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Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Here are some great ideas from previous years on how to ask a guy to a dance. Each school has

it's own name: Sadies, Tolo, Sweethearts, Morp, etc. but usually the girl is supposed to ask and


pay for everything. Over the years, the ways to ask have gotten more and more elaborate. Post

your own ideas below, but be sure that they are not too expensive, complicated, messy or


Fun Ways To Ask

Here are a couple of ways to ask to a dance that are fun!

  • "It would be 'cool' if you would 'dew' me the favor of going to _______ dance with me" and

    get a styrofoam cooler and fill it with ice and mountain dew with the letters of your name on the

    bottom of the cans.

  • "Don't be a Dum-Dum, be a Smartee and go to ______ dance with me" That one's self


  • "I'm spreading good news, I'm asking you to ______ dance!" Then get news paper and spread

    it around his room and you can write your name on one of them or make it really hard and circle

    letters in your name on different sheets of news paper.

  • For a Halloween dance you could say "Out of all the pumpkins in the patch will you go with

    me to Monster Mash" and then cut a little slit in the top of the pumpkin and write the letters of

    you name on pennies and put them through the slit and leave it on the porch.

  • If the guy you are asking is a sports freak you could do something like this (baseball

    example) "Mitt $25, balls $50, bat $150, ticket with your friend _____ to ______ dance...

    PRICELESS" and then get a little kids mitt, some plastic balls and a plastic bat. And the prices

    aren't real for the items but the whole thing is a joke so make the prices realistic. And then

    make some fake tickets and leave them on the porch in a bucket or something.

By Nicole

A friend did this once. First buy a bucket like one you'd make a sandcastle with, then buy a

little treasure box. Inside of the box, write "Sadies?" and put it at the bottom of the bucket.


Fill with jelly beans or another candy, and put a note on the outside that says "dig for a

treasure", and you can have a little spoon or shovel for them to find it with.

By Paige

I just asked a guy to Morp today and it was pretty funny. First of all, I got a stick of butter

and taped a piece of paper with his name on it to the stick of butter. I had his first period

teacher give it to him. Next I got a poster board and wrote "Now that I've got you all "buttered

-up" I thought I'd "POP" the question and ask you to Morp!"

For where the word POP goes, you get a thing of microwave popcorn, carefully take the popcorn

bag out of the plastic bag and write your name on a fold so that he'll have to pop the popcorn

bag to find out who is asking him to the dance. You put the popcorn bag back into the plastic bag

and carefully tape it closed, tape it to the poster board and get a piece of paper and write

"POP" on it. It's really cute. I've had my date laughing all day.

By Anon

Keep It Simple

I think sometimes it's just best to stay simple. Just ask him.

By Guest

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Go to Home Depot or Target or somewhere with a garden center. Look for the big fake hollow rocks

people use in their yards and write on the rock "Will you ROCK with me at (dance)?" or "(Name),

You ROCK my world, will you go to (dance) with me?" If you wanna go the extra mile, make a trail

with smaller, real rocks leading up to the huge one so its not just standing alone there.

I hope this helps.

By anon

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Well I have Sadies soon and I am planing on asking him with a giant Hershy's bar and I'm slipping

a note inside the bar that says " It would be really sweet if you went to Sadies with me!"


By dubetube

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I asked a guy, he had a truck and so I had first hour with him and the teacher gave him a big

pink rubber duck and it had a note keep this with you for your next clue. So second hour he

brought it and it was blue paper and Saran wrap. Then third hour a toy truck. So when he went to

his truck the bed of his truck had blue paper in it with Saran wrap on it to look like waves and

rubber ducks all in it and said on the back window "out of all the duckies in the lake your the

one I want to take to ____" and the bottom of a duck had my name on it. He said yes and we had a

great time. (08/31/2008)

By rubber duckie

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

This is the cutest way I have heard yet.

Get a plain white tee shirt.
Write in big bold letters (permanent marker), "Sadies?"
Then below it, write "please wash" (also in permanent marker.
Then write names of a bunch of girls he knows in washable marker, except yours.
Yours goes in permanent.

Once he washes it, he will know you are the one who asked.

Cute huh? (09/16/2008)

By Me

Fun Ideas for the take-out lover

Couple cute ideas:

Get an Asian take out box and put dried Top Ramen inside with a note that says "Will you be my

TAKE-OUT for tolo?" I had it delivered to him while he was in class. (Download free fonts in

Asian type writing) You can also put "To..." "From..." on the outside of the box so its obvious.

Use the fortune cookie idea, heat them up in microwave, or make your own. Inside one cookie have

a message that says "Will you go to tolo with me?" and in another, "I predict you will say yes".

