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Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

I am dumbfounded! My oldest daughter turns 12 Dec 29th, I was thinking about an all girl sleepover. Pizza, decorations, rented movies, make-up to play in. But I have no clue if that is something a 12 year old would want. I want it to be a complete surprise. HELP!

Susan from North East, Florida


Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

How about getting together some of your girlfriends and/or some of the mom's of the girls that are coming to the party, to "volunteer" to come and help you give the girls manicures, pedicures, glamor hairstyles & make-up? Have another friend taking pictures during all of this and have lively music playing and keep the chatter going. Possibly have an array of women's or teens Prom type dresses, jewelry, fancy hats, high heeled shoes, etc. for the girls to play like they are seniors in high school.

Maybe paint a cute background picture to have the girls stand in front of to take "formal" photos. This would take up lots of time. Have lots of mirrors available; maybe the girls would like to "do" their own makeup or the make-up of each other. If you don't have friends that can help you, then just have a big supply of bobby pins, hairspray, combs/brushes, make-up, nail polish, etc. I think 12 year old girls will love this and you can buy the cheap stuff.

The invitation could even ask the girls to bring makeup and nail polish. Provide cameras that the girls can use to take pictures of each other. They will love just having private time to laugh and be themselves, too. Don't plan on getting any sleep at this party. First, not all of the girls will sleep, second, you are responsible for them and anything they do, like sneak out of the house and toilet paper a neighbor's house, etc. Think young, laugh with them and have lots of fun. You are being a great Mom by opening your home to all of these kids and just letting your daughter grow relationships with lots of friends. (11/20/2007)

By Grannie

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

For my daughters sleepover I bought items for makeovers and I rented scary and girl y movies. I also bought some fun and cool little hair things and the girls did each others hair. I ordered sushi and pizza and a cake and the girls swam for hours. They played in a trampoline and slept on the floor in sleeping bags and stayed up all night having a pretend fashion show. (12/01/2007)


By Cecilia

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

Listen to music all day. (12/31/2007)

By ndfr


What you should do for a sleep over with one person is:

  • invite more people
  • make-overs
  • movies
  • ice skating (01/01/2008)

By Brooke and Allison

games for sleepovers

  • best game on earth Ouija (it is spirits)
  • the gender gap (you have to have boys and girls)
  • charades (guess what the person is doing acting it out without talking)
  • black jack (2-as many people)
  • taboo

By Brooke and Allison

Great Ideas

Okay, so you need ideas. As always, you can do makeovers, make movies, play truth or dare, talk about stuff (if you know what I mean).

My friends and I tend to play 'would you rather'. You give someone two options such as 'would you rather eat a worm or tell the most popular girl in the school who you have a crush on?' You don't actually have to do it, but it always generates laughs.

If you have internet, go on youtube, search for a song you like, and try to find a karaoke version of it. My friends and I spent a long time singing and having fun. It's always fun to put makeup on each other, talk about crushes, and stay up late! Good luck and have fun! (01/15/2008)

By Lilyana

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

Hm, a good game is the "Skittles Game" you can do it with regular or sour (sour is painful!) You fill a bowl up with said skittles and pass it around. Each person closes their eyes and fishes out two skittles, if the skittles are the same colour, they get to chew, if they are different, they have to leave them in their mouth. They have to keep doing this. And when someone else gets two of the same colour, you have to stop chewing etc.


By Savanah

RE:Sleepover partys for girls

You should invite a few friends over then go bowling. After you are done bowling you can go home and watch a bunch of movies. (Pillow fight optional).

By smartie07933

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

  • Truth or Dare (make sure age appropriate)
  • homemade facials
  • movie marathon
  • make your own pizza


  • carnival
  • Hawaii
  • mystique and magic
  • Hollywood red carpet (03/27/2008)

By Olivia</

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

Hey it's the Sleepover Specialist with a list of things to do. Have everyone bring an old pair of jeans. Get a cheese grater to make rips. Add glitter. Sequins. Your guests can trade if they want to. (07/14/2008)

By Sleepover Specialist

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

People could also do freeze dance, and tag outside. Hang out at the park. Make cupcakes. Smoothies?


