November 17, 2011

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Make Your Own Wrapping Paper - gift wrapped in the paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper IdeasInstead of buying rolls of preprinted wrapping paper, why not make your own. This is a great way to add a special personal touch to any birthday, wedding or Christmas gift. This is a page about making homemade wrapping paper.


Storing Pineapples, Canning Pineapples. Sliced fresh mini pineapple.

Canning PineapplesThis is a page about canning pineapples. Canned pineapple is a staple of many kitchens for salads, desserts, even pizza. Why not can your own from fresh pineapple?


Disposing of Light Bulbs (Incandescent), A light bulb.

Disposing of Light Bulbs (Incandescent)This is a page about disposing of light bulbs. Once your incandescent light bulbs have burned out, don't just throw them away. It is important to properly dispose of them.


A whole uncut peanut butter pie on a cooling rack.

Peanut Butter Pie RecipesThis page contains recipes for peanut butter pie. Creamy and rich, pies made with peanut butter are a favorite year round. They can be baked, refrigerated or even frozen.


Closeup of Pills in Weekly Medication Organizer

Remembering to Take MedicineThis is a page about remembering to take medicine. If you or a family member needs to take medication on regular basis it is important to remember to take it at on the proper days and times. Forgetting to take your pills could be very bad for your health.


Three Steel Cookie Cutters on a White Background

Organizing Cookie CuttersThis is a page about organizing cookie cutters. If you have a lot of cookie cutters it's easy to for them to take up a lot of space and get disorganized. Make sure you can find the right shape cookie cutter when you need by keeping them organized.


Photo of homemade notepads.

Making Homemade NotepadsThis is a page about making homemade notepads. It is nice to have notepads around to jot things down on, but the ones from the store can be expensive. Making your own is easy and will save you money.


Homemade Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey Centerpiece

Homemade Thanksgiving CenterpiecesThis is a page about homemade Thanksgiving centerpieces. Having a colorful decorative centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table is a popular tradition with many families.


A numbered to do list on paper.

Staying Organized With ListsThis is a page about staying organized with lists. Making lists on paper or on the computer can be a big help, reminding you of errands, appointments, "honey - do's", Christmas shopping or anything you need to keep track of.


Incandescent Light Bulb

Uses for Light Bulbs (Incandescent)When an old fashioned lightbulb burns out, the clear or white bulb can be reused for crafts instead of being thrown away. This is a page about uses for incandescent lightbulbs.


Coffee can composting

Reusing Plastic Coffee CansGround coffee can now be found in reusable plastic containers with a tight fitting lid and handle. They are perfect for storage and crafts. This is a page about reusing plastic coffee cans.


Mashed potatoes with vegetables.

Vegetable Mashed Potato RecipesThis page contains vegetable mashed potato recipes. You can enhance the flavor of mashed potatoes by adding other vegetables to them. Addition vegetables add vitamins, flavor and texture to your mashed potatoes.


Someone pushing a shopping cart quickly.

Saving Time by Planning ErrandsThis is a page about saving money by planning errands. We have all run errands and found ourselves going around in circles. Planning your errands will help you make the most of your time and will also help save you money in gas.



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Mexican ChickenOne of my favorites!


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Fresh Peach MuffinsThese are great for holiday breakfasts! You can also substitute apples for the peaches, if you like.


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Baked CabbageVery easy and inexpensive to make!


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Summer Sausage CrispsThese are great to dollop with your favorite cheese topping or for dipping.


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Alaskan Host Caramel Pecan Oatmeal MuffinsJust heavenly for breakfast or any time of day.


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Meatball MinestroneOne of our favorite soups.



Nemo the Ragdoll Tabby Cat

Nemo (Ragdoll Tabby)Nemo is a 7 month old ragdoll tabby. My little cat Tiffany turned up pregnant at the beginning of 2011 and gave birth to 3 kittens, 2 of which live elsewhere, by the names of Dory and Fishstick.


