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Healing Advice

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Physical and emotional healing needs time and good care to be healthy again. Taking care of yourself may include some professional guidance. This guide contains healing advice.


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June 24, 2011

In 2008, I was in a car accident in Tennessee where I broke my back, my neck, crushed the right side of my face and head, de-gloved my right arm, was left deaf in my right ear, had to have my cheek re-built, and my eye sewn into place again. A month in a trauma care unit was not enough to heal from injuries like mine.


I wanted to move back near my grown children, so after a year of healing, in order to gain strength for the long trip, we bought an RV, pulled a U Haul behind it, and moved to the Oregon Coast, leaving everything behind. We believed this was the 'thriftiest' way to make our move on our limited funds and find a new life.

Our plan was to live in the RV until my husband found work. So when we arrived, we lived quite frugally in the RV at a campground and sought out our new life through online resumes, trying various churches on Sundays, and seeking out all the beautiful places we could find along the Oregon Coast. It was months before it all came together, but we kept our faith, believing God had something better for us.


While we waited, our entertainment was walking the beach and taking photos of all the beauty. This doubled as my emotional and physical therapy. I took thousands of digital photos and put them into my computer; this never cost me a dime. I needed a lot of free therapy. My healing has been evolving with each sunset, each realization that 'we did this' - made a 3,000 mile move in spite of impossible circumstances and on very little money.


At the same time my husband got his job, a home on the water opened up for us to live. Now all our entertainment is free. Sunsets are free, and God never makes one the same. So each night, I get fresh therapy. Daily, the beaver swims by with a branch he has chopped down and is heading back to his den. I take it in and more healing happens in my soul. Right now baby ducks come and eat bird seed I throw out for them. The bag of seed cost me $4.99 on sale at Bi-Mart and is will last at least a month! :)


When the Opsprey lands in our tree for a high view to see the fish, and then dives at the water, and clutches his large trout as he makes his way to a perch for lunch, it is the greatest show on earth, and I don't pay a dime. That is as frugal as one can get! And when I want trout, I go out and catch one.

God is the healer, and for me the 'Thrifty' way to heal is with His Creation. Breathing deeply of the fresh air is free! Sitting in the sunshine is free! Laying in my hammock, praying, and meditating is free!


I am a songwriter/recording artist of hundreds of songs and lost my high range, due to the traching after the accident. But do you know having enough faith to continue practice singing is free? I recently was asked to sing at a conference when their musicians canceled, and I found stirring up the courage to go and do the conference was free. All went well, and getting moving again - pulling myself out of this hole - was free. I just had to do it. Free is about as frugal as anyone can get!

The home we rented came furnished, so we bought the furniture at a great price. Now hubby works, and I take photos of everything in sight while I continue to heal. A large skin graft was done to cover the huge scar on my arm that will always look like a shark bit me. I now call the arm my scarm! One might as well keep a sense of humor, right? Humor, even toward the worst kinds of wounds is free and good for the soul!

I have included a few of my photos so that 'you' might get a little therapy for free right here on Thrifty Fun. I encourage you to believe and have faith that things can get better when everything looks so bleak! There is so much more to tell, I am writing a book about it!

So as Forrest Gump would say: That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

By Songbirdcindy from Oregon Coast

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August 8, 2008

When a woman is assaulted her self concept and self esteem not to mention her innocence and trust are taken from her. This is a ceremony that returns the sacred feminine power to a woman who has been assaulted sexually, physically or verbally. This devastation is life changing, brought about by a man or, in some cases, many men.

In our society women now hold many positions of power and of healing. It is time to stand up and embrace our sacred sexuality and our inter-most feminine thoughts. In some cases our attackers have been punished; and in some cases, not. Punishment does not in most cases restore the balance that the act took away from us. We are taught that our higher power provides for us abundantly and that in that abundance all things we will be taken care of. In therapy, which many perpetrators never go to, we are taught that we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our daughters.

As women we are the symbols of motherhood and literally, the building blocks of tomorrow. Standing together with love in our hearts we can be a healing force for love. All of us in one way or another would love to support the walking wounded among us. So I say if a man can take part of us away, then the power of woman, the sacred feminine, will be able to restore and heal it. We have ceremonies in this life to celebrate all of the great life-cycle events of our life:

This is what brought me to this place of wanting something to restore the joy of living in our hurting sisterhood. Death is permanent, but rape is not, nor is sexual assault. Yet, they can feel as permanent as death. And even in Death we have a ceremony to help us deal with the reality of it. I am a sexual assault victim myself. In my higher powers greater wisdom I feel I have been chosen to bring a healing to all that would listen. By creating this ceremony, I am consciously choosing to heal and to empower other women to heal.

