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Pit Bull Puppy

Training a Pit Bull PuppyPit Bull puppies need the same training and socialization as any puppy. There are some additional steps you can add to your training schedule for these energetic powerful dogs. This is a page about training a Pit Bull puppy.


Dog on Concrete

Dog Pooping and Peeing on Concrete?This is a page about dog pooping and peeing on concrete. Often dogs that have been raised in kennels with concrete floors are reluctant to use the grass rather than your patio or driveway for their duties.


Black and white Pitbull puppy.

Training a Pitbull to Not BiteThis is a page about training a Pitbull to not bite. Puppies love to play rough and tumble and biting is a part of that play. However, when they grow up biting is no longer acceptable and potentially dangerous. Training your Pitbull not to bite is a process you can undertake successfully at home.


red spray bottle

Homemade Bitter Apple SprayThis is a page about homemade bitter apple spray. Bitter apple spray is used to help train dogs and puppies not to chew inappropriately on things such as your furniture.


A spray bottle used to train a dog.

Dog Obedience Training Using a Squirt BottleThis is a page about dog obedience training using a squirt bottle. Some pet owners will use water in a squirt bottle to reinforce incorrect behaviors when training their dog.


A German Shepherd and Husky mix.

Training a German Shepherd/Husky Mix DogThis is a page about training a German Shepherd/Husky mix. Differing training methods may work best with certain breeds and with larger dogs.



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Are Dog Parks Safe for My Puppy?I am wondering if dog parks are safe for my puppy. Should I wait until a certain age to take her? She is 3 months old. I want to socialize her, however I am wondering where to start. I have her enrolled in a puppy training class. I just want to know your opinions on the next step.


Pit Bull

Training a Rescued Pit Bull?This is a page about training a rescued Pit Bull. Rescued dogs sometimes have not been well handled by their previous owners. Often this includes a lack of training and caring attention.


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Puppy Barks When Yelled At?Every time I punish my 10 weeks old pit bull for chewing stuff and peeing in the house by yelling at her, she fights back by barking aggressively at me. Is this normal? Or should I just leave her alone because she is to young to learn?


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Puppy Cries When Left Outside?I have a 10 week old puppy, I've had her since she was 5 weeks old. House training is going well, I have a few nipping problems, but we're taking care of it. The big thing is outside... I have a chain for her outside that I would like to be able to put her on for maybe an hour or two a day, mostly when I need to keep her from being underfoot, but the moment you close the door she starts whimpering... and its not a quiet whimper.


A small dog.

Training a Dog to Use Piddle PadsThis page is about training a dog to use piddle pads. Sometimes it is necessary to teach your dog to relieve itself indoors.


Two cute puppies, one bitting the other.

Teaching a Puppy Not to BiteThis page is about responsibly teaching your puppy not bite. It's part of a puppy's nature to nibble on things and bite, but as they get bigger, this type of behavior can be dangerous.


Photo of a mistreated Pit Bull.

Training a Dog That Was AbusedThis is a page about training a dog that was abused. Training an abused dog often requires special steps even before the actual training begins.


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Training a Paper Trained Puppy to Go Outside?I have a 10 week old Pomeranian. He's paper trained but sometimes decides to go on the floor. When I notice that he's about to go poop I hurry up and run him out side for him to go, but he refuses to go outside. Them when I bring him in he'll go on the paper.


Girl with American Bulldog

Training an American BulldogCertain methods of house training and behavioral training work better with specific breeds. This is a page about training an American Bulldog.


Bull dog on pavers.

Stopping a Dog from Peeing or Pooping on Pavers?Dogs can be trained to use a designated spot in the yard. If your pet is peeing or pooping on your pavers, clean them with a product such as Nature's Miracle to remove odors and then retrain her to go where you wish.


An angry dog barking with teeth bared.

Training a Guard or Protection Dog?The first thing to keep in mind when considering training your dog to be a guard or protection dog is to recognize the difference between a guard dog and an attack dog. Guard dogs are trained to alert and adopt a defensive stance when there is an intruder or danger, not to attack. The actual training takes research into techniques, the right dog, and patience.


A dog laying on the carpet.

Dog Digging in CarpetThis is a page about dog digging in carpet. It is frustrating to try to prevent your dog from digging in the carpet.


