July 9, 2013

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Child's Art Table

Making a Child's Art Table?This is a page about making a child's art table. Your artist in the making will really enjoy having her own creative space to pursue those early masterpieces.


A girl having her face painted.

Buying Face Paint?This is a page about buying face paint. There are many places where you can buy face paint.


old knife

Replacing Knife Handles?This is a page about replacing knife handles. Often the blade on a good knife will still be just fine, but the wooden handle may be deteriorating due to age and frequent usage.


Marriage License

Getting a Marriage License?This is a page about getting a marriage license. You have been asked and accepted a proposal of marriage or decided together that it is time. Now the next steps in planning will include getting the license.


A woman living in Paris standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Health Insurance When Living Abroad?This is a page about health insurance when living abroad. If you plan on retiring abroad or living there for an extended period of time, you will want to secure health insurance specifically designed for this situation.


Tender rib eye steak on a grill.

Using Meat Tenderizer Seasoning?This is a page about using meat tenderizer seasoning. Tenderizing meat can either be done manually with a mallet or by using any number of products, available in various flavors.


Sumac Bushes

Getting Rid of Sumac Bushes?This is a page about getting rid of sumac bushes. Like other poisonous plants sumac can cause a reaction on your skin when you come in contact with it. This means that when preparing to rid your yard of this plant you will want to take precautions.


garden snail

Snail Information and PhotosThis is a page about snail information and photos. When they are not eating up the plants in our garden, we can stop and appreciate the beauty of the many types of snails found in nature.


Duct Tape Rose

Making a Duct Tape RoseThis is a page about making a duct tape rose. Duct tape has become a popular crafting medium.


rid dye

Dyeing Clothes on the Stovetop?This is a page about dyeing clothes on the stovetop. Clothes can be dyed in the washer as well as on the stovetop.


Pussy Willow Plant

Starting a Pussy Willow Plant from a BranchMany plants can be started from cuttings, including the pussy willow. This is a page about starting a pussy willow plant from a branch.


Wood Toilet Seat

Cleaning a Wood Toilet Seat?This is a page about cleaning a wood toilet seat. Cleaning a wooden toilet seat is not that much different than cleaning a plastic one, you will just want to make sure to use the proper cleaner.


Canning Jar

Storing Canning JarsThis is a page about storing canning jars. When not in use canning jars need to be stored until next season.


Old Webster's Dictionary

Finding the Value of Old Webster's DictionariesTrying to find out the value of old books can be daunting at times. This is a page about finding the value of old Webster's dictionaries.


Coneflowers (Echinacea)

Dividing Coneflowers (Echinacea)?This is a page about dividing coneflowers (echinacea). These flowering perennials, originally found on the prairie, benefit from periodic dividing.


Girl with face paint.

Removing Face PaintThis is a page about removing face paint. Face painting is a common activity at parties, fairs, and other events.


Wood Toilet Seat

Repairing a Peeling Wood Toilet Seat?This is a page about repairing a peeling wood toilet seat. Wooden toilet seats can be found in painted and natural versions. Should your seat begin to show damage and peeling, you can either buy a new one or repair the current one.


Young girl with face paint on.

Removing Face Paint From Clothing?This is a page about removing face paint from clothing. Face paint has a way of getting smudged off onto clothing.


Gopher coming out of a hole.

Something is Eating Plant Roots?This is a page about something is eating plant roots. The roots of your plants are a tasty meal for a number of burrowing animals and insects.


Garden Party Sign

Garden Party IdeasThis is a page about garden party ideas. Summer is a great time to plan a garden party and enjoy the outdoors.


Poison Sumac Bush

Remedies for Poison Sumac?This is a page about remedies for poison sumac. If you have had the misfortune to come in contact with poison sumac, you are likely now experiencing the itchy rash that follows.


Bicycle Themed Birthday Party

Bicycle Themed Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about bicycle themed birthday party ideas. Once you have decided on a theme for a birthday party, comes the rest of the fun. You now need to come up with decorations and other themed ideas to complete the party package.


Sunroof Gasket

Cleaning Mold on a Sunroof Gasket?Mold can grow on the gasket of your car's sunroof, potentially leaving ugly stains. This is a page about cleaning mold on a sunroof gasket.


Squirrel sitting.

Squirrels Eating Tomatoes?This is a page about squirrels eating tomatoes. Cute though they may be, most gardeners tend to lose their patience a bit when the local squirrels begin to dine on their tomatoes.


Polished Rocks

Polishing Rocks?This is a page about polishing rocks. Polished rocks are quite pretty and something kids and adults both enjoy having. You can buy them, but they can be pricy, or polish your own.


