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Birthday parties are fun if you have a theme. A Hawaiian luau theme is sure to be a great time. This is a page about Hawaiian birthday party ideas.


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September 6, 2007

I need help! I want to have a sleepover for my 14th birthday and to have it in a tent in my garden. I want to have a fire and marshmallows and all the sort of stuff but its in October and I don't know whether to or not because it might be really cold? Can anyone give me some advice I'm in real need. Also could you give me an idea on games. I was thinking to have it as a Hawaiian theme? What do you think? Thank you.

Jenny from Isle Of Wight


By Debbie (Guest Post)
September 11, 20070 found this helpful
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Don't let the weather affect your party. If it is cool, the Hawaiian theme would give you memories of summer. You can keep the theme very inexpensive by purchasing bright color plates (reds, blues, yellows, greens) and napkins. Why use themed plates, which are more expensive, just to serve food on. Spend the money on a few decorations and party favors.


Maybe use large paper flowers (make your own) for decorations. Dollar stores are wonderful sources of inexpensive decorating items, and I am not sure about where you live, but right now alot of places are getting rid of summer merchandise cheaply! Play a few games, like limbo, and twister. Buy flip flops and decorate with flowers. Or buy inexpensive silk flowers and make leis.

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By Amanda in VA (Guest Post)
September 13, 20070 found this helpful
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Don't let the weather change your theme, but you may need to have them sleep inside if it is too cold. Oriental Trading Company has a website with tons of cheap decorations, crafts, and games. We like to do the limbo, and if it is warm, you could do water baloons. Play steel drum music - or maybe just the Beach Boys, and put fruit on skewers for snacks. (If fresh is out of season, you can use canned pineapple cut into chunks and mandarin oranges.) We even made a volcano cake one year.


(Use the Barbie "dress" cake mold. It's the one that you stick a Barbie doll down inside. Instead of sticking Barbie in the middle, you can fill it with frosting or pudding, and then stick red, yellow and orange candles in the top. Spread red "lava" icing around on top, and put brown dirt icing around the bottom. When you light the candles, it's like a "live" volcano.)
Have fun!

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March 14, 2014

My birthday is in 3 months and I want a Hawaiian themed party, but last time I only had Hawaiian cups and necklaces. Any ideas on entertainment, food, and decorations? By the way I don't have a much room in my house, but I want it at home. Please help!


By Tatortot


March 18, 20140 found this helpful
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I am wondering if you live in an area where it will be pleasant outdoors when your birthday comes? If so, and if you have even a bit of yard, some of your party can be held outdoors.

A year ago, we had a flamingo themed party for my daughter, and some of the ideas we used for it could work for a Hawaiian party as well, and it has tips for making a themed party inexpensively. See my old post here: www.thriftyfun.com/Flamingo-Themed-Birthday-Party.html

Establish a color theme for your Hawaiian party and get streamers, table cloths, etc. to fit. You can buy plain colors at dollar stores. You won't need lots of "specifically Hawaiian" items to make it obvious that your party is Hawaiian, but just a few to establish that it is and the rest will follow.


Dollar stores will be getting their "luau" themed party supplies soon... check them out! You can really establish a nice theme with just a few of these items and some leis for your guests. Dollar Tree has simple flower balloons in a variety of colors that would look nice with a Hawaiian theme. At a dollar store, even $10 can be enough to really set the mood. You can also use things you already own in creative ways, like bedsheets in the right color or pattern as table cloths, or paintings and pictures hung where the guests can see them. Wall calendars are deeply discounted right now... buy a few in sunset or beach themes and cut the pictures out to hang on the wall. Look at thrift stores for serving dishes in patterns or colors that might fit your theme.


One good thing about a small space is that you don't have to decorate as much! Be sure to emphasize the entrance and at least one focal wall (perhaps where the food is served). Guest's eyes will be drawn to that. A good idea for a door is a garland of flowers or crepe paper hung from the door frame that can be walked through. I think that the entrance is the most important part of the party of the party decoration, to help the guests understand what will be happening inside.

You could incorporate games that fit the theme, like a hula (or hula hoop) competition. Have a race with a coconut held between your knees. Try to walk with a pineapple balanced on your head, or play ring toss with pineapples as the posts. You get the idea!