Aggressive Puppy

Training an Aggressive PuppyThis is a page about training an aggressive puppy. It is important to stop aggressive puppy behavior early.


Pit Bull puppy looking at the camera.

Aggressive Pit Bull PuppyThis is a page about working with an aggressive pit bull puppy. The most important thing in dealing with an aggressive puppy is to find a good trainer and be very consistent in your training. Socialization in a safe and controlled environment is often beneficial too. The earlier you address these concerns, the better!


A dog that is afraid.

Training a Dog to Not Be Afraid?This is a page about training a dog to not be afraid. Dogs may experience fear in certain situations, either due to temperament or past experiences.



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Training an Older Cocker Spaniel?We just adopted our second Cocker Spaniel (a male) from the animal shelter. He is 5 1/2 years old. The first Cocker miniature (female) that we adopted (7 years old) was crate trained and is just perfect. So we bought a crate for him to sleep in but he just shook the door so badly over and over that we let him sleep on the floor in our bedroom.


House Training a Pit Bull

House Training a Pit Bull PuppyThis page is about house training a Pit Bull puppy. Training a puppy to relieve itself where you want, takes consistency and patience.


Boxer puppy chewing on a plastic bone.

Training a Boxer PuppyThis is a page about training a Boxer puppy. Training puppies of all breeds begins early and needs to focus on patience and consistency in the training process.


Dog Keeps Knocking Over His Food?I have a two year old cocker spaniel who has a habit of pushing his food out of the bowl and eating it off the ground. We got him a food bowl and he puts his paw in the side and it makes it flop over spilling the food on the ground and then he eats it. He does it all the time. Why does he do that and how do I stop it?


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Dealing With Dog Phobias?Saw a post from several years ago from this site on Google about dogs being suddenly afraid of the TV and thought the advice was good but had more questions. Our dog is 10 years old. Our home flooded about 4 1/2 years ago during a hurricane which was traumatic for him and all of us. During the rebuild process, he became afraid of power tools which was understandable. We've always tried to minimize any exposure to this since then and he will just come inside when my husband uses them.


A dog lying in a bed with white sheets.

Keeping a Dog Off the Bed?Some dog owners do not want to allow their pet to sleep on the bed. One option is to close the bedroom door. If you want your pup to sleep in the same room you will need to train her to sleep on the floor. Some suggestions follow that address keeping a dog off the bed.


Photo of a Rottweiler.

Training an Aggressive DogDog on people aggression is a very serious situation. Training a dog to eliminate aggressive behavior is important for having a safe, positive pet and owner relationship. This is a page about training an aggressive dog.


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How Do I Stop My Puppy From Biting?I have a German Shepherd puppy and he's 8 weeks old. I know puppies tend to bite a lot because they're teething and because they're simply puppies, but mine bites way too hard. It really hurts and he shows signs of aggression sometimes, how can I get him to stop?


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Obedience Training Advice for a 6 Month Old Puppy?I have rehomed my American Bulldog and she is such a good girl. Although her previous home was a very chaotic environment. She's basically house trained apart from the odd wee at night, sits down before crossing the road and knows all her basic commands. She is quite nibbly though and bites and argues with me.


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Training a Puppy Not to Bite?My puppy is going on 7 months now. He is a mutt. He is mixed with breeds that I have yet to find out. He is medium size right now. He has a lot of energy, and is very trainable. But, he gets so overly excited to see me that he automatically wants to play so he bites and tugs on my skin to play.


Dog on wooden stairs.

Getting a Dog to Use Stairs?Some dogs seem to have a fear of stairs. Trying to get them to go up or down the house stairs can be very difficult if not seemingly impossible. Persistent and patient coaxing and rewards may help. This is a page about getting a dog to use stairs.


Choke chain on white background.

The Dangers of Using a Choke Chain as a CollarChoke chains are used by many pet owners when training their dog. For safety sake it is best to remove it along with their leash and use a buckle on style if you have a collar on your pet all of the time. This is a page about the dangers of using a choke chain as a collar.


Poodle Fetching Frisbee

Training a PoodleThere are universal methods for training dogs and then certain breeds may require some more specialized attention due to the breed or individual temperament. This is a page about training a Poodle.


