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Training an Aggressive Pit Bull

Training an aggressive American Staffordshire Terrier can be a challenge but is often worth the effort. This is a page about training an aggressive pit bull.


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November 26, 2017

I have an eight month old Pit Bull. He's an American Pit Bull Terrier and is showing aggression towards other dogs and people and it scares me. He's really good with me and my family, but he almost bit my cousin the other day. So is there any way you guys can help me with solving this problem? If I don't get rid of it my mom said I would have to give him to the Humane Society and the Humane Society said they'll put him down if it is aggression, especially since he is a Pit Bull.


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This is a tough one. Because of irresponsible breeding there are pit bulls that are aggressive to other dogs and sometimes to people who are not family members. I am so sorry you have one of those dogs. It can be hard to decide what the right thing to do is. You are going to need someone who can advise you. I would recommend you call local dog rescue groups to find a group that takes pit bulls. Tell them what your situation is and ask for their advice. They may know of people who work with pit bulls that are dog aggressive. The Humane Society does not have time for the evaluation and retraining. You can try contacting the Villalobos Rescue Center for pitbulls in New Orleans for advice. If you havent seen it they have a TV series about rescuing pitbulls. They may have some good advice for you. http://www.vrcp  bout/contact-us/ Good Luck to you.

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October 18, 20050 found this helpful

I have a 3 year old pitbull whom I love very much. She has always been incredible with my 2 young children and I have never been afriad of having her, instead always feeling safe. We recently just moved into a house, we lived in a condo before, and she has become very aggressive with anyone that walks into the house or that she might see while walking.


I have always been able to let others pet her, but now when they do she becomes very aggressive. I'm very scared for her, all the neighbors do not like her and I feel that I can not have any new guests to our home. My boyfriend wants me to get rid of her, but I cannot even think about doing so. I'm looking for obedience training, but still am very concerned. Any words to make me feel better?

Nadia from CT


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Just some quick thoughts for you, first of all I have owned a full pit bull and also a pit mix. My experience with each has been absolutely wonderful. My full pit had one blip when she was about 6 months old. The answer for us was to make sure we were always with her; in other words we never left her alone. She came into our home after we had our first two children. My children were never at risk from her. She protected them without fail.


We also moved a couple of times during the course of our life with our pit and did not experience any kind of ripple in her behavior. However, we always made sure to spend a lot of time with the dog. I do not understand why there seems to be such an air of fear over pit bulls, also known as the American Bull Dog.

I do not understand why we see so many articles in the paper about "pit bulls." I can only guess that it might have something to do with the way they are being bred today. My advice to you is that if you feel uncomfortable with the situation regarding your dog, spend some really concentrated time with your dog.

Do not leave the dog out where he/she has an opportunity to express aggression. Most importantly observe, observe, observe your dog and correct negative behaviors but always remember to express your love for the dog. Professional help is definitely a consideration. If the behavior does not change then it is okay to consider the worst.

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May 15, 20120 found this helpful

My 3yr old male Pit just got fixed 3 months ago. He has tried to show aggression 3 times this month to my 16yr old daughter and 2 times my 16 month old grandson. I am devastated; he can't be trusted! I don't know what to do! I love him and he has other wonderful traits? Should I put him down? I don't think I can.


By Donna


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You need to ask yourself "What is more important to you, your dog or your children?" I think you already know the answer.

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May 17, 20120 found this helpful

I have a pitbull that just got in a fight with another pitbull and now he is showing sings of aggression. What I am doing is giving him lots of love and attention, taking him for longs walks, socializing him with other dogs like at the dog park. Can you get a companion? Good luck. Please try other alternatives before you put him down.

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May 17, 20120 found this helpful

You need to get this dog away from the children now! This doesn't mean you have to put him down immediately. First, is there any way possible to find another home for him that has adults only?


If you can't then you need to consider the consequences of keeping this animal. No one likes to put down a beloved pet but is the life of the 16 month old grandchild less important? This is a sad situation for you but you must be honest with yourself. So sorry.

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May 17, 20120 found this helpful

Google 'breed rescue pit bull American Staffordshire terrier' to find a breed rescue group. they are dedicated, they are knowledgeable, and they are compassionate.

They will help you. They'll arrange for a foster home for the dog until they can rehome him; you may have to help transport him, or they may be able pick him up directly from you.

If for some reason you can't find a breed rescue group in your area, your vet may have info on groups outside your state who will help.

