July 13, 2011

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Cleaning Your Garage, A very messy garage in need of organizing

Cleaning Your GarageThis is a page for cleaning your garage. Garages are often used to store sports and exercise equipment, garden and household tools, toys, seasonal decorations, and anything else that might need to be temporarily stored.


Downward photo of an area rug in a lobby

Cleaning Area RugsThis is a page about cleaning area rugs. Area rugs provide a nice complement to your home decor, but they can become very dirty if they are in high traffic areas or you have kids and pets. Not cleaning an area rug can take years off of its life.


Growth Chart

Making a Growth Chart for Your KidsThis is a page to making a growth chart for your kids. A growth chart is a fun way for you and your kids to look back at how their growth has progressed.


Ball Orniments in a box

Storing Holiday DecorationsThis is a page about storing holiday decorations. Storing your holiday decorations in an organized manner not only will keep them from breaking but also allow you easy access to them when the holiday arrives.


A chest freezer full of frozen food.

Organizing Your Chest FreezerThis is a page for organizing your chest freezer. A chest freezer is a great way to store a lot of food, but it is easy for it to become disorganized. Storing frozen food only saves you money if you can find it when you need it.


Making a Hummingbird Garden, Hummingbird feeding from a yellow flower.

Making a Hummingbird GardenThis is a page for making a hummingbird garden. To attract hummingbirds to your yard or garden, you need to make sure to plant the right flowers and shrubs.


A close up of a window air conditioner.

Installing a Window Air ConditionerThis is a page about installing a window air conditioner. Summer has arrived and the temperature is rising. If your house is too warm inside it can be unpleasant during the day and difficult to sleep comfortably at night.


Saving Money on Haircuts, Haircut

Saving Money on HaircutsThis is a page to saving money on haircuts. Haircuts are a necessity that can sometimes be expensive. Finding ways to trim a little off the price is always nice.


Smiling child in dental chair

Finding a Good Dentist?This is a page about finding a good dentist. Going to the dentist can strike fear into the hearts of many. Finding a dentist that you trust and feel comfortable with can do much to alleviate the aversion of going in for a checkup or procedure.


Someone mopping hardwood floors

Cleaning Hardwood FloorsSome hardwood floors can easily get water damaged and the finishes can be stripped by harsh cleaners. This is a page about cleaning hardwood floors.


Scrapbook Supplies

Organizing Scrapbook SuppliesThis is a page to organizing scrapbook supplies. Scrapbooking is a fabulous way to be able to look back at your fond memories of family vacations and occasions. However, all those supplies have got to stay organized!


Removing Gum from Clothing

Removing Gum from ClothingThis is a page about removing gum stains from clothing. Gum stains on clothing are particularly stubborn. You can scrape off some, but it's tough to get it all.


A cat in the bathtub being gently sprayed with a showerhead.

Giving a Cat a BathThis is a page about giving a cat a bath. Bathing a cat can be extremely difficult but is necessary from time to time. There are some tips and techniques to minimize the trauma and injury to your cat and yourself.


Window Air Conditioner

Buying a Window Air ConditionerThis is a page to buying a window air conditioner. A window air conditioner is a good way to cool off a room. However, there are a lot of models to choose from, in a wide range of prices.



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Homemade Yellow CakeThis recipe makes a very light and delicate-crumbed cake. Great for making plain cake with a favorite filling, then frosted to suit your family, or left as is. A very simple and easy recipe.


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Meat LoafOne of the best meat loaf recipes ever!


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Refrigerator RelishYummy and easy to make!


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Taco SaladThe yummy flavors and the crunchy texture can make this quick salad a favorite.


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Lemon Lime ChickenCitrusy with Asian flavors, and easy to make. Serve over rice.


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Baked FetaIf you like feta you'll absolutely love this, and even if you don't like feta you might just change your mind after trying this recipe.



Credit card machine spitting out cash.

Think of Using Credit as Spending MoneyOne trap that many of us fall into is thinking about spending money and using credit as different, when both affect our monthly budget. We may buy something on credit that we would never consider paying cash for.


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Natural Remedy For Head LiceRecently my 2 granddaughters got head lice from school. After using a Rid kit and 3 trips to the doctor they finally told me to use Listerine mouthwash and vinegar.


Can with expiration date printed on it

When Expiration Dates MatterBefore we hit the beach, I spent ten minutes covering a wriggling and impatient boy with SPF 50 sunscreen. To my dismay, I didn't put a pale skinned youngster to bed that night.


Planner, belt, binder clips, and glue

Make a Planner Into a PurseI recently decided I was sick of not having a simple pen and paper when I was out and about. So I went from a wallet to a planner. After a couple of days, I found that sticking it under my arm was not only annoying, but easy to lose.


Sea turtle swimming in the ocean

Sea Turtle in the Ocean (Gulf of Mexico)I was just enjoying the view of the open ocean, when all of a sudden I heard water splashing and a low hum from the water. As I looked over, there was this huge sea turtle. It was easily four feet wide.