Ederly woman

Definition of ElderlyThis is a page about the definition of elderly. When does a person become elderly? There are definitions that have to do with convention, political entities and services, and personal perceptions including state of mind.


Growing Coneflowers (Echinacea)

Growing Coneflowers (Echinacea)This is a page about growing coneflowers (echinacea). These striking flowers make a great addition to almost any garden.


Hummingbird Cocktail

Hummingbird Cocktail RecipesThis page contains hummingbird cocktail recipes. There are several variations on this rum based cocktail. Most contain bananas, coconut, rum, coffee flavored liqueur, and possibly other ingredients.


A bowl of carrot soup.

Refreezing Soup?This is a page about refreezing soup. There seems to be differing opinions on the safety of refreezing foods including soup.


A man having dental work done.

Root Canal Advice?This is a page about root canal advice. Having a root canal has become the topic of many jokes and humorous skits, emphasizing intense pain. But with the joking aside this somewhat routine dental procedure need not strike fear into the hearts of men and women.


Girl having her face painted.

Homemade Face Paint RecipesThis is a page about homemade face paint recipes. You don't have to wait for an event that features face painting to decorate your or your children's faces.


Pickled Okra

Pickled Okra RecipesThis page contains pickled okra recipes. Spicy, crunchy pickled okra is a great addition to your relish tray at a party or to serve with family meals.



Slow-Carb Scrambled Eggs, Greens and Sausage

Slow-Carb Scrambled Eggs, Greens and...This quick and delicious slow-carb breakfast will get your day started off on the right foot and provide hours of steady energy.


Pink Beetroot Lemonade

Beetroot LemonadeThis is a wonderful nutritious lemonade with no refined sugar and it tastes like pink lemonade! It's easy, fast and inexpensive to make. Loved by all ages. You'll get a little bit of fiber and lots of vitamin C!



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Ziplock Baggies As Fly RepellentZiplock Baggies, who knew? I found this online. Some of my friends and I have tried it and it seems to work like a charm! Fill a ziplock baggie with 1/4-1/2 full of water and drop 4-6 pennies in the bottom.


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Make Ground Turkey Taste Like BeefWe all know ground turkey or chicken is healthier then beef. But what if you miss that beef flavor? I have come up with a way to make turkey or chicken burgers, loaf, or pretty much any recipe taste like you DID use beef! It's easy!


Pastry Blender for Chopped Eggs

Pastry Blender for Chopping Hardboiled EggsA quick and easy way to make egg salad sandwich spread quickly is to use a pastry blender tool. This is normally used to get your pie crust ready to roll.


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Removing Smells from Pet BedsMy Chiweenie, Henry loves loves loves his bed. But, it sure can get smelly. I will let it soak it a mixture of Dawn and white vinegar for about an hour or so. Then just wash and dry with towels...


Successful Home Perm

Successful Home PermI permed my own hair and it came out PERFECT. I'm not even a professional hair dresser, but I'm actually better than some.


Scooter (Manx Kitten)

Scooter (Manx Kitten)The mommy cat's owner went to a rest home, and my neighbor took the mom in and she had four kittens. They were all placed except for this one, who has a genetic disability.


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Buffing Scratches out of Polycarbonate Eyeglass LensesI've read most of the suggestions, but here is what worked for me. I got my polycarbonate lenses with the AR coating at Walmart. As most of the tips suggest, the most likely cause of your scratches are due to scratches in the AR coating.


Grow Succulents around Tree

Grow Succulents around TreeIt is easy to make the ordinary look special. I have Sedums growing in vast amounts, too much! I broke several off and simply just stuck in the dirt around a tree.


Dinner is Served -Bird Feeding Babies

Dinner is Served-Bird Feeding BabiesMy friend and neighbor has had this ornamental birdhouse attached to the railing on her deck for many years. This year, a family decided to move in! There are 3 babies in the nest, and daddy is very good about feeding them.


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Dusting Window BlindsSwiffer dusters worked wonderfully on my metal blinds. Engage a teenager to help with this chore.


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Use Squeegee for Removing Pet Hair from CarpetA rubber window washing squeegee attached to a long pole is an excellent way to pull pet hair from carpets. I have two in different widths. The narrow one does stair treads and can be used to reach confined spaces, the wide one makes short work of the open areas. I've a third one for furniture.


View from the side.

Homemade BirdfeederA birdfeeder (or birdbath) can be made easily using a large glass lid, a wire clothes hanger, some string, and grape vines.


Hollyhock flowers floating in glasses.