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Homemade Family CalendarI saw this idea at a friend's house, and asked for the tools to make it work from my grown daughter for Christmas last year. Purchase 2 dry erase calendars from your favorite office supply store.


Finished Tie Rose Pin 1

Men's Silk Tie Rose PinRaid your husband's closet for silk ties he no longer wears and create beautiful silk rose pins from them. You can also purchase them for $1.00 each at Goodwill. Wear them on a blazer, pin on a tote bag or purse, or use to embellish a pillow. The possibilities are endless!


Lion at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Majestic Pride of Lions (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)I love going to the zoo, and I can remember going since I was very little. Every time I would go, the lions would always be laying behind some bushes at the side of the enclosure. Maybe once in a while, the female would poke her head up.


Thanksgiving Turkey Gourd Gobblers

Making a Gourd GobblerThese adorable gourd gobblers would make a fabulous centerpiece on your table or as a Thanksgiving decoration anywhere in your home. They are inexpensive, quick and easy to put together, and would make great gifts as well.


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Remove Wallpaper With Clothes SteamerI just finished taking off wallpaper border in my kitchen and it started out to be quite a job until my son lent me his clothes steamer. I finished with that and it made quick work of it.


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Review: Wild Blue InternetWild blue is the worst internet service. I've had it for 1 year. They cut you off for running over to super slow internet. I'm paying $79.95 and only have internet for about 2 weeks a month. The other 2 weeks, I'm slowed down as punishment, so I'm paying for nothing.


A great price on a handbag from T.J. Maxx

Savvy Accessory ShoppingIt's been many years since I purchased a brand new handbag for myself. At first, I searched thrift stores and estate sales and didn't find anything to my liking. Either the purses were too big, too small or too old fashioned.


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Professional Looking FrostingAfter you have frosted your cake, use a hair dryer to go over the icing just until it begins to melt. Your cake will have a shiny, professional look.


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DampRid for Mold PreventionIf you have a Dollar Tree close, you can find DampRid. It comes in large and small containers. I find the smaller ones perfect for closets and under the sinks.


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Be a Catering Server for Extra IncomeThis job requires setting up, serving food and beverages, bussing tables and breaking down the event at the end of the day. In my county, there are oodles of catering businesses who cater for occasions such as banquets, weddings and parties in general.


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Freeze Partially Cooked BaconOnce the package is opened, it usually goes bad in about a week. I get around this by cooking the entire package about 3/4 of the way done and then putting it in a zip-top bag and keeping it in the freezer.


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Avoid Blisters When Raking LeavesDo you get a blister on your hand when raking leaves? If so, try taping a piece of first aid cloth tape on your hand where the blister forms before you put your gloves on.


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Use Gas RewardsYou get gas rewards, called Fuel Perks, for Shell when shopping at Winn Dixie. When you redeem them, you have to use the discount on all 20 gallons or lose discount on gallons not bought. My car fills on 16 gallons so I bring a gas can for the remaining 4 gallons.


Sliced Apple Swan Viewed From Above

Apple SwanWe have been experimenting with food art lately. My son and I are having a lot of fun making things out of food. This one he came up with by slicing the apple in just the right way he made a swan.


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Double Box Delicate ItemsTruly delicate items need to be double boxed. Wrap in bubble wrap, add some paper, place the smaller box inside the bigger box after you have added bubble wrap (and maybe paper) to the larger box's lining. Tape your carton well. I've never had anything break this way.


Lager Mill in Winter

Scenery: Lager Mill By the Creek (Frankenmuth, MI)I was walking through downtown Frankenmuth, Michigan on my way to see the ice sculptures. I stopped and thought this lager mill would be a nice scenery picture, here it was in the middle of winter.


Purple Iris in Ireland

Garden: Iris (Lismore Castle, Ireland)We had been in the castle garden at Lismore in Ireland that beautiful day, and the iris were in wonderfully beautiful bloom. There were many, many blooms in that part of the garden. The color was outstanding. What a peaceful place it was.



