April 16, 2013

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1970s disco ball

1970's Weight Watchers PlansThis page is about 1970's Weight Watcher plans. Finding the older diet recipes that have worked for you is sometimes a challenge.


Propane Weed Burner

Making a Propane Weed Burner?This is a page about making a propane weed burner. Some homeowners prefer to use a weed burner rather than herbicides to rid their property of weeds.


Boy with Fingerpaints

Edible FingerpaintsThis is a page about edible fingerpaints. Toddlers and young children love to fingerpaint, but they also love to put everything in their mouths. No problem, make your own edible fingerpaints.


Young Grandma

Name Ideas for a Young Grandma?This is a page about name ideas for a young grandma. Many grandmothers like to choose what their grandchildren will call them. This may be especially true for a young grandmother that would like to choose something cuter or more original.


Summer Recipe

Cool Summer Recipe IdeasThe heat of summer calls for cool summer meals. This page contains cool summer recipe ideas.


dog that looks afraid

My Dog is Afraid of Me?This page is about my dog is afraid of me. Developing trust between you and your pet can take patience.


A woman wearing cutoff jeans.

Keeping Cutoff Jeans from Fraying?This is a page about keeping cutoff jeans from fraying. Cutoff jeans have been popular off and on for decades. They are a great way to recycle an old pair of jeans, but they will fray.


Sand Flies

Natural Repellent for Sand Flies?This is a page about natural repellent for sand flies. Sand flies are blood sucking flies typically found in sandy areas, hence their name.



Forsythia Not Blooming?This is a page about forsythia not blooming. It is very disappointing when your flowering scrubs don't flower.


Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper

Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Imperial wallpaper. Trying to find discontinued wallpaper can be a challenge, but if you are a roll short or the wallpaper in your home has been damaged, it is necessary.


Faucet running in a kitchen that uses well water.

Removing Sulfur Smell from a Well Water System?Well water can be the best water you have ever tasted, but sometimes it can have a strong, unpleasant sulfur odor. This is a page about removing sulfur smell from a well water system.


Coq au Vin

Freezing Coq au Vin?This is a page about freezing coq au vin. This delicious chicken and wine dish will freeze well for a second meal.


Nylon Netting for Crafts

Buying Nylon Netting for Crafts?This is a page about buying nylon netting for crafts. Nylon netting is used in many crafts. But sometimes it is difficult to find just the type and color that you want.


a girl eating an apple

1990's Weight Watcher Plans?This page is about 1990's Weight Watcher plans. Finding the older diet recipes that have worked for you is sometimes a challenge.


Pinto Beans

Canning Pinto Beans?This page is about canning pinto beans. A pressure canner is necessary when canning any beans.



DVD Swapping Sites?This is a page about DVD swapping sites. Since many people do not watch a movie repeatedly, a DVD swap site offers a chance to see a lot of films without the cost of buying each one.


Stucco Wall

Removing Candle Wax from Stucco?This is a page about removing candle wax from stucco. The rough texture of stucco makes it difficult to clean.


Permed Hair

Straightening Permed HairThis is a page about straightening permed hair. Sometimes a perm is used to give your hair body, but you still want to have a more sleek style.


1980's Weight Watchers Plans

1980s Weight Watchers PlansThis page is about 1980's Weight Watcher plans. Finding the older diet recipes that have worked for you is sometimes a challenge.


new shoes

Homemade Liquid Shoe StretchLeather shoes can often be stretched using a liquid shoe stretch product. You can save money by making your own with products you probably have around the house. This is a page about homemade liquid shoe stretch.


Square Knot

Tying a Square Knot (Reef Knot)?This is a page about tying a square knot (reef knot). The square or reef knot is a simple joining knot. It has many applications, some temporary, as it is easily untied.


Electric Mixer

Electric Mixer TipsThis page contains electric mixer tips. Using an electric mixer can save you time and help you create delicious meals and desserts.


Keurig machine

Keurig Brewing System ReviewsBefore investing in a single serving coffee system like the Keurig, it is a good idea to do a bit of research. This is a page about Keurig brewing system reviews.



upclose mac and cheese

Homemade Mac n' CheeseThis recipe for creamy homemade mac n' cheese is easy to make and so delicious!


Indian Butter Chicken

Indian Butter ChickenI got this recipe from one of the Costco Connection magazines. It turned out so good, we had no leftovers. I will definitely make this again.



Sneaky Smart Squirrel

Sneaky Smart SquirrelThis little squirrel visits my parents' kitchen window several times every day. My dad is very good about leaving seeds out for all the squirrels and birds to share.


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Ask for Photo ID on Credit CardOn the back of your credit card, instead of your signature, write "Photo ID required". That way if it is stolen, no-one could use it (unless they are an identical twin). It's still important to report it lost or stolen, as this would not protect you in a phone or mail order situation.


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Immediately Remove BurrsBe extremely careful when removing any burrs around the animal's face, near the eyes and behind. I can't stress that enough! All open areas of any animal can have the burrs travel up or into the area it is around.


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Yogurt as Edible FingerpaintsYou can take a little container of yogurt and mix it with Koolaid. It will make a colorful fingerpaint that won't taste as bad as the other fingerpaint does. :)


Peanut (Tabby)

Peanut (Tabby)Peanut is a shelter alumni. He is a sweet boy, we got him as a small kitten.


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Check Balance Before Throwing Away Gift CardsRecently while cleaning out some old files, I found a misplaced gift card that had an expiration date of 2009 - four years ago! Reading the small print, I discovered a number to call to find out the balance on expired cards.


