March 15, 2013

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Cookie Cutters

Saving Money on Cookie CuttersThis is a page about saving money on cookie cutters. If you bake a lot of rolled cookies, you know how expensive it can be to buy the cutters you want.


Cat Litter

Alternative Uses for Cat LitterThis is a page about alternative uses for cat litter. Cat litter has a number of other uses than just filling the kitty box.


cooked pasta

Using a Ron Popeil Pasta MakerThis is a page about using a Ron Popeil pasta maker. You can make delicious pasta at home with kitchen pasta makers.


Sewing Machine

Precision Deluxe Sewing Machine ManualThis page is about finding a Precision Deluxe sewing machine manual. Often we find ourselves without the manual to our sewing machine. Sometimes it has gotten lost or we purchased a used machine that did not come with one.


Kitchen Oven

Cleaning Heat Stains on Kitchen StovesHeat stains on ovens and stovetops can be a challenge to remove properly. This is a page about cleaning heat stains on kitchen stoves.


A woman adjust her heat thermostat to save money.

Tips for Living on Just Social SecurityThis is a page about tips for living on just Social Security. Trying to live on Social Security alone can be very challenging.



Pierogi RecipesThis page contains pierogi recipes. These Polish dumpling are a delicious main dish you can make at home.


velvet jacket

Cleaning Velvet Clothing and FabricThis is a page about cleaning velvet clothing and fabric. Due to the varied fiber content and pile, velvet can be difficult to clean.


Basset Hound

Basset Hound Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Basset Hound breed information and photos. The Basset Hound was originally bred to be used in hunting small game.


Top Loading Washer

Top Loading Washer Not DrainingThis is a page about a top loading washer not draining. Your washer just completed the wash cycle and will not drain.


A woman kissing her boyfriend and giving him an envelope with homemade coupons in it.

Homemade Coupon Book Gift IdeasThis is a page about homemade coupon book gift ideas. A fun gift to give for many occasions is a coupon book.


washing machine drum

Cleaning Hard Water Stains in a Washing Machine DrumThis is a page about cleaning hard water stains in a washing machine drum. Hard water can leave deposits on the tub of your washing machine.


Mulching Tulips

Mulching TulipsThis is a page about mulching tulips. In some growing areas with harsh winters you may wish to mulch your tulips if you leave them in the garden.


gift box

Gift Ideas for Someone That Has EverythingThis is a page about gift ideas for someone that has everything. Some people are particularly difficult to buy a gift for, they seem to already have everything.



Removing Lint from SweatersThis is a page about removing lint from sweaters. Sweaters tend to collect lint and require attention to remove it and keep them looking good.


Camellia Bush

Camellia Bush Losing BudsThis is a page about a camellia bush losing buds. The buds on your camellia aren't opening, instead they are dropping off the bush.


Magnetic Photo Frame

Magnetic St. Patrick's Day FrameThis is a page about making a St. Patrick's Day magnetic photo frame. These magnetic frames are great for displaying a photo of your child!


Skin Boil

Home Remedies for BoilsThis is a page about home remedies for boils. Boils are not only unsightly they can be quite painful.


Velvet Painting

Cleaning a Velvet PaintingThis is a page about cleaning a velvet painting. Care must be taken when cleaning a velvet painting.


DJ for a Birthday Party

Finding a DJ for a Birthday PartyThis is a page about finding a DJ for a birthday party. If you are thinking of having music for an upcoming birthday party, you may want to hire a DJ.


lint roller

Removing Lint from ClothingThis is a page about removing lint from clothing. Some clothing just seems to be a lint magnet, marring its appearance.



Forcing TulipsThis is a page about forcing tulips. Forcing bulbs indoors is a way to enjoy these beautiful blooms early in the season.


Toothbrush T-shirt Rug

Making Toothbrush T-shirt RugsThis is a page about making toothbrush t-shirt rugs. You can make a beautiful t-shirt rug without knowing how to crochet.


Tulips Not Blooming

Tulips Not BloomingThis is a page about tulips not blooming. It is very disappointing to plant a lot of tulip bulbs and then have them not bloom.



Scrap Pillow With Envelope OpeningMake a cute pillow case with scrap fabric.


Trix Cereal Treats

Trix Cereal TreatsTrix cereal are so colorful and their fruity flavor makes for a unique marshmallow treat.


Peeps Easter Basket

Peeps Easter BasketThis Easter basket is a treat on its own.



roll dough

Homemade Pizza DoughHomemade pizza is easy and makes it easy to have your favorite pizza just the way you like it!


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Easy and Quick Coffee CakeSo yummy and easy to make!


shamrock pizzas

Pesto Shamrock PizzasThese delicious pizzas are topped with pesto and spinach and are sure to be a hit at your next St. Patrick's day party!



Finished centerpiece.