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Making a Sweet 16 Birthday Banner from a Sheet?My daughter's birthday party is Saturday and I need about a 4 foot by 6 foot cloth banner. She is also using this as a backdrop for pictures. Her theme is masquerade and it is semi-formal. Any suggestions would be great.


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Alternative Uses for Ball Shaped Plastic Coke Bottle Ornaments?I have a few of those clear plastic Coke bottle Christmas ornaments (ball shaped) from last Christmas. I kept them thinking I could make something fun out of them. I have already used some for bath salts. Any other ideas?


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Finding Free Coupons?Where is the best place to get coupons that are free? I want to do some savings.


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Making a Sachet Filled with Dry Milk Powder?What are the area requirements for dry milk powder filling in a sachet?


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Shopping for a Parrot Stroller?I am looking for a parrot stroller. Any suggestions?


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Removing Ink from a Leather Purse?I have a beige leather Coach bag with pen marks on the outside of the bag. How would you suggest removing pen stains?


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Substitute for Crisco or Shortening?What can I use in the UK in place of shortening or Crisco? In the UK we have butter, margarine, and lard. Thank you to anyone who can help.


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Teaching a 20 Month Old Child Manners?I'm trying to teach my nephew some basic manners and boundaries, but I don't want to involve swatting or raised voices in the process. He understands me well enough for 20 months, but we have to make some serious progress here and now. Any suggestions out there for this first-time startup family?


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Reusing Snap Top Plastic Containers?What ideas are out there to reuse snap top plastic canisters like the ones you would have for a disinfectant wipe?


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Discount Grocery Stores in Mesa, Arizona?What discount grocery stores are in the Mesa, Arizona area? I want to purchase, for donation, several cases (24/case) of macaroni and cheese. Thanks you.


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Color Ideas for Bathroom Accessories?We recently remodeled our small bathroom. It has a white tub, toilet, oak vanity with white onyx top, and an oak cabinet on the wall over the toilet. We used brushed nickel for towel racks, toilet paper holder, and all faucets.


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Reusing Pump Bottles?I go through a lot of hand sanitizer and wanted to know what ideas are out there to reuse the pump top plastic bottle?


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Blue and Light Tan Colored Calico Cat?We have a young calico colored cat. It has very light tan markings plus blue colored markings and no other color on it. I have never seen a blue and light tan colored cat before. Does anyone know anything about this color of cat?


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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies?How do you get rid of fruit flies? I tried apple cider vinegar. I caught a huge amount of them, but there are 10 stragglers left. Perhaps they are the smarter, more evolved fruit flies.


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Removing Wax from Lead Crystal Candle Holder?How do I remove a lot of wax from a leaded crystal candle holder? The holder is about ten inches high, about 7 inches across, and it is filled with wax (about 3 inches deep). Lesson learned, don't allow others to "please light the candles". Please help!


Hen in nest box.

Dealing with a Broody Hen?My 12 month old Australorp hen sits on eggs she does lay. My dad tells me to make her as uncomfortable. Any thoughts?


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Rights of a Parent with Sole Custody?I have 2 boys ages 5 and 8, their father insists that they wrestle even though they hate it. I have sole custody and need to know if he can legally sign them up without my permission or signature. I have tried to offer alternative sports and he will not agree to them.


Pattern for Women's Pajamas with Gusset Seat?Back in the "olden days" when I was a child, pajamas for adults, as well as children, had a gusset in the back that was comfortable versus the new patterns that have a seam up the back. Can anyone tell me where to find such patterns or how to alter a pattern to accommodate this feature? TIA


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Cleaning Pergo Laminate Floors?Are wet Swiffer mops safe to use on Pergo floors?


Interior of hen house.

Getting Rid of Blowflies in Hen House?I need ideas for getting rid of blowflies in the outer open area where my 4 Australops chickens are. Any suggestions?


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