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Making a Scarf from ScrapsA few years ago I started making hats and scarves from the "fun" or "fur" yarn, which is quite expensive. I had made a lot of scarves and realized I had so much scraps that could not be used and had no idea how I could use them.



Jacaranda (Pretoria, South Africa)October is Jacaranda time in Pretoria, South Africa. Then the streets is filled with this lovely lavender purple colors. Something you must see!


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Party In A BackpackWe went to a friend's birthday party which we did at the fair for free. We got to see all the animals and exhibits. We then found a picnic table and the mom had packed 16 cupcakes in a plastic shoe box. She then stacked in a tier on a plate and topped with candles. After singing Happy Birthday, each child got a cupcake, a juice box and a goody bag with bubbles, candy and balloons. All the kids had a great time for only 15 dollars. All this from a backpack; simple,fun,and frugal.


Reuse Your Non Dairy Creamer Bottles

Reuse Your Non Dairy Creamer BottlesEmpty non dairy creamer containers are perfect to use as drink bottles. The smaller ones are great for mixing and drinking from and the larger ones are the perfect size for the 1/2 gallon unsweetened drink mixes.


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Reducing Sugar and Salt in Instant OatmealFor extra convenience, I often have instant oatmeal. However I don't care for the added salt and sugar so I just take a sieve and sift it out. It still tastes great and I get the nutrition without the additives.


Make-up For my Friend's Wedding

Make-up For my Friend's WeddingIn December, it was my best friend's wedding. Part of making her day special, she got a professional make-up artist to do her make-up.


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Use Salad Spinner to Dry a SweaterIf you have a sweater or a piece of clothing you have to hand wash, it can take forever to dry. Try putting it into your salad spinner, and it will remove a lot of excess water, and dry faster.



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Riding Lawnmower Won't Start?When you turn the key on this 18.0 hp B.S. it act like it wants to start, but then it just turns over.


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Printing Coupons from the Web?Does anyone know how to print coupons off from Coupon Mom?


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1955 Edition of The Encyclopedia Americana?How much would this whole set of the 1955 edition of the Encyclopedia Americana be worth? It is in very good condition, smoke free home for 11 years.


Selling Pinecones?I live in Washington state and want to sell my pinecones. Who should I contact? Who would buy them?


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Garnishment of Disability for Alimony?I paid my wife temporary alimony for over a year $24,00.00. She was older than me and was also collecting $700 for SS, which she did not divulge to the court at the time of the temp alimony hearing.


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Squirrels Chewing on Car Wiring?They have made a nest three times and ate wires in the motor of my SUV. Someone suggested using smelly drier sheets, at night when not using the car. It didn't work. We then had nice smelling nests. Any help will be greatly appreciated?


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Kenmore Model 106 Icemaker Arm Not Working?It will make one batch of ice and dump and refill, but the arm will not go back down.


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Grooming a Long Haired Dog?I would like advice for grooming dogs with long hair. Please we need help with out white Shepherd, his hair is everywhere. We have too many vet bills for our 6 animals want to avoid groomers, yet have him look decent and not cause razor burns.


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Worth of Encyclopedia Britannica?I would like to find out the worth of a set of encyclopedia Britannica, purchased in 1957 with year books thru 1984.


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Ideas for College Graduation Presents and Parties?My granddaughter is graduating from the Univiversity of Georgia in a few weeks. The main present will be money. Any ideas in your files for unique gifts and small celebrations?


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Mower Stalled and Won't Start?I was on my 38/145 MTD Yardman rideon when it stalled. Then there was a loud bang and now I can't get it to start. Do you know what this could possibly be please?


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Mosquito Trap?When is the pepper added and how much?


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Mandala of the Soul Art?Back in the day Sam Groom starred in a TV show that featured a mandala of the soul. Does anyone know where I can get info on this piece of art?


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Changing Ombre Hair Color?How do I dye out ombre hair color?


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Harvesting Green Onions?Are green onion firsthand? If so do you pull them and will the onion bulb still grow? When can you pull the onion from the ground?


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Electric Stove Burners Not Working?What would make my electric burners just blow? Could it possibly be from spraying them with cleaning chemicals while cleaning?


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Recipes Using Stovetop Stuffing?Someone gave me a big box of twelve packages of Stovetop Stuffing. I really don't like it as a stuffing. Is there anything else you can make with it?


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Selling Pinecones?I live in Washington state and want to sell my pinecones. Who should I contact? Who would buy them?


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Idea's for A Girl's Sweet 16?My 16th birthday is in 20 days! I am trying to throw together a party. I decided on having it behind my house in a clearing in the woods. I am going to have a bonfire.


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Removing Ink from a Leather Purse?How do you remove an ink mark from a cream colored leather purse?


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World Book Encyclopedia Value?What is the value of a like new, wine and gold trim, set of the 1987 World Book Encyclopedia?


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Good Toilet Cleaner Recommendations?It seems like I am cleaning my toilet every other day. It is not my water. I used to buy a blue container that you inserted in the tank. It lasted about three months and I only had to clean about once every two weeks.


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Cleaning Cigarette Smoke Off Walls and Woodwork?I would like some advice for getting cigarette smoke off of walls and painted woodwork. I tried using Scrubbing Bubbles on a small area of my painted work.Wow, it was amazing. It feels a little sticky. Should I wash it before painting and with what. Can you use it on varnished woodwork?


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Constant Scratching Noises in My Walls?It is driving me crazy. I don't know what it is, but I need to know what to do. It happens mostly when I am awake during the morning and daytime. I bang on the wall and it stops for like 15 minutes, but that is it? What should I do?


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Encyclopedia Set Value?I am looking for the possible value of a complete 10 volume set of The University Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Knowledge with a 1902 copyright date.


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