August 30, 2011

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Tree Fallen on House After Hurricane

Preparing for a HurricaneThis is a page about preparing fora hurricane. When a hurricane strikes it is important to have the essentials already on hand. Preparing your dwelling and your family for the impending high winds and possible flooding is vital.


Cucumbers on ice.

Freezing CucumbersThis is a page about freezing cucumbers. If you have extra cucumbers this season, you don't need to let them go to waste. You can freeze them and use them later.


Someone peeling a a peach.

Peeling PeachesThis is a page about peeling peaches. While the skin on a peach is edible, you may prefer to remove it. Many peach recipes also call for peeled peaches. When peeling peaches you want to limit waste and avoid bruising the fruit.


African baby in a t-shirt.

Adopting a Child from a Foreign Country?This is a page about adopting a child from a foreign country. Adopting a child from a foreign country is a wonderful, but sometimes complicated option. It is important to research and understand the additional requirements that foreign adoption can entail.


An street with an "Apartment For Rent" sign.

Renting an ApartmentThis is a page about renting an apartment. Whether you are a first time renter or have rented before, there are a lot of things to consider when renting an apartment.


Nectarines growing on a tree.

Growing NectarinesThis is a page about growing nectarines. Growing your own nectarines is not as hard as you may think. If you live in a climate where they can grow, proper care will ensure abundant and delicious fruit.


Uses for Yogurt Containers, Open Yogurt Container With spoon in it.

Uses for Yogurt ContainersThis is a page about uses for yogurt containers. The number of empty yogurt containers you put into recycling can really add up, especially if you have children. However, these small handy containers have a myriad of uses other than holding yogurt.


Generic Blue Sports Drink

Make Your Own Sports DrinkThis is a page about making your own sports drink. Sports drinks can be very helpful with replenishing your fluids after exercise. They can get expensive to purchase if you are working out often though.


Skunk on deck.

Removing Skunk Smell from HouseSkunk smell can be very unpleasant for everyone nearby. If a skunk sprays on or near your home it can be almost impossible to be in the house. This is a page about removing skunk smell from house.


A pile of collectible comics.

Determining the Value of Comic BooksThis is a page about determining the value of comic books. If you are looking to sell your comic books, it is important to know what they are worth. There are a lot of factors to look at to find their value.


Frozen lemon slices on ice.

Freezing LemonsThis is a page about freezing lemons. Freezing is a great way to preserve the unused portion of a lemon or extra lemons for future use.


Up close photo of the front of a baking soda box

Cleaning With Baking SodaThis is a page about cleaning with baking soda. Baking soda is a great option for a safe and gentle cleaning product.


A kitchen towel with blue yarn crocheted on the top.

Crocheted Towel TopperThis handy craft project allows you to hang your kitchen towel on a bar, kitchen cabinet knob, or oven door. You also could use it to hang a hand towel in a bathroom. This page features several patterns for making a crocheted towel topper.


Woman Holding Stud Finder to Wall

Finding Studs in a WallThis is a page about finding studs in a wall. When hanging artwork, shelving or anything else on a wall, it will be a lot more stable if you hit the stud. At times, it can be difficult to locate the proper place to drill or nail.


Tomatoes growing with blossom end rot.

Blossom End Rot on VegetablesThere is nothing more frustrating than planting and caring for your garden all season only to have problems right before harvest. Here are some tips for dealing with blossom end rot on veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, or squash. This is a page about blossom end rot on vegetables.



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Cream of Asparagus SoupI think the chicken broth in this soup give a great flavor.


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Moist Oatmeal CookiesOne of my favorite cookies!


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10 Fruit and Water IcesSeveral people wanted all the recipes for Water Ices when I posted the Pineapple Ice. Enjoy!


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Ground Beef and Rice CasseroleAn easy and hearty recipe.


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Chicken TortelliniI was playing around in the kitchen and wanted to make something a little different and came up with this recipe. It is hearty and perfect for fall weather, while being tasty and healthy too.