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Wearing Costume Jewelry With a Nickle AllergyNickel is a common metal for costume jewelry. Due to a nickel allergy that causes me to get a rash wherever there is contact with the skin, I have a few gambits that I use to avoid the irritation.


Beautiful cut rock with stream flowing through

Scenery: Maple Creek (Orange County, CA)This creek is off a hiking trail in Santiago Canyon. The water was so cold!


How Not to Get Burned Using Online AuctionsHow I look at not getting burned by eBay sellers. I normally look for good deals, the description that is clear enough that I can see it in my mind. I look at the price of the item and how much is spent on shipping.


White dog laying on side

Miley (Siberian Husky/Lab Mix)Miley is a 1 year Siberian Husky/Lab mix. I adopted Miley from the Adopt-A-Pet shelter over spring break. I found her first on www.petfinder.com. She has learned to toss her toys across the room, so she spends a lot of time running.


Partly shaded small front garden with bird bath

Garden: Front Yard FlowerbedThis was a mother and daughter project last spring. I chose big plants, and my little girl Haley Beth helped me set the plants. We decided to match our garden to the colors of our house. We have a red roof, with clay colored siding.


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Store Seed Beads in Spice RackSometimes I embellish my knitting with small glass seed beads. I keep them tidy and easy to find by storing them in an old spinning spice rack with glass bottles that I bought at the second hand thrift shop for 50 cents.


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Wii GamesBest place to find Wii games and game accessories is in pawn shops. People trade them in or sell them for a variety of reasons.


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Cleaning PC KeyboardUnplug and put in dishwasher!


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Foreman Grill For Cooking SalmonUse your George Foreman grill, and it only takes 5 minutes. I season with a little garlic, onion powder, and some lemon pepper - delicious!


Finding a Lost PetMake absolutely certain your animal is microchipped.


Chicken coop with pool noodles around edge of tin roof.

Pool Noodles As Safety BumpersSomeone gave my husband and me their old chicken coop but the edges of the tin roof would scratch my head. I bought a couple of pool noodles and brought them home. I took some sharp scissors and put a split in each one.


Cute little white dog in yard

Fuzzbutt (Bichon)Fuzzbutt is a 3 year old Bichon. I bought Fuzz from a friend. He just loves to get dirty!


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7-Up Fruit SaladOne of my favorite salads.


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Sugar ScrubI put about a tablespoon of sugar in my hand and add any lotion on top of it, then rub it onto my face and neck for about a minute or as long as you like. Rinse well. My face and neck feel so soft and looks smoother.


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Keeping Brown Sugar SoftHere is my tip for keeping brown sugar moist. Use marshmallows! You can use bread, but bread gets moldy and then you have to replace it. Not so with marshmallows!


Wild sunflower

Scenery: Wildflowers (Texas)I love all flowers, but wildflowers are my favorite. It's amazing just how many types there are, and how beautiful some are. I spotted a bunch of these bright yellow faces on the side of a road, and grabbed my camera to get a few shots.


Frontline Available Without A PrescriptionPrescription Frontline flea and tick treatment has just come off patent. You can now buy this product over the counter and save yourself money when taking care of your cat or dog. A large savings and more convenient.


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Four Steps To a Clean BathroomSince the only females in our household are me and the cat (and she drinks from the toilet, go figure), I find myself needing to spruce up the bathrooms quite regularly.


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Organizing YarnI find the best way to keep wool skeins together, tidy, and undamaged is to store them in "under the bed" plastic containers. I lay a small length of each yarn in a zip-lock bag, which I tape to the side of the container to show what is inside.


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Saving Money for CollegeWhen looking for scholarships, first start with your own company and start early. Even as a part-time worker, I was able to apply for a company-sponsored scholarship for my son


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Saving Money on MealsThe best way to save money on meals is to plant a garden. You control how it is grown, so you also can have higher quality ingredients. Plus, fresh ingredients taste better, look better, and are nutritionally superior to store bought produce!


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Watch Out For Scam Auction SitesThis is a warning to all. EBay is a reputable auction site, and that's a good thing. However, many other "scam" auction sites have recently come into play. They sound too good to be true, and they are. Please beware!


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Cleaning KeyboardsI clean my keyboard using the alcohol wipes that are used to clean an area before sticking a needle in you. I have so many of them, the supply company keeps sending me a whole box, and I only use two or three each time I need them.


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Seasoning Cast IronWhen seasoning a cast iron pan, I always heat the pan on the stove pot until very hot. Using a paper towel dipped in oil, wipe the inside of the pan, the sides, and the bottom with the oil.


Santa with Rafita Beard

Santa GreeterBrighten a wall or welcome your guests with this jolly Old Saint Nick. He requires a small number of items to make him, most of which you may already have around the house.


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Sort Music Alphabetical By CategoriesMy husband says I'm anal about the way I organize my music collections. I have them organized in 5 different categories based on my music interests. I then put them all in alphabetical order by artist then title.



