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My Dog is Infested With Fleas

Category Fleas
Fleas left untreated can infest your pet and then your home. This is a guide about my dog is infested with fleas.


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April 6, 2010

My three year old rat terrier has fleas. We have done everything we can think of, including going to the vet for medicine. Nothing has worked so far. Is there anything else that we can do?


By Mandi Lou from Wilmer, AL


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There is a new product on the market called Comfortis. Our vet highly recommended it because it is a once a month pill that kills fleas with bacteria instead of insecticide. Dogs have a much better reaction to it than they do the other stuff. Give it a try!

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Please, please give that suffering little pup a good bath using the original blue Dawn dish washing liquid. It will kill the fleas on contact and will not hurt "Fido." (This goes for cats as well as dogs.)

You should repeat the shampoo again in 3 days, then follow up with a good dusting of food-grade diatomaceous earth, rubbing it into the fur really well and being careful not to have the dog breathe in the dust. Avoid the eyes as well. Then sprinkle it over "Fido's" food.


In over 50 years, we've never found anything better than diatomaceous earth for fleas, and for getting rid of them immediately, bathing them in the blue Dawn which does give the poor baby quick relief.

If your pet is indoor-outdoor, be sure to sprinkle the food-grade diatomaceous earth where the animal sleeps as well as places where they spend a lot of time.

Some people don't like to have their homes made dusty, but I'd much rather clean up dust than to watch another living creature suffer with things that bite them incessantly.

Hope this helps in a hurry.
Julia in Boca Raton, FL

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My favorite things are a lice comb from the drug store, a bottle of peroxide, baby shampoo, and Dawn. I would, if you are able to, bathe the dog with Dawn first and then rinse. Then put baby shampoo in the palm of your hand, and pour a capful of peroxide into the glop of baby shampoo in your hand. Shampoo the dog and let it sit, then rinse two or three times, softly praising the dog the whole time.


I am going to try the SSS. I've never heard of that. I know the Frontline doesn't work on any of my dogs anymore, and it did work for a number of years. Don't use Frontline. I am also going to try using the comfortis pill.

Also, salt (regular table salt) kills fleas in carpets, and vacuuming is great too for killing eggs, and such. Make sure if you go the D. Earth route, you do not buy the pool kind at the store. You will have to look it up and order it online.

I always put salt under my sheets, on the carpet all over the house, sometimes I leave it for days. Nothing beats Dawn.

Remember, peroxide is poison so make sure the animals doesn't ingest it. Fleas are a pest! Good luck. I would bathe the dog a lot, and after the dog is dry, go over it with a flea comb, etc. Drop the comb in warm sudsy water to kill the fleas.


Note: Don't try the brewers yeast for fleas, as most dogs are allergic to yeast and will get ear infections.

Also, for all our dogs, I take a rag and wet it and go over them and massage their skin every so often. It is like a bath and gets the pollen, dust, etc off their coat. I spray their feet with the water too, it really feels good for them. If the dog has fleas, have it wormed at the vet, since the little buggers get swallowed while the pet is itching and it causes worms which cause the pet to be uncomfortable.

Go to and check out the pets page for care and prevention.


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I agree with the food grade diatomaceous earth. You can find it in the home improvement stores like Home Depot. Again, just be sure to get the food grade, not the pool grade. I use it on my pets and in my yard.



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April 6, 20100 found this helpful

I am at my wits end with fleas. We have used the foggers and they did nothing; we used the baking soda and the salt idea and nothing. We sprayed everything with Hartz flea and tick spray and nothing; I set bowls of water with a light, out at night and only get a few so that's not working real well either. I am desperate and need help.