You can even be super cheesy and make one that says "You will have a lot of fun if you go to tolo

(This can also be delivered in take-out boxes) (11/18/2008)

By Ambear

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I have heard about a guy doing this. Getting a big block of ice and freeze inside it a note that


says "Now that we've broken the ice will you go to ___ with me?" (your name). So have the block

delivered to them with a chisel. (12/01/2008)

By K

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Get an alarm clock and attach a paper to it saying "sadies with me?" and set the alarm to go off

at 5am. Have his little sister/brother set it under his bed. The alarm will wake him up and and

keep ringing until he finds it, he'll be surprised. It's a funny one. (12/05/2008)

By jdub

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Ok I have lots of ideas, some of which I have used in the past. If you've already heard them,


  • Buy actual, live goldfish and leave them in his room with a sign saying, "Out of all the fish

    in the sea, I choose you to go to ____ with me."

  • I did this last year. Get the little army action figure dolls and throw them all over his

    room. Go with a camo theme and have a sign saying "Not even an army could stop me from asking you

    to ____."

  • Buy tons of sticky notes and stick them all over his car and say "Stick with _____ for __(the


  • Buy a huge clock and stick it in his room saying, "Time is running out to take ____ out to

    __(the dance)__."

  • Get a pinata and fill it with his favorite candy and put notes in there spelling out, "We'd

    have a fiesta at ___." or something along those lines.

  • Put bananas all over his room and have a sign saying, "I'd go absolutely bananas if you went

    to _____ with me!"

  • Get him Chinese take-out and do the whole fortune cookie thing (where you take out the

    fortune and put your own fortune in, microwaving it helps to soften the cookie). Put on the

    fortune, "Let me take you out to _____."

  • If he likes to work out, go to his gym and put a sign there saying something like, "Let's

    work something out, how about _____?"

  • (I thought of this one all by myself so you're welcome.) Get a broom and paint/decorate it

    and write on the broom, "Sweep me off my feet and go to _____ with me!" Cute right?

  • If he likes to fish, get a tackle box and fill it with Swedish fish and gummy worms and other

    fish/worm candy and write on the tackle box, "_Name__'s fishing for a date, so how about ____?"

    You can also get one of the kid fishing poles and it would be cute.

  • Throw tooth picks all around his room and make a sign saying, "I pick you to go to ____ with

    me." (That one's kind of cheesy, but its just an idea.)

  • Freshman year I made a campaign poster. (like the ones that people stick in their yards) I

    put on it, "_(his last name) for __(the name of the dance)__".. like "Smith for Sadies" and then

    at the bottom of the poster it said, "Campaign Manager, _(my name)__" My dad has connections with

    a printing company, but if you go to one they can make them for you really easily.

  • (you have to have connections for this one too) Have a cop follow the guy and pull him over

    and pretend to give him a ticket and instead of a ticket, it will be a cute poem you wrote saying

    something like, "If you go to ____ with me I'll let you go."

Well there's all of my ideas. If you were stuck like I was for a while, just go to Wal-Mart it

helps to get you started. (12/13/2008)


Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

My boyfriend asked me to Homecoming in a way cute way. He put red food coloring in water then

froze it in the shape of a heart. I got home and there was a note saying go look in your

freezer. I put it under hot water and inside was a paper saying "now that you've melted my

heart, will you go to homecoming with me?" so adorable. (12/19/2008)

By YoJo

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

If the guy has a dog you can get a new collar and decorate it saying "it would be a treat if you

would roll over to Sadies with me". You could buy a bag of dog treats too. I came up with this

like 15 minutes ago and I'm going to do it next weekend. (01/10/2009)

By Ladylonglegs10

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I am going to do this idea tomorrow for WPA (woman pay all).
Wrap a huge box with wrapping paper and make a huge tag that says:

To: (their name)

From: WPA?

Inside the giant box have more wrapped boxes getting smaller in size and in the last tiny box

have a little tiny note that says your name. (01/18/2009)

By Kaylee

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Well, at my school we have twirp, and to ask my date I bought a tiny-sized cookie cake from

American-cookie company and wrote "twirp?" on it. He loved it. (02/07/2009)

By Kelsey

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

This guy and I went to homecoming together and he asked me in a cute fancy way. So I figured I

should do the same for turnabout. I bought him socker boppums (the blow up boxing gloves) and

made a sign that said "ready for round two?"


By Kate

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I just asked my boyfriend to tolo last night. I went to a build-a-bear type of place and made a

stuffed piggy. It was an inside joke, so pick an animal that you both love. I got a self

recording thing to put into the stuffed piggy and I recorded it like the pig was telling him that

I wanted to go to tolo with him. He loved it and now he can always listen to my voice.


By Savannah

Ideas For Asking a Guy To SADIES

Get a Hershey's bar and slip a golden ticket inside of it, and write on it: Congrats! Here's the

Golden Ticket to go to Sadies with me, or something along those lines. (02/23/2009)

By random

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