August 21, 2012

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Lasagna noodle rolls with savory filling.

Making Lasagna RollsTry this easy twist on the traditional layered lasagna casserole. Just take the cooked noodles and roll the filling inside.


Green Pepper Wonton Poppers

Recipes Using WontonsThis page contains recipes using wontons. These Chinese dumplings can be filled with a variety of delicious ingredients.


A polished set of silverware

Storing SilverwareThis page is about storing silverware. Finding the best way to avoid tarnished silverware, saves a lot of work polishing.


Cherry Bars

Cherry Bars RecipesThis page contains cherry bars recipes. The luscious taste of cherries lends itself well to making cherry bar desserts.


A wood carving of a Wester Sandpiper

Making a Wood CarvingThis page is about making a wood carving. With the proper tools, a creative, craft activity can be wood carving.


Cabbage Roulades

Recipes Using CabbageCabbage is a very versatile vegetable that can be used in many recipes. This page contains recipes using cabbage.


Stuffed Yellow Peppers

Stuffed Bell Pepper RecipesA wonderful way to prepare bell peppers is with a filling. This page contains stuffed bell pepper recipes.


Getting Rid of Gnats in a Litter Box

Getting Rid of Gnats in a Litter BoxThis is a page about getting rid of gnats in a litter box. Gnats seem to thrive in our homes in a wide variety of situations.



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Grilled Figs with Feta and HoneyIf you would prefer to you can broil the figs six inches from broiler heat source instead of grilling them. Feel free to garnish each fig with a pinch of finely chopped fresh basil, mint, or prosciutto before serving.


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Reuben SaladI love the corned beef in this salad!


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Oven French ToastI had this at my mother in-law's home about 2 years ago and just fell in love with it! So easy and so good!


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Lasagna RollsCook noodles and divide. Brown meat and drain off grease. Stir in sauce and simmer for 5 minutes; drain noodles. Spread each noodle with 1/4 cup meat sauce and top with 2 Tbsp. cheese.


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Rich Whole Wheat BreadSuper easy, homemade bread recipe! Makes 3 lovely, soft, tasty loaves of wheat bread!


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Cheddar SpreadWe love this on celery sticks or crackers.


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Five Can CasseroleThis is a fun, easy to make casserole that the kids will love helping to make!


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Veggie Spaghetti SaladI love the combination of veggies in this salad.


Bowl of turkey chili.

Deli Turkey ChiliI often make chili with ground turkey. However, we recently had some leftover sliced turkey from a wedding reception. I came up with this quick chili recipe when trying to think of some ways to use up some of the leftover deli sliced turkey.


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Creamy Chicken CasseroleThis is a great stand-by meal for our family. Very hearty, simple and good tasting!


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Honey GranolaThis is a great, healthy snack for your whole family!


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Oriental SaladThis salad is one of my personal favorites! I love the crunch that comes with it!


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Cheddar Cheese Green Bean CasseroleThis is a great variation on the traditional green bean casserole. I love the cheddar cheese soup and the onion rings.


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Tangy Meat LoafGreat meat loaf with a great flavor!


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Golden Baked PotatoesI think the parmesan cheese in this recipe makes these potatoes extra good!


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Overnight CabbageI like the tangy taste of this recipe!



Needlework frame.

Use Dowel Rods for Needlework FramesEver wish you had a different size scroll bar set? I use half inch diameter dowel rods from the home improvement store and cut to whatever width I need at the time. I have widths ranging from 8 inches to 36 inches.


A colorful stormy sky in Virginia Beach, VA.

Stormy Skies (Virginia Beach, VA)Stormy skies over Virginia Beach


An antique chair being restored.

Take Better Care of Your PossessionsMy husband is a professional appraiser and furniture restorer. I am often in his workshop while he is working to repair a piece of what was once lovely furniture.


Two young children in a pool.

Things To Do During The Summer HolidaysHere's a list of things to do I made up for my my nieces and nephews who used to stay with me during the holidays. They would just choose something from the list to do so I never had anyone say "I'm bored!"


Red road leading towards red rock sandstone formations.

