Health Issues After Quitting Smoking

Since Aug. I have had a sore throat on the right side with on/off ear pain. The ENT said it is a cyst, not a big deal he said. I quit smoking and thought it would get better, no. I gained 20 pounds not smoking, now I have a really sore throat and reflux. My stomach is always distended and I now have to take Acid blocker pills which do not help.


Now I have pain in left abdominal area by my belly button. My Primary thinks the throat and ear pain is due to Gerd. Anyone else have issues after quitting smoking and feeling worse? I go to a Gastro doctor on Monday. My dad passed away from Espo. cancer 8 years ago.

mom of 2

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Congratulations on quitting smoking! Did you know it is more difficult to give up nicotine than it is to kick heroin? PROOF: look at all the people who have kicked the heroin habit but still smoke!

I got THE worst bronchial cough 5 days after I finally quit smoking. It lasted 3 weeks. The icky feeling goes away, however. Keep it up. I'm 16 years smoke free this coming March 27th, and it was the most difficult thing I ever did....but not a day goes by where I'm not grateful I no longer smoke.


Call your local American Lung Association chapter if you have any questions or concerns. They were a godsend for me while I was quitting and I know they will help you too.

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Since you had the earache and sore throat before you quit smoking, they probably aren't related. The cyst probably just grew bigger and started causing worse problems, which it would have eventually anyway. Cysts are filled with waste/infection, so it is possible that this is part of what is causing the pain. Infection will run throughout your body, and make you feel like you've been run over by a truck. Your body is trying to expel the nicotine, and retaining water (bloating) is part of the process.

I'm sure you probably smoked for years, and it will take a while before your system straightens out (a side effect caused by the smoking). Unfortunately, we are always most comfortable with what we know rather than going into something blindly with new consequences (not smoking).


Please hang in there. Since you are strong enough to quit,

I'm sure after all this is over, you'll be glad you did. Have you considered natural ways of allowing your body to detoxify? They might be difficult at first, but will benefit you in the long run. Try soaking in a hot tub with epsom salts (to draw toxins out of the body), a massage (will also move toxins through you faster), buy a vibrator and run it all over your body (will relax the muscles and help empty the lymphatic system--OK, move toxins out), chiropractic adjustments, pumping good vitamins, an exercise program, etc.

Now's the time to pamper yourself; use the money you would have spent on the cigarettes to gain control over your health. If you can work through this, you can do anything you set your mind to. God bless.

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By Cathy (Guest Post)
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I hate to admit it but my health went south when I quit smoking. I am glad I quit because I smell better and I can breath better, but I have spent over 5000.00 in co-pays in the last few years.


My sister in law has experienced the same thing so it makes you wonder. My husband refuses to quit.

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By Sonya (Guest Post)
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I too am an ex smoker. I quit 3 years ago March. The smoking aggravated my asthma (I know it was stupid to start) so I quit. But now, I have thyroid problems and too have gained 30 pounds. The Dr. is unable to regulate it so I now must learn to live with it. Just don't go back to the smoking, it really isn't going to help improve your health.

I often think about going back to smoking just to lose the weight but then I look at my two children and think that I'll manage without a cigarette. Cigarette smoking is being ban everywhere so you will just have harder time fitting in. My guess is that we would both be having health problems with or without the smoking, we just are able to recover a little quicker now with a little more money in our pockets.


If you think about going back again spend the money you would have spent on cigarettes, on something for yourself, something to remind you that by smoking you wouldn't have this item. Or you could take your kids out for dinner or something fun. Just do something good with the money you would spent on cigarettes.
Best wishes and all my hope, Sonya

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By J-Coll (Guest Post)
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I'm sorry to hear of your troubles! I get terrible sore throats w/ ear pain from my reflux. Its awful and incredibly painful. It's b/c the reflux splashes up in your throat - in my case, causing canker sores, which in turn cause all the pain. Good luck at the Gastro's!

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I quit smoking 20 years ago and I developed overactive thyroid and loss of voice for nearly a year ,followed by 10 kilo wright gain .It was not a very nice time for me although I was happy to have quit .Needles to say 18 months later I was back puffing and everything stabilised no thyroid my voice back I was a happy person again . I hate the smell and because Im aware of the dangers its a constant battle within me and Ofcourse my hubby who quit 35 years ago hates it too .


Im proud to say that due to chest infection two weeks ago Ive stopped again and Im prayimg that I can keep it up
The only thing is the coughing yes the chest infection is not helping but the coughing is not letting me sleep my body aches and the cortisone Im taking atm is making quite shaky .SO ..... Ive set my mind to it that I will overcome the urge and keep smoke free as I cant go thru this ever again .I am hopeful that this time there will be no going back

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I believe taking Essential Enzymes on a regular basis would help you. Research that and ask your doctor. I've heard so many good things about it that I'm starting them. And I don't have GERD. It aids in digestion and can virtually eliminate GERD, cramping AND cause you to lose weight. This, in turn, could possible help that sore throat. Please, don't go back to smoking. I quit 9 years ago and I know I can't have even one. Please don't allow your thoughts to delude you that you're not better BECAUSE you've quit smoking. Our brains can do that you know. Hope this helps. God Bless you!

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My husband and I both quit smoking a few years back and we too began to have severe health problems. He gained four pant sizes and it was all bloat, no pounds. Trouble sleeping, all sorts of aches and pains. I woke up one morning completely numb from hips down.By the next day from the shoulders down. Went through battery of tests etc. Was told I had M.S. Gained weight, we both coughed horribly, decided to try smoking again.

Probably dumb but it worked. Within a week all symptoms gone, no more problems and doctors couldn't explain why.One did say it was our bodies reacting to withdrawal but after six months I really don't think so. Who knows? We smoke now and it's probably the wrong thing to do but we both feel great, back to normal, no health problems at all. Fyi we're both senior citizens.

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The same thing happened to me - when I quit smoking. Never again will I quit again. I stated to smoke again & I feel great. My granddaughter asked me to quit. She told me that it takes 7 minutes off of your life with every cig I have. I am sorry but I will not quit again.

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Pretty interesting reading these stories. I thought it was in my head; all my problems after I quit smoking last May. To begin with, Chantix, that stop smoking drug, I took for 10 days. Well, I ended up being allergic to it and was in the hospital for a few days. But! While I was taking it, I had absolutely no withdrawal symptoms and got down to three cigs in 10 days. Of course, I finished quitting while in the hospital. Next, my thyroid went wacky...hyper (too fast) and have gained 20 pounds with that being regulated. Then my gall bladder went with no warning. So, yes it looks like it all stemmed from not smoking.

But, I still have hung in there even though at times I want to start up so badly. But, for the first time in 20 years, I went without bronchitis this winter...not even a cold so far. I know that I am breathing better. I don't cough anymore. I feel less of an outcast when with other people. My life is not being scheduled around taking a smoke break, looking for somewhere to smoke when I am out, dying for a cig when in a car with someone else, wondering if I will be dying of lung cancer and gasping for air. Those are great things on the side of quitting.

The weight bothers me some but that is something if I chose to loose, well, that is another thing to tackle less dangerous than the smoking by far. Good luck and God help you as He as helped me through wanting to start again.

