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Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

If anyone has a suggestion for me to clean ink from my carpet, I tried but it has smeared into several spots. The carpet is peach colored with blue ink spots. My 13 month old puppy had fun playing with an ink pen the other day! HELP!

Angie from Michigan

Caution: If your carpet manufacturer has a website or toll free number, be sure to research what advice they might have. Different solutions may not work on different type of carpet. It is always good to pretest any solution on a carpet remnant.


Cleaning Black Pen Ink off Carpet

My dog chewed up a black ink pen on my cream carpet. I was devastated. My 11 year old niece could not understand why I was so upset. I explained I'd already had her ruin one carpet with ink.

She proceeded to tell me not to worry just mix white vinegar and baking soda and blot the stain. Every bit of it came up. (Don't put a lot of baking soda or it will erupt in the container like a volcano. Use about a 1/2 cup vinegar and 2 or 3 tablespoons soda.)


By Dianna (01/21/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

This absolutely works!! I have beige carpet, a dog and a blue ink pen, and every bit of it came up! Thanks for the great tip!! (02/05/2005)

By bonnll4

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

OK, i mixed the 2 and a half tablespoons of baking soda with a half cup of distilled white vinegar and this did not work for me at all. (02/05/2005)

By cj

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

This worked like magic for me. I too have a beige carpet a black lab and a blue pen. Everything is back to it's normal hue now....well the pen is gone :-) (02/17/2005)

By marie

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

OK, here's the deal. My fiance tattoos so i get a lot of ink in my carpet and I found at Walmart this stuff in the paint section called Oops. Not only does it remove the ink it is also good for sharpie stain on furniture and wont dis-color fabric (03/20/2005)


By djaco1380

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

This works on 95 percent of ink stains. Take hairspray and spray a little at a time on the carpet. Have a white cloth, reg cotton , ready and press the cloth into the carpet to act as a sponge. Do not rub and spread it . Spray and press over and over. It works on clothes and most things. It will not discolor anything. Then clean with reg carpet cleaner. Never saturate your carpet. It only makes the stain go deeper as will to much cleaner make dirt into mud below. Hopefully it won't have that much dirt but you get my drift. :) (07/25/2005)

By michala44

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

This is similar to the hairspray trick but won't leave you with the stickyness, just use regular rubbing alcohol. It's the ingredient in hairspray that dissolves the ink. I would also recommend using a carpet cleaner. I have a Bissell Little Green Clean Machine that's great for little spills and in between deep cleaning. It's also great for cars and boats!


Good Luck to you! Rebekah (08/18/2005)

By Madelynnsmama

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I had the exact same thing happen with a black perm. marker. As long as the stain has not been treated by other chemicals repeatedly, this process should work. Take a white cotton bar cloth, ammonia and a heated iron. Wet the bar cloth with the ammonia and place on stain. Take the iron and iron over the bar towel. You will see the stain actually being lifted up into the towel! I was amazed. My mother's advice actually worked! This is a very smelly job and suggest having the windows open or a fan going strong. (08/22/2005)

By Tina

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I used the rubbing alcohol and it worked GREAT. I had NO clean WHITE cloth though so I used a roll of tissue, it left little tissue balls but those can easily be removed with a vacuum or broom. I had to SOAK the stain in alcohol because it was a HUGE blue ink pen stain (my puppy chewed a brand new pen full of ink and the whole thing leaked in about 3 places) so I poured the alcohol directly on the stains and you could actually see the alcohol dissolving the ink. then I blotted it with the tissue and wow...the entire area is clean. it still has a blue hue, but BARELY visible (you have to be looking for it to see it) so I'm going to keep cleaning it as best I can. (12/18/2005)



Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I got printer ink on my cream carpet, and was told to use metholated spirits and then blot with a mixture of water, dish detergent and white vinegar. That totally did not work. Can I now try anther method or have i stuffed it up by using method? also, is printer ink different from pen ink or can I use the same methods ? (02/14/2006)

By Karin

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I have a light brown carpet and my 6 month old puppy chewed up a black ink pen. My mother-in-law suggested rubbing alcohol and it's working better than anything else that we have tried. (02/17/2006)

By Trisha

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

Wow, thank you so much! The rubbing alcohol removed not only a fresh inks tain from my carpet (my puppy chewed up a brand new ink-gel pen!) but also old ones I hadn't been able to scrub out. This is amazing, and wonderful, since I'm moving out of my apt. in just three days!



By Mary Jane Cuyler

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I use a product for any stain called Goof Off 2. You can purchase it at Home Depot. Always pre-test, this stuff works on anything. (06/02/2006)

By pat

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I used a product called Spot Shot from Sam's Club. It has taken most of the stain up so far. It appears the stain is gone but as it dries more ink raises to the surface. Deep ink stains do not come up in a few minutes. It is taking many repetions of spraying and blotting. I will try the alcohol idea if Spot Shot doen't completely remove the stain. I hate to start mixing chemicals for fear of setting the stain.

