April 13, 2013

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crisp green salad

Keeping Salads CrispSalads containing lettuce and other vegetables such as tomatoes can get limp very quickly. This is a page about keeping salads crisp.


Using Reusable Kuerig Pods

Using Reusable Kuerig PodsThis is a page about using reusable Kuerig pods. Using a Kuerig coffee maker is a convenient way to make a single serving of your favorite coffee, but the small brewing cups are an expensive way to buy coffee.


Spaghetti Sauce

Fixing Spaghetti Sauce That is Too SaltyThis is a page about fixing spaghetti sauce that is too salty. Sometimes there are ways to save a meal that cooked up too salty.


Removing Wax Buildup on Floors

Removing Wax Buildup on Floors?Shiny waxed floors look great, but over time the wax can build up and result in a dull, dingy appearance. This is a page about removing wax buildup on floors.


Arched Window

Making a Curtain for an Arched Window?This is a page about making a curtain for an arched window. Making a curtain for an arched window is not as difficult as it may seem.


Roasted Chicken

Roast Chicken Tips and RecipesThis page contains roast chicken tips and recipes. Roasting is an easy way to prepare a delicious whole chicken.


Stage Curtains

Cleaning Stage Curtains?This is a page about cleaning stage curtains. Special care needs to be taken when attempting to clean stage curtains. Not only are they large and probably best cleaned in place, but they are also generally treated with a flame retardant.


Fat Free Cream Cheese

Substituting Fat Free Cream Cheese When Baking?This is a page abut substituting fat free cream cheese when baking. You can reduce the fat and caloric content of your favorite recipes that call for cream cheese by substituting the fat free version.


Muffin Tin Cobbler

Muffin Tin Cobbler RecipesMaking dessert and main dish recipes in your muffin tins is a great way to prepare single servings. This page contains muffin tin cobbler recipes.


Honey Mustard Dressing

Honey Mustard Dressing RecipesThis page contains honey mustard dressing recipes. Making fresh dressing at home is really quite easy.


Ladybug Themed Party

Ladybug Themed Party Ideas?This is a page about ladybug themed party ideas. Planning a party around a ladybug theme is so much fun.


Cutting tomatoes on a cutting board.

Keeping Cutting Boards From SlidingThis is a page about keeping cutting boards from sliding. Having your cutting board sliding around on your countertop is not only irritating but potentially dangerous.


Crocheted Shamrock

Crocheted Shamrock GarlandIf you crochet, add a cute shamrock garland to your St. Patrick's day decorations. This is a page about crocheted shamrock garland.


Vacuum Cleaner Cover

Making a Vacuum Cleaner CoverThis is a page about making a vacuum cleaner cover. You don't have to hide the vacuum away in a closet if you make a decorative, maybe even whimsical, cover.


Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

Rhubarb Cobbler RecipesThe tart taste of rhubarb is perfect for making a delicious cobbler. This page contains rhubarb cobbler recipes.


Squirrels outside.

Keeping Squirrels From Chewing on a HouseSquirrels chew on a variety of things to deal with the constant growth of their teeth. However, when they begin to use you house for this activity you will want to take action. This is a page about keeping squirrels from chewing on a house.


cat by bowl

Cat Splashes Water Out of BowlThis is a page about when a cat splashes water out of bowl. Some kitties seem to truly enjoy splashing the water out of their bowl. Fun for them, but probably not so much for you.


lady bug cupcakes

Bug Themed Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about bug themed birthday party ideas. Make your child's next party memorable by planning it around a bug theme.



Gift Ideas for a Fisherman?This is a page about gift ideas for a fisherman. Selecting the right gift for someone who loves to fish will make for a positive gift giving experience for you and the recipient.


Photo of rusty nails.

Uses for Old (and Bent) Nails?This is a page about uses for old (and bent) nails. After finishing a project you may find yourself with a pile of bent nails.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie RecipesThe sweet tart combination of strawberries and rhubarb make this pie a favorite. This page contains strawberry rhubarb pie recipes.


work boots

Drying Wet Shoes and BootsThis is a page about drying wet shoes and boots. Wet shoes can take a bit of time to dry, but there are some ways to help this process along.


Sunken Top on Bread

Sunken Top on Bread?This is a page about sunken top on bread. Confused as to why your bread loaf sunk in the middle?