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Just thought I'd chime in that I feel much better after quitting smoking 18 months ago. It took 6 months to feel a whole lot better. A little heavier, but the weight is coming off now. No hacking cough or bad smell, and I'm happy to be smoke free.

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By Jenn (Guest Post)
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Nothing can be worse than the side effects of not quiting! Death is permanent! Withdrawal is temporary!

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By Allan (Guest Post)
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I quit smoking approx two years ago, I was aged 55 at the time and smoking 30 ciggies a day. Since quitting I have never felt so tired in all my life, I could not work full time for six months and am still struggling to do a full weeks work. Up till quitting smoking I never had any health issues, and was fitter that almost everyone I know, I used to have a daily keep fit routine which I still cannot get back to, I have not had any coughing up of phlem etc but, that may be because I was healthly to begin with. I will not be going back to smoking but I notice that the people urging us to quit do not print the full withdrawal issues. I thought I was alone in feeling unwell until I saw this web page.

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By Jessica (Guest Post)
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I have stop smoking for 4 days now and its terrible. My arm pains all the time I have muscle pain, I have sleeping problems, I don't know if it is because the blood flow is better. 5 days back I went for hypnosis to quit smoking well that is all in the mind waste of money. I bought Allan Carr easy way of stop smoking with audio CD (better than hypnosis). But I am going to give it a try not to smoke I know that to start smoking is going to make me feel "better", but I don't want my son to start smoking. How can I tell him to stop if I can't stop. I must admit that a lot of water helps with the withdrawal symptoms.

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By mom of 2 (Guest Post)
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Well it has been 10 months 6-1 that I have not smoked. Still really stinks. I do have to say I feel so much better. My sinus and ear problems are not as bad as they used to be. I have gained a about 15 pounds which stinks. Right now I would still give my left arm to have a cig. but I know that I would have to quit again and I do not want to go through all the symptoms again. I quit also so that my kids would not want to start. I hope them seeing me and the hard time I had and still having with quiting will let them know that it is a bad thing to even start. I also don't want to start again because I am to cheap to spend the $$$.

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By Lenka (Guest Post)
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I quit smoking only 3 weeks ago and I got really bad sore throat, something that looks like an eye infection and from time to time it feels like I have fever {but I don't}. Went to see a doctor who said that it is normal and that antibiotics would not help. When he looked in my throat, there was nothing wrong with it. Just that terrible pain I could feel. I have to say, this was strange because I have quit smoking few times before, for a longer period of time but I never felt this bad.

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Similar issues for me.

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I have eye pain dry mouth and ear ache 3 weeks after never bad this bad when quiting is it normal?

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I feel horrible 10 months since I quit. Horrible thyroid problems and I feel like my whole endocrine system is in rapid deterioration. My body is sore my stomach is bloated like a bowling ball, pressure in my head, adrenaline surges which are out of control. Can't believe how bad I feel since quitting. I'm pretty scared.

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By Allan (Guest Post)
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Further to me last post on this site, its is now nearly 2.5 years since I quit and at last the headaches have stopped and my energy is comming back, I am now back on the keep fit routine and have stopped falling asleep everytime I sit down. I still believe that there should more in depth information as to what happens to the body when you stop smoking after 30 years. It seams to me that none of the so called "health advisors" want to admit to this. Maybe its because most of them have never smoked in the first place, as such do not really know what they are talking about. I am confident that I will never smoke again and I wish all of you good luck in quitting.



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By Rodney R (Guest Post)
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First off; I would like to congratulate everyone here on quitting a terrible habit that is smoking. Since 1994 I smoked cigarettes on and off til early 2008 when I just decided, ' Enough was enough.' Since then I haven't felt that great. About 7 months after quitting I started noticing my stomach distending, felt full of gas, my throat felt slimy and sticky most days and began feeling my chest gurgle sometimes.

My sleeping habits changed, not by choice, I just couldn't sleep. I have this feeling something is always stuck in my throat, can't cough it out yet and I always feel tired. But I made a committment to myself that I will NEVER smoke another cigarette ever again. I just hope that I feel start to feel better soon.

I exercise at least 3 days a week for about 2-3 hours each day. I eat healthy food and also stay away from alcohol and unhealthy stuff. I know I made a wise decision to quit smoking after 12 years of polluting my body. I hope one day, that all the tobacco companies are forced to go out of business because every living human being on earth quit and abstained from this deadly drug.

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By (Guest Post)
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Hi, I'm a mom of 2, like you and many others here I''m experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I started puffing in mid '96 in college and was a pack-a-week smoker till 1 quit in 2001 for 4.5 years. back then my symptoms weren't so bad as I was in my late twenties.
Tthen in 2007 I began smoking regularly till March this year, but was weaning myself of with a ciggie every 2 weeks till August. Now it's 2 months since I puffed and I'm suffering from the following withdrawal symptoms

-panic/anxiety attacks where I wake up fearing that I have a fatal disease.
- left arm has gone slightly numb but I hear that's my circulation going back to normal (we'll see!):P

- coughing and bronchitis
- dizziness and occasional lightheadedness from breathing too deeply. again I hear this is a good sign.

How I'm recovering is to be conscious of reducing caffeine intake, exercising more, eating more salads and fruits/juices, exercising and most of all remaining positive throughout.

These symptoms have made me more determined never to relapse on this icky habit. please don't be afraid to go through these symptoms as your body is just healing.

Most importantly, Vitamins C, E , A and consuming lots of ginger, garlic and spices is important to help the healing process.

As for weight gain, yes you will eat to replace the need for smoking but your hunger cravings will soon go away. Just drink lots of water, exercise and ensure that you always eat your last meal before 7pm. That has helped me keep the weight off. :) Good luck all!

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By Sam (Guest Post)
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I quit 6 days ago and I'm starting to get a cough and I'm slightly wheezing when I breath. Does anyone know if the symptoms are weaker if you've been smoking smaller periods of time? I've been smoking about 4 years now and I'm 18.

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June 6, 20180 found this helpful

Stay quit. You will feel better. It's worth it. Good luck with any quit methods you are using. Exercise helps.....even if just walking some everyday.

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By Salvador (Guest Post)
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I've been smoking since I've been 14 usually around a half-pack to a pack and a half within 24 hours, and I'm 21 now and I have all sorts of health issues. If only I could turn back the hands of time I would have never started. I used to be very healthy and athletic, but now I feel like my health is irrepairable. I'm going to quit tomorrow, wish me luck! My goal is to make a complete recovery, no matter how silly that sounds, I think it is very possible. Kudos to those that have quit. Stay up!

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By Effie (Guest Post)
January 9, 20090 found this helpful

Quit smoking ten days ago! I've done it before but this time I hope it's forever. I'm finally feeling better I went through the insomnia the tingling arms and I've gained about 6 pounds in 10 days but it's better than smoking. Just to let you all know that it does get better and you will feel amazing eventually. I still marvel at how I can start tasting food better and the past few days I am able to get up in the morning so much easier no snooze button 20 times. Keep on fighting do NOT let the cigs win!

