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Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

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Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Well, I'm not shy at all when it comes to my feelings. The guy I want to ask (and I know he likes me back) plays JV football. And since nobody comes to our JV games except for parents, I was going to make a poster that says, "Number 60--Sadie Hawkins?" and just hold it up at the start of halftime. I don't care who sees--and I know he's going to say yes. Wish me luck, because I'm asking on Friday! (09/22/2007)


By Anonymous

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I just tried the fortune cookie in the microwave. It works! But it's a lot easier to sprinkle water all over it first--it helps it to get softer faster. And put it in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. The result is well worth it! Great idea! (09/22/2007)

By Fortune Cookie

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I have a best guy friend that I have had feelings for for 2 years and I know he's liked me since then too. Anyway we always hang out at Starbucks and whenever we go I always get those big decorated sugar cookies that they sell in baskets by the register. We were sitting at a table there and I told him I was going to get a cookie and got up to go to the counter. I had made a cookie shaped just like a Tiffany gift box (that was the theme for our formal) and decorated it in the same style that Starbucks does, and wrote "FALL 07??" on it and put it on a plate and just came back and put the plate on the table and offered him some of my cookie. He loved it! (09/24/2007)


By Maura

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Okay, so write on a shirt IN SHARPIE "homecoming with ________?" than, color all over it in WASHABLE MARKER so that you cant see what you wrote in sharpie. Have them go home and wash the shirt, and after they do all that will be left is the sharpie! (09/25/2007)

By anna

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

so i asked this really cute kid that i haven't really talked to that much but i thought it wold be fun to go to sadies with him. He is on the golf team so i got a ton of golf balls like 40 of them and put them in a gift bag. On seven of the balls they had letters that spelled out my name. on a big poster i put "Do you have the balls to go to Sadies with me? Hopefully this will help your game look inside the bag and find my name"


He loved it so much it was so funny and such a cute way if you ask me. (09/26/2007)

By Brittni

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

A simple candy gram works the same as well. So when writing a note asking him you can sub. a word for a candy bar.

Or another cute way I asked someone is by placing kisses all the way from the sidewalk of there house to their bathroom and then in there bathroom put flowers all over everywhere with a sign that says "now that I have kissed the ground you walked on and showered you with flowers will you go to _______ with me" (09/27/2007)


Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

My friend got asked to homecoming by her crush the other day and it was so cute. It could work for a sadies dance too though and its pretty easy. He brought a cake and left it in the discipline office for her! He had one of the administrators call her down and question her about skipping class. Of course she hadn't skipped so she said she didn't. Then the administrator said "well someone ratted you out" and he pointed to the cake. And the cake said "homecoming with you would be icing on the cake" and then love "his name" it was so cute and so funny. And if a girl did this for a guy they would love it and crack up all day. (09/27/2007)



Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

one of my best friends transferred to a different school this year and is a total soccer freak so i wrote a poem asking him to sadies...

"So even though you transferred schools I really want to ask
If youd be my gorgeous date to the Timpview Sadie Hawkins dance.
I hope you arent too busy or Id have to settle for less
And then my Sadie Hawkins dance would just be one big mess.
So go and wash the soccer ball - the letters that will stay
Will tell you when the dance occurs and lets you know my name"

basically i'm writing the real info in permanant marker and the rest with washable. so when he washes it the real stuff will stay on:]

By megannn

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

So at football games cheerleaders usually hold up signs, well talk to the cheer coach and have them hold up a sign saying (quote)Their first and last name, then sadies, then leave your name in his room (/quote) he'll be so surprised (10/01/2007)


By Nicole

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I think this is how I'm going to ask this guy. Well i have two ways.

The first way, you get a heart shaped box, Not too big. Then type on a piece of paper "you melt my heart, will you go to ___ with me?" then laminate it.
Cut that piece of paper to the shape of the bottom of the heart box. Then fill the heart box with water and freeze it. Give it to him and he will have to defrost it and wait all day to see what it says.


By heather


Get m&ms and have them special ordered so that on one m&m it says sadies? and the other says your name get two different colored ones! It's great! (10/21/2007)

By Keelin.

