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Homemade Facial Mask

I'm in real need of a homemade mask I could use for the purpose of pore cleansing. I hate blackheads and I also have problems with pimples on my back and chest. I don't know what to do, sometimes it gets better, then one day I won't even want to wear a tank top because I feel so yucky. My skin is naturally oily and I'm not looking forward to the summer because of it. Help, what can I do!




Homemade Facial Mask

Try Milk of Magnesia, yes, the stuff you usually take to relieve the other end! Ha! It doesn't have to be expensive - the cheapest I've found is the Dollar General Store's brand which costs $1.50 for a 12 oz. bottle. (This size should last you a while if you use it specifically for that purpose.) Shake it well and just pour some into the cap - use your finger or a cotton ball to dab some all over your skin or just in certain spots. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes which gives it a chance to work after it has dried on your skin. It will turn into a white, chalky substance that you can wash off. Works great! - Tracy (01/29/2002)

Homemade Facial Mask

I have the same problem. I use plain old inexpensive rubbing alcohol all over my face, back, neck twice daily after I bathe. Just rub it on and allow it to dry. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol has antibacterial properties that help prevent acne. Just be careful- it is highly flammable. Keep away from heat, flame, and smoking. -Kimdedo (01/29/2002)


Homemade Facial Mask

This easy tip will help cleanse the face and help control blackheads. Take one cup of fresh parsley and puree it in a blender. Apply the mixture to the areas where blackheads are a problem. Steam the face with a facial steamer or over a basin of steaming water. Drape a towel over your head and allow the steam to penetrate the face 10-15 minutes. Apply any pore cleansing strips to the areas and blackheads will be gently drawn out. Hope this helps, I have not tried it yet but will soon - Liz acraftycat Az (02/04/2002)

Homemade Facial Mask

You will be happier with your oily skin as you age. It seems that those of us with oily complexions don't have as many wrinkles! I have used just simple Witch Hazel astringent for many years and it takes care of excess oil and blemishes. Any store brand will do, it doesn't need to be expensive. Hope this helps. - Sue from Wisconsin (02/07/2002)


Homemade Facial Mask

One I've always used is to grind up oatmeal until its fine, then add an eggwhite to a small amount (or just plain water or witch hazel is okay). pat on face. let dry. When done, lay a warm, wet washcloth on face to soften, then wash off. A big hint is to change your pillowcases daily during a break-out. It's amazing how much this helps. (02/01/2004)

By beadyeyedlady

Homemade Facial Mask

Try taking a Tbsp. of cinnamon powder and 3 Tbsp.s of honey a blend it together. It makes a wonderful past (05/17/2004)

By 2sexy4u

Homemade Facial Mask

Use this method only on your back and chest. It is too harsh for the face. If you truly have very oily body acne, get a bath scrubby made of net, soap it up and scour your back and chest until it is quite red. Then coat the entire acne area with very wet Stridex pads and let dry. It will sting but if you do it regularly, the problem will lessen.


Again, this second tip is for truly oily skin: It may sound unconventional, but it's not really harsh and it WORKS. Make a paste of baking soda and liquid facial soap and wash your face with it every day. It WILL clear pores and is actually gentler than many of the facial scrubs on the market. Follow facial washing by splashing hydrogen peroxide on the face as a toner. Say bye-bye to your problem!

PS if you truly have oily skin you don't need a moisturizer. People who tell you that you do are only trying to sell you something. If you use nothing but non-comedogenic products, and absolutely no products containing mineral oil, you'll see a big improvement in your skin. (05/19/2004)

By Mary

Three Choices

Depending on your skin type, here are some great masks to try. For oily skin use some plain Milk of Magnesia, rub it on and let dry, then rinse with lukewarm water. It absorbs oil wonderfully!


For Normal/combination skin mix one egg and 1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal and a tsp. olive oil until smooth. Spread on your face and leave 15 min then rinse.

For dry skin, mix one egg yolk, one tsp. honey and a tsp. olive oil and some vitamin E oil if you have it. Smooth on and leave on for 15 min. , rinse in lukewarm water and pat dry. If your skin is a bit dry you can put a dab or two of either olive oil, or any other light oil, or plain Crisco if you want something heavier, on your moist skin after washing or a mask and your face is set without the $$ some people spend for the same look.

Jamie L.

Instead of Soap

This is for the lady who wanted a homemade facial mask. First, clean your face with water only. Never use soap. You can open your pores with hot compresses (washcloth) For a facial scrub, moisten oatmeal to a "goo", use it to scrub your face (not around your eyes). Wash off with cool water.You may also make a paste of the oatmeal and allow it to dry..remove with cool water.You may also beat an egg white, put it on your face and let it dry, rinse with cool water. Sliced fresh cucumber placed on your closed eyes will reduce bagginess and dark circles.To make your hair shine, rub in some regular mayonnaise,shampoo out after 15 minutes.


Sonja in Goose Creek


The best facial mask that i have found is honey. Use warm cloth to open pores, smear on honey, leave on 15 to 30 minutes, rinse off with warm water, and then use cold water to close pores. Use for 3 days in a row and then once a week. Sometimes I mix a little ground oatmeal with the honey, which makes a great mask.


Feels Good

One my daughter and I had fun with and found to have a cleansing and softening effect was to mix regular clean kitty litter, the clay kind, with water and strain out the grit. It really felt good.


Exfoliating Mask

For an easy exfoliating mask, mix three Tbsp.s olive oil or any good oil and one Tbsp. kosher salt mix and gently rub into dry skin. Do not use around eye area. This works great on elbows and feet, but it can also be used on cheeks and forehead

Donna R.

Egg Whites

I use egg whites. Just beat one egg white until it is frothy. Spread it all over your face. Wait until it dries. Rinse it off. My face feels very clean and "tight" after this application. And then I use the yolk for cooking.( I have yet to have found a use for the shell)


Egg Yolk

The best homemade facial mask that I have used is a raw egg yolk. just apply the raw yolk to your face and neck for 30 minutes and rinse with cool water. Egg yolks are high in vitamin A. The mask is very effective in healing blemishes.


Your Skin Type

For trouble-prone skin, mix oatmeal with water to form a paste.

For normal to oily skin, use an egg white.

For dry skin, use an egg yolk.

In all cases, spread mixture on face and allow to dry. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

For oily skin, witch hazel makes an inexpensive toner.

For dry skin, you may want to add moisturizer while skin is still damp.



The cheapest and best facial mask I have ever come up with is oatmeal processed to a powder in the blender and either skim milk or if you are trying to fade spots lemon juice. Really works well for me and I have dry skin.


More Choices

The kind of the mask you want to use depends on your skin type.

For dry skin, try:

  • an egg yolk mixed with olive oil and warmed honey
  • sour cream
  • plain olive oil
  • avocado

For oily skin:

  • dissolve a tsp. of baking yeast in a small amount of warm milk, wait until foamy, then apply (best done in the bath tub);
  • puree flesh of a tomato and mix with some potato flour to make a paste;
  • cucumber (it will whiten your skin);
  • beaten egg whites with a few drops of lemon juice (great for getting rid of blackheads);
  • carrots (but don't use this one more than about every other week because it can overdry your skin). This one will make you look tanned.

General refreshing masks:

  • grapes (just cut a berry in half and rub lightly)
  • strawberries (test behind your ear first, because many people are allergic to strawberries used this way even though they can eat them just fine)
  • honey and ricotta cheese

Many fruits and vegetables can also be used to good effect. Anything acidic (lemon, strawberries, etc) will tend to whiten and refresh your skin, but you need to be careful if your skin is dry.

In general, don't apply masks more often than about twice a week, and try to vary the ingredients.

It is a good idea to test the mask first. Apply a small amount behind your ear, wait 20 minutes, then wash off. Then wait 24 hours. If the skin behind your ear is normal, then go ahead and use the mask.


Egg Yolk and Honey

A reader recently asked if anyone had a recipe for homemade facial masks. I often use an egg yolk and honey mask. Just mix one egg yolk with a little honey and spread it on your face and neck. When it dries, rinse it off. Your skin will feel so fresh and soft!

Sarah W. (05/25/2004)

Homemade Facial Mask

The best way to get rid of pimples and black heads is to take Australian Tea Oil and a Q-tip. Run the end of a Q-tip over water to not make it as strong. NEVER USE THE TEA OIL WITH OUT DILUTING IT FIRST! Take a small drop of tea oil on the Q-tip and put it on areas of acne. (06/11/2004)

By Tasha

Homemade Facial Mask

I Have found that using toothpaste (paste, not gel) works with acne also. It will start to tingle if it is working. But don't leave it on too long, it will burn your skin but it works. (07/03/2004)

By thesweet1

Homemade Facial Mask

If you have acne prone skin, try mixing apples into any mask recipe. One normal size will do. (07/09/2004)

By Lauren

Homemade Facial Mask

For a nice smooth look, try putting these in a blender, a young cucumber (not peeled but sliced), a few almonds, honey, dried oatmeal, and a little bit of milk, blend until it becomes pasty and then spread over face, scrubbing until it's all gone. Rinse and then pat dry! You will end up, with a nice clean healthy look! (07/19/2004)

By Ashley

Facial Mask,but not really..