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Hello everyone this is Mom of 2 and I have not smoked in 1 year and 5 months. You do feel better after few months. I have gained weight and now that is my focus to lose. I had my main focus not be smoking so since I made it through that I figure I can make through not eating so much. I also now have given up regular pop and only drink 1 diet pop a day. You would think with all the less food that I am eating and no more pop the weight would be falling off. It is not. I just have to work at it like I did not smoking. It is a good feeling. I do miss it but not that much.

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By Barbara (Guest Post)
February 20, 20090 found this helpful

I quit smoking 8 weeks ago and I haven't felt well since. I have really bad sinus and awful cough. I feel terrible. I don't want to start smoking again but it makes one wonder.

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February 20, 20090 found this helpful

To the last poster. I have been smoke free since I wrote this request. It has been since Sept. of 07. I feel wonderful now. I am a little overweight now, buy my constant sinus infection is for the most part gone. I feel so much healthier. Now I just have to work on my "See Food Diet." and not eat it. I am doing well and am glad I quit. Think of the money you will save. Give it time you will feel better.

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I quit just 3 weeks ago today with the help of PROSTOP laser treatment. Completely painless and is supposed to stop the physical cravings. They also do an MSN follow up to keep you motivated, which is great but, what about the food cravings, (I haven't eaten sweet things for about 30 yrs til now!) the bloated gut and swollen feet, I've heard these last 2 are caused by the body getting rid of the nicotine, but what can I do about it?

I'm worried about weight gain as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so my exercise is very limited.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Even after my children were born my stomach was flatter than this!
I used to have a problem with being very thin and unable to gain weight now I feel like a whale !

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August 27, 20100 found this helpful

I just came back from my Dr. and you are all correct in that everyone tells you to quit smoking, and I am glad it has been 4.5 months for me. However, no one ever shares the withdrawals. They are horrible. So much so that I would be afraid to start smoking again knowing I would be quitting again and having to go through it again. I worry more now about something seriously wrong me than I did when I smoked. I am breathless often, yet at other times I feel great. I have an increase of saliva sometimes and other times a dry mouth. I wake during the night feeling like I can't breathe and then that goes away. My Dr. looks at me like I am crazy but it's been hard yet so cool that I made up my mind to do something and followed through.

Yes I gained weight and when I am ready I will set my mind to lose it. I sleep deeply like my body is healing, if fact sometimes I want to sleep all the time. I have body aches I never had before, can this really all be a part of it? I guess so because every blog I read people are saying the same thing but tell my why doctors do not acknowledge this. I want a chest xray to confirm I am ok but then I am scared it may show something. I guess its a bit of anxiety too. Hang in there everyone, we have accomplished something so great for ourselves and no one else!

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I quit for 40 days beginning Labor Day 2010. Two weeks into it the urge for a cigarette was bearable, only lasting a few minutes at a time. I absolutely felt as though I was breathing better and my sinus problems were not as bad. I had to change my routine a little to try to disconnect all that I had associated with cigarettes (that wasn't so easy - sometimes I did fine, sometimes it just seemed too tough to change the way I had lived for 30 yrs.) Hands down, the worst part was not feeling better.

I went through the following: feverish chills, tingling/light feeling arms and legs; light-headedness/dizziness; changes in intestinal function (overall feeling like crap). The feeling that lasted the longest was being tired - tired, heavy arms and legs (not to mention a tired mind from think about all of this). At times I seemed to feel better, but that feeling was always short lived. I had tried to quit before and never had these long lasting symptoms. I unfortunately gave in a week ago and began smoking.

Everything but by intestines feels normal again. I know the body takes awhile to remove toxins and become accustom to its new environment (no nicotine stimulant, more oxygen, etc.), but there has to be something to help your body feel better. Even though I believed it would help, I didn't exercise because I felt so darn tired. I didnt try nicotine replacement because I wanted to get off of nicotine completely.

I'm psyching myself out to try again - hopefully very soon. From reading what others have said I realize that it might take 3 - 6 months or even a year or so before I really feel normal again, but has anyone had any success in finding ways to feel better sooner?

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I had the same problems quitting a few times back. I truly believe it is more psychological than you think. In the back of your mind you are are depressed about not smoking anymore. Sometimes this can appear as stomach issues. I had the same issues, and they are very real. Try telling yourself it's just in your mind. I haven't had these issues nearly as intense this time around. Good luck. Most importantly don't give up because you will feel 20 years younger within 6 months.

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February 2, 20111 found this helpful

It's been 157 days since I've quit smoking. It has been tough, I also have experienced health issues. I am so glad to have found this forum, no one really warns you about the health issues that you experience after you quit smoking. It's crazy, I don't want to pick up another cigarette again out of fear of going through the same issues I have been going through.

After I quit smoking I developed a sinus and ear infection. I know my lungs were cleaning itself out. Shortly after that I had the gastrointestinal issues. Had an upset stomach, nausea, acid reflux. Still occasionally feel dizzy and light headed every now and then. Not sure how to get rid of the acid reflux or if that will go away. Has anyone else experienced that from quitting smoking?

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Hi. I am 7 weeks smoke free. I am having the same stomach issues. I am curious if your issues subsided. If so how long did it take? This is horrible.

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I'm going through the exact same thing, I quit smoking 4.5 months ago and started getting really ill around the 3rd month after quitting.
1 Hoarsness voice
2 Bronchitis
3 Laryngitis
4 A lot of phlegm and not to forget the weigh gain. I reckon its so worth it even though it does sux. I will never inhale another ciggy again. I smoked for 12 years. I just got over the hoarseness voice it lasted for like 4 weeks I was so scared that something was wrong with me, finally picked up my balls and went to the doc he said it was Bronchitits. A week later I had to go hospital as I got a fever and was constantly vomiting, I was allergic to the medz he prescribed. Anyways I went back to the doc a week later and I had Laryngitis and if the medz that he prescibed didn't work I have to have some test on my voicebox, as it was very inflamed. I wish I never ever picked up a smoke in my life. Look what they do to you in the long run! I go back to the doc tomorrow for a follow up I will keep you all updated. Keep up the good work guys. :)

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February 11, 20110 found this helpful

For all of you who have quit. You gained weight??? You will not loose it without starvation. I smoke 4 a day and came off 1 pack ,I exercise like mad, eat healthy,and very little and still gained 12 to 15 #. My girl quit gained 30 lbs and works high energy job exercises eats right. So do you want tot be fat and have health issues from that or smoke?

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Smober 65 days for the first time in 32 years! But I look pregnant and went a size up in clothing. Nothing will make me smoke again. I will be fat and a nonsmoker if that's what it takes. Nicotine Anonymous saved me. I had a desire and tried many times, but this support group provided a miracle for me and 15 of my friends. i did not have any experience in any other 12 step program, but I knew I was a nicotine addict and needed help.

This distended belly thing is what brought me to this site. I am huge! So, off to the whole foods store I guess to get probiotics and enzymes. I will let you know what happens. And there is a list of what to expect when you quit (not the la la stuff on quit smoking sites, but the real low down on what to expect. I'll see if I can find the author.)