Close up of finished Cream of Chicken Soup Muffin Top in pan

Cream of Chicken Soup Muffin TopsI have over 150 muffin recipes. I just entered these in the Oregon State Fair, so I wanted a unique ingredient. I love this because it's great for a quick snack, is low in fat, and is just the most amazing combination of sweet and savory.


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Spicy Cream Cheese Roll UpsWhen ready to serve cut each roll into 1 to 2 inch pieces, if serving as an appetizer, or simply eat whole ;-)


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Mandarin Tuna DelightLove the combination of the meat, fruit and vegetable in this recipe.



Jewel the Teacup Poodle

Jewel (Teacup Poodle)Jewel is an 8 year old Teacup Poodle. We got her for our 20th anniversary. In this pic we put a hat from a stuffed animal on her. As you can see from the look on her face she was not happy, lol.


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Reusing Gray WaterI have several ways of saving water besides not letting the water run while brushing my teeth. When washing clothes, I drain the rinse water into 5 gallon buckets. Then I dump the water back in the machine to wash the next load.


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Write Names On Class PictureEach year when your child's class picture is taken, make a copy and write the names of each classmate over their respective photos. This way, in years to come when your child looks back at the pictures, they won't be at a loss for the names of their childhood friends.


Anook in the Snow

Anook (Mixed Breed)Anook is a 7 year old mixed breed. We got Anook about 6 and 1/2 years ago. He was a rescue dog in an ad that needed urgent help, he was going from foster home to foster home.


Cardinal in Frozen Tree

Wildlife: Cardinal on a Frozen Limb (Louisiana)It was an icy January morning in 2011, and I was snapping photos of the birds in our back yard here in north central Louisiana. I do this often from our back deck, it is like therapy for me! I was so happy to capture this fella's pose that day.


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White Wine And Salt For Red WineThe first solution for removing red wine stains is to always have white wine on hand. Dilute the spot with white wine, and then flush with cool water and apply salt.


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Use Pet Stain Products For Urine StainsYou know how hard it can be to remove urine stains on underwear, bed sheets or other items if you don't get to them soon enough before they dry and set in. The spray you buy for 'pet stains and odors' works miracles to remove those stains!


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Have a Cleaning ScheduleI find it's easier to keep up on the housecleaning if I have a cleaning schedule. It's also easier for my 4 year old son because he is learning that each day we have different chores and he knows what is expected.


A wall with picture frames around words.

An Expensive Looking Home For CheapI love decorating and pore over magazines and books for ideas. So many of these ideas are way over budget for me. What I do is take the pictures of the ideas I like best, and go to places like thrift stores and even the dollar store and I look for similar items and styles.


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Quick Crab CakesI use Zatarains crab cake mix and a package of imitation crab meat when I make crab cakes. I just use the basic recipe on the box. The imitation crab meat substitutes really well for real crab and the crab cakes taste really good.


A blue expandable file box for important paperwork.

Be Prepared For An EmergencyI have moved several times but have lived in three states for the majority of my years. Many states are prone to certain types of weather. Since you can not change the weather, the next wisest thing to do is to educate oneself about the best course of action.


Bed of annuals

Fueling Your Annuals with FertilizerAnnuals are the flowering powerhouses of the plant world, and fertilizer is the fuel that keeps their engines firing. Knowing how to fertilize them is important. Once your annuals start blooming, a proper feeding schedule will keep them blooming vigorously for the rest of the growing season.


Storing Collectible Toys for the Future

Storing Collectible Toys for the FutureMy son got married and left dozens of StarWars and other collectible cars, toys and beloved things from his childhood jammed into a crate. I wraped each one individually in a brown lunch bag and taped the top shut.


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Starting Mango SeedsI am growing a mango tree in zone 8, El Paso, TX. Most sites will tell you to start your seed in a ziploc bag and plant it once it has roots. Whenever I did this, my seed died. So I decided to start by just planting it.


