December 31, 2012

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Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing Your HomeThis is a page about refinancing your home. There are a number of reasons homeowners consider refinancing.


slicing onions

Grilled Onion RecipesGrilled onions can be served as a delicious side to grilled meats or other dishes. This page contains grilled onion recipes.


A large stack of food magazines.

Organizing Ideas From MagazinesThis is a page about organizing idea from magazines. Many of us have those messy stacks of pages containing yummy recipes or craft projects torn from magazines.


Getting a Student Loan

Getting a Student Loan?This is a page about getting a student loan. For many students the only way they can afford the high cost of education is to get a loan.


A woman cleaning out the interior of her car.

Cleaning Car UpholsteryThis is a page about cleaning car upholstery. Car upholstery can get really dirty from daily use.


Fixing Greasy Soup

Fixing Greasy SoupThis page is about fixing greasy soup. Too much fat or butter can make a soup oily.


Several different spices.

Cooking With Herbs and SpicesThis page contains tips for cooking with herbs spices. To enjoy the use of seasonings, it helps to know how best to use them.


Credit history document.

Getting a Loan With Bad Credit?This is a page about getting a loan with bad credit. Once you have had difficulties leading to a bad credit rating it can be difficult to get a loan.


Making a Soap "Purse"

Making a Soap "Purse"This is a page about making a soap "purse". These cute soap holders shaped like little purses make great gifts.


Keeping Your Keyboard Clean

Keeping Your Keyboard CleanThis page is about keeping your keyboard clean. To have your keyboard working properly, you need to keep it clean.


Shade Gardening Tips

Shade Gardening TipsThis page contains shade gardening tips. To have success with plants in the shadows, it helps to use varieties that benefit by the protection of shade.


Dirt Dessert Recipes

Dirt Dessert RecipesThis is a fun Oreo cookie and pudding dessert that is sure to please your guests or family. This page contains dirt dessert recipes.


Photo of a prescription pad and stethoscope.

COBRA Health Insurance AdviceThis is a page about COBRA health insurance advice. COBRA allows some former employees, retirees, and others to temporarily continue their health insurance coverage.


Photo of radishes growing in a vegetable gardening.

Controlling Insects in Your Vegetable GardenThis page is about controlling insects in your vegetable garden. Knowing what insects benefit your garden plants, helps you identify the ones you don't want.


Man With Rose Behind His Back

Gift PlanningThis page is about gift planning. Planning ahead can help make your gift choices less expensive and more meaningful.


Hybrid Car

Buying a Hybrid Car?This is a page about buying a hybrid car. Hybrid cars are more common on the roads; do your research before choosing the hybrid for you.


A bowl of Halloween candy.

Uses for Leftover Halloween CandyThis page is about uses for leftover Halloween candy. Sometimes you can end up with too much candy after this holiday.


Renting an RV for a Vacation

Renting an RV for a Vacation?This page is about renting an RV for a vacation. It may be cost effective to rent a mobile recreational vehicle to stay in when on vacation.


Motor Oil on Concrete

Cleaning Motor Oil Stains From ConcreteThis is a page about cleaning motor oil stains from concrete. Whether from a spill or engine leak, motor oil stains on concrete can be a cleaning challenge.


Cheesecake with a graham cracker crumb crust.

Saving Money on Graham Cracker CrumbsThis is a page about saving money on graham cracker crumbs. Graham cracker crumbs are a staple for the cook who makes lots of quick desserts or cheesecakes.


Cooking With Butter

Cooking With ButterThis is a page about cooking with butter. Some cooks prefer cooking with butter, rather than margarine or shortening.


Photo of a yellow fabric purse.

Cleaning a Fabric Purse?This page is about cleaning a fabric purse. Keeping your favorite purses useful requires keeping them clean.


Paper Bag Leprechaun Puppet

Paper Bag Leprechaun PuppetKids love to make leprechaun projects for Saint Patrick's Day. This is a page about making a paper bag leprechaun puppet.


A big bowl of Halloween candy.

Saving Money on Halloween CandyThis is a page about saving money on Halloween candy. The cost of buying Halloween candy can really add up. But you don't have to skip the fun to avoid breaking the bank.


Starting a Home Business

Starting a Home Business?This is a page about starting a home business. There are many good reasons for starting a home based business.


A light rail train.

