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Grainy Fudge

Today I tried a recipe for fudge and it has a grainy texture from the sugar. I can hardly eat it. I hate to be wasteful and throw it out. Is there any way to fix it or doctor it up? Thanks for the help!


Tracey from Duluth, MN


Grainy Fudge

I'm sorry, I don't know how to fix the fudge, but I do have a request; will you please post or email me the recipe for the grainy fudge? My mom used to make it grainy like that, she has passed away and I can't ask her what she did, and my kids loved it like that. I'd love to have the recipe for the grainy fudge.. Thank you in advance, glendacarr AT (06/12/2007)

By glendacarr

Grainy Fudge

I make mine with eagle brand milk and chocolate chips. It will never be grainy. Go to Eagle and it will give you the recipe. You can also get a great recipe from There are several recipes made with marshmallows and they are not grainy. Hope this will help you some. (06/12/2007)

By Pat437

Grainy Fudge

I second the posting for the recipe. My dad use to make a fudge like this and he has been gone for 20 years. My mouth is watering already in anticipation!





By kimbers867

Grainy Fudge

I would also like the recipe for grainy fudge. I am not crazy about the creamy kind. Thanks (06/12/2007)

By az

Grainy Fudge

The reason your fudge was grainy is because you did not boil the mixture long enough to melt the sugar at high temp. You need to boil like 2 - 3 minutes for the sugar to dissolve - then you won't have this problem in the future. (06/12/2007)

By Sheryllynn44

Grainy Fudge

The graininess is all in the length of time you stir the fudge after cooking it to a soft ball. Once it reaches a soft ball, I set the pot into a small pool of cool water and then start stirring until I can barely drag the spoon through it, or until it starts to turn grainy then I pour it up. If it is grainy, it will be crumbly, if I catch it at the right time, it will be smooth.


Here's the old fashioned recipe:
2 cups sugar
6 tablespoons powdered cocoa
1/2 cup milk
1/3 cup light corn syrup
Start cooking slowly and bring to boil, do some laundry, stir, stir, do some dishes, stir stir, a few other things, stir stir, drop for a small ball in cool water, once achieved remove from heat and add:
2 tablespoons margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup nuts optional
Stir and place in small pool of water and stir your arm off until the water gets warm, the add more water in the sink and stir again til your arm falls off.

A few tips, butter your dish ahead of time for pouring into. and once the fudge starts to get hard, score the top for easier slicing. Use a flexible utensil to to under the fudge to help get it up in nice chunks.

I can't think of anything else, but I hope this helps. Good luck.

Oh! fudge doesn't set properly on muggy or rainy days, unless you cook it forever!


For the ruined batches, freeze it and save for ice cream days. Melt the fudge in the microwave and pour over ice cream for hot fudge sundaes.

Good luck,
Tina (06/12/2007)

By trbrown22

Grainy Fudge

I know that the reason it is grainy is because it wasn't cooked long enough. Even one minute more can make a huge difference in texture. Always stir constantly and thoroughly so that it won't burn. You can take it off the heat and try a small amount to see if the sugar is dissolved. Make sure to blow on it so that you don't burn your tongue. If you are not satisfied with the texture, return it to the heat and re-check every minute, It shouldn't take more that 2-3 minutes. As far as saving the rest of today's batch, forget it. Nothing can be done once it has cooled. (06/12/2007)


By Jazzylazzy

Grainy Fudge

I came across this on the 'net about eighteen months ago (don't remember where), and copied it down. It said: When making candy consisting of milk or cream AND sugar, add 1 teaspoon of White Corn Syrup for EACH cup of sugar used in the recipe.

Boil according to the usual method for making candy/fudge. Your finished product will be much smoother and not so apt as to become sugary (grainy). Mine ALWAYS turned out grainy also, until I started following those directions. What an improvement! It certainly worked for me. Hope it does for you also. (06/12/2007)

By 1burrell

Grainy Fudge

I don't know how to 'fix' your fudge but one idea to recycle it is to break it into small chunks and top ice cream and other deserts with it. In small pieces, you wouldn't notice the grainy texture as a topping. (06/13/2007)


By Grammie

Grainy Fudge

Thank you everyone for your help. I will be trying these recipes and tips next time I make fudge. I really liked the tip about freezing it and remelting for ice cream topping. Talk about making lemonade with lemons. As for those of you who wanted the grainy fudge recipe, I am sorry to say I threw it out. It was a copy I made a long time ago and I didn't write the book name down. I would suggest going to and searching fudge. When you see a recipe you like look at the comments/ratings and people will post if it is grainy or creamy. Thanks again!