Your snacks can fit the theme also. Anything served on skewers can feel Hawaiian.

Be creative and have fun!

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May 14, 2009

My daughter will be turning 11 on June 18th and we are thinking of getting a room at the Holiday Inn and having a few friends stay. We were thinking of having a luau theme. I need some ideas for activities, music, etc..

By Teresa from concordia, ks


May 14, 20090 found this helpful

As a Dollar Tree frequenter, I just saw last week lots of luau party items. Leis, grass skirts, tops for hula girls, cups, plates, etc. I figure that you might be able to find or download a copy of the Elvis "Rock A Hula" and have a hula contest or just have all the girls do the hula. You could also do the limbo very simply but having the limbo song would make it extremely fun too. You could have two of the girls or adults hold the pole and have them keep going under it "lower and lower". I remember doing this when doing the limbo was very "vogue". Actually doing the hula and playing limbo would possibly be something that none of the guests have ever done.
Hope this helps and that your child has a great birthday!

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May 14, 2009

I am having a luau party, but the only problem with it is that it is scheduled to rain on the day that Iam going to have it. I need some ideas to have an indoor party. I have never had a real party in my life and this party means so much to me because it will be my first. Please respond back quickly.

Ashley From Texas


Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

Have it inside and ask everyone to wear shorts or bathing suits. Rent some beach/summer movies to watch. Provide lots of fingernail polish for pedicures and try to find some plain flip flops. They could decorate them with flowers and beads as a party favor. Serve colorful punch with the paper umbrellas in all the drinks. Serve food picnic style with brightly colored floral paper products. If you can still find any summer things like beach balls or children's pool floats, hang those from the ceiling.

This isn't for a luau, but for my daughter's party we had a candy theme. I filled long stemmed cocktail glasses with M&M's, skittles, and laid things such as air heads all over the table. We used pixie sticks to make the sand bottles where they layer different colors of sand in the bottle to make a design. The candy would be colorful and the sand bottles are a colorful keepsake they could do (even use sand from the craft store). At this age, they mainly want to talk and giggle. (11/04/2004)

By Ann

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

You can probably find cheap plastic leis from a party store to add to the festive atmosphere. Balloon volleyball and braiding ribbons or flowers into each other's hair are some activities I liked at that age. (11/04/2004)

By debo_mill

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

How about virgin pina coladas? Having Hawaiian music (or maybe Elvis' movie Blue Hawaii) playing can also really help set the mood.

If the girls are craft oriented types, maybe they could learn how to make paper flowers, and then string them to make their own leis. You'd probably have to do a bit of advance research on making paper flowers so you can teach them, unless you already know how. (11/04/2004)

By Lynne

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

For my surprise Luau birthday party for family, I went to the library and checked out beach boys and Hawaiian music (free), I did some research on the net and made name tags with each persons Hawaiian name, some are too funny. We used a game out of the name tags. Everyone was supposed to call each other their Hawaiian name, and each person got a rubber band for their wrist. If they used their real name, they lost their rubber band. Most rubber bands won a prize. Your local party store should have colorful luau paper products, pineapples etc. to hang. We played coconut bowling, with a real coconut and empty cans, EVERYONE loved that. Prizes to winners of course. Also I made a volcano cake with dry ice in the middle, when you add water to it, it blew smoke. It was a lot of work, but it was very fun. You can find that recipe by searching under volcano cake. Hope that helps. Party animal Liz from Indiana (02/05/2005)

By liz craig

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

Have a limbo contest. You can use a broomstick or another similar item for the pole. Download the Limbo Rock song from Wal-Mart.com music downloads, or other similar websites, and either play it from the computer or burn it onto a CD. You can also find rules to various limbo games on the web.