Saving Money on Public TransportationThis is a page about saving money on public transportation. The cost of public transportation like everything else continues to rise.


Ginger Snap Cookies

Ginger Snap Cookies RecipesThis popular treat is great with cold or hot beverages. This page contains ginger snap cookie recipes.


Cabbage Casserole Recipes

Cabbage Casserole RecipesTry a cabbage casserole for a hearty cold weather meal. This page contains cabbage casserole recipes.


Photo of a TV remote control.

Saving Money on Your Cable BillThis is a page about saving money on your cable bill. Cable TV service is a commonplace, but expensive part of many household budgets.


Lemon Meringue

Recipes Using MeringueThis whipped egg white and sugar confection can be used in some great desserts. This page contains recipes using meringue.


A fresh pineapple being chopped up for use in a recipe.

Pineapple Crisp RecipesThis page contains pineapple crisp recipes. Looking for a tropical alternative to apple or peach crisp, try using pineapple.



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Lemon MousseThis mousse is made from milk and lemons, and is a very good choice for a snack. Lemons are great for people to eat.


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Stained Glass Angel Food CakeThis is a pretty, low sugar, dessert that is great for a diabetic or anyone trying to reduce their sugar intake. It is very easy to make and tastes delicious.



Felt fish in box.

Felt Fishing GameMy 11 year-old son asked me to help him make this for his little brother's Christmas present. It was a huge hit! My 6 year-old loves his fishing set and our 3 cats were utterly delighted.


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Storing Small Manger PiecesI have small Venetian glass manger set that had lost some pieces over the years until I realized that they could fit into the little pockets in gift candy boxes and be further cushioned by the "beehive" candy cover paper; haven't lost any since.



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What to Do if Someone is Choking?If someone is choking should you give them water? If so, why is it a good idea or why is it a bad idea?


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Deleting Audiobooks on a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ Player?I listen to audiobooks on a SanDiskSansaClip+player. I load them from the library through their OverDrive program. I cannot delete books from the player. The support manual does not give instructions and I can't get any information from search sites. Anyone out there have this player and if so, can you help me? Thanks.


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Preventing Cheese from going Mouldy?Can you use white vinegar instead of cider vinegar to stop moulding?


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Reducing Sugar and Butter in a Recipe?I found this recipe for mini pear-tarts in Mason jar lids. The above recipe calls for all this sugar. If I use less sugar and butter, will it mess up this recipe?


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Avoiding Pasty Mashed Potatoes?I refrigerated uncooked, but peeled potatoes for a couple of days because I couldn't fit them all in the pan that was cooking up a huge batch of mashed potatoes. When I did cook them up and made mashed potatoes, they tasted pasty instead of like the original. Is there any way to avoid this?


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Waverly Echoes of Ireland Wallcovering - Green Trellis Pattern?I am looking for any amount, small, of the above wallcovering in the green trellis pattern. I could use a single roll or even a partial roll. I'd buy two if I could find them.


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Removing Water Stains from Wood?How do I remove water stains from light colored wood?


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Banana Box Groceries?My husband and I are unemployed at this time. We are trying to find ways to earn income. Does anyone know where we can buy banana box groceries to resell? We live in Greenville South Carolina, we would be willing to drive 100 miles or more to buy.


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Cedar Closet Stain on Polyester Jacket?How can I get a cedar closet stain out of the sleeve of my polyester jacket? The sleeve that touched the back wall of the closet has a long stripe down it, top to bottom, where the fabric fold touched the cedar wall.


Norfolk with browning needles.

Norfolk Pine Turning Brown?We live in Queensland, Australia and have a large Norfolk pine outside of our home. Our tree suddenly has brown branches mainly on the bottom, but it creeps to the top.


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Raising Guinea Pigs?I just got a pet baby guinea pig, Bitsy, and she has been nibbling on everything! Do guinea pigs need to be in groups? My dad said that they are better in groups. Is this true?


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Bleach Stains on Laminate Work Tops?We sprayed bleach onto our new laminate worktops, which has left a faded look where the bleach was sprayed. Any ideas on how to cover or remove the bleach ? Maybe a coating?


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Remedy for Skin Cracks on Fingertips?The tips of my fingers get small cracks in the skin. Hand creams do not solve the hurtful problem. I will appreciate any healing methods you can advise.


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