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Training a Dog to Poop in One Spot?My husband and I have an older female Dachshund, who is his heart. And any time anyone complains about his dog, he goes ballistic. Anyway, this dog is constantly pooping right near my car, usually on the driver's side. No matter where I park in the yard, she will poop right beside my car.


Aggressive Dog Holding Bone

Dealing with a Food Aggressive Dog?Many dogs like to be protective of their food but some are overly protective and can become aggressive. Dealing with a food aggressive dog can be a challenge but with diligence to can be done.



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Puppy Aggressive Towards Owner?I have a male 5 month old aggressive Boxer puppy. He has bitten me many times, when I get him out of his cage to let him out to go to the bathroom or when I get home from work. He will leave teeth marks along with very bad bruising. What can I do to get him to stop this before he gets to be a adult dog?


Dachshund puppy plays with shoe outside in grass.

My Dachshund Has Behavior Problems?Pet owners are often very frustrated by the difficulty they experience in training their dogs, both house training and behavior training. This is a page about my Dachshund has behavior problems.


A dog being trained with a treat.

Using Dog Treats When TrainingSmall treats can be used effectively when working on training activities with your dog. This is a page about using dog treats when training.


Standard poodle.

Dealing With an Aggressive Poodle?No matter the breed, if you have an aggressive dog, it can be difficult for you and your family. This is a page about aggressive poodle.


Jealous Dog

Dealing With a Jealous DogPerceived jealously in dogs can actually result from a number of things, such as their establishing dominance or illness. Determining the cause can help change the behavior. This is a page about dealing with a jealous dog.


A yellow labrador retriever, running by a stream.

Obedience Training a Yellow Lab?Yellow Labs, also known as Labrador Retrievers, are one of the most popular dog breeds. They tend to be both friendly and easily trainable. This page is about obedience training a Yellow Lab.


A pit bull dog being trained.

Training an Aggressive Pit BullThis is a page about training an aggressive pit bull. Training an aggressive American Staffordshire Terrier can be a challenge but is often worth the effort.


An aggressive dog pulling on its leash.

Solutions for Dog on Dog AggressionThis is a page about solutions for dog on dog aggression. Dog on dog aggression is a common issue for pet owners. This aggressive behavior can be the result of several factors.


A German Shepherd dog wearing a collar and a halter.

Training an Aggressive German ShepherdThis is a page about training an aggressive German Shepherd. Boredom, pain, and lack of socialization or proper training can all result in a dog behaving aggressively. Trying to decide the cause of aggression is the place to start working on a solution.


A cute pomeranian dog preparing to bark.

My Pomeranian Barks Too Much?This is a page about my Pomeranian barks too much. Certain breeds and individual dogs tend to bark quite a lot. Training them to bark less can be challenging.


Two dogs looking between boards in a fence.

Preventing a Dog from Digging Under FencesThis is a page about preventing a dog from digging under fences. Many dog breeds instinctively dig. Others dig out of boredom. Whatever the reason trying to discourage this behavior can be a challenge.


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Training a Pit Bull Puppy Not to Bite?My three month old Pit Bull puppy won't quit biting. I want to teach him not to nibble or bite. Also what is the best way to potty train?


white Pit puppy

Teaching a Puppy Not to Jump or Bite?So I have a 5 month old Pit Bull and I'm trying to figure out some other ways to get her to stop chewing on hands and jumping on people when she greets them.


Two border collie type puppies playing in the grass.  One puppies is on it's back while the other stands over it.

Training Puppies to Not Fight?This is a page about training puppies to not fight. Normal roughhousing is part of puppy play. When it gets too rough you may need to take charge.


Sad dog looking through rain covered window

Dog is Afraid of the RainThis page is about dog afraid of the rain. It can be a challenge to reduce some dog's reaction to the sound of rain and thunder.


Large red dog cowering and looking at a man's outstretched hand

Training a Dog to Be Less Afraid of PeopleThis is a page about training a dog to be less afraid of people. Previous treatment and life experiences can leave a dog with a fear of humans.


A white dog sitting and looking up at camera on circular beige carpeted steps.