I had a sleepover at my friends house and we made cucumber masks. Her stepmom mixed some flour to ground cucumber. It has to be kinda thick and not too thin. You apply it on your face,but not the neck, and you wait for about 15 or 20 minutes. Then you rinse it off. It kinda makes your face whiter if you have got a bad tan and it exfoliates the pores, or whatever it's called. (07/22/2004)

By Julia

Homemade Facial Mask

I use a carrot facial mask: Cook 1 carrot in microwave with a little bit of water until tender then add 3 Tbsp. of honey apply to skin and wait 10 min. Then rinse off (07/25/2004)

Homemade Facial Mask

I've found that when you mix three parts baking soda and one part water into a fine paste, it makes an excellent face wash. be careful though; its



By Seneca

No Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is horrible for your skin. It make help treat your acne but, in the future, you will see that your skin is dry, flaky, and has twice as many wrinkles. I hoped that you will take this and stop using rubbing alcohol. A highly appraised magazine called rubbing alcohol the second worst source of aging besides the sun. Hoped I helped :) (08/01/2004)

By mallory

Homemade Facial Mask

I think some of your ideas for facial masks are great, I've used some of them myself, and I would like to share a technique I used to get rid of puffy red eyes with you.

First soak a tea bag in hot water for about a minute or so and then leave it out for about 5 minutes. Place them on your eyes then place sliced cucumber in a bowl of ice and cold water for about 5 minutes or so and place them on your eyes. By then, your eyes should look and feel great! (08/07/2004)

By anna

Homemade Facial Mask

READ THIS IT WORKS: if you want fast treatment mix in a bowl about 4 cups of water and some salt. Stir. Take a cotton ball and soak in the mixture for 30 seconds, press against face. If it doesn't tingle, then add more salt. Hold on pimple for 3 minutes. DO NOT WASH OFF THE SALT THAT STAYED. With a Q-tip, dab honey on "troubled" spots. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off and apply toothpaste leave on overnight. Yeah, it is a lot of work but I tried it last night and POOF!, they were gone. My school starts tomorrow and I didn't want to look like a fool. This takes 1-3 days to work. Hope that helps (08/11/2004)

By shea (12 yrs)

don't let your face get oily

My face had some dry/flaky spots right where the pimples where, so if you have the problem of little pieces of skin getting caught up, try dabbing some good moisturizer on the trouble spots, rub in until the dead skin is gone, wait a few minutes then put some astringent (like Sea Breeze) onto a cotton ball and run over the area that you moisturized, this removes excess oil that your skin didn't absorb. It works great! (08/13/2004)

By cash, 14

Zit Zapper

I've Got It! To zap your ZITS, put toothpaste on them! (08/15/2004)

By Katie

Homemade Facial Mask

Use tofu and mash it and leave it on face for 20 minutes to whiten face. It works so great. (08/17/2004)

By ~ely~

Homemade Facial Mask

I used to have horrible acne, I mean horrible. I began using Mary Kay Timewise Cleanser a couple years ago, and I really didn't expect it to work since nothing else had. But just two days later I could see a marked difference. I thought it was just a fluke and that it would flare back up again. But instead, it got better and better. I was amazed, My skin was completely clear in one month (aside from the occasional PMS related pimple). It's so great having clear skin, I had almost forgotten what my skin looked like, I had had acne since I was 13, so for 7 years I was self-conscious of my face. TRY IT! I think it's about $12, log onto the Mary Kay website and find a MK lady in your area.

By sammylew

Zit be gone

When i get Zits all i do is put toothpaste on them overnight. DO NOT USE EVERY NIGHT. The tooth paste has whiteners in it so don't go to bed every night and put it on, use max 3 times a week. The little kids bubble gum kind doesn't work, use a strong kind like Colgate or Aim! (08/22/2004)

By Kristin

to get rid of blackheads

To get rid of blackheads: Mix cornstarch and vinegar, put in on blackheads for 15 min. wash off with warm water. it will burn but trust me it works (08/25/2004)

By jess

Homemade Facial Mask

One incredibly helpful facewash that I found in a book was: 1 Tbsp. of relatively fine-ground cornmeal and 1 1/2 Tbsp. of plain yogurt. It makes a really good scrub to use on your body and face (09/12/2004)

By Eileen

Homemade Facial Mask

Oh yeah, for people who have zits, try this. First, mix toothpaste and honey together than put it onto your face. Wait for 15-30 minutes. Then wash off. It works like a charm! (09/19/2004)

By Prom queen

Homemade Facial Mask

WATER! Water is good for you and your skin! (09/30/2004)

By Rick


If you wanna remove blackheads. Use the peel off mask that was posted. I used it before I saw it on here and it works real good. Just try and avoid the eyebrows and sideburns cuz it hurts wherever it's hairy. When you peel it off you'll see the blackheads on it! and I didn't wanna use a pot for the small amount of ingredients, so I just used 1 muffin tin and put it in the oven on broil for a min, or you can use the microwave.

Peel-Off Mask Recipe

This mask will peel off your blackheads and tighten your skin. It is very strong, so those with sensitive skin may want to rinse this off instead of peeling it off. Do not use if you have acne. Materials Needed: 1 Tbsp. of unflavored gelatin 1 1/2 Tbsp.s of cold milk 1 egg white Vitamin E Oil (break open a capsule, or buy in a bottle)

In a small pan mix the unflavored gelatin and the cold milk. Stir until melted over a very low flame. Once melted, remove from heat and let the gelatin mixture cool slightly. Then add one egg white. Mix until smooth, and when cool enough to touch, apply evenly over face. Do not apply on, or directly under, your eyes or on your upper lip. Apply quickly before mixture hardens in pan. Step 2: Apply enough to cover your skin but not too thickly. Lie on the couch and let it dry completely -- about 30 minutes. Once dry, lift up a corner under your chin and peel off lightly in an upward motion. This will really tingle. Rinse face with lukewarm water and apply vitamin E. Tip: The vitamin E is for moisture, if you prefer, you can use your favorite moisturizer on your face instead. (10/02/2004)


Homemade Facial Mask

Use toothpaste over night!! It works great!.....but use paste not gel (10/23/2004)

By kristin

Hey, if you have so many pimples, like me, you can minimize them by drinking ONLY water. Exercise regularly and eat lots of yummy veggies. IT REALLY WORKS! After a short while, you will notice that they will go down. If you want a faster way, just apply some toothpaste to your pimples at night...sleep...then wash it off in the morning! Remember to sleep well. (10/29/2004)

By jessie

Homemade Facial Mask

This is not a mask, but it will help clean your pores. Go to your local health food store and get some Swiss Kriss Herbal laxative. Put a couple of spoonfuls of the loose leaves in a large bowl and pour boiling water over it. Put a towel over your head and tent your face over the bowl. (not too close or you will burn your self) This really helps open your pores and clean your skin. Good luck! (11/14/2004)

By denise

Homemade Facial Mask

Wash your face every day. Make sure to scrub in those pores- but not too hard! It will hurt, and you'll have a red face for a long time afterwards! You can make your own facial masks so you don't have to spend a fortune on store bought ones that almost never really work- sometimes even make it worse!
By the way- even just honey applied to your face works very well most of the time. For blackheads, add some oats and scrub firmly at the blackhead area. (11/22/2004)

By Jackie

blackheads and pimples

to get rid of blackheads and pimples after you take a hot shower and your pores are open, put toothpaste over the area if you feel a tingling sensation then you will no longer have pimples or blackheads! (11/28/2004)

By crystal clear skin

Homemade Facial Mask

Every person wants to know how to clear away acne. Well when I slept over my friends I asked why is your skin clear. She said because she uses this AVON stuff. All the ClearSKin products are good and in expensive! Like a mask is 1.99! You should try it will help! (12/02/2004)

By kortnio1234

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, wash your face daily with a non comedogenic wash (says clearly that it will not clog pores) and also make sure it says hypo allergenic as the face is very sensitive. Facial washes that contain no more than 2% salycilic acid are great for clearing acne and blackheads. I recommend any of the neutrogena products as well as biore products, since they have never given me a problem. You should wash your face twice a day and exfoliate it 3 times a week. Some facial washes have exfoliants in them, and there are many different recipes to try out there. My favorite is 3 TBS olive oil and 1 TBS kosher salt, mix together and rub GENTLY on cheeks and forehead. Always wet your face with warm water before you use facial soap (opens pores) and rinse off soap with cold water (closes pores) If your acne is really bad, try to find a facial wash with benzoyl peroxide in it. you might need a prescription to get this. After you wash your face, it is a good idea to moisturize it. If your face feels dry, your body will produce more oil to help moisten your skin, so its best to moisturize it yourself with something that won't clog pores like natural body oil will. Your skin will produce less oil if your face is already moisturized. For a moisturizer it is best to use a non comedogenic and unscented lotion. I prefer olay products. I hope I have helped, if you have any more questions or need advice on skin, please contact me at

~skin goddess~ (12/24/2004)

By healthy Skin in NY

Homemade Facial Mask

When I put toothpaste on my face I woke up in the middle of the night screaming, and the next day I had blisters, burns, and hives on my face. (12/31/2004)

By Anna

Don't irritate your face

Just a reminder to all that breakouts are often caused by skin irritatants such as cold, dry weather, sun burns/tanning, bacteria etc.