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I quit smoking 4 years ago and after some months I began waking in the night feeling like I was choking to death. This happened 4 or 5 times, once during the day when something I was drinking went down the wrong way. I began smoking again a year ago and I never experienced it again.

I have recently just quit again (8 days ago) and I woke last night unable to breathe, I can only describe it as being how I imagine a severe asthma attack to be. I am trying to drag air into my lungs and its like the passageway is blocked. I managed to gulp a mouthful of water this morning and I felt something shift in my throat and I could breathe eventually. All day I have felt a burning sensation in my chest and acid coming into my mouth. It honestly makes me want to start smoking again, feeling like you are about to choke to death is NOT FUN.

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December 8, 20120 found this helpful

I'm 27, smoking for 12 years and for the latter half 20 cigs a day. I'm up to day 12 of quitting cold turkey and have found my willpower to be better than it ever has been. I really feel like I could be a non-smoker now and have found it to be relatively easy.

I think maybe due to stuffing my face with anything and everything that is sweet, fatty or salty. It's fading off a little now and I'm beginning to get a grip on my appetite so that's good. I've always been a little vain and placed so much emphasis on being thin, so I can't believe my attitude at the moment.

The thing is that I don't actually feel that bad about my weight gain... I quit smoking! It's like my self esteem has gone up and I am just not stressing about my weight as much as I did when I smoked. I don't feel like a worthless skinny smoking outcast. I feel normal and healthy! Oh who am I trying to kid I'm hanging for a smoke. :'(

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April 24, 20130 found this helpful

My goodness! I quit smoking after 30 years. It has been only 3 months but feels too long! I now suffer from SEVERE body aches and pains. It's terrible and makes it an unbearable chore to cook or clean the house. I did have some phlegm but my worst effect is the body ache. I literally feel like someone punched me in every part of my body EVERY DAY! Yes, I would like to smoke when I drink socially, but my husband who is a non-smoker is vehemently against it. I can't even think what it will be like to drink and not smoke! I really don't know if I am happy! I think I was happier while I smoked! I am not happy!

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February 16, 20190 found this helpful

Omg thank you for posting this! I am 9 days smoke free and after the 3rd day I started to feel like I have the flu. Ive smoked for 3 years and had quit previously for over 7 years. I dont know why I picked them back up. Pure stupidity!!! So as difficult as it was the first time to quit I never experienced what Im going through now. My body aches so bad even ibuprofen does not help. There is nothing online that talks about this symptom. Im curious how your doing now and is there anything that has helped ease the body aches for you? I can deal with the sore throat, coughing up yuckys and headache but the body ache is taking a tole. When I read your comment that you are 3 months smoke free but still have body aches is terrible to me to think it can last that long. My heart pours out to you because it truly feels horrible. There has to be something to ease this pain!!!

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Well,this is a great web-site to go to if you're thinking of quitting smoking-I would imagine that most of the symptoms that people are experiencing are psychological and would be sorted by speaking to a health advisor. This site should actually come with a health warning - very angry!

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I already see a shrink and these symptoms are very real.I've been quit for 5 month's now and the problem's are just getting worse.

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You would be wrong.
Very thankful for the sharing here...

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I know, it seems like you just can't win! I've had acid reflux and eating issues before I quit smoking, which is one of the reasons why I quit. I figured it would get better, boy was I wrong. My acid reflux is way worse then its ever been and I want to eat more to compensate when I think about smoking. It has only been 12 days and I hope that my body is just adjusting to the changes and will feel better.

I was told by someone close to me who had quit after 40+ years of smoking that your body will act funny during the long healing process. She said that she gained 20lbs the first 2 yrs after she quit and had breathing issues. She says that she has been smoke free now for over 9 years and feels better than ever still with an occasional chest or throat flem discomfort.

She told me that she thought she was having a heart attack one day after quitting and the doctors told her it was a anxiety attack. She said that its such a big change physically and mentally in ones life that it's hard to adapt. This made me feel more as ease with my situation because I have been experiencing heart palpitations and dizzyness myself. I guess I will take the temporary drawbacks for better health in the end, I hope.

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Please help. I'm praying I don't have lung cancer. It's been about 3 weeks and tonight my lungs hurt so bad. Is this normal? Should it be this bad? It hurts. I'm so scared. I have 4 kids. I'm 32. I hope and pray its normal. Anyone please?

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I smoked for 22 years and finally was able to quit 5 months ago. I quit cold turkey which seemed like the hardest way to quit but the only way that worked for me. Each day that went by the cravings got less and less. I still think about smoking when I get upset but then I remind myself that I don't want to die sooner than I have to.

Soon after I quit I asked my Doc if I could get a CT lung screening, which is a test specifically for smokers and ex smokers. I had the test done and they saw that I have a tiny nodule that needs to be evaluated every year.

This scared me enough that I decided to see a Pulmonologist. Why not! He did this breathing test on me and told me that I have lost 15% of my lung function that I will never get back. He also told me that if I continue that it's guaranteed that I will be on an oxygen tank when I'm older! All of this scared me enough to keep those deadly sticks say from me!

My withdrawals haven't been easy. I've been to the emergency room twice thinking I was either having a heart attack or I had a blood clot in my lung.
Now realizing that this was only extreme anxiety. Also, my body aches everywhere. I extreme pain in my joints.

I hate feeling this way but I'm hoping that it will get better. I will never go back to smoking and I wish I would have quit much sooner.

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Did your pain get better?

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Hello everyone. I smoked for 20 years. I begin smoking when I was 15 years old I'm 35 now. I love to smoke cigarettes but I know if I don't quit they will expedite my dead.

So 3 months ago I decided to quit. For the first two weeks I switched to Electronic cigarettes. This helped me a lot to begin quitting. Then I went to the doctor and to ask for help. My doctor put me on welbutrin this is an anti-depressing to help you with anxiety and she recommend nicoderm patch. So far I follow all her instruction and I consider my self smoke free. I got a couple more months until I stop the patch, but this way to quit this time make all the different for me.

I tried many times before and always and up back smoking, but now iIwill win this battle again cigarettes... I know, I can feel it. A couple time during this 3 months I have stopped at a gas station to get coffee and feel the need for a cigarette. I buy a pack open it, light up the cigarette and it tastes so nasty to me, I can even finish it. When I get to work I just give the pack to somebody who smoke because I don't smoke anymore.

Yes it is true, on my 2nd week I got some weird problems with my intestines, acid reflect, tired, and some light headiness. I'm still caught everyday just caught nothing like blood coming out, just my lung cleaning inside. I have some weird back pain on the left upper side of my back, but this time I will kick cigarettes. I know deep inside of me I have already won. This battle is not over but it will be soon.

My wife is trying to she quit regular cig and now just smokes E-cig, and know in time she will quit those too. I will be her inspiration because I can quit. My 7 year old daughter does not say anymore on bed time, when I kiss her good night, "ewww, you smell like smoke". She loves to kiss me now. I'm a superintendent for construction and a lot of people before didn't like get close to me to look some drawing, just because I smelled like cigarettes. My closet smell clean not like smoke, I feel better. I don't spent all that money a week buying cigarettes. I like the new beginning of the rest of my life without cigarettes. I know the pain on my back and cough will go away sooner or later. Anything we wan to do in this life we can do it. The different is somethings are easy other are no so easy, keep pushing and you will make it.)