Training a Dog Not to Be Afraid of StairsThis is a page about training a dog not to be afraid of stairs. Some dogs seem to have an inherent fear of going up and down stairs.


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Dog Poops and Pees Inside When It Is Raining?I have an 8 yr old rescue Doxi; she is from a puppy mill. When it is raining outside she won't go outside. There is a doggy door for them to use and she goes in an out. But when it's raining she will go in the house.


winning dog with ribbon and cup

Training a Show Dog?This is a page about training a show dog. A well socialized, happy dog is needed for a successful show dog. Behavior, obedience and conformation classes can help you both to make the right moves.


dog stealing food from kitchen counter

Keeping Dogs Out of Your KitchenThis is a page about keeping dogs out of your kitchen. Many pet owners do not want their dogs coming into the kitchen, especially when food is being prepared.


closeup of Luna

Dog Afraid of People?We got Luna, a Pit Bull/Mastiff, when she was 6 weeks old. She is 12 months old now. She was great and a happy pup, but because of the weather, we haven't been able to take her out or have her be socialized like we were before. She would run to people now she is scared of people she doesn't know.


Puppy Growling

Teaching a Puppy Not to Growl?This is a page about teaching a puppy not to growl. While puppies often play growl during energetic play, growling is often not appropriate behavior and may require some training activities.


Dog Ripping Paper

Training a Dog to Stop Ripping Paper?This is a page about training a dog to stop ripping paper. Some dogs, either due to boredom or when in play mode really enjoy a good session of paper shredding. You however, probably do not enjoy the cleanup or loss of the newspaper.


Training Cat with Treats

Training Your Pet To A RoutineThis is a page about tips for training your dog or cat. Teaching your pet the house rules will let it develop a healthy routine and reward the whole family.


Dog Hearing Loud Noise

Dog Afraid of Loud Noises?This is a page about dog afraid of loud noises. Many dogs are frightened by loud noises. You can help them to overcome this fear with training and patience.


Puppy Chewing on Boot

Preventing Puppies From ChewingThis is a page about preventing puppies from chewing. All puppies chew, but you can train them not to chew on certain items and provide a safe alternative as part of the training.


Dog in Red Harness

Using A Dog Harness?This page is about using a dog harness. A harness is effective when walking a dog because it allows for more control over the dog and doesn't pull on the its neck.


Dog With Little Girl

Dog is Aggressive Around Children?This page is about dog is aggressive around children. Understanding why a dog behaves confrontational with children will help keep it, and everyone else comfortable and secure.


Hyperactive dog with a ball in its mouth.

Remedies for Hyperactive Dogs?Hyperactivity is a trait shared by many small to medium dogs. There are many different causes and possible solutions to hyperactivity. This page contains remedies for hyperactive dogs.


An adult dog in a crate.

Crate Training an Adult Dog?This page is about crate training an adult dog. Undertaken properly, your dog will come to love its crate and see it as a secure, cozy den.


Sad dog looking up at its owner.

Training a Dog That Bit Someone?This is a page about training a dog that bit someone. While you can not absolutely guarantee that your dog will never bite someone, there are steps and training procedures that will help prevent this from occurring.


A dog begging in the kitchen.

Training a Dog Not To Beg?This is a page about training a dog not to beg. People food smells very appealing to your pet. However, begging for food can quickly become a common disciplinary issue with dogs.


Large dog sitting near chickens.

Training a Dog Not to Chase Chickens?This is a page about training a dog not to chase chickens. Most dogs are quite smart, so despite their innate desire to chase your chickens, they can be trained not to.


A dog standing on a driveway.

Training a Dog Not to Chase Cars?This is a page about training a dog not to chase cars. Having a dog that likes to chase cars is a very dangerous situation that pet owners struggle to correct.


A dog and cat sitting in at a table in a house looking at each other.

Training a Dog Not to Chase CatsThis is a page about training a dog not to chase cats. Although it may seem part of their nature, you can train a dog not to chase cats.


dog biting

Training a Dog Not to BiteThis is a page about training a dog not to bite. Teaching your dog that biting is not allowed is an important part of her training.


A dog next to its crate.

