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Rash on Top of Feet

My name is Vannesa and I'm new. This is a great site. I have had a problem with my feet for a few months now and I need

help. I get bad itchy skin on the tops of my feet, after I scratch the the itch it gets worse until I break the skin and it bleeds. Only then


the itch stops for a few days then returns. I get this all the time on both feet, but only on the top, there are now lumps, rashes or spots

there and no itching between the toes. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is there a fix?


Rash on Top of Feet

There is a great product made in Montana called "Wool Wax Creme". They have a new website and if there is not a place nearby

you, they do sell through the contact link, I e-mailed them and they sent me prices. It is very affordable seeing as how a trial size has been

going for over a week with barely a dent in the 2 oz. jar. (11/11/2004)

By breezeetew

Rash on Top of Feet

I hate to give medical advice (I agree you should check with your doctor), but I will suggest this: try Benedryl cream to relieve the itch. You

may be having a reaction to something that is coming into contact with your skin (perhaps the laundry soap you use on your socks) (11/11/2004)


By Leann

Rash on Top of Feet

I had something very similar and I read online somewhere to use Tea tree oil. I finally tried it and it worked after about a week or two. Now

I only have to use it maybe 2 times a weeks. It's the "only thing" that worked for me.
Good luck.
Tammy (11/12/2004)

By Tammy

Rash on Top of Feet

Check with a doctor. I had a similar problem that was related to being diagnosed as diabetic. Fluid build-up in the legs and feet (Lymphodema)

which is helped by wearing compression stockings. (11/12/2004)

By hwalz

Rash on Top of Feet

I have this great Melaluca lotion that takes care of all kinds of rashes, my son's diaper rashes, poison ivy, everything I have tried it on

it has worked. It is called "Renew" and it is great. Shannon in NC (11/18/2004)

By Shannon Fox

Rash on Top of Feet

Stop taking the sweetener Aspartame it worked for me. (05/17/2005)


By Paul Mckenzie

Rash on Top of Feet

So I have been reading all the posts, and though most are from the past few years, it seems like others are reading this. I have extremely bad

eczema. It sounds like this is what most of you are experiencing. Laundry soaps, bath soaps, dryer sheets, wrong socks/shoes all trigger it. I

find that if I soak my feet in water (as hot as I can stand it) and Epsom salts; pat them dry; then apply Cortaid Advance therapy, the bumps go

down and the itch becomes bearable. Nothing fully removes the itch (even after you scratch the tops off), but this does help. As I hope this

post does.

By JohnnyV

Rash on Top of Feet

Okay, all the blood sugar and lipids are acceptable. Now ya wanna know what worked for me? Sounds silly, I know, but it's the same thing I've

been using for years to make my "room clearing" stinky feet go away, dry baking soda rubbed on the area. (08/15/2006)

By Dohwannaitch


Rash on Top of Feet

I had this last summer, for the first time ever. Try Acidophilus, which is a dietary supplement. You can find info about this supplement at

vitamin websites. It is available at drug chains and not expensive. Its also great for deterring yeast infections. Try it. (02/17/2007)

By Babs

Rash on Top of Feet

My doctor diagnosed me also with Petechiae. She gave me Eucerin. You can find it at Wal-Mart. It comes in a lotion and a cream. Get the cream.

I went to the dermatologist and she diagnosed me with having pigment purpura. She prescribed me Cutemol, a steroid-based cream. The Cutemol made

it worse, so I am back to using Eucerin.

It goes away in some spots, but still remains on the tops of my feet. Doesn't itch, only when my feet get hot. I think it could be a heat rash


Good luck everyone. (03/02/2007)

By Sam

Rash on Top of Feet

I have scanned through all of the ideas that people have and the bottom line is that it seems that most of us are frustrated because there are lots


of ideas, plenty of options, little success. Doctors do not know how to treat it, what causes it or how to prevent it. Sweat seems to trigger it

and leather seems to ignite the redness which is what seems to be the one thing none of us can get rid of. This seems like what we are all

experiencing. I did find one cream that dries it up and stops the itching but does not make it disappear, even if I am not wearing shoes at all.

It is called TriDerma-intense fast healing. It is not a cure but will protect the skin and keep it from itching and does it naturally. The

redness seems to stay however. At least it does not contain cortisone but does have aloe. If you find a cure patent it. (06/23/2007)

By S. James

Rash on Top of Feet

My problem is white bumps that mainly itch when my feet are really hot. They appeared overnight about a week ago on one foot, with a few on the

top of the other. Now the other foot is getting worse.

To the people who have already commented, " it is not Athlete's foot and it is not Petechiae". Athlete's foot is between toes and at the bottom


of the feet. Petechiae is tiny burst capillaries under the skin that create red dots, not bumps and they do not itch. Those are caused from

trauma or stress to the skin. (07/08/2007)

By Bethany

Rash on Top of Feet

Has anyone tried Skin Zinc? I've heard it works wonders for various skin problems.