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Pattern for Miche Purse Pockets?I am looking for a pattern to make end pockets for my Miche classic bag. It would slide on under the shell.


Weimaraner type dog sitting in driver's seat in car.

2 Year Old Dog Has Started Peeing in the House?I have a 2 year old male dog that has started peeing in the house. I've talked very straight to him; he hides when I yell at him. I don't know what do. Please help.


Stock photo of Puma high top athletic shoes

Dye Accidentally Removed When Cleaning Leather Shoes?I just bought a pair of leather and fabric Puma shoes and white in color. I went to a party and poured wine on my shoes. I tried nail polish remover. It did remove the stain, but unfortunately it also washed off the white leather paint, leaving behind an ugly brown patch.


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Starting a Business Selling Homemade Food on eBay?I make a awesome relish type sauce. I want to try selling it on eBay. Have any of you done something like this? The only thing I know so far is about having an inspected, approved kitchen. After that point, I'm at a loss as what to do next.


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Having Poison Control Information in Your Home?What can my baby have if he drinks a chemical product in my house? What antidote should I keep right in my house?


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Removing Ink from Suede Couch?I got blue ball point ink on my brown suede couch; anyone know how to get it off?


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Shampoo for Itchy Scalp?I have natural grey/silver hair. I am having trouble with itchy scalp. Is there a shampoo out there that will help, without turning my hair yellow?


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Removing Nail Polish from Jeans?I got new jean shorts and didn't even have them more than a day. I was painting my nails and I spilled it on my new jeans. I took them off and grabbed nail polish remover and tried to take the stain out, but it didn't work! It went though the other side of the shorts, too.


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Material Bunching Up in Sewing Machine Feed Plate?I am having problems with my sewing machine. As soon as I start to sew a seam, the material gets crammed into the feed plate and bunches up.


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Canning Banana Peppers?Do you boil the vinegar with the banana peppers before you can them?


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Lightening Dark Brown Hair?My hair is dark brown with color build up. I want to go light brown but not too light. What is the best thing for me to do?


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Selling Porcelain Dolls?Where can I sell some porcelain dolls?


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Caring for an Avocado Tree Grown from Seed?How do I care for an avocado plant grown from the seed, after it has germinated?


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Removing Orange Glo on Stainless Steel Oven?I just noticed Orange Glo hardwood floor cleaner spots all over the bottom of my stainless steel oven. Vinegar doesn't work! What can I use?


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Sealing a Hole in a Soft Plastic Container?What is the best way to repair a tiny hole in a plastic container? I use a soft plastic pliable container for washing hair in the bed for my husband who is handicapped. I can't seem to figure the best way to seal the hole. Help!


jar of Miracle Whip

Homemade Miracle Whip?Does any one know how to make Miracle Whip? I had some years ago and thought it was fabulous, but unfortunately I live in the UK and can't buy it over here. The American shops on eBay want more for shipping than it would cost me to buy 10 jars.


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Manual for a Coronado Sewing Machine Model M95BH?I have recently been given a Coronado sewing machine from a good friend. It is in mint condition. I am looking for a manual and have not had any luck. Does anyone out there know where I can get one?


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Getting White Clothing White Again?How can I get my white uniform (nurse dress) back to white?


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Cleaning a Wood Salt Shaker?How do I clean a Dansk wood salt shaker?


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Can an Injured Child Qualify for Disability Benefits?My son was hit by a car last year and suffered a broken leg and major tissue loss to that leg. He is walking with a crooked leg and will need numerous surgeries in the future for the skin replacement. Does he qualify for disability?


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Canning Unpeeled Potatoes?Can I can new potatoes with the peel still on them? Do I do anything differently?


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Unable to Send, Forward, or Delete Email?I can open my emails, but as of yesterday I can not delete, forward, reply, or send. Those options are not loaded; even the update option won't work.


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Growing Gingerroot?Can I grow ginger from an existing piece of ginger purchased from fruit grocery shop?


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Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start?My mower won't start. It has new fuel and a new filter. Gas does not pass through the fuel pump. There is a spark from the spark plugs. I tried spraying starting fluid into the carb, it still does not try to start. I am stumped.


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Wooden Spoon Burnt in Dishwasher?My wooden spoon burned in the dishwasher. I can't get the smoke smell out of the plastic dishes or from the machine. Is it safe to use dishes? How can I get rid of this smell?


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Decoupaging Plates?Can I decoupage over a stained Corelle dinner plate? It is stained and scratched, but is it too slick/smooth to decoupage with my pictures?


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Cowboy or Western Crafts for Vacation Bible School?I am in charge of crafts this year for VBS (Vacation Bible School) for kids 4th through 6th grade. We have a cowboy theme, "Ropin for Jesus". I need to decorate our room so I'm looking for some cowboy/western craft ideas that are inexpensive.


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Weed Killer That is Safe for Other Plants?I am looking for a good weed killer that does not harm the plants. Any suggestions?


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Freezing Fresh Pineapple?I have a large quantity of fresh pineapple. How do I go about freezing it so it will taste as good as it is now?


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