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This page contains information and tips about deterring and getting rid of fleas.



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Baby Shampoo

Using Baby Shampoo for FleasSome pet owners report great success in getting rid of fleas using baby shampoo on their pets. This is a page about using baby shampoo for fleas.


dawn for fleas

Dawn Dish Soap For FleasMany pet owners consider using Dawn dish soap as an inexpensive shampoo for fleas. Dawn's formula has changed over the years. Most versions include a warning to avoid mixing with bleach, which is a sign that there has been ammonia added to boost the cleaning power.


A dog biting at his fleas.

Using Olive Oil for FleasOlive oil is a great natural flea remedy. It is a great flea treatment for cats and small dogs. Learn more about olive oil for fleas in this page.


Kitten Getting Bathed

Bathing Cats in Dawn Dish Soap?Giving your cat or kitten a bath using Dawn dish soap can help in eliminating fleas. Don't forget to do a thorough combing as a part of the process.


My Dog is Infested With Fleas

My Dog is Infested With FleasThis is a page about my dog is infested with fleas. Fleas left untreated can infest your pet and then your home.


A momma cat laying with a kitten.

Safe Flea Treatment for Cat with KittensThis is a page about finding a safe flea treatment for cat with kittens. Flea treatment for your cat is important especially if it has kittens.


kitten with fleas

Getting Rid of Fleas on KittensThis is a page about getting rid of fleas on kittens. While topical flea treatments are readily available for older cats, young kittens will require alternative methods to rid them of these biting pests.


Cat with fleas scratching

Homemade Flea Spray RecipeThis is a page about homemade flea spray recipe. Using household products you can make an effective flea spray.



Buying Generic Capstar Flea Medication?This is a page about buying generic Capstar flea medication. Capstar is a fast acting anti-flea medication for dogs and cats. Many such treatments can also be found in a generic formula.



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Buy Frontline In BulkIf you have multiple size dogs, it is cheaper to split a large tube or two of Frontline to cover them all, than it would be to buy a smaller tube for each of them.


french bulldog puppy

Treating Fleas on a PuppyThis is a page about treating fleas on a puppy. The method used to treat fleas on your puppy will be determined by factors such as his age.


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Getting Rid of Fleas In Neighbors Yard?Our neighbors have 2 dogs that are outside most of the time. We have treated our dog, the yard, and the house.


Cat Scratching at Fleas

Fleas on My Cat and Her KittensYou will want to take care when treating a nursing cat and her kittens for fleas. This page contains many helpful ideas for doing this safely. This is a page about fleas on my cat and her kittens.


Man sitting on a plastic covered sofa with his dog, surrounded by boxes.

Preventing Fleas from Moving With You?Flea infestations can move with you on pets and as the result of eggs that are taken to your new home. Treat pets and bedding, etc. before the move. This is a page about preventing fleas from moving with you.


Giving Pets Vinegar for Fleas

Giving Pets Vinegar for FleasVinegar is know for its health benefits for humans, and may deter fleas from your pets. This is a page about giving pets vinegar for fleas.


Dog Getting Bath

Using Dawn for Fleas on DogsDawn dish detergent is a well known solution for controlling fleas on dogs. Bathe your pet in water and Dawn to kill fleas. Use a flea comb to remove stragglers and eggs. This is a page about using Dawn for fleas on dogs.


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Is Using Salt and Borax for Fleas Toxic to Cats?How often do you have to put table salt or Borax in your carpet so that fleas won't continue multiplying? If I put Borax or salt in my carpet will it pose toxins to my cat?


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Does Vinegar Work for Fleas and Cats?Hi everyone- I have been reading about using vinegar for fleas on dogs but what about cats? My daughter has 2 cats and they never go outside, but somehow fleas get in the house on clothes or something. Both cats are older and a little on the chubby side. Thanks.


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Fleas and Hardwood Floors?Would resealing a hardwood floor trap and kill any fleas in the floor?


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Rubbing Alcohol as a Flea RepellentTo keep fleas at bay, you can spray your pet and the bedding and carpets with Wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol. It's an easy, inexpensive solution for an occasional flea.


A cat scratching fleas.

Herbal Remedies for Fleas?Many people want to avoid chemical flea treatments on their pets. Some homemade herbal treatments can be effective in deterring fleas. Here are some natural remedies for cats and dogs.