Above all, have a good time and don't let the rain spoil your fun. My luau party after my wedding got rained out, and we ended up having a huge super soaker water gun battle that ended with the garden hose and people being drug out into the rain. (05/26/2005)

By Kelly

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

Have fun first of all. Just because you have to be inside doesn't mean you can't have the stuff inside too. Bring in the fancy lights and candles. Have a kids wading pool filled with sand and seashells, it kinda looks like the beach. Put beach towels around it because people may want to take a walk on the "beach". Dress the part, eat the part. Have pineapples, coconuts, kiwi and tropical fruits. You can even go outside in the rain (if it isn't thundering), it does rain in Hawaii. Play a game outside, but have plenty of towels ready. (05/26/2005)

By sandy

Re. Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

If you need a game to make people very excited, play hot coconut which is the same as hot potato but with a real coconut. (08/21/2005)

By Elizabeth

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

Well, what I would do is I would have a table on the ground (a buffet table) and I would lay 2 cinder blocks (one on each end) on the ground then the table over the top. Then I would either take a piece of muslin (fabric) and lay it over the top, or have a plastic Hawaiian Table Cover that comes at the party stores. Then for your chairs you take cheap, inexpensive throw pillows (one for each person) and lay them around the table. Serve "island food" such as fruit, fruit punch, etc. Also, you can play a few games such as pin the coconut on the palm tree, a treasure/scavenger hunt indoors, the limbo, and pass the coconut. Since you are indoors and it rains, I suggest getting a movie or two. For the younger audience, Lilo and Stitch The Movie. Teen audience, Johnny Tsunami. The Older Audience, Point Break. Those are just a few ideas. Don't forget to decorate like crazy, just remember sometimes a little goes a long way. :) (02/26/2006)

By Mikayla

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

Something fun for the girls. I don't know how long it would take, but if you know some hair dressers, have them come and braid the girls' hair with beads like they do in tropical places. Then take an awesome picture. (04/19/2006)

By parisgirl

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

Well Ashley from Texas, for your birthday party have your people bring Hawaiian skirts and decorate your room.
Have fun, Lora (09/03/2006)


Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

For boys (and girls) I decided to make a small ocean bottle. We'll add sand, shells, blue water. Glue the top and tie a piece of raffia and a small shell on top. (09/21/2006)

By Techu

Good Ideas

I would use the classical Hawaiian dance. The HULA! Have a hula competition and give away different prizes. One prize could be a coconut filled with candy. Another, some kind of Hawaiian gift package filled with grass skirts, a coconut bra, and anything else you would use to do the hula. You could also put in a Hawaiian CD. (02/25/2007)

By Emma

Indoor Beach Party

I'm having an indoor beach party for my 6 yr-old twins. The guests will be decorating plain baseball caps with fabric markers and foamies when they arrive. Then I am having a scavenger hunt where the teams will have to look for summer-themed items around the house. Guests are encouraged to dress for warm weather (even though it's 20 degrees out!). We will also be doing a seashell craft. (01/24/2008)

By Sheba

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

I'm having a Hawaiian themed birthday party for my 13 year old daughter this year. It will be cold outside so we are going to a motel with a pool. We rented an inexpensive room so they can change clothes, shower, eat, drink, etc. The plus side for me is that I don't have a huge mess in my home afterward. They can wear their swimsuits and grass skirts to the pool just like they are on the beach. (03/04/2008)

By Mel

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

This would work for adult, children, or teen parties. We have a luau every year and it is usually still too cold to have it outside. For the food I bought a blue plastic table cloth and a net (cheap at a party store) to go over it. I then put the food in wide brimmed straw island hats (also at a party store cheap) and plastic buckets from the dollar store. I also use grass skirts to cover our bar and bottoms of tables.

We also try to do fun things with invitations like a message in a bottle, use a clear bottle with a "scrolled" invite. Put a little sand in the bottom and hand deliver (these can be handmade, but I found mine at a party store). This year we are doing lei's with the invite written on an attached paper in the shape of a tropical flower, then the guests already have their lei to wear. We also use a plastic kids swimming pool filled with ice for drinks. (04/05/2008)

By Heather

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

If you have room to run around try the tacky tourist relay race. Have one person wear a grass skirt lei, and coconut bra, etc., run to the next person and exchange the outfit. For the girly girls try an old fashioned spa session with colorful mango face masks and cucumbers for their eyes. They'll feel all grown up. Also we served them bite sized snacks on trays and banana smoothies in coconut cups. (05/22/2008)

By Aunt Sissy

Indoor Hawaiian Luau Party

This website was fabulous for getting indoor beach ideas! Thanks everyone! How do you make a volcano cake? Any other beachy cake ideas? (12/16/2008)

By heathermh23

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