Easter Table CenterpieceThis is a cute little Easter egg tree I saw on line that I just thought was adorable and it turned out really darling.


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Chives for Quick and Easy Flowers for the TablePicture graduation time and a house of boys. No fancy table decorations. Just the cake and then a quick run out to the herb garden to pick a bouquet of flowering chives. Beautiful purple blossoms on green stems.


cutters in bag

Buy Cookie Cutters at the Thrift StoreBrand new cookie cutters can be quite expensive. The reality is that many people purchase cutters and then don't use them. Quite often you can find cookie cutters at the thrift store that are like new.


Rug on hearth.

Making Toothbrush T-shirt RugsI can't take credit for this. I Googled "toothbrush t-shirt rugs". I followed the tutorial and had nothing but fun with this project. A little hint, don't use t-shirts that have a large decal covering the front or back. This will not stretch into the "yarn" .


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Forcing Tulips IndoorsI picked up a couple of bags of tulips last fall and decided to see if I could spring grow them in the house. I put them in the basement fridge for a couple months. Then I moved them to the freezer.


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Mulching Tulips AdviceI just planted a small bed of tulips and mums, I plan to lay generous amounts of newspaper over the tulip and around the mums and then cover with 2-3 inches of wood bark.


Maile with shoulder bags.

Maile vom Banach (German Shepherd)I bought Maile from a well renowned breeder in Washington, specializing in working dogs.



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Removing Spots From Water Puddle Splashed on JacketI have an off white jacket that I received as a gift. I was standing on a street corner was splashed from a puddle. I have spots all over it. I did take to the dry cleaners, but the spots didn't come out.


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Using Yankee Candle Wax TartsI have Yankee candle wax tarts, but I don't have a burner. What could I use?


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Determining the Value of Ceramic Greenware and MoldsMy MIL passed away and left a garage full of greenware, molds, and even a small kiln. How do I find out what any of it is worth? I did look up the kiln and it sells on eBay for $1500.00.


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Buying Cheap Good Quality Furniture in NashvilleWhere in Nashville can I buy cheap, but good quality furniture?


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Living Room Color Scheme AdviceI have a living room painted pinkish red, with curtains in a combination of red and brown, my sofa is basically brown adding few cushions in red, and a red rug. I ordered a grass green center table and now am confused.


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Finding Someone to Cut Trees for the WoodI have a lot of trees I need removed, but I have little income. I want to find some people who will take them for the wood. Can you help me with suggestions?


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Waverly English Ivy Wallpaper #554092Does anyone know where I can find/buy Waverly English Ivy wallpaper #554092. Thanks.


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Information About Living on Social Security AloneDoes someone know of anyone writing blogs/information about or by people over 70 living on Social Security?


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Leaving In New DenturesI had all of my upper teeth pulled and I put my dentures in right away. My question is how long should I leave them in? I have heard to leave them in two weeks or a week before taking them out because of swelling. When can I take them out?


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17th Birthday Party IdeasHi guys, my birthday is in two weeks (29th of March) and I want to have a party on that day. My mum does not want to spend much (probably only $30).


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Tips and Name Ideas for Home Cleaning BusinessGreetings from Kentucky.

I am really interested in starting a home cleaning business. I am 23 years old, a mom of 1 (4yrs) and not in a situation to work a typical 9-5 Monday-Friday job. Long story short, I am a stay at home mom.


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Discontinued Wallpaper: Sakura #W5223/06 -TambaIs it possible to get reference # W5223/06Collection: SakuraDesign: Tamba?


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Finding a Vet Practice That Takes PaymentsMy cat Smokey is a 4 year old male and we had him fixed about 2 years ago. Smokey has been puking after he eats and it's been going on for almost 2 weeks. I really can't afford medical treatment for him and I was hoping you could recommend a vet that will take monthly payments.


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Value of Porcelain DollsI have two porcelain dolls; one is the Angelina doll collection 1998 she has on a purple/pink dress, black lace matching hat, and purse.


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Too Much Basil in Spaghetti SauceI put too much dried basil in my spaghetti sauce. How can I fix it?


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Value of an Incomplete 1905 Set of EncyclopediasI have 30 of a 33 volume set of Science encyclopedias published by PF Collier and Son in 1905. The volumes are Origin of the Species by Darwin, Science and Education by Huxley, several volumes by Tyndall Fragments of Science and Sound plus many more.


Cover of the book.

Finding the Value of a First Edition BookI have a copy of The Countries of the World, by Robert Brown. It is a first edition.


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Finding a Missing RelativeHow can I find out if a cousin is alive? He has not been seen in forty years. His mom said she lost contact while he was in prison 29 yrs ago. He was tried on federal charges in Virginia in 1990.


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Removing Burned Milk Stain from Glass Top StoveHot chocolate milk boiled over on my electric glass top stove and made a thick stain. How do I remove the stain?


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