Good luck everybody remember if I can quit you can too!

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Nicotine speeds up digestion. I found out (the hard way) I was lactose intolerant. It kind of bothered me while smoking but once I stopped it got REAL bad. I had no idea. Left abdominal cramping, stomach distention, hip & back pains. Doc thought it was other stuff did blood test & CT scan found nothing. I was on a restricted diet while tests & results were coming in. After all was negative (and I was feeling better) I "celebrated" with pizza, basically how we figured out dairy. So, just a suggestion, but try cutting out dairy for a week & see what happens. Hope it helps good luck with quitting I'm fighting it every's awful!

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I have a fun bag of symptoms after I quit smoking, because I feel them on top of other issues! My doctor warned me a few months back that I was in danger of coming down with fatty liver disease. I blew him off, and about a month and a half ago I started feeling bad. Like real bad. I was dizzy, couldn't concentrate, alwaystired, had bad stomache pains, going #2 to the bathroom was always urgent and unpleasant.

So, in true hypochondriac fashion, I started googling my symptoms and stumbled across fatty liver, and remembered what my doc had said. I scheduled an appointment that's coming up, and did my research. I found that smoking and drinking aggravate the condition, so I scaled way back on the drinking and quit smoking cold turkey.

Good news; after my diet and lifestyle change, I feel generally better, less confused, going to the bathroom is greatly improved.

Bad news; quitting smoking sucks bad. I almost immediatley had a chest infection, then the coughing started, then the chest and back tightness/pains. Throw in there the imagined pains from stress and anxiety because every little pain scares the crap out of me, and it's not a good time.

I am so glad to see that others are going through the same thing. I kid you not, I could feel the knots in my back loosening as I read the testimonials here. I'm glad that the long term benefits of quitting are so great, but people should be made more aware of the illnesses that come from quitting, so that they can be better prepared.

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This site helped me a lot. I wanted to share my story/chronicle of the quiting smoking symptoms. Since what I understood is that doctors avoid to talk about this in detail, but they don't understand that for us it's really important to talk about these symptoms. For proof is this site. After I started reading your posts, I started feeling so better day by day, because 1st I confirmed that all these were not in my head but other people also had these and 2nd this knowledge I read in here gave me the strenth to overcome all the issues related to quitting much easier . At least I did not have the fear anymore that something else is going on with me and not the quitting.

Now I am in day 31 and I feel so better and alive, more lungs capacity to play football non-stop, easy mornings, anyway I can write a whole book for the good things I felt after quitting. No one should smoke on this earth. I was stupid to start when I was 19 and now 14 years passed I quitted finally.

I feel now emotions, senses, which are familiar to me from the part of my life when I was a non-smoker, its unbelievable, but its true.

Anyway my advise is, you quit smoking and never smoke again in your life, not even one cig., no matter how painful are the quitting symptoms (and I agree on these).

Please see my chronicle / symptoms of quiting smoking.

1) When I reduced smoking considerably(quantity and much lighter cigs.)
The 3rd or 4th day I had a bad chest crump / very difficult, heavy and short breathing periods. Fully recovered now (lasted for 3 to 4 days)

2) Immediately followed by:
Strong panic/anxiety attacks (because of point 1)
Fully recovered now (it was gone when point 1 symptoms were gone)

3) Then a week later I stopped smoking totally. Upset stomach, nausea / no actual vomiting although. Fully recovered now (lasted for 2 to 3 days)

Next: (points 4,5 came all together and are still here) (usually its intense from morning until 4:30)

4)Tingling/light feeling arms, legs and eyes; (left ones mostly) light-headedness/dizziness;

5) 5) Lack of mind/eyes concentration (left mostly) when the light-headedness and dizziness are intense.

Still have these and feeling very uncomfort about it, and causes some very minor anxiety & panic attacks and thinking about it for as long as its still there, but getting much better day by day.

Good luck and god bless all of you guys.

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This site has really helped me a lot, I wanted to share my story/chronicle of the quiting smoking symptoms, since from my experience what I understood is that doctors avoid to talk about this in detail, but they don't understand that for us its really important to talk about these symptoms.

For proof is this site that after I started reading your posts, I started feeling so better day by day, because 1st I confirmed that all these were not just in my head but other people also had these and 2nd is this knowledge that I read in here, so all of these gave me the strenth to overcome all the issues related to my quitting symptoms much easier as at least I did not have the fear anymore that something else is going on with me and not the quitting.

Now I am in day 31 and I feel so better and alive, more lungs capacity to play football non-stopingly, easier and lighter mornings, anyway I can write a whole book for the good things that I have started to feel after quitting.

No one should smoke on this earth, (I was stupid to start when I was 19 and now 14 years passed I quitted finally) my move to quit was also targeted for my son, who I dont want to see me smoking and get the bad example

I feel now new emotions and senses, which in reality are not new they are familiar to me from the part of my life when I was a non-smoker, its unbelievable, but its true.

Anyway my advise is, you quit smoking and never smoke again in your life, not even one cig., no matter how painfull are the quitting symptoms (and I agree on these).

Now the bad part :) my chronicle / symptoms of quiting smoking, but remember these are all temporary, so hang on.

1) When I reduced smoking considerably (daily quantity and much lighter cigaretes)
The 3rd or 4th day I had a bad chest crump / very difficult, heavy and short breathing periods
Fully recovered now (lasted for 3 to 4 days)

2) It was immediately followed by:
Strong panic/anxiety attacks (because of point 1, I did not know what was happening to me and I was thinking of the worst things so it caused these)
Fully recovered now (it was Gone when point 1 symptoms were gone)

3) Then a week later I stopped smoking totally.
Upset stomach, nausea / no actual vomiting although.
Fully recovered now (lasted for 2 to 3 days)

Next: (points 4,5 came together and are still here) (usually its intense from morning until 4:30)

4)Tingling/light feeling arms, legs and eyes; light-headedness/dizziness;

5) Lack of mind / eyes concentration when the lihgt-headedness and dizziness are intense)

Still having these and feeling very uncomfort about it, and causes some very minor anxiety & panic attacks and thinking about it for as long as its still there, but getting much better day by day.
They are almost entirely gone now

Good luck and god bless all of you guys.

I did not have these (Others had these)
No strong cigarete cravings at all
No withdrawl depressions
No sleeping issues
No headaches
No sore throat
No coughing
Some minor phlegm in mornings
I have much better eating apetite now
No sweet cravings

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I smoked 40 years...quit 6 months now. Was ok first 4 months and was vaping with small amout of nicotine.06. Then I got off that and all heck broke out. I had panic attacks along with shortness of breath. Got extremely hot and then freezing cold. I had tightness in chest and went to emergeny room once. They found nothing, then to a walk in clinic...also nothing. Read about cranberry juice, that did help.

Anyway my doctor did all the tests. I have moderate copd...and also gerd...acid reflux... now feeling so much better. A few times I thought I was dying. Just hang in there and do a lung cleanse too, it helps. You will get through it. Good luck

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Well, I wanted to add my story of quitting smoking and the symptoms of quitting that I have experienced. I am on day 36 of quitting and am using small amounts of the nicotine gum (2-4 pieces a day) to help me, although I think I can give this up soon.