Although "quick fixes" are often necessary I would suggest trying some of these everyday solutions which I find have worked for me!

Drink water whenever you are thirsty to hydrate your skin and flush unwanted toxins from your body.

Eat a balanced diet with lots of raw vegetables and fruit.

Always put sunscreen on your face! Think long term not short term! Wrinkles are not cool!

Always use make-up remover. You'd be surprised how much make-up residue remains on your skin by washing with just soap and water!

Cleanse then moisturize your face with the SAME moisturizer EVERYDAY even if you think your face is oily. Often, a dry face will try to rehydrate the skin by producing more oils (causing zits). If you regularly use a consistent moisturizer you will balance the amount of oils on your face and will find less breakouts.

Using harsh drying agents on your face will just irritate it!! Try using plain old Vaseline on super dry spots and zits because it protects it from irritants such as wind and traps the moisture in.

Do no touch your face because there is a lot of natural oil and bacteria on your hands. Picking at zits will help spread them... that is not what you want! (I dare you not to do anything to your zit!!! I know how hard it is!)

Do not scrub your face!!! This will only lead to more irritation.

My point is... Do not do anything to irritate your skin more... I had problems and as soon as I adopted this method my skin started to clear up. It takes patience because your face will need to adjust and get used to this routine. Once it is used to the same routine, you will have less fluctuation of oils in your skin and thus less problems...

I hope this makes sense!! Good luck! (01/06/2005)

By Jessica

Homemade Facial Mask

Hello. I was browsing this message board and I thought could help. I also suffered from pretty annoying skin problems. The best way to treat any skin problems is internally. Try drinking plenty of water (cleanses toxins from body), 2-5 cups chamomile tea/day 2 weeks on , 2 weeks off (Chamomile is a bacteria inhibitor, and is AMAZING for you!! Will help ward off cold, flu and high blood pressure! If you don't like the taste, blend with a mint tea and add a touch of honey.), try taking pro-biotic supplements or eating plenty of plain yogurt. Try and avoid a lot of processed sugars, sugar should primarily be obtained by fresh fruits. Sugar is a breeding ground for bacteria!

Now that you've given your body an internal boost in preventing skin issues, try these helpful hints for the outside:

Tea Tree Oil: This is another gift from nature! Tea Tree Oil is a STRONG antibiotic, and applied in a diluted form, will zap those spots. I use a wet q-tip and a drop of oil (don't overdo it, its an essential oil and will burn!) Place on effected areas before bed, and a little in the morning after cleanse/tone process.

Toning: This is bay far the most important part of a skin regimen. Do it, 2x a day, every day! Use toner suitable to your skin type.

Cleanser: Don't use harsh cleansers, they will really irritate your skin and only make your problems worse. Use a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. If you're really oily, use a toner with a higher alcohol content, don't dry out your skin with harsh scrubs.

Moisture: If you have really oily skin, I would recommend a few dabs of sweet almond oil and rub in dry areas. If you don't have dryness issues, don't moisturize. The right cleansing and toning regimen (and don't forget to drink water!! Will hydrate the skin!) will be enough moisture.

Another little hint: Facials are never a bad idea. Find an affordable place ($45-60 per facial) and go for it! European facials include "extractions" which are the best way to rid your skin of those annoying blackheads. If you have a blackhead problem, this is your best bet.

My "secret weapon": Go to, although their cleansers and toners are average, their acne products are GREAT. Try the drying lotion to rid yourself of those icky whiteheads, and the buffering lotion to control the deep red pimples, blackhead prone areas and the little bumps. This stuff works, is mail order, and is so affordable. The bottles will last you a long time.

Hope this helps! (01/07/2005)

By Good Ideas To Help

Homemade Facial Mask

Wow, I don't know what I just did, but okay. My pimples, which I just had a bunch all over my nose, are gone! okay. I got some tap water and poured a ton of salt in it, then I let a cotton ball just sit with the salt at the bottom. Then I took it out after about a minute or two and then I put it on my nose (rubbed it around a lot) and then left it to dry for about 5-7 minutes. Then I washed it off with Clean N Clear face wash stuff, and then I put some lotion on it. Then I popped a couple zits. After that, I put some Colgate toothpaste on it for like 30 seconds and decided I didn't wanna risk my skin possibly getting worse, because I have to go to school tomorrow, so then I took it off. Then I put more face lotion on (I don't know why, haha) and then I put a hot rag on my nose for about a minute, but kept putting hot hot water on it, every once in a while, when you like get used to it. Then I put MORE face lotion on (since like the water and the washcloth took it off), and when I was putting it on my nose, IT WAS SOFT AND NO BUMPS! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hope this helps you guys! xoxo good luck (01/20/2005)

By Jess

Homemade Facial Mask

Ok, get some oats and mix it with water to make a paste. Apply to your face until dry then wash off. Get 2 tsp. of honey and 1 tsp. of cinnamon, apply to face for 30 minutes (it's sticky but is great). Do this every day for 2 weeks, I can garantee you'll have a clear face. (01/27/2005)

By jade

to all those with mild acne

Instead of treating it topically, try internally. Most acne is result of a food allergy while most people expect horrible stomach aches and swelling, often times a mild allergic reaction presents itself in the form of acne. For some, it's the ingredients in white bread, some it's soy, some peanut butter. Investigate the food you're eating regularly. Try taking some things out for a little while and than see if any change occurs. Don't expect it to be immediate. It may take a month to see what is causing it. And, as you remedy the situation, remember water, more than 8 glasses a day flush out your system.

If at all possible, "pearl powder (hydrolyzed pearls, only a few bucks at your local Chinese grocer) will help with acne and give skin that healthy glow and brighten the eyes. Be careful, it is powerful but it must be used in with a healthy diet and lots of water. Hope I helped.

Good luck (01/28/2005)

By madeline (model/herbalist consultant)

Homemade Facial Mask

Put crushed skittles and apple on your face with honey. It makes blemishes go away in an hour (02/03/2005)

By Hannah

Homemade Facial Mask

If you get a q-tip wet with Visine, at put it on the problem area of your skin it will help-- shrink pores, reduce the size of a blemish, and it helps tone down red-ruddy complexions. it is only a temporary fix. If you have oily skin (I know this sounds awful but...), use an oil such as safflower oil, as a moisturizer. Over a short time, it will cause your body to produce less oil in those areas, and not washing your skin as often will help as well. Well I'm not going to ramble, I am a licensed cosmotologist, and now I teach at a beauty school. Hugs, good luck!!! (02/10/2005)

By miss annabelle

Homemade Facial Mask

I have this problem a lot but all you have to do is combine a variety of chopped fruits and vegetables with a little yogurt. Take a half a cucumber (peeled), half a peach, and half a carrot (peeled). Add 1/2 cup of plain yogurt (not non-fat) and blend it all together in a blender. Spread all over your face, and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Hopes this helps! (02/19/2005)

By Lauren

Homemade Facial Mask

Girls, I know you have heard this a lot but you have to drink tons of water and eat healthy. No matter how hard you think it is, you can do it! Try hard, I hope it clears up soon, everyone! (02/21/2005)

By Guest

pimples go away know....!!!!!like magic with simple steps

My forehead was full of pimples but then I went to my doctor. He told me to get (Phisohex). It works great, just go to your doctor and ask them if it's good for you. Put it on every night before you go to sleep and when you wake up. I'm not saying that they will take off right away it'll take time but it works like magic. Hey, I'm telling you, I am a designer. I work in clothes, hair and face. (02/22/2005)

By rassel

Homemade Facial Mask

I would go to a dermatologist, because he/she can tell you the best way to take care of your skin. Also, has some good advice. Good luck to you! (02/24/2005)

By Kentucky-lass

Homemade Facial Mask

A good astringent is Sea Breeze. Also, this sounds yucky, but a beaten egg white (some people use a whole egg) put on your face until it is dry, then rinsed off, is a good facial. Someone suggested Milk of Magnesia, and I have heard that it is, indeed, good. Good luck to everyone! (02/24/2005)