The Beauty of the Red Rocks (Zion National Park)My family and I are travelling in Utah this summer. Hiking Zion National Park has been an incredible experience. Over three million people visit this park every year, and now I know why.


Finished T-Shirt

Custom Homemade Screen Printed T-ShirtsOur dance class wanted to have matching shirts for National Dance Day. So with a little research and ingenuity, we came up with this solution. Now we have an easy way to make custom silkscreens for any occasion.


Finished button dish.

Button DishHere's a way to put your extra loose buttons to artistic use - a beautiful button dish! All it takes is some buttons and glue. I made this one to hold my jewelry in the bathroom.


Spraying hairspray on a drawing.

Hairspray To Preserve Children's ArtworkTo preserve your little treasure's artwork, a fine mist of hairspray over the child's drawing will "fix" the medium. It works best for unstable mediums such as chalk, pencil, and pastels which can easily smudge.I used to do this in school now I use this tip for my drawings from nephews and nieces.


A wood carving of a Wester Sandpiper

Western Sandpiper WoodcarvingThis is actually a carving I made (first one) after attending a great local woodcarving event called "Roundup!" These are offered all over the country and I would recommend them to everyone.


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Tip for Opening a Fray Check BottleI do a lot of appliques with Wonder Under. This necessitates use of Fray Check which comes in a small bottle very similar to a Krazy Glue bottle. Like most people I use a straight pin to make the hole at the end of the tiny applicator/bottle top.


Baby lying on a sheet with other sheets and paper cutouts arrange to make it look as though he is surfing.

Surfing Baby SceneHere is a photo I did of my one month old. It was really fun getting this scene set up and trying to set him down carefully while he was still asleep. He kept waking up so it was a bit difficult to get the shot I wanted. I plan to continue to make scenes like this as he grows.


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Removing Makeup And Caring For Your SkinEven if you don't wear a lot of make up, you need to make sure you remove all of it and do so safely. Mascara can be removed with a cold cream product like Ponds. Be very careful what you put near your eyes.



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Adjusting a Windshield Washer Sprayer?How is the adjustment made for windshield sprayer shooting too high?


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Quitting Smoking?I have a total of 9 days smoke free, but I have been crying at the drop of the hat. Is it normal to go thru this? I feel depressed and unmotivated. Please help! Thanks.


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Name Ideas for Interior Home Design Business?I am looking for ideas for a name for my new business. I will be designing and supplying fitted kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and also fire surrounds and plumbing fittings. Can anyone give me inspiration?


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Dogs Fighting With Each Other?My friend has 2 German Shepherds, 3 years old and 1 1/2 years old. She has had the 3 year old from the age of 8 weeks. The second dog is a rescue dog. Jackson the 3 year old, did not have a problem with Max at first.


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1888 Encyclpedia Britannica?What's the value of an 1888 ninth edition of Encyclopedia Britannica in good condition?


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Dog Won't Eat Dog Food?I have a crossed-bred Pomeranian and Japanese Spitz. It's already three months old. Before it used to eat dog food, but when my boyfriend fed my dog Tinola, a Filipino dish (chicken soup) it started not to eat dog food. It only likes to eat rice with soup and some meat. What can I do?


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Housebroken Dog Pooping in the House?I have a four year old Maltese dog which we love very much. We have never left him alone and he is the center of attention in our home. He is a very good dog and has been house broken for years now.


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Removing Dry Cat Litter from Interior of Car Door?How can I remove dried clay cat litter from the plastic kick panel on my car? It was stuck to the bottom of my friend's shoe and she got it on my car.


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Using Kilz Oil Base Paint on Dry Wall?I have 2 gallons of Kilz oil base primer. I would like to use them on some new dry wall and joint compound. There is nothing on the can that says I could use them for that kind of job. Is there any reason I can't use them. Thank you.


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Using Internet Bidding Sites to Shop?I understand how eBay works, but how do sites such as work? I don't quite understand. If someone could explain in simple language, it would be nice. Thanks.


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Removing Paint from Clothing?How can you get paint off of a shirt without removing the color?


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