By teresa0318 from Lowell, OH


Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

When you treat your dog and house for fleas, you must also treat the yard or you are just wasting your time. (07/02/2009)

By Fortunately

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

I feed my pets Brewer's yeast tablets. They are harmless as far as I know and I have used them for many yrs. The animals like them and they put something in the coat of the animal or skin that fleas don't like. We have a farm and our animals are outside and have no fleas. The tablets are cheap and you can just break them up in the cat's food, one per dish of food. The dog will eat them like treats, I give my lab three about once a week. I think they are a vitamin B. (07/02/2009)

By furbymama

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Put about 4 drops of dawn dish soap in the bath water for your dog. I usually put it in after I draw the water so as to make so many bubbles. That way if any critters come off you can see them dead in the water. (07/02/2009)

By nightrain71

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

I have also heard of people using garlic in addition to the Brewer's yeast already mentioned, but be sure to verify online how much to give. (07/03/2009)

By fatboyslimsmom

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

You have to use Advantage or Frontline to stop the reproduction cycle and get it under control. Using these will help rid them from your house also. Continue for 3 months, then you can use a more natural method if you choose. Nothing that you can buy at the store is going to work. You are just wasting your money.

I have raised shelties (look like mini collies, yes with all that hair) for over 15 years, in my house not a kennel, and have never had a problem since I started using Advantage and Frontline years ago. I do switch between the two products to keep the fleas from becoming immune to just one. I only use them during the warm weather. And I always have at least 5 or 6 dogs, I have had up to 10 at one time! (07/05/2009)

By quiltingcove

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

We give our dogs prescription medicine from the vet. It's a combo heartworm and flea preventative pill called Sentinel flavor tabs. Once a month dose. (07/05/2009)

By cookwie

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

In addition to using the flea killers from the vet, use 20 Mule Team Borax. It's in the laundry section of the supermarket. Sprinkle it on your carpets (or floors), leave it overnight. When you vacuum it up be sure to replace the vacuum bag (throw out the fleas!). A week later do the same thing again, this will get the eggs. I personally have used this so I know it works. Good luck! (07/05/2009)

By missysmom

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

I've heard you can bathe the dog using Dawn dish washing liquid. But I would go for the stuff you get at the vet. (07/05/2009)

By Coll3

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Do not use the Lysol dip someone suggested as it is toxic to dogs and cats. If you have pets, you should not even be using Lysol in the house at all. I seriously doubt any vet is using it, if they are they are looking to soak you for the tests and treatments for liver damage further down the road, or they are quacks. Also, garlic is not safe. The use of garlic can lead to heinz body anemia. Brewer's yeast is safe but regular yeast is not. The best way to rid your house is vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, every day, immediately discarding the bag so no fleas can escape and washing dog bedding frequently in hot water. Prevent fleas by using advantage or frontline. (07/05/2009)

By Chiismychi

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

The best advice I got when I had this problem once was "spray - vacuum, spray - vacuum" until the pests are gone. Fleas can remain in a sort of dormant state for a long time so you have to be faithful with the 'spray one day, vacuum the next' routine and throw out the vacuum bags each time. I bought a house and yard pest control spray from our local farm store (Canadian) that was safe around animals and it did the trick in under 2 weeks. Have never had any again but I have always treated my 2 cats with Advantage. Kids brought in a stray that was "Covered" and had it in their room before I saw it! YUK (07/06/2009)


Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

After using Frontline all my flea problems were history! (07/06/2009)

By jpear

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

The best thing you can do for your dog AND your family is to treat your dog once a month with Advantage (or Advantix if tics are also a problem). It is a topical liquid that you apply to their backs once a month. All fleas will be dead within hours. It is the ONLY thing I have ever found to work when it comes to fleas. You must get it from a vet or an online pet supplier. (07/06/2009)

By Rchinaberr

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

If I remember correctly, years ago when we had a dog we had our house treated by a 'flea busters' company that actually used Boric Acid Powder. They had it in a large shaker type dispenser which they sprinkled throughout the house on the carpeting. They then used a clean push-broom to brush it in. You don't vacuum or clean your carpeting for 2 weeks afterward. You can buy containers of Boric Acid Powder at your Local Hardware Stores. It dehydrates the flea eggs so they don't hatch. Google "Boric Acid Powder for Flea Control" to check it out. (07/08/2009)

By MaryCrane

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July 2, 20090 found this helpful

Would somebody please tell me how to get rid of my dog's fleas? We may have to take her to the pound if we don't find the antidote.



Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

What type of dog is it? Long haired or short? I have three dogs, 2 Pomeranian and a Maltese. I generally keep them cut short because of fleas. I then wash them in shampoos made especially for flea control and then I use another trick to keep them out of the house (the fleas that is). I use a little night lite in each room and put a small bowl of water w/just a little dish soap in it under the light. The light attracts the fleas and the fleas fall into the soapy water. Sometimes as an added treat to my dogs bath I use baking soda and lather in w/the shampoo. It helps the skin and if your dog is infested w/fleas I am sure it is just as miserable as you are and more from the biting. Try these methods before you get rid of it. After all it isn't the dog's fault. Good luck! (09/14/2004)


Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

There is a dip called Happy Jack. Also if the yard is infested, you can use borax (mule team) on your yard. Just scatter it on on real well. Do it before a rain. (09/14/2004)


Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

To rid dogs of fleas some type of pesticide must be applied, either dusting the dog with Sevin or applying Advantage or the other brands of flea and tick killers. The dog house, bed, area, needs to be sprayed with Black Flag or other insect spray and vacuumed. I have heard that sprinkling salt on the carpeting will kill fleas.

Hester from Oklahoma (09/14/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

When you bathe the dog use some pine sol in the bath water. That's the same stuff the vet uses for their dip.

By t coxe

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Outside dogs: lay granules out for fleas, ticks, and chiggers, right before it suppose to rain, or if small yard, water down to activate after laying them down. Then I use FrontLine Plus.

Inside dogs: I just used FrontLine Plus. Those are the only two products I use, and I don't have problems at all anymore. (09/15/2004)

By Edie Leonard

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Go to the dollar store and buy a bottle of baby shampoo and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
Find an empty container at home...a squirt mustard bottle or empty shampoo bottle will do. Pour the empty container half full of the baby shampoo. Top off the remaining half with peroxide. Shake well. This mixture is non-toxic and will kill fleas immediately when you lather them up and let it sit on them for 5 minutes. Rinse well. Any remaining fleas can be picked off or even out of the drying towel. I suggest using Advantage Topspot to prevent reinfestation. Buy it from the vet or online. It's not the dog's fault he has fleas. (09/15/2004)

By gazookeeper

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Try washing your dog with a little liquid baby detergent, such as Dreft. Also, for their bedding, use a pillow stuffed with cedar shavings. The cedar is supposed to repel the fleas (not to mention it smells kinda nice, too).

By snapdragon

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Make sure your grass is cut short, this cuts down on fleas drastically. Vacuum all area of your home, furniture included and then throw the vacuum bag away and outside. Monthly topical applications are fairly inexpensive at WalMart or on websites, just don't use them with flea collars or flea dips. I have 5 cats and one large dog and I am never bothered by fleas. Keeping up with flea control is the only way it works (09/16/2004)

By Patti

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

I'd recommend trying to find a solution to the flea problem rather than taking your dog to the shelter.

An estimated 4 to 6 million dogs and cats are euthanized in America's animal shelters each year because they are not wanted by anyone, anywhere. Reference: HSUS Pet Overpopulation.

The problem with fleas is not the fault of the dog or the owner, it's the fault of the fleas. They multiply very quickly and can get out of control fast. Fleas can be difficult to get rid of but it is possible.

Lots of vacuuming and cleaning where the animal sleeps, sprinkling salt or borax in the corners and on the rugs (make sure to let sit for an hour then vacuum up). Advantage works well for my pets. I buy it from Foster & Smiths and my relative who is a vet gave me the dosage for each animal so I buy the giant dog size and using a syringe, only give the dosage for my size dog, then use the extra on the cats (in the dosage he told me for them). Luckily it is coming on winter so after the first frost, they will die outside so you will not be bringing in new ones all the time.