Pretty Party Centerpiece from Your GardenI planted hollyhocks for the first time this year and they are tall stalks with multiple blooms that look very similar to carnations. They are lovely, but they drop their beautiful blooms just when I think they are the prettiest.


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Use Mechanical Pencil as StylusI saw my daughter using one of her empty mechanical pencils as a stylus on her DSI. I am sure it could be used on any electronic which has a touch screen.



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Can I Claim my Ex-husband's Social Security?My ex and I were married for over 34 years. Can I get his Social Security although we were not married when he passed away?


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Getting Rid of Mosquitoes?Too many mosquitoes kissed me. Help!


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14th Birthday Party Plans?I'll be 14 this Saturday, on July 13th. I have a complete blank mind. I was going to have my birthday party on Saturday, but my mom has to work! So it's on Friday.


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Removing Squid Smell from Car?My boyfriend and I go fishing almost everyday with squid. From putting it in my trunk when we go, my car now has this over powering squid smell. I live in Florida so when its hot it's so much worse.


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Design Studio Name Ideas?I'm starting a company that will involve interior, graphic, and industrial design for new businesses and I need help with the name. I would like it to be one word.


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Grey Stain on Zucchini Leaves?The leaves have a grey straining on them. Same as last year. Why?


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Cleaning the Face of a Short Hair Cat?I have used many solutions to clean my white, exotic, short hair's face. His eyes always water. My vet said to use only water, but it does not clear his eyes from watering and the stains they cause. I have even seen mites. I do use Revolution, but the problem is endless. Thanks.


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Name Ideas for Interior Decorative Shop?Can someone please give some name ideas for an interior design firm.


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Colouring Hair Makes Scalp Itch?I colour my hair once a month, when it turns to grey hair. I have loads of grey. When I colour it gets itchy. Is this normal?


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Reassigning a Power of Attorney For Elderly Parent?Due to my own personal health problems getting worse, I feel I am no longer able to act as power of attorney for my mother who has dementia. How do I go about removing myself from that position? Also, do I need to notify my siblings and whom do I give my mother's banking and legal documents to?


Toddler in red and yellow Little Tikes car.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas?My son's 2nd birthday is coming up in September. We live in Texas so you can only imagine how terribly hot it is down here. We live in an apartment so I really can't invite all the family over at once to celebrate.


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Value of World Book Encyclopedia Set 1988?I have a mint condition 1988 World Book encyclopedia, complete set, along with the 1988 year book for this set. It has never been used and has gold gilt writing on the bindings along with gold on the tops of all pages. I was wondering how much this set would be worth.


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Getting Rid of Insects in Trees Near Terrace?My terrace has an overgrown tree close to the screen which blows insects onto the terrace and into my apt. I am spraying the screen with vinegar, but it is not a complete remedy.


Encyclopedias on bookshelf.

Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a complete set of 1958 Encyclopedia Britannica including the original bookcase in good condition. Is it worth anything?


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15th Birthday Ideas?In the beginning I had a problem deciding what to do for my 15th birthday. Then I started thinking up stuff like having a hotel slumber for your friends and eating at a restaurant.


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Repairing Damaged Hair?I permed my hair, right after I rinsed it jet black by myself for the first time. I didn't know that I was supposed to rinse my hair until all of the jet black was completely washed out.


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Dog Acting Aggressively Since Having Puppies?My seven year old dog got pregnant at 6 1/2 yrs old for the first time. When she went into labour there were complications and she had to have surgery.


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Tiny Spiders in the Toilet Bowl?I have quite a few tiny little "spiders", orangey brown in colour, in my toilet bowl. When I flush, they come back and seem to be trying to get out. What are they and are they dangerous/do they bite?Thanks.


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Keeping Cats Out of Garden?I want to keep cats off my garden and stop them from coming into my house.


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Asking Mom About Shaving My Legs?So I'm going on to grade 9 and I want to shave my legs. It is summer and all my friends are wearing their shorts and I'm afraid to wear my shorts around them so I wear them when my friends are not around.


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Home Remedies for Damage Rebonded Hair?I rebonded my hair about 1 month ago, but now my hair is becoming curly and my hair is falling, too. Please tell me a solution for this. I want home remedies. Thanks.


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Riding Mower Makes Popping Noise at Full Throttle?I have a v13.5 hp Craftman riding lawn mower. With this mower it will start and idle, but when you raise the throttle to high speed the motor starts popping.


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I have pink countertops, sink, and jacuzzi with pink tile on the floors and light pink looking vanity. I think the name for the color is pickled. What color should I paint my bathroom walls?


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