach vacation for us in 3 weeks. Does anyone have any original ideas of ways to tell him about it? Any ideas would be really appreciated as I'm running out of time! Thank you!


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Giving Teachers Plants As Gifts?Teachers, would you like a potted plant for Christmas? Our children have grown plants all year round and they are looking pretty good. Would these be appropriate Christmas gifts from kiddos or would they just be seen as more work? Thanks for your input.


The Peer Pressure of GivingSince when was it an expectation to spend a fortune buying gifts for each holiday? The recently advertised Mother's Day sales touted jewelry for hundreds of dollars to "show Mom how much you really care." What happened to the days of handprints papers and cards with glitter?


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Volunteer Poem Given with Votive Candle?About 10 years ago I received a volunteer gift. It was a clear votive cup with a candle in it. Someone had glued rhinestones to the outside of the votive. A poem was included, something about being a shining volunteer. I have lost the poem and I am wanting to make these up for volunteers. Does anyone have the poem or something similar?


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Finding a Gift for Husband?What can I buy for a 59 year old man that isn't interested in sports of any kind? And he has too many clothes now. This man is my husband!


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Gift ideas For Goddaughter's Confirmation?My goddaughter is having her confirmation in November. I was wondering if anybody has some good gift ideas? I want to give her something meaningful. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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Leave Birthday Card Envelopes BlankIn my extended family whenever we go to birthday parties, we don't write the name of the person it's for. That way when the party is for someone in the immediate family, you can use the envelopes for mailing whatever.


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Giving a Trip to Hawaii as a Gift?Giving a Trip to Hawaii as a Gift. I have booked a trip to Hawaii for my boyfriends 22nd birthday/college graduation gift. I have told him that I have a family reunion that week to ensure that he will have the time off of work.


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Little House on the Prairie Gift Ideas?My son is 8 years old. In his class they have been studying "Little House in the big Woods" I think that is what Little House on the Prairie is based on. He has to make a Christmas gift for another child that would be relative to that time, or something homemade like they did.


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Gift Ideas for an Artist?What homemade gift do you make for your boyfriend for christmas if he's an artist? Anything that he can use as a tool while painting, drawing, etc. Or any other ideas at all?


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Space Theme Gift Ideas?What can I give for gifts that has a "space" theme?


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Acceptable Gifts for Soldiers in Iraq?Does anyone know of a website or list of items that soldiers stationed in Iraq are allowed to have? My son-in-law is being deployed to Iraq and we are going to have Christmas early so we can celebrate with him.


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A Nice Card Instead of a GiftCards Instead of Giveaways. If it's Halloween, Christmas or Easter and you don't have anything to give out. . .


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Preparing Calendars for GiftsI often give calendars for gifts. Before wrapping up the calendar, be sure to write birthdays. . .


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Look for GiveawaysUse giveaways as much as possible. I have a little pocket calendar that I re-covered with some art from a brochure and then covered with a scrap of clear contact paper. . .


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Prayer for Losing Weight?I was wondering if anyone of there knew of a nice prayer to lose weight? I would like to use it in a gift set I am giving someone.


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Teacher of the Year Gift?Any suggestions for a novel, very special gift for a Teacher of the Year who is also a niece?


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What to give an outstanding woman?I have a friend who is just super. She is raising 3 young boys, one with a disability, she has a job with headstart...


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Unexpected Gift ItemsKeep an eye out for inexpensive sale items, when doing your shopping. Maybe you can't use the item, but you never can tell when you might need an unexpected gift...


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Gift Ideas for School Staff?I am on the PTA board and we are trying to figure out a new birthday gift to give staff members this year. Since we have a limited budget and must buy for many, we are trying to keep it inexpensive. Last year we had a poem that came with a bunch of small items.


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"The Talented Mr. Ripley" Question?Does anyone know the name of the original french film that the movie" The Talented Mr. Ripley" was based on. I am getting married in a few weeks and want to give it to my bride as a gift as, it is the movie we went to see on our first date.


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Soccer Senior Gifts?I was just given the task of making the 7 Seniors on our soccer team their gift from the team. The last few years other girls on the team did this. I would love some ideas, please. Thank you for your help.


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Shopping For GiftsWhen shopping for that perfect gift, the more time you allow yourself to shop around, the better price you'll find. Last minute shopping trips when gift giving, usually costs you more. Think ahead.


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The Best GiftsMalls are everywhere - in every town, city, village and nook. They house thousands of storefronts and assorted units. The products they stock are numerous and the array is mind-boggling. There are items for the home, clothing, jewelry, plants, furniture, and gift assortments to pick and choose from.


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Have a Late ChristmasMy friends and I had our Christmas on Jan. 14 so we could go to all the after Christmas sales. We are all in college and money is tight. By Katie


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How to Find the Store When Returning Presents?I am sure other readers have incountered this problem. What do you do with all the Christmas presents that you do not want or need.. Also how do you find the store where they bought the item. My father gave me a full set of National Geographic for the computer.


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Reduce Waste This ChristmasChristmas is responsible for more waste and consumption than any other holiday. North American's trash increases by 25% over Christmas - which equates to 25 million extra tons of garbage going to the landfill. By recognizing the incredible waste that is generated the urgency to do something becomes apparent. A truly useful or environment friendly gift is a better ecological choice. Here is a brief list of ideas to inspire you.


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Tradition for GranddaughterA lady I know started a tradition for her little granddaughter. Whenever it was gift giving times, (ex. birthday, Christmas, etc.) she'd purchase an item from an expensive bear collection and had several already, when I was shown this. She said by the time the granddaughter got to be college age.


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The Gift of AttentionThe gift of attention to the elderly is the best and easiest gift that anyone can make. I think that taking the time to visit an elderly relative is a great way to brighten up their day. Cookies and a smile are always welcome.


A Christmas box with a selection of summer sausage, cheese and jams.

Christmas Gifts: It's The Thought That CountsHow many times we've heard that old saying. Is it really true. I mean 'really'? When you've been dropping hints for the past three months you'd like to have a new BMW M4 for Christmas, only to wake up Christmas morning and find a Nissan Versa in the driveway with a big bow around it?


Shipping and Packing Material

Saving Money on Shipping and Packing MaterialTips and ideas for saving money on shipping and packing material. Post your ideas.


Family Recipes for a Great Gift

Family Recipes for a Great GiftI like to gather favorite family recipes and type them up in Word on my computer. I then print them off and place in clear plastic page protector sheets and put them into a 3 ring binder.



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Going Away Gift?My Japanese friend has lived in America for 3 years, but she will be returning to Japan. I want to buy her a meaningful (but inexpensive) goodbye gift.


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Gift Ideas for New Boyfriend?I have a boyfriend and we were the couple that are best friends and it just led to a relationship. So we've hung out a lot and it's a good relationship, but our 1 month anniversary is coming up.


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Gift for Couple Who Has Everything?I have a friend who literally has everything. As an aside I knew her back then, when she scrubbed toilets and rented a room. Times changed though. She and her husband live in a 10K mansion. She and her husband have an annual holiday party. I would like to send them something a bit different.


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Making a Friendship Package?Years ago, there was a package that you could make that held an elastic, an eraser, Hershey Kisses, and a few other things that had a poem that went with it. Does anyone have the information and what went into the package?


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Surprise Gift for a Friend?I am 21 years old, but unfortunately something went wrong between my mom and myself. There is a lady who is living in Canada, she doesn't have daughters. So now we are talking everyday and I feel I am not alone anymore because she is my mom.


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Gift for Best Friend on Cheerleading Squad?I need a cheer gift for my best friend. Our school colors are purple, black, and silver. Any ideas?


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