By Kentucky-lass

Helpin ya out

I am not like super old or anything but I get annoying pimples on my face and especially on my forehead now for any1 who gets them on their forehead then u no what i mean what i do is this and it helps a lot. Buy ProActive and get the facial mask not the peel one but it's like tan colored. Put it on your pimples overnight and it takes away the red and makes them flush with your skin so they can heal without everyone knowing that you have a pimple. Then I usually get the blackhead removal things for my face. You put the stuff on the pad thing and then you leave it on for like 10 minutes or so, the directions say and then take it off SLOWLY and it takes them ALL away. I was amazed to see how deep the dirt in my skin really went. If you have just regular acne problems get the ProActive 3 step kit. I promise you, you'll be amazed by the results. It may cost a lot, I think it's like $40-80 for the kit but I don't ever go without it now and my skin looks just fine (03/06/2005)

By Ashley

Homemade Facial Mask

I have really bad black heads and they won't go away. I've tried just about everything. my cousin told me that scotch tape worked. I tried it and it did!! but you have to make sure its not the generic brand. it works great, try it! (03/12/2005)

By Lizzle

Diet pop for acne

I am like a pop-a-holic and I started to drink diet pop, with lots of exercise (join a school sport, like track) and lots of water. My zit rate went down and I had very horrible acne on my back, face, and chest. This really works. (03/13/2005)

By Juli

Homemade Facial Mask

The best astringent I have every used is 1 cup of witch hazel 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol 1-2 drops of food coloring 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil. I will never use a store bought brand again! As for facial I use real mayonnaise not salad dressing and rub a thin layer to the face for 15 minutes then wash off. I usually do this once a week. For washing my face a dermatologist told me years ago to use dove soap and thats all I ever use. I sometimes use a cheap moistuHiriser for oily skin and at night I use Vaseline under my eyes and on my lips. (03/16/2005)

By smathis123

Homemade Facial Mask

How to get rid of the oil causing blackheads is explained well at You can squeeze Vitamin A pills on your face or use an egg mask which has Vitamin A in it, too. (03/16/2005)

By MrTee

Homemade Facial Mask

Ok, i have a couple of ways for treating blackheads and pimples that've worked great for me.

Getting rid of blackheads-i know this sounds weird, but it does bring you TEMPORARY RELIEF. take a pair of black cotton stretch pants, turn it inside out and use it to rub your nose (or wherever you have blackheads) vigorously and you'll notice these white stuff on the pants (those are actually the blackheads) but i find it lasts only for a short period of time, so you'd probably have to do it again the next day. also an extra tip, i find the blackheads come off better when your skin is oily---NOT right after you'd just washed it.

Getting rid of pimples---first wash your face, then take some honey and use a Q-tips to spread it all over your face, and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then wash the honey off. Now you take an ice cube and and ice the spots. Press the ice cube on the pimples for about 10--15 seconds. Its gonna be cold, but it works! Then apply freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with water to the pimples. DON"T wash the lemon juice off and ALWAYS dilute the lemon juice before placing them on your face. Lemon juice is EXTREMELY acidic and if you put it on your face without adding water then it'd burn your skin! It worked for me! Last week i had a HUGE pimple on my forehead, i do this routine for about 2 nights and the pimple was gone! Hope this helps. And something I've noticed is those two remedies I've mentioned above worked really well for the first couple of times but after a while it doesn't work as well. Give it a try! :D (03/17/2005)

By Mandy

Homemade Facial Mask

When I was a teen and had horrible acne (it's still not great, but my hormones have settled), I went to the beach and swam around in the salt water. When I returned after a few days, I noticed that my blackheads were gone! I think it was a combination of the sun and salt water. I concur with the salt scrub idea, specifically if you have oily skin, but remember to put a non-oil based moisturizer on your face even if it is oily. if you dry it out, you will break out again. that tight feeling after you wash is your pores tightening. (03/23/2005)

By becca


You should try and get this aloe lotion make sure it's 100% aloe and put it on every night. I' m 14 and I don't know but ever since I used it, my skin has been clear for years. I get a zit every now and then but you can hardly tell it's there. I've never had a red face but my mom has and she uses it, I hope it helps. (03/30/2005)

By clearfacegal

hope this helps

I have found the greatest thing since sliced bread, it is called Health and Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I do a mask of it about once or twice a week, (not too much you don't want to overdry your skin and end of with more blemishes). It is relatively cheap, $6 at health food stores (I found mine at Henry's: ie Wild Oats). It comes in a container about the size of a cold cream one and there is clay in a powdered form. All you do is mix equal amounts of clay and either water or apple cider vinegar. I use water because I hate the smell of vinegar. I use a tsp. of the clay and water and it covers my entire face. Man, has it cleared up my skin. I also experiment with different masks and have found blending strawberries to a pulp really works for problematic skin like mine. I try and drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet. I use only cruelty free products and I have found Alba sea kelp toner works well and the matching cleanser. They are gentle instead of harsh which surprisingly helps out better. Those Burt's Bees blemish sticks and the Dessert Essense ones work quite well, I've found, with zapping any renegade zits. You gotta apply them like 7 times a day and you can get rid of a zit in like a day or two. Only thing about the mask is it will leave your face red for the next half hour after you take it off. Don't worry, this is natural. I got freaked out because I thought I had an allergic reaction or something but read the info on the side told me this was supposed to happen. There also was this neat-o mini history written on the side about the use of clay and vinegar for facials. Yup, I'm a nerd. Anyways, happy cleansing. (04/05/2005)

By Morbidda Destiny

Long-term acne solutions

I used to get acne, but only have the occasional pimple now. Maybe these tips will help:

  • If you have long hair, wear it up so it's not touching your skin (hair might irritate skin or spread oils, hair products, etc from your hair to skin). If you get acne on your forehead...DON'T CUT BANGS. Wash your hands before you touch your face.
  • Wash your pillowcase more frequently (at least once a week). Just think...all night long your face could be resting in built-up hairspray, conditioner, gels, mouse, make-up, dirt, etc...that can only make your skin worse. Doing this made a HUGE difference for me. Also, if you're on the phone a lot, wash your phone (use a rag dampened with the non-toxic solution of half water/half white distilled vinegar).
  • Wash your face at least before you go to bed. I don't use anything fancy, just warm water, a washcloth (no violent scrubbing!), and glycerin soap The brand of soap I like is "Clearly Natural" (it doesn't cost much, I get mine at the grocery store)... pick out a scent that will help keep up the habit of washing -I like the Honeysuckle-scent. Get the washcloth wet, suds it up, gently wash face, scrub only where you have whiteheads (such as around the nose), and rinse. Make sure you rinse really well.

If you're young and you've tried all of the above, get this taken care of sooner rather than later! It's worth the cost and visits to the dermatologist. I've also only heard good things about Proactiv (my brother who had really bad acne used it on a regular basis and it worked very well). (04/08/2005)

By Andrea

Homemade Facial Mask

As I was told by many friends, a simpler solution to back and chest acne is to fight it from the inside out! That's right - a pill (not necessarily 'the pill') - there are many different types of pills that can clear your face while taking care of the rest of your body at the same time. Talk to your dermatologist. :) (04/29/2005)

By Janet

for those w/ acne scars

To help with acne scars, I recommend using a vitamin E stick and rubbing it on the scars in the morning and before bed. It doesn't work overnight but gradually those pesky scars start to fade away without making skin dry or flaky. Toothpaste works for the actual pimples especially mixed with some honey! Hope this helps you! (05/14/2005)

By Kt

Homemade Facial Mask

To loosen blackheads : Combine equal parts baking soda and water in your hand and rub gently on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water. (05/28/2005)

By Amy Jones

Homemade Facial Mask

All I do is like put some honey on trouble spots for about 20-15 minutes then I ice it for 60 seconds every 30 minutes. Before I go to bed I wash my face with velocity. You can get it from a person who sells mary kay...then i put clearisal clear gel on all the problem areas and go to works for me b/c i have met jesse mccartney and still hang with him so it'll work for u (06/21/2005)

By Ashton

Homemade Facial Mask

My mom always told me to use milk of magnesia on my face and it would help dry it up. I have the exact thing you do I even get pimples on my chest. When you use toothpaste it really opens up your pores. What I did once was mix milk of magnesia, toothpaste, flour, alcohol, and witch hazel with a hint if lemon. I put it on and the next day my face was clear. Another thing is that your skin needs sun just not too much so be careful when you perspire. (06/21/2005)

By Stephanie Y.