I quit while on vacation and when I got back after two weeks, I started to get a cough, bronchial problems, and some aches and pains. I do have some minor chest pain, but nothing too debilitating yet. However, I do have a sore throat and what feels like a bronchial infection. I am coughing up really sticky, gross phlegm that is hard to cough up.

I had started with a workout routine about 7 months before quitting, so hopefully my weight and muscles will be helped by this. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) prior to quitting and have been on mild medication for the last 9 months.

Starting to exercise and getting on top of the thyroid problem may help me get through this a bit easier (this is what my doctor tells me, who is thrilled that I have quit). I am 53 years old and have been smoking for the last 13 years after having quit for about 8 years.

Yes, I picked it up again after successfully quitting due to emotional issues and I deeply regret each and every cigarette that I have smoked since then. I just couldn't seem to put it down when I went through an emotionally stressful time. I really sympathize with everyone and their symptoms - I didn't go through anything like this when I quit the first time, but I was also younger and in much better shape.

I am hoping that I will be able to stick with this because I am sick and tired of smoking and organizing my life around addiction. What a hassle it has become and I know that within a year or two, I will have it all under control. Good luck everyone! I love having sites like this to hang out.

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It's crazy that your writing this because I'm experiencing the same symptoms now , even the pain on the left lower side of the belly button. Please tell me what finally happened.
ucanfindmyron AT

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It has been 2 months and 2 days today, since I quit. I smoked about 2 pks a day...some days less. This is my second attempt at quitting. First time I went for 5 years, but husband was dying from cancer from Agent Orange he picked up while stationed in Viet Nam years before... it was his 3rd and final bout with this terrible disease. I hated that I had ever smoked to begin with, but it did calm my nerves considerably.

I remember from the first time and now again this time, that I too have the chest discomfort, tiredness, but the most difficult thing for me is the terrible pains in my body that I am feeling now. I just turned 65 and decided that I needed to quit this time for real, but at this rate, I am wondering how long this is going to last. I live alone and only have one friend that lives nearby... no family at all in this area.

Twenty years before losing my husband, we lost our 9 month old baby daughter that we adopted at birth in Korea. I have not coped well with either of these terrible losses. It is difficult being lonely, especially if you are high strung too. But, I don't want to fail either, so I am giving this a fair shot this time and hope to be done with some of these terrible side effects soon. Otherwise, I'll be like a couple others here and start back.

I surely don't want to face a heart attack from the stress of all of this and I surely don't enjoy feeling like crap every day with my body hurting so much. Hoping for the best here still though. Best of luck y'all and God Bless everyone here.

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I have been smoking for about 38 years. I quit when I had a long stay in the hospital after an operation. My lungs decided to clean themselves out there and it was awful, mainly because the operation affected my oxygen intake. I got a high fever and all sorts of phlegm and coughing.

Unfortunately I started up smoking again 8 months later.

This time I am using an e cig and have bought nicotine in many different strengths so I can wean myself off it.

For the first month I suddenly realized how great I feel! No shortness if breath, none of that compression on my chest every morning etc. I never developed a smokers cough but have had dripping sinus problems for years

Suddenly, a month later I have some sort of flu which I think is actually my lungs cleaning themselves again. Super high temperature, the most painful body aches, a super swollen throat, phlegm and coughing.

I figure it is just like when I was in the hospital quitting smoking. It's tuff!

I will never go back to smoking a real fight again and plan to be off the ecig a as soon as possible. The rewards of not smoking far outweigh the hard time quitting.

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I quit smoking in the summer of 2013 and since November 2013 I have felt awful. Since reading this sight though I feel much better knowing it's probably withdrawal symptoms. I have constant body aching all over, stabbing headaches, complete lack of energy. Has blood test and urine test done and all is fine so I'm aware I'm not dying only the anxiety attacks convince me otherwise! However reading these posts I also now know I should feel better given time!

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I quit smoking approx 11 weeks ago. 3 days after I quit I started getting a scratchy chest and a tickley cough. I've been back and forth to the Drs. I recently had antibiotics, they didn't work. I had chest x rays and apparently my heart, lungs and veins are all normal.

I have suffered with a tickly cough, coughing up some mucus (creamy colored), violent coughing especially at night to the point of vomiting. Banging headache due to the coughing. Now I still have all those symptoms plus a constant wheeze and stuffy nose.

I wish I'd never quit because before I quit I was never sick. Unfortunately I can't start again simply because I know my lungs wouldn't be able to cope. Sick to the back teeth of being sick. Don't know when I last slept properly and am just about at the end of my rope. Don't think I will ever recover.

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Here is how the road to healing has gone for me so far. First, some background on my smoking. I smoked for 12 years, back and forth from 1 pack to 2 packs per day. I decided to give up smoking for my New Years resolution because of my fear of "smoker's face." I quit cold turkey because I knew it would be the only way I could actually do it. Hardest thing I've ever done and I'm not even finished. Day 28 with no cigarettes, and if you know me that's a HUGE deal.

Week 1: Woke up thinking about cigarettes, couldn't eat, just wanted a cig, had to take naps constantly throughout the day just to get through the cravings. Couldn't watch TV seeing someone smoke, couldn't be around any friends that smoked, not even my own boyfriend. Then, inevitably, I would go to bed thinking of cigs leaving me to dream of smoking them all night.

Week 2: This is pretty easy. Week 2 was the best week of quitting smoking for me. I was proud of myself and it felt so good to tell others of my success from an addiction that had so much power over me. The more I talked about being smoke free, the easier it seemed and the better I felt about my choice to quit smoking. I wish this week lasted :(.

Week 3: Oh my God. Quitters flu. Ever heard of it? Google it. You literally get flu like symptoms without really having the illness. All at the same time it felt like I had an ear infection, my head was filled with pressure (like a balloon waiting to pop), my throat hurt, hot and cold body sweats, achy joints, and my skin hurt soooo bad to the touch. All I could do was lay in bed with the warmest blanket I could get my hands on and just sweat it out. I also couldn't stand for longer than 2 or 3 minutes without feeling like I was going to faint. Shortness of breath was extreme, worse than when I chain smoked for 8 hours the night before and waking up with an elephant on my chest.

Week 4: (Coming to an end this week) I completely lost my voice. Ive never lost my voice this bad even with bronchitis. Its as if I have become mute and I am getting pretty down about it since I am in phone sales. I cannot work. The hardest part is it seems like no one really understands what I am going through. I feel like they all think I am bullshitting and being a big baby. But I'm not. Quitting smoking is the hardest thing ever. It hurts so bad. It's been a month of torture for me so far and I am scared to see what next month has to bring.

I figure if I made it this far there is no going back. Especially since I refuse to go through the quitters flu again. Worst flu symptoms ever, especially when its not even the flu! Yuck!

