May 10, 2012

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Vegetable Soup on Tray With Bread

Vegetable Soup RecipesThis page contains vegetable soup recipes. Vegetable soup is a hearty and healthy way to eat your vegetables.


A rock painted as a garden marker.

Frugal Garden DecorThis is a page about frugal garden decor. Adding decorations to your garden does not have to be expensive.


Buying Garage Sale Items to Resell

Buying Garage Sale Items to ResellThis page is about buying garage sale items to resell. Selling select items bought at yard sales can be a great way to make some extra money.


ice cream pie on plate

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie RecipesThis page contains peanut butter ice cream pie recipes. If you are craving a cool dessert, consider making a quick and easy peanut butter ice cream pie.


Storing Cabbage

Storing CabbageThis is a page about storing cabbage. By following a few simple steps you can store cabbage for quite a long time.


Sauerkraut Recipes

Sauerkraut RecipesThis page contains sauerkraut recipes. If you love sauerkraut, perhaps you are thinking of making your own special style.


Coleslaw in White Ramekin

Coleslaw RecipesCabbage is a healthy base to delicious variety of assembled salads. This page contains coleslaw recipes.


Woman With Vegetables

Becoming a VegetarianThis is a page about becoming a vegetarian. Eating a vegetarian diet can be healthy, not just for you, but for the planet.


Hamburger Soup in Green Bowl

Hamburger Soup RecipesThis page contains hamburger soup recipes. When looking for main course soups, consider the many variations of hamburger soup.


Hash Brown Strata

Hash Brown Potato Casserole RecipesHash brown potato casseroles are great for any meal, not just breakfast. This page contains hash brown potato casserole recipes.


Labrador Retriever Breed Information and Photos

Labrador Retriever Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Labrador retriever breed information and photos. Labrador retrievers are a large, friendly and versatile sporting dog breed.


Fruits and Vegetables in Heart Shape

Eating For a Healthy HeartThis is a page about eating for a healthy heart. There is a lot of information that points to the heart benefits of eating a healthy diet.


stromboli sandwich

Stromboli Sandwich RecipesThe Stromboli is a hot sandwich usually containing meat and vegetables. This page contains Stromboli sandwich recipes.


Carmel Popcorn

Sweet Popcorn RecipesPopcorn can be the base for a variety of sweet treats. This page contains sweet popcorn recipes.


A child blowing bubbles

Keeping Kids Entertained During Summer BreakThis is a page about keeping kids entertained during summer break. Summer is coming and the kids will be looking for things to keep them busy.


Milk Jug On White Background

Uses for Milk JugsPlastic milk containers can be reused for a variety of things around the home and garden. This is a page about uses for milk jugs.


Plastic Milk Jug

Crafts Using Milk JugsPlastic milk jugs make a good starting place for many creative craft projects. This is a page about crafts using milk jugs.


Getting Rid of Wild Strawberries

Getting Rid of Wild StrawberriesThis page is about getting rid of wild strawberries. Wild strawberries can be a problem for some gardeners.


Planning a Memorial Service

Planning a Memorial ServiceThis page is about planning a memorial service. In times of loss it often is a challenge to arrange a tribute for a loved one.


Dirty Dishes

Removing Stains From DishesThis is a page about removing stains from dishes. Occasionally foods can stain your dishware. This page is about


REed Jello in Bowl

Finger Jello (Gelatin) RecipesThis page contains finger Jello (gelatin) recipes. Finger Jello is just that a firmer version that is easily cut into shapes and eaten with your fingers.


A succulent garden planted in an old boot.

Making Shoe and Boot PlantersThis is a page about making shoe planters. Old shoes make interesting planters for your yard and garden.


A completed magazine holder from a recycled box.

Making Magazine HoldersThis is a page about making magazine holders. Make your own inexpensive holder for keeping your magazines organized and handy.


Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Salad RecipesThis page contains chicken salad recipes. Chicken can be used in all types of salads, such as pasta or a green salad.