Homemade Facial Mask

I have red dots all over my face because me and my brother were born with them. My dermatologist told me 1 in every 10 kids has this problem. So if you have this prob then here's whatcha do: coat face in water and lemon juice, then sprinkle on cinnamon, add honey and Vaseline, then add yogurt. After a week of doing so your precious face will be clear. (06/25/2005)

By Amidala

Homemade Facial Mask

I too use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It is fantastic as a supplement to my regime. It is very important to have all aspects in a beauty regime, no matter how much time it takes. I have come to the realization that the more natural the better. I had really nice skin all through high school then Birth control pills made my skin go CRAZY! After 2 years of trying over the counter stuff and feeling like crap, i finally went to a dermatologist. I got on a prescription called Tretinoin Cream .05% (main ingredient in Retin A). It is important that you get the cream and not the gel if you have sensitive skin. At first a lot of the bumps that were under my skin came to the surface, and my face peeled, but this was great for me since i had some hyper pigmentation or acne marks. After about 2 months my face was under control and i only got a few here and there around "that time of the month" like i used too!!! Here are some recommendations:

Wash face with natural cleanser like Dessert Essence tea tree oil face wash. Sometimes i use a wash cloth in circular motions on my forehead a chin that helps exfoliate the dry skin from my acne cream. Pat dry (do not rub)

1-2 times a week I use the healing mask I mentioned and leave on for 10 minutes (and your face will be red afterwards. If you have sensitive skin, use for less time). Rinse with lukewarm almost cold water

Apply a natural toner that has essential oils, witch hazel (NO ALCOHOL!!!!) Let dry. 10 minutes later i apply my Tretinoin cream (just a small pea size amount)

I have recently found that Jojoba oil works wonders on my skin. Technically it is not an oil, but wax based so it does not clog pores. It will actually bring oil and dirt to the surface so you may get an even quicker result of the acne cream and the mask. If i do a mask i always apply the oil afterwards to soothe. When i wake up any clogged pores or whiteheads are gone!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS apply an SPF of at least 15 but preferably 30. This will help protect the skin especially if you use tretinoin or Benzoyl peroxide, and other acne fighting ingredients as you skin is VERY sensitive to the sun. If you are going to be in the sun wear a hat, or if you are going swimming don't even use the acne fighting ingredients.

For spot treatments, I like Saylilic acid spot treatment from Clean and Clear. Apply it before it gets red and inflamed.

I also found that using tea tree oil or lavender oil as a spot treatment does not peel my skin like saylilic acid but may take an extra day or two to reduce the size. I also only use powder make up like bare minerals. Getting facials once a month if you can afford them will also help because you will get extractions of oil under the skin before it turns into a huge zit.

Working out helps too, just make sure you wash your face with in a decent time after sweating.

Try your best not to pick or pop zits. They have tools that can help if you have a nasty whitehead that you can see just waiting to burst.

Lastly, take your vitamins and drink lots and lots of water. I take a multivitamin but also take a probiotic complex (you can get at Trader Joes or any health store)

I hope this works for you as it worked for me. The only thing to remember is: Patience is Virtue when starting a new face regime. Good luck.


By Tia

Homemade Facial Mask

Mix baking powder and water 50/50 and it should soften the skin and loosen blackheads. (07/07/2005)

By Sally

Homemade Facial Mask

Really if you have zits and stuff on your forehead. I suggest not using coverup or any kind of makeup o your face especially in summer. Also before you do ANY kind of facials, boil some water, put in a cloth, take it out with some tongs, then let it cool for a minute or two then put it on your face, it will open your pores a great amount, then it will let the acne and blackhead fighting chemicals in :D hope this helped (07/13/2005)

By krystin

really simple way 2 clear skin

I was experimenting 1 day with things in my kitchen and 1 of my friends told me that apple juice helps really good to clear up your skin. All you have to do:

Use 1/4 cup of organic apple juice. Apply generously with cottonball. Leave on 4 a few minutes, rinse with warm water! It works really good (07/15/2005)

By elizabeth

Homemade Facial Mask

Honey, stay calm! Just take baking soda and mix with water and massage into your face let dry for about 2-3 min. This should help your blackheads! (07/16/2005)

By Jill

Homemade Facial Mask

I have looked at and tried several masks for oily skin (I myself have it). The best bet is an egg white mixed with a little honey and some lemon. For scrubbing use oatmeal.

By Abby

remove blackheads

The best way to remove black heads is to use almond power with rose water to make a soft paste and rub on the face leave for 15-20mins and wash with cold water. this really works i had very bad black heads on my nose and it worked use twice a week. (07/21/2005)

By Mehak :-)

clearing your face

To clear up acne or blackhead you should get some sun, but not too much, and wind. The sun will heat up your pores and open them then wash face and finish with cooler water. im not sure what the wind does but it works. Never sun tan with make-up on the pores will open and the make-up with settle in! (07/22/2005)

By Bianca

Homemade Facial Mask

Sometimes spots/acne can just be a problem you have and no special skin care routine will get rid of it, so maybe you need a small course of antibiotics will clear it up along with some strong ANTI BACTERIAL cream from the docs, as spots are caused by bacteria clogging the pores up so not always do homemade things help with spots because they are an infection of a pore.

It takes time to clear your skin if you have overcongested pores and spots, but start off by adding sugar with your soap and seriously scrub away at your face with it, make sure you've streamed your face first because this will let the sugar grind away any dirt and oil, do this 3 times a day if needed, another thing when going to bed, don't put any moisturizers on your face as they will only clog your pores back up and the next morning you'll have a zit.

I've used my OVER expensive treatments on my face and haven't looked into the cause and I really didn't need to use that much.

So start off my seriously exfoliating your face with sugar, whens it feels completely bare and fresh with a cotton pad rub some tea tree oil or even tea tree toner or water cleanser over your face just to sterilize any bacteria, if that doesn't help after doing it for over a week you need to see a doctor.

Also before bed, get some night treatment gel (from boots it's the tea tree and witch hazel) collection they have and put that on your face that helps reduce your natural oils loads and after doing this routine 3 times a day they aren't coming back as much.

Under the skin pimples and spots are caused by dirt thats been left in your pores and has irritated it to come up really bad, there's nothing you can do with these but just keep putting a hot flannel on them and they should go on their own accord.

The main secret to prevent spots is exfoliate as much as possible and never clog your skin up with all these lotions and potions they tell you to use. (07/24/2005)

By missy

Homemade Facial Mask

Use egg white. Just take egg white, mix it till it's frothy then apply it to your face. Wash it off after it drys. (20 minutes) it really worked for me. (09/09/2005)


Homemade Facial Mask

A good one is to mash banana and add a little honey. Maybe even try oatmeal, water and honey, if needed thicker use milk. They both really clear up pimples and blackheads. For forehead stuff, use Clearasil and these masks both take 15 - 20 minutes and wash off with hot water. good luck (11/10/2005)

By meg

Homemade Facial Mask

Hey, you could use honey and oatmeal. Skip everything with egg, it makes skin oily. (11/10/2005)

By meg

Body Shop Products

A brilliant way to get rid of blackheads is to buy the Tea Tree Nose Pore Mask.

It really works, if you have a hairy nose i don't recommend it but it has a brilliant effect! (12/28/2005)

By Vicky

Homemade Facial Mask

my friend used toothpaste on her pimples and they went away in a week. (01/21/2006)

By Dani

to help scars

okay ppl listen!! if u have any type of scars then use medermin iono if thats how u spell it but its pronounced like this "med er main" nothin else is gonna work.

Editor's Note: I think this is what she is talking about Merderma. It is a medication for scars.(01/21/2006)

By nk

A little help for y'all

I don't consider myself a skin specialist or anything, but I do know how to take care of MY skin. I have slightly oily skin, I suppose it's combination. I use Clinique, it works, but it's expensive. If you want, you can just buy some cheap astringent for blackheads (it usually works, just be patient.) and if you have really bad acne, get a prescribed medication, it really should help, your doctor/dermatologist knows your skin. If you get dry patches on your skin, use some moisturizer. And if you have big pores "like holes in you face" and you cover them up with concealer, its just going to clog them and give you more pimples. you can get some pore reducing ointments to put on before makeup, or just alone. Whatever you do, use JUST ONE THING. It really messes up your skin if you change routines too often. If absolutely needed, have ONE routine for the - late spring, summer and early fall - and ONE routine for - late fall, winter and early spring. Hope it helps! (01/27/2006)

By Kaleigh

homemade masks

I have tried the egg white for blackheads and it worked but it didn't last for too long, only about two days (01/29/2006)

By Sarah

cleaner, happier pores...

I really liked a treatment which is called: steaming treatment. It cleans out your pores and helps out blackheads.

Here's how it goes: Boil water on the stove and place your face over it for 5-10 minutes. (I recommend 10) and then after the 10 minutes, wash your face with a baking soda and water mixture, then rinse off in 3 minutes after applying in a circular motion. OR if you don't have baking soda, wash your face with a mild, usual cleanser. OR if that is the root of the problem, use a mixture between oatmeal and honey. (little more honey than oats) and apply to face straight after steaming or your pores will close. After washing your face with whatever you decide, rinse off with cool water. (The oatmeal one is a little messy to wash off, as well, it is a sensitive skin wash)

Hope that helps :)

By amanda


it is a good thing if zits scab up because in SOME people's case, it speeds up the process, so don't pick the scabs. (01/30/2006)

By amanda

Sweet facial masks that make your skin fell like a CLOUD!!