By Madinaa*


Take donuts and tie string through the middle hole. Then tie it to the ceiling or something. As long as its hanging! Then you take a person and tie their hands behind their backs and they have to try eat it! Wow it's funny. (07/17/2008)

By gabs x

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

Try renting these movies: Stardust (PG-13, but is rated that because of "Fantasy Violence" but there is none), Another Cinderella Story (which has Selena Gomez), The first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Aquamarine (with Sara Paxton, Jojo, and Emma Roberts), and/or 13 Going on 30 (I don't know what that's rated). Try buying facials and fake nails. But otherwise, she'll like what you got. Good idea that you had. I wish you success!


By happyjanit

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

You can make your own ice-cream sandwiches! You use homemade cookies, ice-cream, and maybe chocolate chips, depending on what ice-cream you use. Even if you are not using chocolate chips, you still have to mix the ice-cream, to make it softer. Then you take 1/2 cup of the ice-cream and put it on the cookies. Then you wrap the sandwiches in Reynolds wrap. After you wrap them, put them in the freezer. In about an hour they will be ready to eat.



By pielove


I have ideas for u to do at a slumber party.

  1. Scavenger hunts
  2. Mummy
  3. Talent show
  4. Dance
  5. Watch movies
  6. Hide and seek
  7. Partner hide and seek: there are partners of 2, and one group of partners hide while the rest try to find that group of partners. When one group finds them, they hide with them. Then when everyone has found them, the first group of people that found the group that hid gets to hide and the process starts over again.
  8. Piggly-Wiggly: everyone lays their sleeping bags down in a room that can get dark. Then you pick someone to be "it". They leave the room and everyone else hides in someone else's sleeping bag. When everyone is ready "it" comes back in and sits on a sleeping bag and says "piggly wiggly" and the person underneath the "it" person goes "oink oink" and "it" has to guess who it is. If "it" is right the person who said "oink oink" is it. If "it" is wrong the person who was just "it" is it again.


By me

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

The sleepover sounds awesome. See if she is into the Jonas Brothers. See what singer(s) she likes and burn a cd of all her favorite songs and play them at the party. Do things like the cha cha, slide, and limbo. A classic party is awesome, especially with friends. Don't invite relatives to the same party. She will get embarrassed. Good luck and I wish her a happy birthday! Don't try to act "cool" just be a mom.


By Mikki

Hope this helps:)

Here are some ideas:

  1. Mall scavenger hunt
  2. Make an opera (lots of fun!)
  3. Taste it! Instructions:You have bowls of food and the person is blindfolded and they stick their hand in one and have to eat. For instance: peeled grapes as eyeballs, or spaghetti as veins
  4. Tons of movies
  5. Quizzes
  6. Magazines
  7. Spa Stuff(had a blast)
  8. Don't pick a room close to your parents
  9. Talent show (youngest as judge)
  10. Dance dance revolution, Wii(Mario cart), Guitar hero, rock band
Hope these helped you! (12/29/2008)

By Jessica

Hope this helps:)

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

Make smores in the microwave

  1. in one graham cracker put chocolate and melt it
  2. in another graham cracker, put marshmallows melted at 9 sec.
  3. Attach and enjoy! (12/31/2008)

By Anonumus

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

I am having a sleepover party in a couple days as well and have a couple cute ideas ( my daughter is turning 11).

I am making a menu with 2 types of salad, 2 main dishes, and a couple desserts as well as wine glasses with sparkling apple juice. I am going to make it a candle light dinner. I'll come in give them all a menu and have them order from the menu I made, like they are going out to eat: salad first, than main dish, and than the desserts.

Before dinner we are doing American Idol, I have friends and family helping with the judging to invite them to "Hollywood" and than I have a prize for the girl that wins in Hollywood. After dinner I have made up a Spa Menu so the girls can order a facial, nails or hair done. I am very excited about it. (01/20/2009)

By Crammin2002

Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

Let the girls have time on their own to really muck about. (01/27/2009)

By Carrie

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