I'm kind of freaking out about the voice loss because I do feel alone in this which is why I have spent so much time looking for advice from others who have gone through what I am currently going through. It's kind of defeating some of the things that I have read such as a year going by and still feeling like total crap. Do I really need to take a year off of my life to get over this nasty habit? I just want my voice back and to feel good about my choice to quit smoking. So far it has kidnapped me, beat the life out of me, dragged me to the end of a cliff, and then punted me off.

Screw you cancer sticks! I hate you so much. This addiction is so bad, cigs need to be banned.

One more rant.

How am I supposed to feel so good about quitting smoking when everyone around me, even those I just pass by on the streets, are smoking and the smoke blows right into my nose and mouth?! Second hand smoke kills too! So what is the point of quitting if you will never escape the chemicals that are polluting the air in which you breathe constantly?

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Please! I need an update! I read your post and you sound like me! I'm on week 6 right now and honestly ready to go back to smoking

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I quit 5 weeks ago and like many of you have had a horrible time with withdrawl symptoms. I seem to have got over the cough but have really achy arms and legs that I can't shift and a constant tight neck. I also wake every night and find that I'm constantly in an anxious state. To all the people that have posted before how long do these go on for before you start to feel normal again. Never realised how much of an impact quiting would have on your life.

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(sorry, i just realized, this is a pretty long post!)

Hi folks. I am another who experienced worse health problems after quitting smoking. I had quitter's flu (everyone thought I was crazy!). I put on about 15 lbs (although I was quite thin so that wasn't necessarily a bad thing for me). My digestion went bad, and I started having joint pains and sleeping issues.

As far as my digestion goes, in my research I came across a website regarding candida that kind of changed my life. If you don't know what it is, you can google it and find plenty of information; it's basically a very advanced form of yeast that can attack your intestines and mess up your digestion pretty badly. It can also be responsible for food allergies. After I quit smoking I would get horrible stomach aches for about half an hour after I would eat. Once I cut out gluten that stopped completely.

Smoking can be a major contributor to the growth of candida, due to its impact on your immune system. I'm fairly certain that's the reason. I know this all sounds very naturopathic and sketchy, and if you ask your doctor about it they may scoff at it. But after being at my wit's end with my random, seemingly unconnected symptoms and not receiving any answers, I chose to go this route and it has worked wonders for me.

If any of you are going as crazy as I was, you might want to look into various holistic approaches to quitting smoking. I kept my hands busy by chowing down on toasted pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds), which are nutritional powerhouses and have a host of health benefits that, after knocking down our immune systems with nicotine for so many years, can only help. I also tried to detox my body as much as I could; drinking a lot of water and specifically trying to add alkaline water to my diet, and drinking a lot of "green" juice (i.e. green machine-type drinks, although I no longer drink naked juice because of all the artificial junk they add to it). The spirulina and chlorella are excellent for detoxing the body.

Basically, when we quit smoking, we need to supplement our bodies with a crapload of vitamins, because we've been depleting our bodies of them for the past (6, 15, 40, etc) years that we've been smoking. There are various vitamins that smokers are deficient in, and by replenishing some of the vitamins, our bodies can better push this nasty stuff out, and make getting through the quitting period less difficult, or possibly even shorten it. I also educated myself A LOT about the effects smoking has on the body - not just the usual lung cancer, emphysema, etc. but the exact effects that it has on the nervous system and the brain.

Did you know that nicotine takes the place of a neurotransmitter in your brain that is responsible for heart rate, breathing, learning and indirectly for mood, appetite, and memory? Nicotine also causes the release of dopamine, the pleasure/reward chemical in our brain, so it basically tells our bodies "if you don't smoke, you'll DIE! Are you hungry? Just SMOKE! Are you sad? Just SMOKE! Smoking makes you feel better!" It was a lot easier to hold steady to my resolve and say "eff you, nicotine, you're not going to win," once I knew why my body was reacting the way it did.

Again, I know all this stuff sounds kind of hippy-dippy and offbeat. However, I just wanted to share what worked for me, because I know how miserable it can be trying to get through this, especially when everyone around you is a smoker (my boyfriend, roommate, and my entire group of friends were all smokers too. It was not an easy task for me to quit). Good luck to all of you guys... every few months I'll get a random twinge of a craving, but nothing compared to what I used to get. It does eventually get much easier, I promise!

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After about a year and a half of "trying" to quit smoking, I finally (after many attempts) am in my fifth month without a cigarette. I would have never imagined the difficulty and feeling like death if I wasn't experiencing it myself.

The first week is rough, I slept through most of it. Shortly after that came nausea, feelings of hot flashes on and off, dizziness, shortness of breath, tingling/itchy feeling all over, sleep apnea, pains that are indescribable, chest pain (I believe it's my lungs healing), pain in all joints, pain in collar bone, severe anxiety and the list goes on.

I swear it felt like I was dying at times but I stuck it out and I'm still here. I have gained weight due to my metabolism changing and eating like crazy. My appetite is back to normal now at 5 months in. I still suffer greatly from joint pain and shortness of breath. I have also developed a great sensitivity to fragrances or anything synthetic (almost asthmatic).

The best way to put it is everything is different and feels different. My nerves actually have full sensation which makes me feel things that cigarettes/chemicals masked for years. It takes some getting used to. I now have a very sensitive stomach along with acid reflux, heartburn, etc (I never had this before I quit).

I am really proud of myself for making it this far, it was definitely the HARDEST thing I have ever done. I still have cravings every now and then but will never smoke again. I actually can't stand the smell of it now and do not want to go through any of this ever again. I know I'm not even close to being back to normal, I just don't feel good a lot of the time.

Most people don't understand my experience and I get frustrated because they seem to think that these symptoms can't possibly be from quitting smoking. Umm, yes they are. I feel tired, cold like symptoms, weakness, dizziness, anxiety, shortness of breath, severe allergies and aches. However; I no longer suffer from sleep apnea, severe cravings or the feeling that I'm starving. I am able to taste and smell now, it's amazing what I've been missing out on all these years.

If I can quit smoking, anyone can. I smoked for about 20 years, at least a pack a day. I am now 37 and am excited for my new smoke free future. It won't be easy but it will be worth it in the end. I wish everyone luck quitting and just remember you have control of what you put into your body, the cigarette does not control you!

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I am using e-cigs as my method of quitting to ease into total quitting. So yes I'm getting nicotine, but not tar and the 4,000 other chemicals in cigarettes, no smell, no ashes, no smoke. I think it is foolish to quit cold turkey as a person is more likely to go right back to it-i know because I tried it. I am slowly lowering the nicotine percentage in my e-cigs and will eventually just use 0% nicotine and just get flavored cartridges. The tar and other chemicals are what cause lung cancer, nicotine is the addictive part and races your heart. I am experiencing a sore throat & an ear ache, probably the cilia growing back were it was destroyed by the tar, like nasal passages etc.
I have known lots of people who quit, not one of them had any of the illnesses some of you mentioned, from stopping. So can't help you there.
As a matter of fact, I have stopped coughing, stopped having heart palpitations and stopped having shortness of breath-all of which I had prior to quitting only 3 weeks ago.

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I would like to share my experience with the crazy decision of quitting smoking. I started smoking at the age of 13 and I am 44 now. I smokes 1-2 packs a day, I worked out, I swam, and never complained of anything. I would see a doctor every 5 years.