I experimented with facial masks. I made my own which to me works wonderfully. But if allergic to any of these thrifty items don't USE. Or if you concerned the effects that might occur then ask someone. Well first you add 3/4 of an inch of pink lemonade, I spoonful of Hershey chocolate cooking powder, 2 spoonfuls of cornstarch, water(as much as pleased), a little sugar, hint of pepper garlic,Little bit of milk, juice from a cherry berry grape tomato, and the last thing oatmeal(enough to make thick!) After that me and my sister put it on for about 30min. I took it off first which let me know it was AMAZING! To my sister it fells like a cloud. But it is So soft! Try it. I call it the "The Perfect Blend FM." (02/25/2006)

By Lululolla

Homemade Facial Mask

Stylin' Sweet Strawberry

Ingredients:half cup strawberries, 1 fourth cup cornstarch: leave on for 30 minutes (02/28/2006)

By Anjelica

~~~ Try this for Pimples

Take a lemon, cut it and make juice from it. Put this juice to your face with cotton. I'm using a pimple cream called "Betnovae-N" Try this, it's great. (03/10/2006)

By Dexter.

One simple tip

Well, I have very sensitive skin, but I use purified water and it helps a lot. I am trying differ experiments still though... (03/15/2006)

By Tanya

Homemade Facial Mask

Hey - very good suggestions - but as a woman who formerly has very oily skin - here are a few suggestions I didn't see - Use hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip/cotton ball on pimples - it's not as drying as the over-the-counter stuff and quite effective. Keep your skin CLEAN - use slightly drying medicated soap for your face. If your breakouts are unsightly only use medicated coverup (there are lots of cheap ones over the counter) not regular makeup which will be too oily. Use corn silk or other non-oily oil-absorbing face powder on your shine. Use facial tissues to absorb excess oil during the day. (cigarette paper seem to also work in a pinch.) If you dry out the top layer of skin too much - use an oil-free moisturizer to restore skin and avoid counter-irritation. Use alcohol-based cleansers applied with a cotton ball instead of soap - like Sea Fresh - or what ever it's called - Bonnie Bell used to make a good one, too. Stay healthy and take your vitamins! Drink a lot of water. Use scrubbing masks on occasion if you don't have breakouts to irritate. And of course - don't pick anything to avoid scarring.

This too will pass and oily skin ages much better than dry skin if you take care of it now. (03/16/2006)

By pamphyila

Homemade Facial Mask

First, there's no quick fix or remedy for good skin, you need to have a daily routine. Wash your face thoroughly every morning and night and don't use soap, unless it's made for facial cleaning. Neutragena is quite good. Also, stay away from anything with beeswax in it because it clogs pores.

Never go to bed with make-up on!

Clinique products are great and they have products for all skin types. I've used them for 30 years. The three-step, soap, toner, and moisturizer may seem costly, but they last a long time so it's well worth the investment.

If you don't want to do that, find a good facial cleanser for oily skin, such as Neutragena, Aveeno -- there are many good products to experiment with.

For a toner or astringent, try lemon juice from the bottle after washing. Also cheap. You don't need fresh lemons. Put some on a cotton ball and swipe over face and neck, let dry, then apply moisturizer.

Try following this regimen once per week:

Steam your face: Boil plain water in a pan, remove from heat and make a tent with a towel. Put your head over it for about five minutes. Please DON'T burn yourself!! :)

Right after steaming, with your pores open, apply Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. It's cheap, great and an old tried and true product, especially great on blackheads. Let dry and rinse, using warm water gradually finishing with a cold rinse (cold water closes your pores). Apply lemon juice toner and moisturizer as usual.

The key is to be good to your skin and your skin will be good to you. Find a good regimen that works for you (you can alter with experimentation. In time, you'll be amazed. (03/17/2006)

By sylviecyn

Homemade Facial Mask

Changing your pillowcase or sleeping on a clean towel every night will really really help your skin, also keep your hair out of your face!! good luck (04/01/2006)

By caitlin

Homemade Facial Mask

The thing with pimples, blackheads and all, it that they have underneath them a build up of your natural oils. These oils are what keep your skin in good condition: waterproof, soft and healthy. It's just annoying when your pores get blocked!

Here's the tricks I've picked up:

  • Don't scrub excessively, or use lotions etc to dry your skin out too much. Your skin is very adaptable: it will just start creating more oil to replace what is lost. That would be bad.
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Seriously, just doing this reduced my pimples by at about 60%.
  • When you feel a pimple starting to come up, put a little dab of Tea Tree oil on it with the tip of your finger, 2-3 times a day (no more, or you will burn your skin)
  • When a pimple is starting to heal, switch to Lavender oil 2-3 times a day. This will make it heal faster and help prevent scarring. Also good for existing scars.
  • DO use a moisturizer after you've showered. It does not add to your oil, it just stops any more water from evaporating from your skin. (less water = more pimples remember!) I use plain old sorbalene lotion: cheap and effective. Won't irritate sore, broken or sensitive skin, and can also be used as a very gentle cleanser for your face. (04/10/2006)


Homemade Facial Mask

Umm..I got few pimples and few blackheads...That's it! I just eat a lot of vegetables. Don't eat chocolates tarts and stuff full of sugar. And drink 2 litre of waters a day! (04/11/2006)

By Sexy

Easiest way to combat blackheads and fair skin

Combat Blackheads: Dampen your face with water then, rub salt gently to the infection area. Wash off. It works wonders.

Fair Skin: Cut lime into half and rub it over your face. Wait till it dries than wash off with cold water. pat dry.

By Zameera

Homemade Facial Mask

It's not difficult and it's not brain science for the recipe I use. It's just 1 banana, about 4 Tbsp. of honey and a handful of crushed or uncrushed oats as you prefer. It's great and help your skin! (04/24/2006)

By guest

Homemade Facial Mask

A terrific cheap toner/astringent is Dickinson's Witchhazel. You don't have to spend tons on a cleansing regimen. Cleanse, tone and lightly moisturize every night. Mask and exfoliate regularly. Don't spend a lot, read the ingredients, they are mostly all the same..Lancome, Clinique, Avon, Covergirl, Loreal. Do drink lots of water. Stay away from smoke and don't get too much sun. Keep your hands off your face and NEVER go to bed without cleansing. (04/24/2006)

By Vicka

Homemade Facial Mask

I'm not a skin specialist but I have experimented and I love my results. I have dark skin so bumps and pimples make my skin look not taken care of so a regimen is IMPORTANT! Every morning, I wash with Neutrogena foaming wash and then I use an alcohol free toner by them as well. I finish with a light oil-free moisturizer by Mary Kay because my skin is very oily. I repeat this at night, replacing the moisturizer with tea tree oil (The Body Shop). On Tuesday nights I use water, my cleanser, and baking soda to exfoliate and my skin glows afterward.(You don't want the beads too big or your skin will produce too much oil and cause more pimples). Also, on Friday nights I use the Tea Tree Oil Mask(The Body Shop) for 10 minutes and it works wonders. Love your skin and it will love you back and drink tons of water!


By kayla

Homemade Facial Mask

The salt works wonders, but not for blackheads, it works really nicely for removing dead skin (PS, feels like you are shoving gravel in your face) (07/21/2006)


Homemade Facial Mask

For pimple scars try rubbing in CUREL lotion into your face once at night. you can find it in a body store or drug store (07/29/2006)

By tt

Homemade Facial Mask

Last night I just tried a few different homemade facial masks just to see which one would work for me [they were recipes that I just found online] and the two that probably worked the best for oily skin would be 1) take about 2 Tbs. of honey and a small splash of water in a bowl and mix, then place the honey all over your face [except over the eyes] and leave on for about 10 minutes. I have oily skin, and what was cool is that I could see the oil just being absorbed by the honey so fast! 2)Take oatmeal and some water to make a 'goo'-like substance. Put that on your face until it hardens. Then wash off with warm water, then after the warm water splash some cold water on your face to close up your pores. It works great, and I love both of them. Have Fun!


By kaylee

Homemade Facial Mask

All you have to do to clear your face is use toothpaste, just rinse your face off, put the toothpaste on your face, wait about 10 minutes, and rinse it off.. It also clears out your sinuses and leaves your skin really soft and smooth. (08/18/2006)

By emochick

Homemade Facial Mask

I heard washing with baking soda gets rid of blackheads, on face and body. (08/18/2006)

By heather

I have a solution!

I found a solution that makes acne go away in just 1 day! This really works, trust me, I'm a model! There's this new product called, Acne Free Severe. Its a four step process, it's chosen to be America's #1 best selling acne treatment. I tried proactive for about 3 or 4 months, it does absolutely nothing, don't waste money on it! Acne free severe is sold in wal-mart, you don't need to wait for anyone to ship it to you, and this stuff works! Also it helps if you wet your face a little and rub salt on it this is a natural exfoliant . Also i know of a really good make up remover , its ponds deep cleanses and make up remover , it remove make up quicker than any thing else I've tried ! Peal off masks are really good for getting out black heads and white heads .I love Jesse McCartney! Note: most girls start getting the worst acne when you are on or near or close to you period. (08/28/2006)