Delicious Stuffing

Tips for Making Delicious StuffingGet creative the next time you make stuffing, whether you doctor boxed stuffing mix or make it from scratch. This is a page about tips for making delicious stuffing.


Patenting an Invention

Patenting an Invention?This is a page about patenting an invention. Many products we are all familiar with today were invented by individuals not employed in the research and development departments of major corporations, but who worked in garages or small shops.


Painting Over Old Paint

Tips for Painting Over Old PaintThis is a page about tips for painting over old paint. Repainting a wall or trim is a common home maintenance activity.


African Cichlids

Compatible Fish for Cichlids?This is a page about compatible fish for cichlids. Adding a different breed of fish to your aquarium may require some research.


30th Anniversary Gift

30th Anniversary Gift Ideas?This is a page about 30th anniversary gift ideas. Choosing just the right gift to commemorate a couple's 30th anniversary may be difficult.


Valentine Party Games

Valentine Party GamesPlanning a Valentine's Day party often includes games for the kids. This is a page about Valentine party games.



Clumps of daffodils.

Spring has Sprung! DaffodilsI just love WV this time of year. After a cold winter and a lot of snow, its great to get out and smell and see the flowers.


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Getting Hair Dye Off SkinI used my son's Johnson & Johnson baby body wash the one in the yellow bottle, then I added a bit of sugar to make a light scrub. Within seconds all the hair dye came off my skin, I now make a batch and use it as a body scrub once a week and my skin is super soft.


Marker lines on coffee table.

White Gum Eraser for Permanent MarkerWhen my new coffee table arrived, it had these permanent marker lines (they could have been there for months, who knew where or when it was manufactured). I was afraid to try alcohol, so before buying the Mr. Clean sponges, I tried a regular white rubber eraser.


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Waterproof Dog Blanket/BedMy older dog started having bladder issues. She was having accidents in the house, on dog beds and on our bed!



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Growing a Potted Hydrangea?I am trying to save a hydrangea received as gift from a funeral. The hydrangea was sitting by a vent where air conditioning was blowing. When I picked it up from funeral home, the pink blooms were wilted as well as the leaves.


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?I am looking for a name for my cleaning company. My name is Kerry. I hope you can help.


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Using a Flat Iron on Recently Permed Hair?I just permed my hair last night and let it air dry and was wondering if I can straighten it with the flat iron already? I mostly permed it to get body in my flat hair and maybe to let it air dry when in a hurry.


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Getting Rid of Tree Roots in the Sewer Line?What can I use to keep tree roots from growing into my plumbing? I had a real bad backup recently. I mean even into the washing machine. The plumbing bill was almost $500.00, not to mention the all day cleanup. The plumber said the problem was tree roots growing into the pipes.


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Unique Friendly Nanny Agency Name?I am thinking of opening a nanny agency and am stuck for ideas for a name. I would like a catchy cute name preferably with my name in it. My name is Vicky/Victoria. Something like Vicky's Kiddie Carers, but its not "Disney" enough for me!Hope you can helpThank you.


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Canadian DVD Swapping Sites?I would like to swap DVDs with somebody online. I have seen a few DVD swapping sites for the states, but I haven't found a DVD swapping site in Canada. Does anybody know of Canadian DVD Swapping sites?


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Freezing Coq au Vin?When cooking coq au vin, at what stage can you freeze it, if you can freeze it?


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 16 soon and I want to throw a party for a bunch of friends. Please help me. I need ideas, party themes, anything is helpful. Please. Think big! Thanks.


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Finding a Bernese/Pyrenees Mix Breeder?I have owned four Bernese Swiss Mountain Dogs. I still have two females, one is 12 years old. I love the breed! I am seriously considering looking into the Bernese/Pyrenees breed mix.


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Discontinued Wallpaper Border: Imperial, Thomas Kinkade Barn Scene?I have started putting 2 rolls up in my office. I need one more roll to complete the job. The item number is TK3241B. It has a barn and a stone bridge; the pattern is repeated. It is by Imperial wallpaper. Blue Mountain bought them out. If anyone knows where I can get one roll.


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Unique Name Instead of Gramma?I am going to be a first time gramma any day. I am only 38 yrs. old and gramma sounds just old. I never really had a nick name and I want to find a unique, different name for my grandchild to call me. My real name is Monica Lynn if that helps.


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