I have heard that a weakend solution of bleach takes out stains, but I have never tried it. (07/19/2006)

By Sue

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I was having a heart attack about my carpet when i came home yesterday. I found black ink every where not only all over my carpet but my couch as well. I thought I was the only one to come home to a dog that chewed up a pen and got ink all over till I read this site. I can't believe how many times that it happens to people. Anyway I am going to try the rubbing alcohol. It seems to be the best way that I heard so far. My cleaning ladies that come to my house to clean also mentioned hair spray. Either way I gotta do something and whatever I use that works i'll let you all know.
Those darn dogs.... (09/11/2006)

By annie

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

Thanks, i have tried a lot of things to get ink out of my carpet. Also my Lab chewed up an ink pen and went down the hall with it. The rubbing alcohol worked the best. I also tried vinegar and baking soda but it did not work as well. Thanks and good luck!!! (10/08/2006)

By Donna

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I used WD40 and an old towel, saturate the stain and blot with old towel, continue until stain is gone. Also works great on walls with pen and crayon! (10/08/2006)

By debbie

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

We do love our pets, don't we? Same story I woke up to see my Papplion puppy with a purple ink pen hanging out of his mouth. First things first don't panic...I had Oxy Clean for getting out spots from your laundry, it mentioned it could be used for upholstery. I thought I would give it a try. It worked wonderfully, I guess some more of the stain may work itself up. If so I will be sure to use more of the Oxy Clean. (11/20/2006)

By lynn

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

The suggestions you guys gave helped a tons in a flash. my husband and I woke up to huge black stains and smears in our beige carpet this morning. I had no idea what to do. The alcohol tip worked. Unfortunately, there was just so much of it and MO (our mastiff) must have done it as soon as we went to bed...there's still 3 large sections of black shaded carpet. I still focus in on it, but I was tons worse this morning. Thanks... OH and will a carpet steamer or shampooer help any more? Thanks ladies (12/04/2006)

By jamie

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

Nail-polish remover with acetate removed almost all of the ink stain on my Karastan Sisal Wool rug. (01/12/2007)

By Peggy

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

Nail polish remover does not work it only make the ink stain smear...HELP. (01/12/2007)

By LouLou

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

Litlle lad today dropped a fountain pen on the floor.

Came on here and read to use alcohol. In kitchen for a bottle of smirnoff vodka. Ink disappeared in about 2 capfulls of vodka

Many thanks (01/30/2007)

By Isiris

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

use carb cleaner, it works amazing (05/18/2007)

By heather

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet


I spilled an entire bottle of BLACK India ink on my dad's WHITE carpet. My father is a bit of a neat freak, to say the least. He hired a cleaning woman to come clean the house every other Thursday; once she leaves, he cleans the house again. Complaining all the way.
I did not get the entire stain out because there was way too much ink even for the magic of vodka to handle.
but here's how i got close: First off - NEVER LET THE STAIN DRY! Once India ink (and most other inks) dries, it becomes waterproof but while wet, remains water soluble. Soak up all the ink you can with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Use "Incredible" stain remover (like $3.50) and remove as much of the stain as you can that way. Then I used "shot spot" and it took out a little more. Shot spot is one of those foam, spraycan things. Doesn't do well when there's still lots of ink but works well when the job is smaller. Then I went to Sears and rented a "Rug Doctor" wet-vac and bought some carpet cleaner to go with it (totaled $35 for the cleaner and 24hr rental). Once I ran it over about 48 times and refilled the water container about 5 or 6 time, the stain mostly came out. It's still a bit darker than the surrounding carpet but not nearly as noticeable as a solid black dinner plate in the middle of the room. (06/27/2007)

By David

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

For anyone reading these tips in the UK, rubbing alcohol is known as surgical spirit and can be purchased from the pharmacy counter at Boots or at any other pharmacy.

Oh and by the way, after hours of using commercial carpet stain removers, two pourings of surgical spirit has removed the ink from the biro that my 4 year old broke. It's not only dogs that you have to keep pens away from :-) (07/12/2007)

By Gail

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

I'll second the vote for carb cleaner - I just used it to clean blue sharpie from my beige carpet (and from my two-year-old) and apparently carb cleaner and sharpie ink don't like each other because the ink practically disappeared on its own - very little scrubbing required. Be sure the area is well-ventilated though, carb cleaner stinks a bit. (07/12/2007)

By Josh

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

Well, like some of you, my dogs had fun with a black ink pen this morning and my mother's carpet now has their original art displayed on her light beige carpet. At first I tried Spot Shot and then some other stuff I found in the cabinet. So far, the rubbing alcohol is working the best. However, I am not talented enough to keep it from bleeding and spreading when I start on a new spot.

Good Luck! (07/26/2007)

By Breyn

Removing ballpoint gel Ink Stains From Carpet

Just tried KID'S N PET'S from our local pet supply store. Pre soaked full strength, used old tooth brush, blotted up with white cloth, did this several times, then sucked up with vacuum hose. if i did not know it was there i would never know it. (07/31/2007)

By lee

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