By tthompson

Grainy Fudge

Hi, I am new here and was just going through all the archives when I saw this.
I have a recipe for the "old fashioned grainy fudge" if anyone is still interested. I got it off a cooking show several years ago when this woman was making Amish recipes. I can't stand the marshmallow fudge or most creamy fudges, they feel slimy in my mouth.

I LOVE this grainy fudge, it has great taste and texture . It's also very rich and doesn't take much to satisfy. If anyone still wants the recipe, I will see if I can find it and post it. (07/15/2007)

By lyonpridej

Grainy Fudge

You CAN fix grainy fudge. Put a few drops of milk in your pan, add the hard grainy fudge. Slowly boil until it reaches a med soft boil stage. Let cool for 15 or 20 minutes. Then beat it to death and pour up! I have a little trouble with fudge because of the humidity and altitude so have to re do mine pretty often. Mine will not set up at the soft ball stage! You can do the same for soft fudge by re-cooking it with a dab of milk. I like creamy fudge as does my family! (11/15/2008)

By G'Grandma

Grainy Fudge

I had this happen tonight. What I did different this time was let it boil too fast, normally I make sure all the sugar is dissolved before it starts to boil. (12/22/2008)

By Rachael

Grainy Fudge

It's not true that if you cook it longer that the sugar will dissolve. I tried that and it didn't work. I made a second batch and it still turned out grainy. Than I called my mom and she said that I should not have made fudge on a rainy day. The sugar won't dissolve. Wives tale or truth? I don't know, but I just ruined a lot of chocolate, butter and sugar. (12/23/2008)

By Camille

Grainy Fudge

Hey guys, I was just reading and trying to get info about why my mom's fudge was grainy and I thought I would post a little something here. I don't know the recipe she used or why it turned grainy but I did get a microwave safe bowl and put some grainy fudge in the microwave for a bit til it was fully dissolved and hot again and playing around with it and it solidified just fine but the sample I used was so small that I tested that I didn't let it sit long enough to fully harden so I do not know if it full sets up but it did smooth it out. (01/05/2009)

By Julie

Grainy Fudge

I would love the recipe for grainy fudge, I do not like the smooth type. My cousins used to make it, but I cant remember how we did it. (01/28/2009)

By suz

Grainy Fudge

Ick! I can't stand grainy fudge. I'll stick to my grandmother's old recipe for smooth fudge any day. But to each his own. (02/03/2009)

By CindyM56

Grainy Fudge

There is no reason to throw out grainy fudge. It is a complete waste of ingredients. I recently had over boiled my fudge, and it hardened to a firm, (although easy to bite into) grainy, crumbly, unsatisfying block that wouldn't cut into squares. Instead it was just breaking into pieces when I tried to put a knife in it. Under boiling makes fudge that's like a super thick version of the fudge you'd put on sundaes. Over boiling it makes it hard and grainy.

Instead of throwing it out, I broke it into smaller pieces and put it back in a pot with a splash of evaporated milk. I re-boiled it until it was at the soft ball stage again.

Once removed from the heat, I placed the pot in a tub of ice cold water and stirred it until it it was really thick. Once the fudge was no longer able to slide off the wooden spoon, and just stuck to it, I pressed the fudge back into the greased pan. It cooled into a perfect, chewy fudge. No grain, just deliciousness.

I am bothered by all the recipes I see online that mention all the batches that went into the garbage. First off, is it THAT inedible? My boyfriend ate the grainy one and liked it before I fixed it anyway. Second, there's more to do with it. Melt a chunk into a mug of milk and make hot chocolate. Add a little milk and melt it down to fondue. I dipped pretzels in it. It rocked. You can even make hot fudge for ice cream by melting it with milk too. (11/09/2009)

By StephyTheGreat

Grainy Fudge

StephyTheGreat is so great! My candy thermometer is 10 degrees off, something I discovered AFTER my fudge was completely ruined. It felt and looked like something to build a sand castle out of, not eat :( But I followed Stephy's directions to the letter, and now my fudge is fixed! It's so delicious, it's amazing it's the same grainy crap I was just crying over :) Thanks Stephy! And thanks for teaching me not to give up! (04/08/2010)

By capitalgirl

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