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Training A 5 Week Old Puppy

I have a puppy bull dog, he is 5 weeks. At the moment, I'm having trouble getting him to stay. He sits when I tell him to but I have to sit him myself, like tap his bottom.

Also, he wees on the paper but doo doos on the floor. What should I do to potty train him.

P.S: He loves to bite shoes and your clothes. I know it's playing but sometimes it scares the lil one. What do I do about this?

Specta from Birmingham, England


Training A 5 Week Old Puppy

Hi, Congratulations on your new puppy.

Here are some things that have worked for me over the years:

Buy a crate the dog can comfortably turn around in. Not one too big, as dogs consider them their "dens" and like them snug and cozy. Use the crate for housetraining and sleeping.

After the dog eats, take him outside on a leash and say "go pee" and then "go poop." Say it nicely, encouraging him. If he doesn't do at least pee or it you are going out or distracted by chores or something else while at home, place him in the crate. Wait about an 1/2 hour and take him out again.

When you leave the house, put the dog in the crate and take him outside immediately when you get home, following the steps above (use a leash and firm commands). You're dog might take some time to get used to the crate. That's okay.

Don't let him out if he whines. Give him a small treat when you place him in the crate and pretty soon, he soon will go in when you tell him to.

Now, for the other problems. It's time for obedience classes. Check the yellow pages, call your vet, ask at the pet store, grooming or boarding facility for someone in your area that holds dog training classes. It's the best money you'll ever spend because it will teach you so much about the proper way to work with your dog so everyone ends up happy.

I also recommended tuning into Cesar Millan (aka "The Dog Whisperer) show on the National Geographic channel. If you don't get it, you can find his shows on DVD (Wal-mart sells them). He has a book out, but it's more autobiographical. It wouldn't hurt to borrow it from your local library. It will help get you ready for the training class.


You need to do all of this quickly so the bad habits you described don't become permanent. Puppies have short attention spans, but can learn easily if you are CALM, ASSERTIVE and PATIENT. (Keep repeating those words over and over to yourself.)

Also, make sure your puppy has toys to play with. A couple of old shoes to chew on wouldn't hurt either.

Puppies are like babies, they need patience, love and gentle but firm hand to grow up right.

Dogs have their own way of seeing the world and it helps immensely if you understand how they think and what motivates them.

Good luck!

By Utahyogini

Training A 5 Week Old Puppy

Wow! what fun you are going to have with your new puppy! We rescue dogs and have 5 that live with us permanently.

Puppies are babies--that should be your mind set. They poop a lot, want attention, chew anything, and accept your love unconditionally.

We firmly believe in crate training. We always say, "Go in your crate" whenever we would put a puppy in the crate. This comes in handy because if you need to leave the house and keep the dog in the crate, he will know the routine. "Go in your crate", dog goes in, you shut door. Later on, you will be able to keep the crate door open so the dog can go in or out at will. The crate becomes his safe haven. We drape a throw rug over the top of the crate too.

Another command that we think is very important is "House". Whenever we have the puppy outside and are going back inside we repeat "House" many times as we are walking towards and thru the door. Someday your puppy will accidently get out (they all do) and using the word "House" lets him know where to go.

Housebreaking rules: no food after 7pm, no food in the crate. No water after 10pm.

Toys: Puppies are cutting their teeth so they do need something to chew on. we never give them shoes or socks. A puppy can't distinguish between toy shoes and Mom's good dress shoes. We use tennis balls and a soft cuddly dog toy (no squeeker, makes the puppy too excited) when they are little. When they become huge, we give them pieces of PVC pipe about 8" long and at least 2" in diameter.

Sit and Stay? He's 5 weeks old. That's like telling a 18 month old human to sit and stay. What's the attention span there? We use treats to teach sit and stay. Just to get started: to teach to sit, hold the treat just a bit higher that the puppy so he can see it. As you say, "Sit" move the treat towards his head and back. Keep the treat within his eye contact. He will be watching the treat and just naturally sit down when his nose is pointed up. You can gently use your free hand to guide his fanny. As soon as his fanny hits the ground give him the treat and lots of praise.

Obedience classes are an option but we have never used them. That is a personal choice. There is a multitude of books and the internet to get you going.

Lastly, 5 weeks is pretty young, so patience, praise, persistence, and routine are key. Don't expect instant results but you will see progress.

By wendy5268

Training A 5 Week Old Puppy

I am a firm believer in crate training's like the pup's little den and dogs don't usually foul their den..that's very young, patience is a must. I have a female Jack Russell that we got at 4 weeks. I didn't think she would ever be trained -- but she is! I am a strong proponent of an obedience class also and then continuing to re-enforce those basic two just got over a gastric infection so I have been on poop patrol for 5 days -- but I just wanted them to get well -- glad to say they are! These two are like naughty children -- great fun but sometimes a pain in the behind - I can say "crate" right now and mine head for theirs - in fact my male goes there a lot -- he likes his privacy and he is 7 yrs old..enjoy your little's a pix of my clowns.


By cjjones

Training A 5 Week Old Puppy

First of all your puppy should still be with mom, Puppies need to be with mama till at least 8 weeks !!! You are expecting waaaaaaay too much from a tiny baby, would you want a human baby to do this? I think not!! Give your puppy lots of love and be very patient with it.Don't forget fur babies teeth just like human babies and it hurts! Give something hard to chew on, Nothing that puppy can choke on! And when you find him/her chewing something he should not,gently take it away and tell him/her NO!

By Rosa

Training A 5 Week Old Puppy

And don't forget he's still only 5 weeks old! Now if he were 5 years old, it'd be a bit different.

By Lynn Beth

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