Well its been 5 months now that I have not touched a cig and I feel like crap. I have no energy ( there goes the gym) I'm dizzy, I had extreme lung pain and burning, I had shortness of breath and a lump feeling in my throat. I ended up in the E.R. 3 times and was finally admitted. I felt like a lab rat. CAT scan, XRAYS, blood tests, stress test, upper GI study and something else that I cannot remember the name at the moment. All tests came back negative thank god. The only thing they found is severe acid reflux. I'm actually losing weight, I have no strength and I cannot concentrate.

My doctor says I am going crazy and wants to put me on xanax. So I went from weighing 239lbs 9% body fat to 200 lbs 14% body fat with acid reflux. I will not smoke again, but I have to say this is terrible. I wish I knew the time frame when do we start to feel better.

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Dear Mom of 2.
I feel your anxiety across the waves here in the UK. What I have to say may be of little comfort. I quit 7 months ago and still have the symptom's you describe. They seem to come and go as they please. Lung pain, upper back pain, flu, throat tightening etc. This week I have started with a cough. Last week I had really bad anxiety. In fact my muscles were so tense I have actually torn a muscle in my shoulder. I used to smoke 20 cigarette's a day for around 30 years.

I have a friend who quit at the same time as me. He was so ill he had to start again! Another friend quit 3 months ago without a single symptom. I am told by a work colleague that when his wife quit she was like it for a year. The powers that be don't tell us about this do they that's what makes it so scary. Keep it up though and hope this is a little bit of a helping hand across the water. You are not alone.

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Sorry my last post was a reply to for Victor R

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Hi I am into my fifth week (30 days) of cold turkey no smoking. I smoked for 12 years and worked out I consumed approx 250,000 cigarettes! I was so thankful to see that I am not alone in my withdrawal pains. It has been brutal and unfortunately I cannot provide a timeline for these symptoms, as it has blurred into one mess. Headaches, pressure in my sinus', nausea, acid reflux, digestive problems in general and painful trapped wind, severe blemishes/acne, bad breath (oddly), swollen glands and a painful throat, joint pain, pain in my arms and legs, chest tightness, sensitive skin, sleep disturbance, severe anxiety and panic attacks, mood swings, anger, no energy, no concentration, irritability, feelings of constant déjàvue, weight gain (craving all the rubbish foods) and hot flushes.

However I have not experienced any coughing, however I read just because this is absent does not mean my body isn't detoxing the filth. Therefore seeing the list in black and white above just proves the damage I was so blindly doing whilst invaded and taken hostage by the drug. But this is the price (and hopefully never worse) for all the years of neglect. But I am free and despite all of this I am very happy and proud that I am no longer a slave to nicotine.

Good luck everyone with the quiting and how amazing are these forums. Been a huge support for me. Gets easier and easier by the day because the truth and growing confidence makes you stronger.

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Ok, I thought I was the only person who felt this way. I dont know what to do or where to turn. I stopped smoking Jan 2018 after smoking on and off since I was 18, I was the guy who always worked out but on bar night I would smoke like a chimney. 11 months later, Ever since, I have felt like a absolute crap. I have never felt this bad in my life. My guts are always churning and nauseous and I have all these weird radiating pains all over. Top to bottom, left to right. I have crippling anxiety and I cant concentrate. I feel like not one if my body's normal functions....are normal. I feel alone and scared and no one seems to understand what im talking about. Bloodwork came back normal, yet I feel like I'm "going" fast.

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How long have you been smoke free and how long did all your side affects last? I feel like Im having constant anxiety and its making me think everything is wrong with me...cancer, heart attack, anything health issue wise I kee thinking I have

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I quit smoking exactly 4 weeks ago today. I had smoked around 1 pack a day for 30 years. What has kept me going is the relief of being smoke free. When I craved a cigarette so bad that someone asked me if I had restless leg syndrome because I couldn't sit still, I knew I didn't want to go back to having something control me like that.

I didn't plan a certain time or day to quit. I had been thinking about it for a while and one day I ran out of cigarettes and decided I would try not to buy another pack. It was totally mental for me. I had to keep talking myself out of buying another pack, talking myself out of feeling the cravings, talking myself out of "bumming" a cigarette from someone, talking myself out of being angry and frustrated because I wanted a cigarette so bad. Day 2 was probably the worst for cravings. I started chewing on crushed ice which helped.
Cold turkey worked best for me but I know it's different for everyone. I found from trying to quit in the past that if I used the gum, patch or e-cig and continued to put nicotine in my body it just prolonged the quitting period and I was more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes again.

The desire for a cigarette has gotten less and less but I still want one when something triggers the desire.

I truly thought stopping was impossible for me so I totally have to give credit to God for getting me through this.

I have had some of the symptoms that others have mentioned. I got a cold about 2 weeks after quitting and have coughed up a lot of sticky phlegm and blown my nose A LOT! These symptoms are getting better but I still have not totally gotten over my cold.
I have had heartburn several days which I never really had before. I've had body aches but no fever, tiredness, some chest pains and upper back pain. I'm hoping this is just my body cleansing and goes away soon. I've also had dry mouth which I never had before. I'm also pretty sure I've gained a few pounds but haven't found the courage to step and the scale and find out yet. I just told myself that I will deal with that later once I am feeling better. I also find myself out of breath very easily, like just walking up a flight of stairs. Again, deal with that later when I'm ready to start some light exercise. I'm thinking of starting that within the next few weeks and hoping for nice weather so I can get outside.
None of my symptoms have been so bad that I can't function but they are not fun!!

On the positive side, I have noticed that food tastes different/better and I've noticed more smells than before. (this can be good and bad, lol)

Good luck to all on quitting! It is truly worth it!

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I am as of today 6 weeks non smoking. I feel fine other than the constant vertigo feeling. It's been almost 3 weeks since it started. Please tell me it goes away!

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Congratulations! I have a few close friends that have recently quit, with the help of Chantix. They were not long time smokers though so it wasn't too hard to break the habit.

If you are using nicotine patches, that could be the cause of the dizziness. Or your body could still be ridding itself of toxins and the increased oxygen in your blood is causing the temporary vertigo.

Another theory I saw online is that the lack of nicotine could cause low blood sugar. Perhaps concentrating on healthy eating and proper hydration would help make sure that isn't a factor.

Good luck and keep it up. The founder of this site (my mother) was a lifelong smoker and died of lung cancer at the age of 60. I wish she would have quit years before.

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I quit cold turkey so no nicotine at all. I have made a Dr appt because my ears seem stuffy, so I'm thinking it may be a sinus infection? But I'm not sure. I've never had one. And I have no pain, no fever... All I know is I'm done being dizzy! It's horrible! It truly disrupts ones life

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I hope it passes very soon. The doctor sounds like a good idea, in case it is a sinus infection or something. Good luck!

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Thank you for your support! Please pray for me. Nothing worse than feeling like this! However, I will not smoke! I smoked 24 years. I will be 43 next month. I have 7 grandbabies I want to enjoy! I have a new found look on life I want to enjoy! I hope this will be fixed soon

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