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

This coming from a guy-


Guys don't need to be impressed by anything flashy, the best way to ask one is to give them something that deals with an inside joke between you and the guy. This will make it less awkward for you, and the guy will be more interested and will feel like you really care about him (10/24/2007)


By Jack

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I got this on another site and im going to use it because the boy im asking has a really good sense of humor so i think he'll like it.


you hand him this story(or put it in his locker, class,whatever) and have him read it.

The story:
Sadie Hawkins is one of Capps most memorable characters, who made her first appearance in November 1937. Until the mid-50s, November was known as Sadie Hawkins month and became an unofficial collegiate holiday and a comic strip character classic.

Hawkins was the ugly daughter of the most wealthy and powerful man in town and was avoided by all the towns men. Despite her families prestige, she seemed destined to suffer the utmost humiliation with which a woman could be cursed becoming an old maid.

Hawkins father intervened and used his power to snare her a man. He lined up all eligible males and shot off his gun. When the gun was fired, they knew to run for their lives and their freedom.

The gunshot signaled the unwed females to enter the race and try to catch a man. When an unfortunate male was brought back, most often kicking and screaming, he had no choice but to marry the woman.

Hawkins seemed to be as quick on her feet as she was ugly and finally chased her man down. The other girls, who did not manage to catch their man, liked the idea and made Sadie Hawkins Day an annual affair to be cherished by women and dreaded by bachelors.

So, are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way? ;]

-you name.

By Tiana

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Get a pinata and fill it with tons of candies. Put your name on a little piece of paper inside it too.
Put a note on the pinata saying "It would be a FIESTA if you went to ______ with me! Find my name in the pinata!"

By ashleyLynn.

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

A really cute way to ask someone to a dance is fill up their bathtub or if they have a pool, then put toy fish in there, then at the bottom have a piece of laminated paper that says "OUT OF ALL THE FISH IN THE SEA WILL YOU GO TO (name of dance) WITH ME?!" totally cute! (11/12/2007)

By Danielle!

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I asked a friend last year to winterformal. We were close, still are, but in a brother-sister kind of way that I love. Anyway, he liked to go hunting and fishing, so I got one of those plastic ducks from home depot and put a "Wanted" notice inside it that said.

I'm HUNTING for a date to Winterformal?
Could it be you?

He showed up two days later in all his hunting gear and with flowers and of course, said yes.

It was fun! (11/26/2007)

By Diane

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

My boyfriend put a bag of flour in my car and had a note that said "The answer lies in the flour!" and so I dug through the flower and found a note that said "Wrong flour check the glove box." There was a bouquet of flowers in there with a note that said "Homecoming with me ________?" It was cute! (01/06/2008)



If you have a Facebook or Myspace you could make a quick, creative one minute video asking him and post it saying "check this Youtube link out, it is hysterical!" Then when he clicks on it he sees you and freaks! :)


By Sha na na na :)

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Okay, so last year for sadies i was dating this guy. And i got a bucket that you put sand in, and i had some sand from a warm place in a plastic bottle. So i filled it up with sand. Then the game scrabble was kind of an inside joke between us so i put the letters to my name in the sand. Then i put fake shells and a shovel on the on top of the sand, and with it a note that said "I would "dig it" if you went to sadies with me". Then he had to dig up my name, even though he already knew it was me :) He loved it! (01/09/2008)

By Chelsea

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

An amazing idea would be to get a big mirror or even a small one and take a big picture of yourself and put it on one half of the mirror and then write in lipstick on the other side "Could you see yourself going to ________ dance with anyone else?" (01/30/2008)

By dewthedew

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Steal his phone and record something like " It's______, lets go to sadies!" Then make it his ring tone. Give him the phone and while its in his hand call his phone. (02/03/2008)

By briana

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

One of my guy friends didn't want to ask this girl to homecoming face to face so instead one day he asked to see her phone and he changed his number in her phone to Homecoming? Then he called her and when she answered it was him and she said yes! (02/05/2008)

By eliza

Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Last year, I asked my boyfriend to turnabout by getting a disposable camera, and taking pictures of the letter in a sign. For instance, the T in Taco Bell, and so on. Then I gave him the camera and told him to get it processed. When he did, the film came out with each picture spelling out "Turnabout" and then a picture of me at the end. Its so cute and he loved it! :) (02/10/2008)

By Jaime

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