Dog Doesn't Like Its CrateThis page is about dog doesn't like its crate. Encouraging your dog to find comfort and security in their crate is important to keeping your pet safe.


pug in a crate

Crate Training a Dog?This is a page about crate training a dog. Training your dog to feel safe and secure in her crate helps not only with house training, but also, with providing an option to allowing the dog free roam of your house when you are not there.


Friendly Pit Bull

Raising a Friendly Pit Bull?This page is about raising a friendly pit bull. A good training program will insure that your dog is well socialized.


Basic Dog Training With Clicker

Basic Dog Training TipsThis page is about basic dog training tips. In order to help your dog learn some basics, you need to be taught some things, too.


A couch chewed on by a dog.

Keeping Dogs from Chewing on FurnitureThis is a page about keeping dogs from chewing on furniture. Dogs, especially puppies, sometimes take great joy in chewing on your furniture.


Aggressive Dog

Dog is Aggressive Toward Strangers?This page is about dog is aggressive toward strangers. Our dogs don't always behave as we expect them to.


Dog Barking

Training Dog to Not Bark at Other Dogs?This is a page about training a dog to not bark at other dogs. It is in the nature of dogs to bark; training your pet not to bark in certain situations can be daunting.


Leash Training a Puppy

Leash Training a PuppyThis page is about leash training a puppy. Teaching your puppy to walk comfortably with you can take patience.


Housetraining a Dog

House Training a DogThis page is about house training a dog. Puppies and dogs need patience and guidance when learning their manners.


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Finding a No Kill Shelter for Dog that Bites?My granddaughter has a 2 1/2 yr. old toy Poodle and so far he can't be around anybody. He has bitten 7 people on the foot so far. He is in a new apartment and surroundings too. He is left home alone all day. Do we put him down before we get sued?


Barking Dachshund

Training a Dog to Stop BarkingThis page is about training a dog to stop barking. A dog's incessant barking is an irritation to their owners and their neighbors.


agility training for your dog

Agility Training for Your DogThis is a page about agility training for your dog. Many breeds are very active and would benefit from the exercise of agility training.


training a Shepherd puppy

Be Consistent With the New Puppy's RulesThe time to start training your new puppy is on the day it joins your family. Don't expect perfection. Puppies have accidents. They forget the rules at times and sometimes, their curiosity causes trouble for them in areas where rules haven't been established.


Dog With a Fetched Newspaper

Teaching a Dog to Fetch?This is a page about teaching a dog to fetch. Whether it's a stick, a ball, or even the morning paper, teaching your dog to fetch can be fun for you and your dog. ]


A dog using a dog door.

Training a Dog to Use a Dog DoorThis is a page about training a dog to use a dog door. Having a dog door can be convenient for both you and your pet. However, not all dogs will feel safe using it right away.


A dog and it's owner walking on the beach.

Teaching Your Dog to HeelThis is a page about teaching your dog to heel. No one enjoys being pulled down the street when they walk their dog. Teaching your dog to heel will make walks more enjoyable for both of you.


A dog jumping up on a woman.

Training a Dog Not to JumpThis is a page about training a dog not to jump. Many dog's think that jumping up is a great way to say hello. To avoid muddy prints on your clothing or being knocked over, it is a good idea to discourage jumping.


A man introducing his dog to a father and child.

Introducing Your Dog to New PeopleThis is a page about introducing your dog to new people. Some dogs are leery of strangers and others may be protective of their owner and home. It is important that you keep these things in mind when introducing your dog to someone new.


Young yellow lab napping on the couch.

Keeping a Dog Off FurnitureThis is a page about keeping a dog off furniture. Dogs see themselves as family members with the same rights and privileges. Once they become accustomed to lounging on the furniture, it can be difficult to get them to stop.


Crate Training a Puppy, Young Papillon in a crate.

Crate Training a PuppyThis is a page about crate training a puppy. Crate training is an important step in training an inside dog.


Teaching a German Shepherd to stay.

Teaching Your Dog to Stay?This is a page about teaching your dog to stay. A well trained dog is happier and more enjoyable for you too. Teaching your dog to stay is one of the initial commands, after sit. It takes patience, consistency, and a good technique to teach your dog this important lesson.


Man training a dog to sit.

Teaching Your Dog to Sit?This is a page about teaching your dog to sit. One of the first training commands you can teach you new pup is to sit. This sets the stage for other commands.