Spiced Rice

Flavored Rice RecipesThis page contains flavored rice recipes. Rice lends itself to the addition of a wide variety of herbs and spices to complement the rest of your meal.


Rollong pin on round of pizza dough.

Baking Powder Biscuit RecipesQuick biscuits are often a wonderful addition to a meal. This page contains baking powder biscuit recipes.


Saving Money on Video Games

Saving Money on Video GamesThis is a page about saving money on video games. Video games are a favorite pastime for many of us, but can be quite expensive to buy.


Budgeting Tips and Tricks

Budgeting Tips and TricksThis page contains budgeting tips and tricks. It's surprising how many ways that you can reduce your household expenses with a plan.


Homemade Cuticle Softeners

Homemade Cuticle SoftenersThis is a page about homemade cuticle softeners. Keeping your cuticles well groomed can help you feel good about yourself and your appearance.


Slice of Ham Quiche

Ham Quiche RecipesHam quiche is any easy, versatile meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This page contains ham quiche recipes.



Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

Mini Raspberry CheesecakesThese mini cheesecakes are a perfect grab and go treat that you are sure to love. This recipe can easily be made using a regular sized muffin tin for a heartier dessert. :)


Individual Taco

Muffin Tin TacosThese taco cupcakes are easy to make and so delicious! They are a great option to pack for lunch and can be frozen and heated up individually.



R2D2 Cake

Character CakesCharacter cakes are so fun and impressive, and any character can be done. I always make a character cake to match the theme of our boys' birthday parties. It isn't as hard as it looks and the "oohs and ahhhs" will be well worth the time put into it!


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Frozen Jello Fruit PopsI saw a photograph of this in an online search. I think this is a wonderful way to get children eating more fruit and I can make these with sugar-free Jelly granules as I am a diabetic.


Paper towel tube supporting a sunflower seedling.

Easy Plant Support or ProtectionI've always had a problem with critters eating my sunflowers (and other young flowers) after I plant the seedlings out into the garden. This year I'm protecting them with paper towel tubes or even wrapping paper tubes for taller seedlings and TP tubes for smaller ones.


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Where to Go for Needlepoint DesignsYou can go to for designs. The list is on the right.


Fireworks in Texas

Fireworks (Texas)Fireworks always make great night photography. They are so pretty with the colors and different displays they give off.


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Use Milk of Magnesia As DeodorantI was so skeptical when reading people say it works as a deodorant substitute. I read all of the testimonials and then proceeded to call the nurse at my gastroenterologist's office.


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Scavenge Old Tennis BallsIf you need tennis balls for purposes other than playing tennis (for your dog, to put in the dryer, to put on the legs of furniture, put on a walker, etc.) you can sometimes find old tennis balls by scouting your local tennis courts.


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Making Family Time CapsulesHere is my "fun project" for the entire family. I find this to be great fun, we have done this 3 or 4 times. If I am doing any sort of remodeling where we have to open a wall, I always put a "time capsule" in the wall before closing it up again.


Organizing nails in recycled plastic containers.

Storing Nails in Recycled Plastic ContainersI found a great new use for the sturdy plastic containers that our dog treats come in from Costco. I use them to store large nails and screws that I buy in quantity for various projects.


Finished Corner Shelf

Building Corner ShelvesDo you have a small corner space in your home that you have trouble making use of? Making some custom fit shelves for the area can be a great functional solution.


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Take Your GPS Unit on VacationIf you are renting a car while on vacation, you will almost always be asked by the rental agency if you wish to rent a navigation unit, or a GPS. While it is tempting to take that offer, that will often cost about 5 or 6 dollars a day, which is pricey.


Chemistry equipment on top of kitchen cabinets.

Decorating With Chemistry EquipmentWe acquired numerous pieces of chemistry equipment because we liked the way they looked. We placed clusters of the glassware on top of our kitchen cabinets. As an added benefit, the equipment is heat resistant, so you can even use it when you want to cook like a chemist.