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May 19, 20120 found this helpful

I just read in morning paper part pit bull bit 3 month baby in head while grandma & mama was in kitchen fixing baby bottle heard baby make crying noise went in where baby was & dog bit in his head. Baby died on way hospital.


People need watch babies & infants around dogs doesn't matter what kind dog. Please try place dog with someone else. They probably put it to sleep. Two babies last 2 weeks been in paper. I'm dog lover so heartbreaking.

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May 16, 20180 found this helpful

This is a page about working with an aggressive pit bull puppy. The most important thing in dealing with an aggressive puppy is to find a good trainer and be very consistent in your training. Socialization in a safe and controlled environment is often beneficial too. The earlier you address these concerns, the better!

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January 20, 20110 found this helpful

I have a 3 year old Pit Bull whom I love very much. She has always been incredible with my 2 young children and I

have never been afraid of having her, instead always feeling safe. We recently just moved into a house, we lived

in a condo before, and she has become very aggressive with anyone that walks into the house or that she might see

while walking.

I have always been able to let others pet her, but now when they do she becomes very aggressive. I'm very

scared for her, all the neighbors do not like her and I feel that I can not have any new guests to our home. My

boyfriend wants me to get rid of her, but I cannot even think about doing so. I'm looking for obedience training,

but still am very concerned. Any words to make me feel better?

Nadia from CT


Aggressive Pit Bull

Some dogs just don't do well with other dogs. Pit Bulls have a reputation for being aggressive, but this can happen

with any breed. There is a sweet female Lab that lives near us. She is great around people and bigger dogs, but

growls and tries to attack any smaller dog she comes into contact with. I'd find a trainer or animal behaviorist to

evaluate your dogs. Find one that has experience with dog to dog aggression. Try this link to locate one near you:

Also, you can join the yahoo group agbeh. They have many experienced trainers that give information and answer

questions for free. They can also help you find a trainer with dog aggression experience. Good luck:).


By guest

Aggressive Pit Bull

Ya plant turnips, ya get turnips. Why did you get a Pit Bull if you did not expect aggressive behavior? Enjoy your

dog for what he is, and do not expect him to turn into a lap dog. You did not get a lap dog, you got and

aggressive, protective (I hope) dog. Fish swim, cats purr and scratch, and unfortunately, Pit Bulls are

aggressive. Listen to your boyfriend. My husband is a mail carrier who has been bitten by a Pit Bull thinking he

was a threat instead of just a true dog lover delivering the mail. (10/19/2005)

By Margie

Aggressive Pit Bull

I say remove the dog or at least find it a safe place until you can get it trained. You should be dominate over

your dog no matter what the breed! I am a mellow Lab lover myself and Pit Bulls do have a rep, but I think this is

increased by the amount of people who find puppies oh so cute and give them dominance. That is fine if you have a

small dog and spoiling is all it wants. Some just naturally want more power so to speak for whatever reason and

letting them see you are in fear only gives them more dominance. You need to be alpha. It may break your heart for

you to be apart from your pet until you can arrange the training he obviously needs, but just think how horrible

you would feel if the aggression gets worse and he hurts one of your family members and you didn't use the power

you have to prevent it. Take control and be ready to say good bye if a trainer says he shouldn't be around

children. Get the aggression training your pet needs, even if you can't keep him he is your responsibility and he

should be trained before entering another home. Good luck and I hope you can safely keep your pet in the end.


By Barbie

Aggressive Pit Bull

Being aggressive is in their genetic makeup. You can't make an orange out of an apple. Get rid of the animal it is

not safe around your child or your child's friends. This breed has been banned in our city and it is now illegal

to own them. (10/20/2005)


Aggressive Pit Bull

My husband and I raised our son's 3 1/2 year-old Pit Bull. I must say we have devoted a lot of time taking her

outdoors for exercise (stick fetching), walks on leash and travel with us in our camper. So she has always been

exposed to people and other dogs. She is still very energetic and smart so she still requires lots of exercise and

social activities (with other dogs and people). However, when she sees a small animal run, the Pit Bull genes take

over and she will chase (and catch and kill). Always speak in a calm, gentle (and firm when necessary) voice. Do

not hit or jerk. I'm sure she is very strong so you must maintain control by using a sturdy harness or even prong

collar (get training on how to use this in a humane manner). Because your Pit Bull is strong, energetic, and

intelligent she needs much gentle attention, play, exercise, and patience, but she will be a very sweet and

amusing companion! (10/20/2005)

By wonfivegolf

Aggressive Pit Bull

Along with the advice on contacting a dog trainer and an animal behaviorist (the "agbeh" group on yahoo sounds

great), maybe your dog is just getting used to the new environment. It took my dog about two weeks to come back to

normal after being boarded for just a few days. Both times I got a stray dog, it took them several months to

finally calm down One barked at every little noise until he got used to the house. Be patient. Good luck!