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Give Teens Respect to Get RespectI told my classes right up front that I taught eighth grade because I liked them. I went on to say they weren't children, but they hadn't had enough "life experience" yet to be fully adult. They seemed to find this concept of them respectful and they were more respectful of me.


A patch of brightly colored coleus.

Your Spring Garden for PenniesMany plants, including those considered annuals in your area, can be over-wintered indoors and used as starts in your spring garden, whether it be in the ground or in containers, or both.


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Product Review: Bradford Exchange Illuminated PicturesDo not buy any of those Bradford Exchange LED illuminated pictures! We bought a Kinkade one about 6 years ago. We never even turned the lights on that often, usually only when we had guests, all the bulbs have either burned out or are so dim that they're hardly lit at all.


Quart Jars of Water in Your CommodeTo save water in your commode tank, if you have one of the bigger tanks. Fill two quart sized canning jars full of water. Take tank lid off, and flush the toilet. Right away, put the two filled jars in the corner of the tank, so as not to interfere with with the flapper and other working parts. The jars can only touch tank walls.


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Using Boiling Water to Remove Wine StainsDo you need to get rid of wine stains? Or any other juice stains for that matter? This is a tried and true solution:


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Pack An Overnight Bag With Your LuggageWhen making a trip and you need to stop for one night, pack a overnight bag with the things you will need that night. Also, pack one set of clean clothes for the next day for self and other family members. I also include basic toiletries.


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Substitute Canned Turnip Greens For SpinachI wanted to make a spinach frittata recipe, and forgot to get the spinach!


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Keeping S.O.S. Pads LongerI use S.O.S. scouring pads for scouring pots and pans. When I'm done, I put the pad in a little plastic baggie and pop it in the freezer until the next time I do pots and pans.


Styrofoam Fun GlobeRarely is there recycling in small towns for Styrofoam. A green and fun thing to do with Styrofoam is to use it to make fun globes. Fun globes are similar to snow globes.


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RE: Recipes for Homemade Potato ChipsHomemade chips are easy to make. Slice potatoes very thinly, and drop into hot oil. Don't fry to quickly or they'll burn. Do NOT add salt while frying, or the will never crisp properly.


Forsyth Park Fountain

Travel: Forsyth Park Fountain (Savannah,...This is a photo from a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia. It is the fountain in Forsyth Park. To me, this is one of the prettiest squares to visit in Savannah, so peaceful and serene.


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Keeping CeleryIf you unwrap celery when you get home from the store, then wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and refrigerate, it will last for several weeks. I always had celery go bad very quickly until I found this out.


Avocado Rooting into Jar

Avocados Galore from a SeedI have several avocado seeds ready for the Path Garden. There are already 4-6 tiny trees from seeds from a couple of years ago.


Homemade Pet Toys

Pet PalsGive your furry friends a Christmas present by sewing these cute animals. The patterns are very simple and inexpensive to make. This is also a great way to use up those scraps!


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Gift Idea EnvelopeDoes your husband or significant other never know what to buy you for your birthday or other special occasion? Create a "gift-idea envelope" for each of you.


An apron stocked with helpful household tools.

Keep Apron Stocked for Household ProjectsSwapping the rooms in my apartment has been a huge undertaking. I get up each day and put on my denim apron with all the stuff in it I need to do what needs to be done without walking all over the place.


A sunset at Ocean City, CA

Sunset (Ocean Beach, CA)This a day at Ocean Beach, CA. It was a day of taking pictures, ending with a beautiful sunset beyond the pier.



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Seaweed for Composter Has Small White Worms?I went to the beach to get some seaweed for my composter, it was well rotted, but it had little white worms on it, like little maggots. Is this normal? Will it harm my compost? Thank you.


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Removing Soap Scum from Glass?I'm trying to remove soap scum from glass. I made a huge mistake trying to clean it with Cascade, but it only made it 10 times worse.


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White Stain on Epoxied Counter Top?I put my dish rack down on the counter top and water got under the epoxy coat. Now there is a white stain. How do I get rid of it?