By Roxy

Homemade Facial Mask

Hi, The reason for blackheads is your pores opened up from the heat, heat makes you sweaty and oily making dirt and bacteria in the air get into your pores. zits/pimples/whiteheads are pores that have gotten dirt and bacteria in them and got closed and infected. This is my theory, I use wintergreen alcohol "not the drinking kind" I clean my face with it once in a blue moon- I usually get a rag and put some on it and rub my face- you can see the dirt on the rag after words if you use a white rag, but you have to do it everyday day- I suggest you heat a rag up and put it on your face for a few minutes to open the pores, then rub with alcohol then either after rubbing it in just put some on your hands or on the rag and don't rub just put it on your face and let it dry. The cold from it drying should close your pores. Use it everyday and it will make a change on your face, you have to do it everyday or it wont help. (08/31/2006)

By Jessica

Homemade Facial Mask

I got really bad acne really young and before I had never had a pimple and had the most amazing skin so my mom took me straight to the dermatologist I have tried all the creams and pills except for Acutain non of them really worked I found a pill that worked for a while but I built up a tolerance and it stopped, my skin is very sensitive and I have a little bit of rosacea but I have found that modern friction from origins works the best for gritty skin because if you do it right before you go to bed the next morning if you don't see a difference in your acne right away your skin will look so much healthier also when I have a major break out a combination of a mud mask and a peel off mask work great!! (09/13/2006)

By sailer

Homemade Facial Mask

I've read some of the feedback. I've always had a problem with my face and everything everyone has ever suggested has never worked for me. Until I came across Acne Free $18 (Wal Mart). I really enjoy it. Everyone's skin is different and some people just get lucky. Being a Cosmetic (Merle Norman) seller and about to go into Esthetician school I've learned that you have to at least have 3 steps every morning and night: Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. I've been doing pretty good with the Acne Free but have recently added in Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque $5 (For acne prone skin). I really enjoy it and after one use I noticed a difference (some estheticians use it in facials). I hope this helps anyone that reads it!! Ooohh, and don't use any type of rubbing alcohol on the face. It does more damage than meets the eye. (09/17/2006)

By Nicole

Homemade Facial Mask

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day (or more)

Eat plenty of lowercarb veggies and some fruit, or use a juicer and do a water and juice fast. Lay off the sweets and transfats.

Get enough rest.

Change your pillowcase frequently and use unscented laundry soap and gentle unscented facial soaps.

Make some oatmeal and when its slightly cooled put it on your face as a mask. If you put the dry oats in a blender before making it, you won't have a problem w/stopping up the sink when you rinse the mask off.

Dab on some amber colored listerine w/a cotton ball on whiteheads and blackheads.

The source of a lot of acne and breakouts is hormonal changes. Just wait it out and keep your hands and face clean and keep your hair off of your face (I remember my face breaking out as a teenager under my bangs and when my long hair was brushed so it was over the sides of my face. I'd often use witchhazel to wipe my brow and face.

By Flowergirl51

Homemade Facial Mask

I have found that chlorine from swimming pools helps pimples, blackheads, breakouts, etc. So just take a swim every now and then and make sure you get your head wet. (11/06/2006)

By Christina

This works really well

Hey everyone, i have a great mask that is incredibly easy to make and makes your skin soft and clear. All you do is take about 6 non-coated aspirin (just the cheap ones work fine) and put them in the palm of your hand. Mix a couple drops of water with it and it will dissolve immediately and make a paste. If you have dry skin mix in a couple drops of honey. smooth on your face and leave on for 10 minutes to an hour. Everyone I know who has tried this loves it and says it's made a huge difference in their skin. Good luck! (11/26/2006)

By nicole

Great for scars!

Hey there. This is posted by a fourteen year old girl who definitely has had her share of acne and pimple scarring. If you are suffering from scarring what you can do is mix oil from a vitamin E capsule (you can buy these at vitamin stores) with any moisturizer that you use. Mix and let them sit over night in a bottle or container. In the morning or the next day apply the mixture over the scars. It really works!

P.S. don't over do this, your skin might break out from excessive oils (12/17/2006)

By Zoe

Homemade Facial Mask

Just to let you know, washing your face when you wake and before you to bed helps a great deal, it cleanses your face completely. I used to breakout all over my nose and all I did was wash my face and use a scrub cleanser. It's just so simple, and it worked for me! (01/17/2007)

By Kathleen

Help Please

Sometimes washing your face TOO much can also cause acne. Your skin gets so dry and produces even more oil than it needs causing a break out... I also get really oily skin but usually when I don't moisturize. So try using a TEENY TINY bit of moisturizer. I'm only 17 and I'm already using Oil of Olay because it works so beautifully! :) Good Luck!


By Amanda

Homemade Facial Mask

I just started using clearasil, and it works SOOO well! I have had bad skin for a long time, but I finally found something that works! I'm serious, I tried just about everything, and i was going to try proactiv, but it costs so much, so I just went to Long's and picked up clearasil cleanser and scrub, and it really works! PS. I'm thirteen (01/25/2007)

By belle

the most wonderful facial treatment

Winter always wreaks havoc on my face, but then my mom took me to a mineral spa. We didn't actually go TO the spa (a little disappointing) but we did go swimming in the pool. The pool water had had the chlorines removed, and all these minerals (like salt minerals and stuff) were added. After a 30-minute swim, I went into the sauna for 10 minutes, which opened up my pores. then I went to the washroom where I had left a bottle of exfoliating scrub. The whole following 2 weeks, my skin was soft, clear and glowing. The combination of the minerals and the sauna followed by the scrub performed miracles! I would suggest looking for a such treatment. I find that even, in a pinch, a bath with epsom salts (make sure your face gets a good soak!) and then a steaming cloth on your face then a gentle exfoliant, I can almost guarantee that you will LOVE the results! (01/30/2007)

By anonymous

Teen Skin

Hey there-- I had bad acne as a teen and learned some things that helped a lot. Some acne is caused by hormones (the deep under the skin pimples) and some are from oil and bacteria (more of the surface kind). If yours are in the latter category, you may find that an antibacterial bar soap or hand sanitizer can really help. I noticed that when I washed my face in Dial or Lever that my skin cleared up. Now this can also be drying, so you might not want to use twice a day, but try it out. I imagine that antibacterial hand rubs would work, too. I had trouble because I was really sensitive to benzoil peroxide (which seems to be the main over the counter solution for acne) General tips:

Establish a skin care routine and keep your fingers off of your face!! Avoid washing too much, which dries your skin and then actually makes MORE oil. (This is why people still will recommend a moisturizer even for oily skin--it makes a nice barrier from the dirty elements in the air.)

Take a multivitamin and nourish your skin from the inside out by a good, healthy diet and lots of water to drink--it really helps.

And use the Super Model trick--Visine can take the red out of zits, too! (02/18/2007)

By Suzie

Homemade Facial Mask

Hi, After reading so many messages about skin problems I can relate to them all and know exactly how you girlies are all feeling. i am currently studying beauty therapy and all the practical work is causing my skin to freak out and break out...any one with combination skin, my advise is not to over do it and use too many different products on your skin thinking that nothing is working...firstly try anything natural first and give it time to be sure that your skin is either improving or not. pure aloe vera is a fantastic place to start, soothing the skin and healing it quicker. tee tree and witch hazel are brill with its anti bacterial properties but can dry the skin so moisturize. don't over exfoliate can actually leave the surface of the skin open to germs and bacteria. the most common problem is some people buy the wrong products for their skin and some poor women don't really know what skin type they really are so always do your research so you know that what you are buying will help you and not send you hiding behind your bedroom doors! good luck honeys xxx (02/23/2007)

By Sarah

Homemade Facial Mask

I had really really REALLY horribly bad acne before, but I took accutane and it cleared me up way fast. its really great, but you need to go to your dermatologist to get it. and you cant be pregnant of get pregnant when you are taking it.. good luck guys! i know how much acne sucks so i hope i helped (02/25/2007)

By emily

How I Controlled Acne, Not A Mask