By Olivia

Aggressive Pit Bull

Your dog is sensitive to people and animals walking by the window. If your dog hasn't been exposed to these things

in the past, you must de-sensitize your dog so she will be able to accept these normal, every day things that she

sees. Your dog clearly needs socialization with people and animals, but this must be done with patience and do it

slowly. My dog has the very same issues; barking at our neighbors walking down the street, the same people he sees

every day. My dog doesn't like other animals, but he doesn't mind if strangers pet him. He barks because he wasn't

socialized before I adopted him. We are working on this problem, but the simple truth is, some dogs need more

'space' than other dogs. My dog needs space. He wants to approach other dogs, but doesn't have the confidence.

When other dogs approach him, he growls then becomes aggressive.
My suggestion is if you haven't already, hire a professional animal trainer to work with you and your dog. You

won't be sorry. (02/03/2006)

By sandra johnson

Aggressive Pit Bull

When I moved my Pit Bull became aggressive with other dogs. I have really been working with him. I strongly advise

every Pit Bull owner to do obedience classes with their dog. I think your boyfriend is wrong for wanting you to get

rid of your dog. They are like children you wouldn't get rid of your children if they misbehaved. Moving is very

confusing for an animal. (05/10/2007)

By Nicole

Aggressive Pit Bull

Click on the link below. This might help you with your answer. A sign of aggression in a pit bull is dangerous. (06/28/2007)

By Sarah

Aggressive Pit Bull

Just to let those know, Pit Bulls are very much lap dogs. I have a problem Pit Bull, 6 months old, and I am taking

her to obedience class. However, getting her off my lap is a problem. She loves affection! (07/03/2007)

By vlneumann

Aggressive Pit Bull

Like all dogs, Pit Bulls are pack animals and they look for a leader to follow. If you are not this leader or you

are a weak leader, you will not be followed and your dog will be the leader and you will be following your dog.

(adapting by not having people over or taking her on walks etc.)

First you need to find out if your dog is already dominating you. Does she lay on you, jump on the couch

without permission, growl at you, ignore your commands. If so then your dog is already the boss. From now on

however, your dog must earn everything! Before you even enter your house, you must make your dog sit at the door

and stay there until YOU say it is OK for the dog to enter. Once inside the house, the dog shouldn't be allowed to

bug you for attention or food or beg. It should only receive attention when it does something right. (Sitting

quietly when people pass by your house etc.)

When you take your dog on a walk (which you should do at least 3 times a day) don't let your dog pull on you.

Keep the leash short and dog by your side. Walk confidently like you are the leader and restrain your dog with

stiff and stern commands. Don't yell or get emotional, stay calm and cool yet very stern.

The dog must also earn its food. Come up with exercises that promote good behaviors and always correct bad

behaviors within 1-2 seconds of the behavior. You let the dog think it is your leader and you need to retake your

position as the leader. You decided to get a dog that is both physically and mentally demanding and though it may

be hard, it is your responsibility to keep it inline to prevent bad things from happening. Your dog will follow

your actions.

If you're nervous your dog will be too, if your guests are nervous your dog will pick up on that. Your dog is

smarter then you think. (02/08/2008)

By Bill

Aggressive Pit Bull

Pit bulls are not pack oriented dogs. They are great dogs, but what most people don't realize is that they are

bred to fight. They are bred to hog-dog. They are bred to pull. There are different types of pits. If you raise

them to be a good dog they will be a good dog. Your dog sees your new house as its territory. It discovered it.

You are the dog's family and that dog is going to protect that house you and your family no matter what. It is

going to die for you if it has to. It's not trying to be a mean dog. You have to reassure the dog that its OK.

Don't lock it in a room. The dog will rip the carpet up to get to you. That dog doesn't want you to forget about

it. Pit Bulls are great dogs. You just have to make sure it knows it's OK. (04/20/2009)

By Becca

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