This ceremony should be as dramatic as the sexual assault was. Only in this way will it truly reach those wells of pain. In my efforts to keep this simple I have made this a ceremony that any group of women can perform. It can be performed at any beautiful place at dawn or in your own homes or in a place of worship. This is a ceremony not only for the young. It is for any survivor of a crime by a man.

Preparations for the Ceremony

Participants in the ceremony stand with the head person in front and the others three on each side to form a V for Victory over adversity. Each participant wears very feminine clothes, taking pride in their womanliness. Celebrants should enter a total dark environment. The only light shines from the candles they carry. This is to symbolize their walk through darkness to the light of a new day. If you cannot do this at dawn then you can simulate dawn with lights behind the participants set on a dimmer to get brighter as they ceremony progress. The lights will be full strength by the end. All of the symbols that are used can be made by the women of the group. In choosing women to be participants, please try to have a mix of young and old with the head woman preferable being an elder of your community. If this is something that your group will be doing on a regular basis this might justify the making of some white capes with hoods. I suggest that the ceremony is preformed with only Participants and Celebrants with a breakfast served afterward with family and friends present then. This will add to the sacredness of the ceremony.

The Ceremony

Head Woman: "Maidens, I call you forward now out of the darkness to become a full and active member of life. From this day forward you shall walk with dignity and pride in yourself and your accomplishments. Know from your hearts that you are complete and loving. Take pride in the fact that you have survived and in the knowing of your survival take joy in your life. Today all will be restored to you that was taken. The power of man took away so now will the power of woman restore. We stand before you today in the formation of a V to honor your great victory. As you pass each of your sisters you will be given a symbol to have and hold each day as a remembrance of your restored self. Hold these always close to your heart."

(Each Participant steps forward now to form a straight line. Head woman takes a place at the end of the line. Have each celebrant put her lighted candle in a small bucket filled with sand. Next to the bucket have a small stack of baskets one for each celebrant. Have them pick up their basket and stand before each woman. Have a basket next to each participant filled with their symbol so they are close at hand to pass out. As the celebrants stand there, have the participants recite their words and hand each celebrant the symbol of what they represent. There they move on as a group to the next woman in the line.)

First woman in line: "I am the essence of innocence I am the part of you that takes glory in the first days of spring; that blows bubbles, that skips and dances. With this symbol I restore your innocence and wonder in the world."

(hand each celebrant a teddy-bear)

Second: "I am the essence of Joy in your life. I am the part of you that soars with happiness at the everyday miracles in your life. With this symbol I restore your right to happiness and Joy."

(Put around the neck or wrist the sparkle necklace or Bracelet)

Third: "I am the essence of Faith I am the part of you that holds strongly onto hope. With this symbol I restore your faith and that with this symbol your faith with never crumble."

(Hand each celebrant your choice symbol of faith)

Fourth: "I am the essence of Trust, I am the part of you that believes in the goodness of others. With this symbol I bind and place with in your heart the blessing of trust."

(Hand each celebrant a piece or rope or chain)

Fifth: "I am the essence of Love. I am the part of you that feels for yourself and for others. With this symbol I restore your ability to feel and grant you the honor of showing your love to the world once more."

(Hand each celebrant a frilly Heart)

Sixth: "I am the essence of Purity I am the part of you that gives you confidence and strength in yourself. With this symbol I restore the purity of you that was stolen from you. Go now into the world with a renewed sense of yourself."

(Hand each celebrant a white rose)

Head Woman: "You have now completed your walk to self awareness. Proudly wear this cape as a symbol of your wholeness. Release from yourself the anger and pain as they no longer have a place to dwell in you."

(Have headwoman wrap each celebrant in the cape)

"I now place this white cap on your head wear it proudly as it is a symbol to the world that you are worthy and whole, having come through the darkness into the light of a new day."

(Cover each head with a square of lace or pull up the hood to the cape) "Go forth now and Celebrate!"

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June 7, 2010

This is a picture of my healing flowers. I can totally relax and go to a different place when I am working with my flowers. Going to a different place is important when you have a health issue that provides unwanted pain on a daily basis.

Look for the flower fairies.

By Carrie

Beautiful photo of the White House in Washington DC.

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