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Best Baby Wipes For Cleaning Your Face?What is the best brand of baby wipes to buy for cleaning your face? I am currently using the Pampers unscented baby wipes, but they seem to be kind of dry. I always have to add water and soap to the wipe.


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Paint Color Advice to Coordinate with Hunter Green Leather Sofa?I have hunter green leather sofas and a wooden roof. What color should I paint my walls?


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Homemade Foaming Hand Soap Bubbles Rather Than Foams?I am making foaming hand soap from a solid goat's milk base with added water. My soap bubbles with the foaming pump rather than foams. What can I do?


Using Vinegar as a Facial Toner?Is vinegar good to use straight out of the bottle as a face toner? Or will it dry your skin?


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Freezing Shredded Cabbage?How do you freeze shredded cabbage?


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Making Juice Pouch Lunchbox?I have sewn the lunch box together, but am having trouble sewing the front to the sides (especially the corner at the bottom). Is there a trick?


Raquel posing in the skin bikini from 1 million BC film.

Pattern for Raquel Welch's One Million BC Bikini?I would love to make this bikini for Halloween. I am planning on either adding to an existing bikini or using fake fur material with an bikini pattern. The one Raquel wore was so unique.


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Freezing Carrots?I had a lot of carrots given to me and I would like to freeze them. How long must I blanch them before freezing them if I cut them into 1/4 to 3/8 inch coins for freezing? And how long will they keep?


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Using a Zodiac Flea Bomb?How do I use the Zodiac flea bomb? I have two dogs and one cat. I use Advantix on my dogs, but my cat is allergic to every type of topical flea products. Will the Zodiac work, and how do I prepare my house? Do I need to remove food, dishes, etc.? Please help.


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Removing Stains on Coffee Table?My coffee table has stains that could be beer or white wine. You cannot see them except under angled light from the window. The table has been wiped over several times with Pledge. I have also tried water and Goo Be Gone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Cleaning Burned Pots and Pans?I would like information on cleaning off burnt stains on stainless steal pots and pans after the gunky stuff is off.


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Using an H2O Vacuum?I am having problems with the H2O vac. Should vapor come out of the vacuum? Mine does not have visible vapor, although the water is getting dirty. I also need a extension handle. Does anyone know where I might buy one?


Chair parts lying on work towels.

Replacement Parts for La-Z-Boy Swivel Glider Rocker?I need a replacement "swing-arm assembly" for my La-Z-Boy (the bearings are worn out) swivel glider rocker. It does not have a recliner locking feature.


Growing Flowers from This Year's Seeds?Can you plant the seeds from the dried up pods after the flower has bloomed? Will they bloom the next summer?


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Choosing Bedding Color to Coordinate with Beige and Espresso?We just moved into a new home. Our bedroom walls are beige. The furniture is a dark espresso colour, and the rug is off white. What colour of bedding should I use?


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Crafts Using Small Plastic Cat Food Containers?I have close to 100 plastic cat food containers. They are small, about 2 inches high and about 3 and a half inches diameter. Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks.


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Helping My Sister Deal With an Abusive Relationship?My sister has a history of having a difficult marriage. It is only more recently that we, her family, are finding out just how difficult. Her husband has been verbally and emotionally abusing her for years. She has 4 kids with him and lives in a different state than we do.


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Dog Won't Go In Dog House?I have an older outdoor dog. We had another outdoor dog, much younger, that for some reason started attacking our older dog. We had to get rid of the younger one. Since then, for some reason, the older dog refuses to get inside a dog house.


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Feeding Three Week Old Kitten?My daughter-in-law (Katrina) has a cat who had 6 kittens about 3 weeks ago. All was well until the last few days, 3 of them were not getting fed or getting any attention from the mother cat, while the remaining 3 were.


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Growing Victoria Plums?I have Victoria plum trees. Some of the branches have broken off with the weight of the fruit, and the plums are still quite green. How can I get them to ripen?


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Shopping for Black Aluminum Gas Rings?Could anyone tell me where I can purchase black gas rings? I am fed up with them looking so messy. Thank you.


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