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Do Fleas Jump Off of Pets After Treatment?When a pet is given the first dose of Advantage or Revolution, do the fleas jump off the pet and into the environment? Or do the fleas die from the chemicals?


Dog scratching behind your ears.

Keeping Fleas off DogsFleas can be a terrible problem for you and your pets. There are a few approaches that pet owners use to keep fleas off of their dogs. Many use commercial topical products, others recommend herbs, such as sage. Flea collars are less popular. Check with your vet before using one; there are prescription collars available. This is a page about keeping fleas off dogs.


Cat closing eyes as it gets a bath.

Preventing a Flea Infestation from a New Cat?Making sure your new pet is flea free is the best way to prevent their introducing fleas into your house. Failing in that this guide contains some advice for preventing a flea infestation from a new cat.



Hand on fur with remedy from fleas and ticks,

Advantix Caused an Allergic Reaction?This is a page about Advantix causing an allergic reaction. While affective in combating fleas, the chemicals in topical flea treatments can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in pets. It is important to monitor your pet after application and you should contact your vet if you notice any concerning symptoms.


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Using Dawn for Fleas on CatsMany pet owners use Dawn to bathe their pets when fighting fleas. While this method does work, it may leave your pet's skin quite dry. If you have concerns check with your vet before using this flea control solution. This is a page about using Dawn for fleas on cats.


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Getting Rid of Fleas in Artificial Christmas Tree?My cat has fleas. I've been doing everything I can think of to eliminate the problem, but I have an artificial Christmas tree in a box that wasn't closed well in the same room where she likes to spend a lot of time. Is there a way to make sure my tree is flea-free, or should I just junk the tree and the box?


A sad dog lying on a white floor.

Can I Give My Dog Garlic Pills for Fleas?There is controversy over the safe use of garlic to treat a dog with fleas. This is a page about, "Can I give my dog garlic pills for fleas?".


A vacuum bag being installed in a vacuum cleaner.

Putting a Flea Collar in Your Vacuum BagWhen dealing with an indoor flea infestation some pet owners recommend adding a flea collar section to your vacuum bag. This is a page about put a flea collar in your vacuum bag.


Puppy and kitten.

5 Tips for Organic Flea ControlDo you want to get rid of fleas without all the chemicals? This page has 5 tips for organic flea control. Learn how to get rid of fleas naturally.


Cat inside a cat carrier on a wooden floor inside a home

Cat Left Behind FleasThis is a page about cat left behind fleas. Even if you don't have your pet any longer or have recently had a visiting pet, the fleas can remain after the cat leaves.


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Using Dawn Soap for Fleas on Dogs?How often can you wash your dog using Dawn soap for fleas? daily? weekly? etc. Thanks!


Dog with a Flea Collar

Using a Flea Collar?This is a page about using a flea collar. You want to be sure that the chemicals used in a flea collar are safe for your dog or cat, and that the collar is effective.


A dog sitting on the grass scratching at fleas.

Using Diatomaceous Earth for FleasFood grade diatomaceous earth is an flea killer that is non toxic to humans and animals. This is a page about using diatomaceous earth for fleas.


Dog Scratching Fleas

Flea Pet TreatmentsThis is a page about flea pet treatments. Keeping your furry friends free of fleas without strong chemicals, makes everyone more comfortable.


A cat scratching itself because it has fleas.

Treating a Cat With FleasTreating your feline friend when he or she is infested with fleas requires diligence and the right methods and products. This is a page about treating cats with fleas.


Flea Bath

Giving a Kitten a Flea BathThis is a page about giving a kitten a flea bath. Care needs to be taken when trying to control fleas on a kitten.


Using Garlic to Prevent Fleas

Using Garlic to Prevent FleasThis page is about using garlic to repel fleas. The presence of garlic can repel fleas if used safely.


Dog getting a flea treatment.

Saving Money on Flea PreventionThis is a page about saving money on flea prevention. There are a variety of commercial flea prevention products on the market, but they can be quite pricey.



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Keeping Ticks and Fleas Off Dog?Is there any natural way to keep ticks an fleas off my dog?


Frontline Available Without A PrescriptionPrescription Frontline flea and tick treatment has just come off patent. You can now buy this product over the counter and save yourself money when taking care of your cat or dog. A large savings and more convenient.


