April 22, 2012

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Woman Grocery Shopping

Saving Money on FoodThis page is about saving money on food. There are many creative ways to trim your grocery bill.


Various Types of Noodles

Alternatives to Lasagna NoodlesYou can still make a delicious lasagna casserole even if you don't have the traditional lasagna noodle on hand. This is a page about alternatives to lasagna noodles.


Bank Column

Saving Money on BankingThis is a page about saving money on banking. Banks often charge a wide variety of fees.


Stepping Ston With "Sheri's Garden" on it

Homemade Stepping StonesThat well worn path can be paved with inexpensive stepping stones. This page is about homemade stepping stones.


A clay model of the Earth.

Crafts for Earth DayThere are many creative craft projects to do for Earth Day, many with recycled materials. Make with your kids or as gifts on April 22nd.


White Mouse on Woman's Hands

Caring for Pet MiceThis page is about caring for pet mice. Mice are an inexpensive, easy care pets, that don't require much space.


several birds made by poster o TF

Making PVC Birds for the GardenThis is a page about making PVC birds for the garden. If you are tired of the pink flamingo or gnome garden art, try making birds from PVC pipe.


Cooking Over Camp Fire

Camping Cooking TipsThere are many ways to make simple, delicious meals on your adventure. This page contains camping cooking tips.


Peanut Chicken on Blue Plate

Peanut Chicken RecipesPeanut chicken is a popular dining choice, whether you prefer the Chinese, Thai, or other Asian inspired versions. This page contains peanut chicken recipes.


Biscuits on White Background

Homemade Biscuit RecipesThis is a page about making homemade biscuits. Homemade biscuits are delicious and easy to make.


White fabric covered wall.

Using Fabric to Cover Walls This is a page about using fabric to cover walls. A more temporary and easily changeable alternative to wallpaper is fabric wallcoverings.


woman Putting Groceries in Her Car

Tips for Transporting FoodMaintaining the proper food temperatures is most important when carrying groceries. This page contains tips for transporting food.


Wire Hanger

Crafts Using Wire HangersThis is a page about crafts using wire hangers. Try adding projects using wire coat hangers to your crafting pursuits.


Cinnamon Sticks

Recipes Using CinnamonThis page contains recipes using cinnamon. Cinnamon is a common ingredient in sweet and savory dishes, both in its ground and stick form.


Dark Crawl Space

Inspecting Your Home's Crawl SpaceThis page is about inspecting your home's crawl space. One often overlooked area of the home, that can expose potential problems, is the crawl space.


Golf Bag with Pool Cues in it

Uses for an Old Golf BagThis is a page about uses for an old golf bag. No longer golf, or maybe you found a great bargain at a yard sale for an empty golf bag.


Tin Can Man Being Constructed

Crafts Using Tin CansThis is a page about crafts using tin cans. Tin cans can be recycled into fun and useful craft projects.


Bowl of Raisin Oatmeal

Tips for Cooking Hot CerealsA warm bowl of perfectly cooked grain is a great way to start the day. This page contains tips for cooking hot cereal.


pizza dip

Pizza Dip RecipesThis page contains pizza dip recipes. A popular way to enjoy pizza is the addition of a tasty dip.


Hand in Rose Petal Water

Homemade Spa Bath RecipesThis page contains homemade spa bath recipes. You can make your own homemade version of bath salts, bath milk, herbal soaks and more.


Man ironing women's skirt as she is trying to walk away

Preventing Static Cling in ClothingThis page is about preventing static cling in clothing. Static cling can be a nuisance especially when there is low humidity.


Glass frog pencil holders.

Unique Pencil HoldersThis is a page about unique pencil holders. Look around your house, thrift store, or yard sale and you can find many unique options to buying a pencil holder. This is a page about unique pencil holders.


Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookie RecipesHomemade peanut butter cookies hot from the oven are so delicious. This page contains peanut butter cookies recipes.


Mother and Daughter Shopping at Supermarket

Shopping Tips and TricksThis page contains shopping tips and tricks. Whatever shopping you have to accomplish, there are many ways to save time and money.


Guess How Big The Expectant Mother is

Baby Shower GamesNo baby shower is complete without a few entertaining games. This page contains baby shower games.




Tips for Growing DaffodilsOf all the bulbs that bloom in the late winter and early spring, daffodils (Narcissus) are among the easiest and most rewarding to grow. If given minimum care at planting time they will grow, bloom, and increase in number with virtually no further attention from you.


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No Fail Oatmeal Pancake MixGrind rolled oats in food processor until fine, but not a powder. Pour into mixing bowl. With electric mixer add flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and baking soda.



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Growing Lily of the Valley?How do you grow convallaria lily of the valley? I have got the bare roots, when do you plant them and what do you do with them?


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Seedlings Dying?I've been growing my seeds outdoors next to the house and I water daily, but this morning I thinned them and replanted them so they'd have room to grow and now they're all wilted! Are they going to die on me? I use Miracle Gro soil.


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Reusing and Crafting with Plastic Bottles?I need ideas for crafting and reusing plastic bottles?


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12th Birthday Ideas?What can a 12 year old do for her birthday?


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Birds Eating Grapes?Birds are eating all of my grapes. Any ideas to keep this from happening? I tried to scare them with bright objects on the vines as well as shiny Christmas ornaments. I made a cayenne spray, but that will get in the way of the flavor. I am stumped!


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Greyhound Has Corns?Anyone familiar with a (supposedly) common problem greyhounds have with corns?


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Same Phone Number on Two MagicJacks?I have a regular MagicJack and I bought a new MagicJack plus. Can I get the same phone number on both? Thank you.


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Getting a Military ID?How may I receive a military photo ID? I served honorably in the National Reserves, always on call for when I would be needed and also had boot camp and summer drills.


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Removing Water Spots on Marble Table Top?I was told to use CLR on water spots on my table (marble). To my surprise it left even more spotting. I was told to use a buffer with rubbing compound. I did that and it cleaned it up a little, but the spots are still there.


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Advice for a Dog with Food Allergies?My 6 year old lab Pepper is suffering from loss of appetite and terrible patches of oozing, bloody skin. I have had her to the vet 5 times. He wants 1800 dollars to allergy test Pepper. I love her very, very much, but I truly do not have that kind of money.


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Moisture Between Window Screen and Glass?We have new double pane windows and every morning wake up to moisture between the screen and glass. What is causing this? What can we do?


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Removing Ink from Paper?How do I remove writing from record labels?


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Removing Wallpaper?How do I remove 15 year old wallpaper border? I tried the commercial presoak gel, but it is brutally slow to peel off. I tried scoring the paper with a sharp knife as recommended, but it doesn't help much.


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Value of Encyclopedia Americana?How much is a set of encyclopedia Americana from 1945 worth?


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