March 18, 2013

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Giving Medicine to Children

Giving Medicine to ChildrenThis page is about giving medicine to children. It can be a challenge to get a child to take the medication they need.


Deodorant Stains

Removing Deodorant Stains From a Sweater?This is a page about removing deodorant stains from a sweater. It is very frustrating to have your deodorant leave stains on clothing.


Anniversary Party

25th Anniversary Party IdeasThis page contains 25th anniversary party ideas. When planning a celebration for a couple's 25th year of marriage, you want to create a meaningful occasion.


girl brushing her teeth

Saving Money on ToothpasteThis is a page about saving money on toothpaste. In addition to shopping for the best price at the market, there are other ways to save money on toothpaste.


Universal Remote

Programming a Universal RemoteThis is a page about programming a universal remote. If you have multiple remote controlling scattered about the room, one solution is a universal remote.


Keepsake Gift Ideas

Keepsake Gift IdeasThis is a page about keepsake gift ideas. Giving a keepsake gift can be one of the most appreciated gifts a person receives. It keeps on giving every time they look at it.


Fishing Line

Uses for Fishing LineThis page contains uses for fishing line. A sturdy plastic string that can be helpful for a variety of things.


can of spam

Recipes Using SpamSpam is canned pork and ham and can be used in numerous recipes when you would normally use ham. This page contains recipes using Spam.


potted houseplant

Bringing Plants Indoors for the WinterThis page is about bringing plants indoors for the winter. When the weather gets cold there are many garden plants that be keep inside.


Curried Chicken

Slow Cooker Curried ChickenThis page is about slow cooker curried chicken. Use your crockpot to make your favorite curry dish.


Making a Balloon Arch

Making a Balloon ArchThis is a page about making a balloon arch. Balloon arches make a great decoration for school dances, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.



Swordfish RecipesSwordfish can be prepared in many delicious ways. This page contains swordfish recipes.


Throw Pillows

How to Make Throw PillowsThis is a page about making throw pillows. Making your own throw pillows can save you money and allow your creativity and sense of design to take over.


Coca Cola

Uses for Coca ColaThis is a page about uses for Coca Cola. Cola drinks can be used for cooking and cleaning.


Grilled Swordfish

Grilling SwordfishMeaty fish such as swordfish are great for cooking on the grill. This is a page about grilling swordfish.


Wood Ashes

Using Wood Ashes in Your GardenThis is a page about using wood ashes in your garden. Wood ash can be a good source of potassium, that many garden plants love.



A bowl of African peanut soup.

African Peanut SoupThis is based on a recipe published by the Colophon Cafe in Bellingham, WA. This vegetarian soup is spicy and filling but you could use chicken broth and add ground or chopped turkey to make it even heartier.


roasted brussel sprouts

Roasted Balsamic Brussels SproutsRoasted Brussels sprouts are a great side dish and easy to prepare.



Pad in shirt case.

Flannel Shirt Case for iPad MiniMy lovely husband surprised me with the extravagant gift of an iPad mini for Christmas. Here is the case I threw together before going on vacation. It's made out of a child's plaid flannel shirt.


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Prolonging the Life of CeleryAlthough I do not eat raw celery, I try to always keep it on hand for cooking. Lately I have noticed that another celery option is available in the grocery stores... pre-cut celery stalks.


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Other Uses for a Waffle IronWe use the waffle iron for making cornbread!


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Buy Cell Phone Accessories OnlineI went to the Boost store to change phones. While I was there, I decided to buy a phone case without asking the price. When I got home I realized I had paid $24.99! This same case/cover is on Amazon for $2.77. I am checking Amazon or Ebay from now on!


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Wait to Brush Teeth after Acidic FoodsI was waiting in the doctor's office the other day, and I read about how brushing your teeth after drinking or eating grapefruit, orange juice or other citrus juices will push the acid into your teeth and wear away the protective covering.


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Storing Bobby PinsIn your bathroom, for bobby pin users, place a magnetic pin holder (like the on you use for keeping your sewing straight pins) so the user may keep the bobby pins in one place.


Home shredder.

Shredding All Those Old FilesIf everyone procrastinates in cleaning out old files of utility bills, bank statements, etc., like I do, it becomes a huge job.