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Would Treating the Carpet With Borax Make My Cats Sneeze?I recently treated my carpets with borax to eliminate fleas. Now 4 out of 7 of my cats are sneezing and seem to have a cold? I put it down and vacuumed it up within 24 hrs? I don't know if I should take them to vet.


Fleas on a Kitten?I rescued a stray kitten that has fleas. I am starting to get bitten and can see the fleas on him. What can I do to get rid of them safely and quickly besides using Advantage? Please help!


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Pet Store Flea Treatments Compared to Veterinary Products?Are the flea treatment solutions that are in the pet stores just as good as the ones the vet supplies? It is so expensive to get it at a vet. If so, which ones would you recommend? I'm looking for one that you can use on both fleas and ticks and that is not very expensive.


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Pet Safe Ways to Get Rid of Fleas?I have three cats, and three dogs. We live in a somewhat small house. It is flea season, and I'm not exactly sure which route to go to get rid of these fleas. I am worried about setting off a bomb, because there are pets and children living here.


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Asthma Safe Flea Remedy?I am needing something that can kill fleas in carpet and is safe for someone with asthma.


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Dish Washing Detergent for Fleas in Australia?I am just wanting to know if Dawn detergent is available at supermarkets in Australia? Also what sort of vinegar is used for fleas, balsamic or cleaning vinegar? or does it matter?


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Citrus Based Flea Spray?Has anyone tried the grapefruit juice citrus flea repellent? The fruit is cut up, boiled in water, steeped overnight, sprayed on neck and under arm pits and in front of tail and on stomach.


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Frontline Flea Treatment No Longer Effective?Has anyone noticed that Frontline topical flea treatment has stopped working? I have and others I know have. I am starting to use Advantage and maybe will try the Comfortis pill.


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Frugal Flea Treatment for Dogs?What is the best frugal way to treat my dog for fleas?


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Safe Powder That Dries Up Fleas?Does anyone know of a completely safe powder that can be used directly on a pet to remove water from the fleas' bodies in all parts of their life cycle? And is there a completely safe shampoo that would do the same thing? I want to put it on, leave it a few minutes, and thoroughly wash it off. Thank you.


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Neighbor's Cat with Day Old Flea Ridden Kittens?This morning a neighbor's cat had kittens in my tree (a hollowed out hole in the trunk, not out on a limb.) It has rained a couple of days and the tree is wet. The two kittens lay at the bottom of a hollowed hole. Not only do i fear it is too cold and wet, I know the mother has terrible fleas as well.


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20 Farm Cats with Fleas?I live on a farm with farm cats (20) or so. Have an infestation of fleas and have tried everything. Was wondering if I could make a dip out of the vinegar remedy I have read about and if i can what is the portion of it.


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Switching to Advantage?I was wondering if any one knew if it was ok to use these products at the same time on a 4 year old cat? I have already put the collar on him, which seemed to make him itch more...


Puppy Brought Home Fleas?We recently adopted a puppy from the pound and when we took her home she had horrible fleas. Now the cat, house and family have them too! I've tried sprays for the dog and house, salt, lemon water, dawn dish soap, shampoos, EVERYTHING!


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Concerns About Using Hartz Advanced Care Flea Drops?Does anyone know if Hartz Advanced Care Flea Drops for fleas and ticks are bad for dogs?



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Homemade Flea Treatment?I need a home remedy to treat fleas in my apartment. I bathed my dog and cat, but what to use something on the floors and furniture, other than commercial products. The fleas keep coming back.


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Using Fairy Washing Up Liquid for Fleas?Is Dawn the Same as Fairy Washing Up Liquid? We can't get Dawn in Australia. I have Fairy and would like to try it on my dog to rid him of fleas?


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Using Vinegar to Get Rid of Fleas?How much white vinegar do you use to get rid of fleas on a dog?


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Using Witch Hazel to Get Rid of Fleas on a Dog?Can I wash my dog in witch hazel for fleas?


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Alternative to Dawn Dish Soap in the UK?I live in England and keep reading about how good Dawn dish soap is for killing fleas on dogs, but they don't seem to sell it over here! This is a long shot, but has anyone any idea what the equivalent would be?


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Getting Rid of Fleas?I havent been able to get rid of the fleas on my dogs and cats. People have suggested Capstar so I gave them some. How do I know its working? Any advice?


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