If you don't have money for chemicals, using a flea comb works well. You will need to comb her often so that you get the fleas and the eggs. Dip the comb in soapy water so the fleas die.

Please don't take your pet to a shelter unless it is a last resort. It may solve your problem but it will most likely mean death to your pet. No Kill shelters are few and far between and often only accept animals they think are easily adoptable.
- Susan (09/17/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

We used to feed our pets brewers yeast to keep fleas off of them. It makes their blood unappealing to the fleas. Not a miracle cure, but it helps. (09/18/2004)

By Jacqui

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

We had terrible fleas last year and did not realize it until the problem had progressed to the point that my children had bites on their bodies when they woke up in the morning. We vacuumed and cleaned everything (mattresses, linens, furniture) as many times a week as we could. We began using Frontline on our two cats and flea combed them regularly.

Eventually, the fleas will go away, because the medication makes them unable to reproduce, but we ended up having an exterminator use chemicals in our home, because the situation was so bad. We stayed with friends for almost a week! Since then, we have had NO problems. I have continued with the Frontline in the warm weather months, even though our cats are indoor cats (sometimes they escape for adventures). The flea problem was difficult, but we never considered getting rid of the cats. Especially to a pound. (09/19/2004)

By kayla

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

I use garlic. I use 450 mg. I got this tip somewhere on line. Go to Wal-Mart and by the cheapest brand and give one a day to the dog. I have 5 dogs and this works. I took them to the groomer and she said she did not find any fleas on them. Fleas do not like the taste of the dog's blood. Good luck. (09/20/2004)

By imom58

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Dawn dish detergent and water worked well on my Beagle. He was flea infested and now I only found 1 flea alive on him, the rest were dead. Thanks for the help! :) (10/23/2004)

By Ashley

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

The thought of dumping an animal because of fleas is unimaginable. Wanna get rid of them fast? First, Frontline, it kills them and makes them stop biting. Second, put a flea collar INSIDE the vacuum bag or canister. A flea collar that kills, not just repels. Read the box carefully. You may have to sprinkle the carpet w/flea killer powder and let sit for an hour. We had a flea problem many years ago. We did this, and in one day, no fleas. You can bomb if the infestation is that bad, but it's usually unnecessary (12/31/2004)

By raven223

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Do not use Pine Sol in the bath water as stated above. That stuff can severely irritate the dog's lungs and nasal passages. (02/17/2007)


Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

One really hot summer I had a horrible problem with fleas on my two dogs and they got in the carpet and drapes and everything in the house. The vet gave my dogs anti itch pills, had me get Frontline collars for them and bathe them once a day for 2 weeks. She also sold me a can of spray (as far as I know you can only get at vet's) and I had to wash all the bedding and then spray the entire house. It took two bottles. When I was all done the fleas were gone and I never had another problem. You can also leave the house with the family and dog for a few hours and use a bug bomb.

I can't believe that anyone that has a pet would think they wouldn't have to deal with fleas eventually at some point. I too am shocked and disgusted that anyone would think of putting their dog to sleep because of fleas. Pets are a responsibility and they look at us for love and care. And fleas are not hard to treat. By the way, whoever gave the garlic tip, great idea, I am going to try it. Although I do use Frontline I'd like to see if it helps, even though my dogs rarely have fleas unless they play outside. (05/23/2007)

By Mythi

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

We tried the Spot On before we used Frontline and the Frontline worked much better. I didn't see a flea all summer long. (10/08/2007)

By jess

Looking for Answers for Dealing with Dog's Fleas

Food grade diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled on your dog and in his dog house. Topical flea/tick preventatives are poisons, so terrible to put on our beloved furry animal companions. Using food grade diatomaceous earth is a much safer and healthier way of eliminating fleas, ticks, and other pesky insects. It is also excellent to feed to your dog to eliminate tapeworms that your dog will have from ingesting fleas. (10/24/2008)

By healthy pets

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