By Jayce

Rash on Top of Feet

If you are bleeding on the foot make sure you do not put meds in the cuts. Use neosporin to heal and then you can use Desitin. It treats rashes

and smells like fish. It works. My feet are cleared up. You should also watch out for the dyes in slippers and whatever. I also switched my soap

to a natural soap. I use Ivory Pure and Simple. I also do not use laundry detergent with dyes and I'm clear. (08/07/2007)

By wayneski

Rash on Top of Feet

I've been suffering from the same itchy patches on the tops of my feet and parts of my hands. My rashes were sometimes accompanied by milky

white areas under the skin. I finally was referred to an allergist who tested me for some seventy different allergens. The most severe reactions

came from a variety of grasses (that explains the increase of reactions during summer) and dust mites. The white patches I mentioned are pockets

of histamine that my body is producing in reaction to the allergens.

Daily non-drowsy allergy medications (Zyrtec, Claritin, etc.) should clear up the problem. An interesting note, I discovered that "Ocean

Potion-Moisturizing Aloe Lotion", available almost everywhere, will provide almost immediate relief to affected areas.The results are amazing.

I hope this helps. (08/28/2007)

By Chris

Rash on Top of Feet

I must say, everyone seems to have the same symptoms I have. I actually just started getting these little itchy rash like bumps on the tops of

my feet a few weeks ago. I had never had them before. I just started wearing a pair of my husbands old sneakers, to wear to work, and that's when

the problem started. I had tried hydrocortizone cream and it helped a little, but the problem would come back. I stopped wearing the shoes, got

new socks. I have recently been putting rubbing alcohol on it, and it actually almost cleared it up over night. And it stopped the itching

almost right away. Try it, it worked for me. (10/03/2007)

By Cherish

Rash on Top of Feet

I think I have the answer. I have been reading these comments since yesterday as I have the same thing. A very itchy rash that started

on tops and sides of feet and driving me crazy for over 6 months and recently on the backs of my hands. Went to 2 doctors and received steroid

shots and two different creams, neither worked much. (Clobeasol ointment and second, Mometasone Foroate cream) The second cream helped the itch

a little, not much and neither one cleared rash. Both Drs. gave different diagnosis (both wrong) I have spent numerous hours researching the

internet but, I couldn't pin it down.

Finally today I went to one of the most respected Dermatologists in Dallas. He took one look and had no doubt about the diagnosis, "Lichen

Planus". He said it's not uncommon to his practice and has seen it often. He gave me Desoximetas 0.25%, a corticosteroid cream, to apply 2 x

daily. He said steroid or cortisone shot not necessary, just use cream. I have only applied 2 times and the rash is getting better already.

Itching is stopping and the rash actually starting to fade.

If you start looking this up don't get confused about what most sites say about the location of the rash. He said it is usually hereditary

(no one in my family that I know of and I'm 50 and this is my first episode). Exact cause not really known. it can come on any time, any age, for

no reason. Treated, it can go away for good but sometimes returns months or years later and needs same treatment. It is not contagious and left

untreated it might last up to 12 months. I hope this has helped ya'll because this is a miserable rash and regular MDs are clueless. It is

worth the visit to the Dermatologist. I'm so excited that I am feeling better already. Good luck to all of you. (10/31/2007)

By Virglynn

Rash on Top of Feet

To Virglynn: It's not Lichen Planus because almost everyone in my family has this and so do my close friends. Therefore it's very contagious. I

think we all have flat warts at it's mildest form. (01/10/2008)

By Ana

Rash on Top of Feet

I promised you I would let you know what my Dr. said when I went. Well, he referred me to a dermatologist. Before making any appointments I went

to Walmart and talked to the pharmacist there. She suggested taking Claritin and applying Vaseline for the dryness. I also found some cream

called Miracle Home Pedicure cream by Miracle of Aloe company. It contains tea tree oil and aloe, peppermint, lavender, shea and cocoa butters.

I have been taking the Claritin daily and applying this cream daily and it is like a "miracle"

My feet have stopped itching and my skin is clearing up and is soft and smooth. This is the 4th day and it is almost gone. I still don't know

what has caused it but my blood pressure medication is a suspect. Found out that pharmacy make mistake in my dosage and I have been taking twice as

much as I was suppose to, since November! I am not going to make appointment with the dermatologist now unless it comes back. Good luck to

everyone. Maybe this will help. I will keep in contact to let you know if it comes back. I have also soaked my feet in Epsom salts about 5 times

too and I wash with Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash with turquoise lid. (03/04/2008)

By Linda

Allergies can be the culprit - molds, formaldehyde, etc.

I had a bad rash a couple of years ago on my forehead, which was the result of wearing a cap made in Korea. The culprit, said a dermatologist,

was the formaldehyde used to preserve the cloth. This dermatologist must have know his stuff, because I was just recently tested for allergies,

and I am allergic to molds and formaldehyde. I know a lot of clothing and shoes are now being made in China and I suspect a lot of them have

high levels of formaldehyde in them. And I know mold is prone to grow in shoes. You fellow sufferers might try new shoes, new socks, or

laundering both with some type of bleach.