After reading so many cries for help to combat acne and so many creative mask tips, I'll just offer my tip in the hope that maybe even one person might be successful with it. I had bad outbreaks since the age of 14. I felt exactly like many of you: Desperate! It was so disfiguring and embarrassing. Yes, I used glycerine soaps and astringents and cucumber masks and whatever fancy creams and ointments my mother would spring for. But when I least wanted it to happen another big pimple broke out. Until one day a stranger in a store, a sweet older lady, tapped me on the shoulder and said: Dear, you could have beautiful skin. I said, How? She, I know how. But you MUST stick to this remedy and it may not be easy for you. ..I couldn't wait to hear what it was. The lady said, Avoid all foods and beverages that contain SUGAR. .. I said, Really? I love chocolates and sodas and candy. .. She said, Well, you have to give them up if you care about how your skin looks. Try giving up ALL SUGAR for 1 week only. See if your skin improves. .. I did for it 1 week. Very hard. No Coca Colas, no Three Musketeers, no doughnuts. It was hard! But I did persist. NO SUGAR in anything I ate. At all. After 1 week I had NO MORE pimples, no black or whiteheads, no itchy bumps under my skin and I looked radiant. My friends couldn't believe it and asked me what my secret was. It wasn't a "product". It was avoiding something that caused my skin to break out, namely SUGAR. If you don't believe me, you only have to try it. It costs nothing, probably saves you money because you didn't buy any sweets. Hey, it means NO sugar in coffee or tea either! And no alcohol which turns to sugar instantly in your bloodstream. Today I will not drink sweet drinks or alcohol. My taste has changed so that all beverages I like are non-sweet. You see, one can get used to living without sugar products. In a clear skin that you no longer think about but others admire. Today I'm 65 and if someone wants a picture, just post your email address and I'll send you a link to a recent photo. Good luck Saying Goodbye to Your Pimples and Hello to Clear Skin! (02/27/2007)

By Liztiger

Homemade Facial Mask

The post before me sounds like a miracle. She knows what she's talking about! You should try removing sugar from your diet. It's cost nothing, It can only help!

PLUS: be sure to bleach your pillow cases twice a week. This will kill the germs you lay your face on all night.

Also, do not over wash your face. This will make your pores "rebel" and make even more oil. (I use a mild baby-wash, this is for babies and rinses CLEAN easily)

Plain Yogurt masks work wonders too. Do this daily. This will put good bacteria on your face to replace the bad bacteria.

Use Benzoil peroxide ONLY on the really bad pimples (NOT on your entire face!) Use something tiny, like the end of a clean paintbrush to apply it with in tiny dots.

Keep you hands AWAY from your face! and wash you hands often in case you forget!

Bleach your face towels too... (02/27/2007)

By Cyinda


Here is a cheap solution and it really works to get rid of blackhead. Get Elmers glue and spread it on your blackhead area evenly( do not put all over your face) but not to heavy and let it dry then peel the glue off. Make sure you wash your face with warm water than at the end rinse with cold water to close the pores. (03/05/2007)

By Kpiper


In the long run, make up is worse for your skin than you think anyways. Just be sure to keep your skin clear and you'll look beautiful without it! (03/11/2007)

By Emily

Homemade Facial Mask

I've have really bad acne for years, it flutuates because of my terrible diet, something I suggest you don't do! But there is something that really helped me!! It's called Sudocream and is generally used for nappy rash and on babies but it really does do wonders for spots and it softens your skin as well. Try applying it all over your face, quite thinly after u wash! Give a week or so to take effect! It really worked for me! Although, a healthy diet is always advisable!! (03/12/2007)

By Annie

Homemade Facial Mask

I have blackheads all over my nose but I started using biore daily cleansing cloths they work really well. I am proof they work! To make a very easy face mask mix 3 tbsp. with 1/4 of a cup of brown sugar, leave on for 10-15 minutes then wash off with hot wash cloth. (03/18/2007)


Homemade Facial Mask

I usually wash my face once evry day, it helps. Also if you beat up and egg yolk and some oatmeal makes your skin smooth. Egg yolks are supposed to help pimples go away. (03/31/2007)

By Meg


Hey! I found the perfect solution for my skin! (These steps are a great everyday thing and don't take too long!)

First: I wash my face with kiehl's rare_earth oatmeal milk facial cleanser #1 (pat dry)

Second: dab neutrogena rapid clear treatment pads on face (reduces breakouts and helps stop emerging breakouts!)

Third: protect your skin with aveeno continuous protection sunblock lotion (specially formulated for face and oil-free and water resistant and with natural soy, vitamins a, c, and e!)

And that's it! I do this every morning and at night I just skip the sunscreen!

If you are applying makeup, do step one (facial cleanser) then step two (treatment pads) then apply makeup (blush, eyeshadow, etc.) Then apply aveeno sunscreen (which will make coverup blend better into the skin without a powdery look!)

Hope this helps you! (You may have to find products that work with your skin. For instance, I have sensitive skin and this works for me!)



Homemade Facial Mask

Okay ya'll I'm 35 and have fought acne since I was 12. The good news is b/c of my very oily skin I still get carded. The bad news is I still get break outs. I used to have horrible scars on my back. For that I use can find that at Walmart. My breakouts are under control. Once I started working out and eating better, it wasn't hard. The best advice is try everything till you find what works for your skin. For me it has been egg whites and oatmeal. Also when I was 13 I used a soap called Fostex for a horrible acne breakout on my forehead. As for the back area, make sure when you wash it don't miss an inch. It will get better, but you will always have to take special care of your skin. And don't be afraid of swim suit season. No one but you notices your really. Besides vitamin D is good for your skin. (04/08/2007)

By Shawne'

Homemade Facial Mask

For oily skin take vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). 5g a day for 3 days, followed by 10g a day for three months. (Spread out dosage during the day i.e. 2.5g x 4). After three months, gradually decrease dosage until you find the minimum amount of grams that maintains the desired level of oil reduction for you (probably anywhere from 3g-8g). Taking a B-vitamin complex once a day while using B5 is reccommended for increased effectiveness.

Here's the best price for B5:

B5 Info: (04/14/2007)

By j.a.

Homemade Facial Mask

Actually... dermotologists say toothpaste makes your skin worse. The best thing to use is probably a crush up asprin and some water. (04/14/2007)

By Guest

Homemade Facial Mask

if you are just around the house or don`t need to have make up on... DON`T HAVE IT ON . we use makeup to cover acne but at the same time it just makes the acne worse ... ironic . if you have bacne : make sure you wash your back with a cleanser AFter washing your hair . the shampoo and conditioner can make you break out so make sure none is left on your skin . (05/10/2007)

By Nicole

Homemade Facial Mask

I add one spoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice to a glass of warm water and gulp it down first thing in the morning.

It has worked wonders for me , takes a month for results to show up.


By Mangalam

Homemade Facial Mask

For oily skin, mix one egg white and a tsp. of lemon juice. Apply to skin and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes.

Homemade Facial Mask

I use extra strength acne control by clean and clear 3 times a day and wash my face 4 times a day with a Neutragena soap bar....gone in one week. (06/20/2007)

By madeline.

Homemade Facial Mask

Clean and clear acne wash. i swear by it (06/26/2007)

By hannah


I used proactiv and I had really bad acne. It is totally worth buying. It cleans up my face and leaves my skin feeling fresh!

Here's a link.

I honestly thought it was just something that people wanted money from but It really does good for my acne! (06/30/2007)

By Elizabeth

Homemade Facial Mask

k like i had really bad acne on my chest and on my face witch i would never wear lower cut shirts cause people would see my acne, finally my mom took me to the dermatoligist and she gave me some stuff to try!! it worked like magic it took three weeks to start to see resaults but it worked!!the stuff she recamended is called DUAC it is the best stuff ever!! (07/06/2007)


Homemade Facial Mask

Take 1 banana and 1/2 cup of oat meal, 1 oz. of honey (just add a little) a little milk, a pinch of salt and 1/2 a tsp. of brown sugar. It tightens your pores and relaxes and freshens Your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water and then cool water to shrink your pores! It will help with blackheads and pimples/zits! It really works! (07/13/2007)

By gal magazine

get rid of pimples

This is the solution to get rid of pimples with out wasting money! Drink 8 cups of water a day at least! Don't have your hair in your face because your hair contains oil. Make sure your sheets are clean and sleeping on your back is the best way to sleep because your face won't touch the sheets! Shower after you did something and you sweated or wash your face with soap and warm water. Putting warm towels on your face helps open the pores and then you wash with cold water. And lastly you have to be healthy on the inside to look great on the outside so yes, don't eat sugar! Eat healthy foods, like vegatables and fruits!

This will keep your skin looking great!!! (07/14/2007)

By amber

Homemade Facial Mask

Try a little honey or toothpaste on the pimple to dry it out (07/17/2007)

By A Friend

Homemade Facial Mask

A mask with lemon juice and honey in it helps take the oil away from your skin (07/21/2007)

By Cara

Homemade Facial Mask

go to your doctor and ask for a perscription. it worked for me


By rhianna

Homemade Facial Mask

All you have to do is get one egg and 1 tsp. of lemon juice and crack the egg pour in the lemon juice mix it all together. If your doing this in the morning keep on for 15 min. then wash of if your doing this at night keep on all night then wash of in the morning. (08/25/2007)

By Dru Rosario

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