Can opener attached to paint brush.

Keeping Track of Paint Can OpenerI attach a can opener, to the end of a paintbrush, that is removable. This makes things so much more simple instead of searching for the opener every time.


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Cooking from Your PantryI have read many frugal blogs and sites. Many of them rely and support the idea of menu planning for cutting your grocery bill. Those who are supporters of this practice, say they look at the sale flyers and base their menu on the rock bottom prices.



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Keeping Bottled Water Cool in Car Trunk?How do you keep a case (12 pk-10ozs) of bottled water cool in the summer in your trunk? I like to keep bottled water in my car, but now that summer is approaching I was wondering how I was going to keep the water cold since the trunk is so hot in the summer time. Any ideas?



Dogs Peeing and Pooping Since Moving?I hope that my questions can be answered. Recently I moved into a new place and my 2 dogs have been acting up when it comes to potty training.


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Front Load Washer Not Spinning/Draining?My GE front loader won't spin/drain at the end of the cycle. The washer goes through the whole cycle fine, but won't spin to drain out the water at the end. I changed the catch basin and it is still not working.


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Selling a Mini Bike On Line?I want to sell 2004 Baja Mini Bike with new tires, acto, color green. How do I sell it online?


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Riding Mower Keeps Shutting Off?My Craftsman 15.5 runs a couple minutes then dies.


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Recipe Book for Welbilt ABM150R?Does anyone have a copy of the Easy Baking cookbook that came with the Welbilt ABM150R Bread maker? I would appreciate anyone sending me a copy.


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Name Ideas for an Architecture Firm?Can someone please suggest a name for an architecture and graphic design business with V or C or the word "all"?


Tan puppy lying down.

House Trained Puppy Peeing When Walking?My puppy is 5 months old and housetrained. The last two days she has been peeing a small amount as she walks and full pees on our beds sometimes just after coming in from a pee. She has never done this before and we are worried she may have an infection.


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Name Ideas for a Wedding Decoration Business?I want to start my new wedding decoration firm. Please suggest the best name for my firm.


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Neighbourhood Cats Spraying My Front Door?Several or one very busy local cat keeps spraying my front door and my hall stinks. I have read the other posts on here about getting rid of the smell and deterrents, but I have 2 cats.


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Cleaning Silver?Is there an easy or homemade way to clean silver and where do you suggest to sell for the most honest price? I have sold at jewelry stores in past, but that was over 15 years ago.


Stack of volumes.

Selling a Vintage Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a complete leather bound set of Encyclopedia Britannica, eleventh edition, published in 1910. Where can I sell it?


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Improving Business at a Local Pub?I am looking for ideas for keeping my local pub busy and getting regulars more interested. I also would like to keep new customers there.


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Painting Over Bare Plaster Wall?Prior to painting I removed a dated border. It peeled the paint underneath off revealing bare plaster which isn't covering with the paint. How can I cover this?


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Value of Collector's Choice Porcelain Dolls?I have some porcelain dolls by Dandee that my husband found in an abandoned house and they are stamped on the neck. I was wondering if they are worth anything. They all look Victorian.


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What is a Salad Jar?What is a salad jar? I saw one on Facebook.


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Removing a Small Light Bulb in Stove Hood?I have a very small light bulb stuck in my stove hood that I cannot remove. It is hard for me to get any kind of a grip on it because it isn't sticking out very far. Please help.


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Recipes for Yorkshire Terriers?I have one Yorkshire dog and she is now pregnant, about 45 days. I am giving her lots of carrots, boiled meat, and chicken. I am wondering if it is good for her or not. Please give me some advice.


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Cleaning Nicotine Off Walls?Nicotine in the wall makes us sick, with cough and sore throat. Can I clean the walls with cleaner or do I have to paint over?


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Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll that has been in my family since I was 1, so it's 23 years old. She is a vintage female with a blue dress, hat, tights, shoes, etc. and stands about 3.5 feet tall.


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Diaper for Older Dog Peeing in Owner's Bed?My dog is old and has started to pee in our bed in the middle of the night. What kind of diaper is available for a female? I have water proof bedding and she has been to the vet.


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