April 24, 2012

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Photo of a finished dog made out of yarn.

Making a Coat Hanger Yarn DogUse an old hanger and a skein of yarn to make a yarn dog. This is a page for making a yarn dog.


Flavored Cream Cheese

Flavored Cream Cheese RecipesMake it sweet or savory, flavored cream cheese tastes great in dips, spreads, or a favorite dish. This page contains flavored cream cheese recipes.


Dish Soap Bottle Dolls

Dish Soap Bottle DollsThis is a page about making Ivory dish soap bottle dolls. Recycled dish soap bottle dolls are a popular craft project for gifts and around the holidays.


Freezing Peas, Frozen Peas

Flash Freezing at Home?When preserving food by freezing it is important to remove the heat as soon as possible. This page is about flash freezing at home.


Chef Salad

Chef Salad RecipesTraditionally made with greens, eggs, meats, and cheese the chef salad can also be modified to suit your taste. This page contains chef salad recipes.


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Saving Money on Car Floor MatsThis is a page about saving money on car floor mats. Replacing car floor mats can be pricey.


Freezing Candy

Freezing CandyThis is a page about freezing candy. Whether you are making candy ahead for gifts or got a good sale price at the store, freezing is one way to store candy.


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Infrared Oven TipsRapid cooking systems, such as Nu Wave or Turbo Chef, using infrared technology cook differently then your standard oven. This is a page containing infrared oven tips.


Animal Cracker Magnets

Homemade Refrigerator MagnetsThis page is about homemade decorative magnets. There are many fun ways to make creative magnets.


Dog getting a flea treatment.

Saving Money on Flea PreventionThis is a page about saving money on flea prevention. There are a variety of commercial flea prevention products on the market, but they can be quite pricey.


Ideas For Repurposing Furniture

Ideas For Repurposing FurnitureThis page is contains ideas for repurposing furniture. Old furniture pieces can be given a new useful purpose with a little creative thinking.


Flower Pot People made from clay pots.

Making Flower Pot PeopleThis is a page about making flower pot people. Terra cotta pots can be used to make cute flower pot people for your garden.


Baking ingredients on a wood bread board.

Baking Tips and TricksThis page contains baking tips and tricks. Baking can be a fun, rewarding experience for the beginner and the expert.


Bagel with smoked salmon.

Recipes Using BagelsSandwiches, mini pizzas, or with spreads, there are a variety of ways to prepare bagels. This page contains recipes using bagels.


Uses for Duct Tape

Uses for Duct TapeThis is a page about uses for duct tape. Duct tape has become very popular with crafters, but there are numerous ways to use this versatile tape.


Scalloped Corn

Scalloped Corn RecipesWhether you have fresh, frozen or canned corn there are delicious scalloped corn recipes. This page contains scalloped corn recipes.


Man installing new windows with labels on them

Removing Labels from New Windows?Removing the labels from new windows can be surprisingly difficult. This is a page about removing labels from new windows.


Large Baked Ham Sliced on Cutting Board

Ham Casserole RecipesThis page contains ham casserole recipes. Leftover ham can be used for many delicious casseroles.


Use Paint Colour Strips As Wall Pockets

Reusing Sample Paint SwatchesThis is a page about reusing sample paint swatches. After you have chosen the colors for your painting job, don't throw away the sample paint swatches.



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Fresh Herb VinaigretteThere is just something so pleasing about a salad dressing that uses fresh herbs! I've also tried using dried herbs in a pinch with this recipe and it's 'okay'.


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Easy Peanut Butter CupsThis recipe was easy to do and great tasting. My son loves peanut butter cups so he was glad I tried these.


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Italian Chef Salad with Balsamic Dijon DressingA tasty twist of ingredients usually called for in traditional chef salads.



General Sir Isaac Brock

Statue Of General Sir Isaac Brock (Brockville, Ontario)This is a statue in front of our courthouse of General Isaac Brock, who was shot and killed while leading a charge up the heights west of the village of Queenston, Upper Canada on October 13, 1812.


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Use an Egg Timer to Avoid Being OverwhelmedI find sometimes with 5 kids at home things can seem very overwhelming. I recently purchased an egg timer. I set it for 10 minutes and do things in 10 minute increments. I seem to get more done instead of trying to finish everything all at once.


Flowers growing in the UK

Save Water In Milk JugsIn the summer months, I have always kept plastic milk containers filled with water hidden behind group planters, so I do not have to go far when I water the pots. Now that we have a hosepipe ban, this is a good idea.


Salt for Dish Stains

Use Salt to Remove Stains on DishesMy cups were getting pretty stained so I sprinkled salt into each cup, then wiped it out. It took away all the stains and made the cups shine. Best of all no scrubbing or soaking for hours in Javex.


Baby (Siamese)

Baby (Siamese)Baby is 8 years old and a Siamese. We found Baby as a kitten in a dumpster at the apartment complex we lived in. She was so tiny and frail.


Terra Cotta Pot People

Pot People (The Path Garden)This is a work in progress for the Path Garden. We started the project and had to stop due to rain. We made a few mistakes along the way, but we're having fun in the meantime.