Good luck. (05/05/2008)

By Wayne

Rash on Top of Feet

Starting from about a month ago, I noticed that I had what looked like a very small blister on my middle toe on my right foot. Well assuming

that it wasn't anything big, I left it alone, not realizing that I was scratching it while I was sleeping. A couple days later, I had a full out

rash on and between my big toe, 2nd and 3rd toe, and the bottom of my feet were getting similar bumps.Finally after looking for answers I found

I have atopic dematitis, better known as eczema and people who have this skin disorder. It has been known to be prone to type of dermatitis

called dyshidrotic eczema that can cause horrible rashes and blisters that itches like hell and burns also.
That was the answer for me, hope it helps. (05/28/2008)

By Sharon

Rash on Top of Feet

I know this blog is old (it is now June 2008), but I came across it just now. Please check to see if you have a bed bug infestation. I ran into

the same thing (itchy welts, rash, etc.) and no one knew what it was. It turned out it was bed bugs and the little creatures are great at

hiding. Call an exterminator ASAP if you have this problem. (06/16/2008)

By Aaron

Rash on Top of Feet

There was a story last summer about a girl who got cheap flip flops from Walmart and she had a very serious allergic reaction to the shoes,

right where the top strap touches the foot. It it possible that some of you folks are having a mild allergic reaction to whatever plastic the

sandals are made of. Or maybe the leather dye?

Good Luck. (07/17/2008)

By Jess (TF Editor)

Rash on Top of Feet

Hi folks, Enough said above. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to a dermatologist.
  2. Before you make an appointment, find out if the dermatologist treats feet with rash, fungus or what ever problem you are having with your

    feet. Not all dermatologists are specialized in the same field.

  3. When you get there, pay attention. Before any treatment is prescribed, the dermatologist should take a sample of your skin and send it to a

    lab for testing to diagnose the correct infection. If that is not being done, tell the dermatologist politely to have a sample of the infected

    area sent to a lab for testing. The reason why this is important. They are several types of feet infections that look the same and all the cures

    are different. (08/01/2008)

By Rudy

Rash on Top of Feet

I got rid of a ten year rash on top of my foot by burning it with crushed garlic. I applied it for 5 minutes only on the rash because I couldn't

stand any more. The skin formed blisters. It took 2 weeks to heal and my itch never ever came back. My skin used to look like a peeling cracked

sore, which bled if I scratched too hard. Now my skin is soft, without scars and never itchy. (09/02/2008)

By Chris

Rash on Top of Feet

This itchy rash on the tops of my feet is horrible. It comes and goes. It mostly starts up in the evenings. I think I have a bug bite, but the

more I itch, the further it spreads. Within 5 minutes both of my feet are blood red and swollen and I can feel little tiny hives covering the

tops of my feet. I spray hair spray on them when it gets really bad and the itch stops. Strange and Irritating, but true. (10/06/2008)

By Amy

Rash on Top of Feet

I have had this for a few years now and living in England the weather is cold for about 70% of the year. I went to Florida in the summer and the

rash appeared as a direct result of the heat. The same happened to me in Australia and SE Asia on previous holidays.

From seeing doctors and dermatologists this is what I have discovered:

  • relates to eczema
  • can be influenced by fungus
  • no cure - just the way we are
  • needs to be avoided by taking shoes off where possible (in car, sitting at a table, etc.) wearing shoes that breathe
  • Claratin or another antihistamine daily when it occurs.
  • don't use soap to clean feet - just warm water

Creams are fairly useless unless they have some form of steroid to increase recovery. most creams irritate, however moisturizer can help when

the rash is gone and the skin has dried. (12/05/2008)

By Joe

Rash on Top of Feet

I have had a rash on the top of my feet for 15 years. Have been to Doctors, Dermatologists, etc., etc. The only thing that helped was

cortisone ointment (had to be the ointment, not cream) I hated using it so used it for a few weeks to clear it up and then stopped for a couple

of weeks and it always came back. Over the years has spread and I have ended up with cellulitis at times.

Recently I read in a magazine about a lady who cured a rash on her hand with wet wrap therapy. I decided to try and in a week my feet have

improved 100%. I can't believe it. I put on a wet sock and wrapped my foot in Glad Wrap and in the morning took it off and rubbed moisturizing

cream into my foot. Did it for a week and it improved every morning. No itch, less swelling, redness is going and I just can't believe that

something so simple has helped so much. I have stopped doing it now and rub a Vitamin E and Aloe Vera moisture gel into my foot each night. If

it looks like coming back I will get the wet sock on again. But so far it's good. Wow! (12/19/2008)

By Alana

Rash on Top of Feet

Has anyone thought of Scabies? I know they sound gross but they are very common. (01/30/2009)

By Melissa

Rash on Top of Feet

I got a liquid from CVS called Mercuroclear comes in a little bottle, used for something a bit different but really seems to help. (06/11/2009)

By ashley

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