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The Versatile Bread BagI save all the bags from loaves of bread because they can be used in so many ways. Any chicken bones we have go into a bread bag that I toss into the freezer until I'm ready to pressure cook them for our dog.


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Getting Rid of EarwigsYou can get rid of earwigs, if you mix some Dawn dish soap with some water and spray them. The solution will have an acid like reaction with them, eventually killing them.


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Uses for Yogurt ContainersI open cans of fruit and divide it into yogurt containers. My husband looks forward to his fruit every evening as a snack. Sometimes there is enough for three or four days.


Green snake in blackberry vine

Green Snake (Apple Grove, WV)My grandchildren found this little guy exploring our blackberry vines. I was lucky to have my camera in hand.



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Finding the Value of Language Dictionaries?I have a 1900 edition of Hill's vest pocket Latin-English, English-Latin dictionary, soft-bound, red, leather-like. It is in good shape. Any idea of its worth?


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Dictionary Value?I have an 8x11 encyclopedic edition of Webster's New World dictionary. It is 2,070 pages, hardbound, and in good condition. Is it valuable?


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Shopping for Grove's Beauty Products?I got a tub of Grove's body butter as a present and I just love it, the fragrance is so addictive, I'd like to get to know more about the whole range of products and where in my country it's for sale.


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15th Birthday Ideas?I need ideas for what to do for a 15 year old boy's birthday in Tennesse.


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Pigeons Building Nest on Apartment Balcony?I live in a apartment with my 2 year old boy. We have two pigeons who are trying to build a nest in the corner of my balcony. Now for the last 2 weeks it has been a battle, they bring twigs and branches every two minutes and I sweep it all away every two hours.


Dark gray couch and black rug.

Choosing a Rug to Coordinate with Couch?I just bought a dark gray couch, and now have a dark gray/black rug underneath, but I can return the rug. Is this too much gray/black? Its a huge room with 2 story ceiling.


Dog lying in the grass

Getting Rid of Ticks in the Yard?Ticks are over-abundant this year, and I live around lots of trees. Is there any good solution for getting rid of them in the yard? I keep the grass cut short. I distributed borax in the yard, which gets rid of fleas very well. I am hoping it works well for ticks too!


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Tiny Red and Brown Bugs?I have tiny red and brown bugs in my apartment. I've been living here for 2 years and haven't had any before and it's driving me nuts. How do I get rid of these tiny red and brown bugs? Where did they come from? Please help, my lease is up in 2 months.


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Heath Insurance When Living Abroad?I am 50 years old and on disability. I am planning on living in the United Kingdom. How do I secure some form of health care?


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Finding the Value of Vintage History Books?I have a book entitled, "Makers of the Americas", by Lansing, Chase, and Nevins published by Heath in 1947. It talks about the discovery of the Americas and the various fights for independence, the Civil War, South America's history, inventions, progress, etc. It goes thru both World Wars.


Feeding a Six Week Old Puppy? I have a 6 week old puppy and he will not eat at all. I have mixed some puppy food up with warm water, but he threw it back up. It's been two days and I can't take him to the vet until next week. So I was going to try to feed him with goat milk and bottle feed him until I'm able to get him the proper food. Can somebody help me? He is a mix breed Maltese with Yorkie and Chihuahua.


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Selling Unused Hair and Skin Care Products?I have a 3 month supply of Wen hair care products and a 3 month supply of Proactive to sell along with other things. Is it possible to sell these?


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Copying and Pasting Text on the Computer?How do I copy and paste if I don't have Microsoft Word?


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Value and Rarity of Old Encyclopedia Set?I have a complete 10 volume set of 1937 World's Popular Encyclopedia by the World Syndicate publishing company of New York and Cleveland. What is their value?


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House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside?I recently brought a new puppy to my house. My 5 year old dog is house broken. I'm potty training the new puppy. All of the sudden my old dog is peeing on the puppy training pads and pooping in my leather couch. What can I do?


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