Dog digging at the beach.

Training a Dog to Stop DiggingThis is a page about training a dog to stop digging. Did you just discover the hole where your flowers used to be? There are many reasons a dog likes to dig including breed, exploration, attention seeking, or wildlife in your garden.


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Keeping the Dog Off the Couch?I just got a new couch that is much longer than the last one. On my old couch, I used to place items on it to keep the dog off. That is not so easy with the new couch. Any suggestions to teach an old dog a new trick?


Tow Dogs Holding Stick Together

Socializing Your DogThis is a page to socializing your dog. Dogs that can be easily taken into public and get along with other dogs and humans, especially children, are much more pleasant to own as pets.


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Keeping Dog Out of Flower Bed?We just purchased a new home and my dog has taken to laying in my newly planted flower bed. We had Invisible Fence installed around the vegetable garden not thinking she might lay in the flowers. Any ideas?


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How Do I Find a Dog Trainer with Pit Bull Experience?I need to get a hold of a trainer with Pit Bull experience ASAP for my 10 week old bully. I really need a trainer, as it's my first one.


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How Do I Train a Dog Not to Jump?How do you stop a dog from jumping?


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Dogs Digging In My Flower Garden?Can someone tell me what to put in my flower beds to keep my doggy from digging?


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Socializing a Puppy With Other Dogs?We recently adopted a Blue Heeler/Pit Bull puppy. She is 3 months old and is such a gently puppy with us. I'm worried about her playing with other dogs. She has a habit of biting their ears or the loose skin under their neck and does not let go!


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walk standing on rocks

Positive Reinforcement for Dog TrainingWhen teaching a dog to "come" by saying "come" or calling their name always praise them or give them a treat and make a big deal when they come to you. This will encourage them to always come when called. Be sure to never call your dog to you, then scold them for anything.


woman sitting down and training a dog

Basic Dog Training TipsTraining your dog can be a long and sometimes complicated process, but there are some basic things that you should keep in mind.


Socializing Your Dog, Puppy in a hammock.

Socializing Your DogSocializing your dog doesn't mean bringing Fido to a tea party with the ladies... it means being a responsible pet owner and teaching your dog to be calm and confident in any situation.



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Dealing With Dog Phobias?Saw a post from several years ago from this site on Google about dogs being suddenly afraid of the TV and thought the advice was good but had more questions. Our dog is 10 years old. Our home flooded about 4 1/2 years ago during a hurricane which was traumatic for him and all of us. During the rebuild process, he became afraid of power tools which was understandable. We've always tried to minimize any exposure to this since then and he will just come inside when my husband uses them.


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Training a Pit Bull Puppy?We just adopted a 7 month old pocket Pit Bull. He is not neutered. He seems extremely good, but the only thing is he constantly is chasing the cats and and barking at them. I'm not sure if he is being aggressive or not. He was with another cat before and constantly trying to mount the 5 year old Lab. Any help or tips? He is so good other than that.


Training an Aggressive German Shepherd - dog in coat lying on a deck

Training an Aggressive German Shepherd?I have one year old male German Shepherd. Over the last two months he has become very aggressive. 2 weeks ago he bit my son. On consulting the doctor he said getting him sterilized will calm him down, but somehow I'm not satisfied. Is there any other way out?


Training a Former Bait Dog - brown Pit

Training a Former Bait Dog?I just rescued a Pit Bull who was used as a bait dog about a year ago and was bounced around until I got her about 2-3 weeks ago. She has issues with some dogs and an issue with cats and a couple of other animals. She lives on a farm and I wanted to know if there was any way to help her over the hurtle to be able to safely interact with these particular animals.


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Keeping Dog from Pooping on Pavers?I a have a small dog who's one year old. She's a Cocker Spaniel cross Silky Terrier. She wees on the grass and poops all over the pavers. Some times she also poops around the other dog's bowl, who is a 13 year old Labradoodle. I have used products to wash the pavers in the past. I have no idea when she goes to the toilet as she has a doggy door and helps her self out when she pleases.


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Training a Pit Bull Puppy to Not Bite?I have an 8 week old female Pit Bull puppy that is very aggressive and bites constantly. Could you tell me how I can get her to stop?


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