Embroidery Floss Holder

Embroidery Floss OrganizerMy embroidery supplies always ended up in a tangled mess stuffed in a shoe box somewhere. Until I noticed the flat, little plastic thingies for sale at the craft store to wind your floss around. Then I noticed the price. Puh-leeze!


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Fun with Sand and ShellsI lived in Tucson for three years. Once a summer, I got to drive back to Salem for a month. One year, I went to the beach down at Coos Bay. I took a bucket and scooper, and collected about 2 lbs of sand, shells, driftwood, and pretty rocks.


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Storing Projects in ProgressI do a lot of cross-stitching and to organize projects in progress I put threads in snack-size plastic bags. Then I use an old eyeglass case to hold scissors and needles. I use a large ziplock bag for the hoop, thread, and material.


Utensil Holder Bathroom Organizer

Organize Bathroom with Utensil HolderI had an extra silverware holder so I put it in the bathroom to organize things laying all over the sink.


Use Paint Colour Strips As Wall Pockets

Use Paint Colour Strips As Wall PocketsTake a paint colour strip and fold in half. Staple together, leaving the top open like a pocket. You can tack onto a bulletin board, or cork board to hold business cards, pens, markers, scissors, etc. It gives you easy access to things you use most often.


Blooming Houseplant

Blooming Houseplant (Summerhill, PA)This flower was a great suprise yesterday. Grown from a cutting from a friend, and it bloomed just yesterday. It may be a Orchid Cactus, Epiphylum. Anyone know for sure?


CD Party Invitation

Use CDs as InvitationsWe always seem to have a lot of old CDs laying around, so I used them as party invitations for one of the kids' parties. We wrote on them with permanent markers and the kids decorated them with stickers.


Tabby cat laying on her back

Baby Girl (Tabby Cat)Baby Girl is a 2 year old Tabby cat. Baby was part of a litter that was up for adoption at our local grocery store. It was the 4th of July weekend and she just meowed her way into our hearts.


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Storing Crochet Hooks and NeedlesTry using the containers that single cigars come in to store your hooks. Also toothbrush holders work just fine.



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Plants That Repel Gnats and Mosquitoes?What can I do about gnats and mosquitoes? I know there are some plants.


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Lost Package?I mailed my package and my sister never received it. Now I don't have the tracking number, but I have a receipt. Is there anything I could do having a receipt?


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Shake 'n Bake Copycat Recipe?What can I use as an alternative to Shake 'n Bake?


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Lawnmower Won't Start?When I turn over it just clicks loudly or nothing. It tries to turn over.


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1925 World Book Encyclopedia?I have a complete set, volumes 1-10, of the 1925 World Book. It is in fair to possibly poor condition. What might be the value?


spring style clothes pins

Shopping for Heavy Duty Clothes Pins?Can anyone tell me where to purchase good quality wooden clothes pins? It's very windy where I live in Canada, so I need heavy duty ones, with tightly wound springs, like the ones shown here: http://fphoto.photoshelter.com/image/I0000l2lvIG8rwTc.


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Discount or Salvage Grocery Stores in Nebraska?Does anyone know if there is a discount or salvage grocery store in Nebraska? I have been searching for weeks. I live in Nebraska and would have to travel 200+ miles to the nearest salvage grocery store.


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Value of New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening?I have a complete 14 volume set of New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening from 1960 in good-great condition. What are they worth?


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Fixing Lumpy Couch Cushions?I purchased a new couch from Lazy Boy. On one of the cushions there is a lump from front to back. This of course happened after the guarantee had expired. Is there a way to rid the cushion of this lump?


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Shiny Spot on Laminate Table?Trying to clean what I thought was a grease stain on my laminate table, I think I may have removed the polish or sealant in one small area. The small area I was trying to clean is very shiny now, while the rest of the table looks to have a matte finish. Is there any way to repair the damage?


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Getting Rid of Weeds With Lime?I have tall weeds with liquid in them. The more I cut them the thicker it grows back. I heard that if you cut it and put lime on it that will kill it. Is lime safe to use near a creek?


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Planning a Fundraiser Dance?My cheer squad is hosting a school dance to help raise money for our cheer supplies. We need your help with thinking of themes and money raising ideas for our dance!


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Keeping Fleas Off Dog?I have a Jack Russel/Chi, he is allergic to fleas. If one gets on him he scratches himself until he is bald and sore, I have tried everything except taking him to the vet, which right now I can't afford. Please can someone help?


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Windshield Washer Not Working?My windshield cleaner does not work. Could it be clogged? How do I fix this?


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Preventing Smelly Sandals?I would like some tips on keeping my leather sandals smelling good.


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90th Birthday Ideas?My mom's 90th birthday is next month. She is no ordinary 90 year old! For her 80th, she went sky diving! She is in excellent health, so we need ideas for something memorable!


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Ice Cream Pail Crafts?Does anyone have any ideas for crafts kids can make using 3 or 5 gallon ice cream pails, beyond the usual Easter or Halloween baskets?


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Craft Projects to Help With Organization?I'm a girl who needs to organize, and I'm good and love art. Does anyone have any crafts that can be done to help organize? Also, I would be interested in free crafts. I don't have money to spend right now, the bank of Miss Daphne is broke. =)Thanks!


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Growing an Avocado from Seed?Can I grow an avocado tree from a seed?


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