August 19, 2013

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A backpack full of school supplies.

Finding Help Getting School Clothing and...This is a guide about finding help getting school clothing and supplies. Getting your kids the clothing and supplies they need each year before school starts can be expensive. For the family on a very tight budget it can be overwhelming.


A woman at the dentist.

Buying Dental Insurance?This page is about buying dental insurance. Money can be saved on dental work when you have an insurance policy.


A bedroom dresser that is cluttered and disorganized.

Name Ideas for a Decluttering Business?This is a page about name ideas for a decluttering business. There are certainly a lot of potential clients who could use the help of an expert to declutter their homes. Starting your own business to provide this service includes coming up with an eyecatching name.


Dining Chairs

Reupholstering Dining ChairsThis is a page about reupholstering dining chairs. Dining room chairs can often get a facelift with a good cleaning and some new upholstery.


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Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls RecipesThis page contains fried macaroni and cheese balls recipes. You can use up leftover mac and cheese to make these delicious fried snacks.


Mortgage Paperwork

Getting a Mortgage With Bad Credit?This page is about getting a mortgage with bad credit. When you have had trouble paying your bills on time it can be difficult to buy a home.


Crochet Stuffed Animals

Making Crochet Stuffed AnimalsThis is a page about making crochet stuffed animals. Stuffed crochet animals are fun to make and even more fun to give as gifts or to your little ones.


Bathtub Diverter Spout

Repairing a Bathtub Spout Diverter?his is a page about repairing a bathtub spout diverter. You turn on the shower and half of the water is coming out of the spout rather than the shower head. It is time to take a look at the diverter. T


Fluffy white towels.

Making Towels SoftThis is a page about making towels soft. Hard scratchy towels are probably not what you want to use after your shower.


Writing in a notebook with a pencil.

Learning Using AcronymsThis page is about acronyms make learning easier. Creating memory tricks to help you remember can make learning fun.


Veterinarian taking a blood sample from a cat.

Finding a Veterinarian That Accepts PaymentsIt is very stressful to have a pet in need of veterinary treatment and not have the cash for the visit. Finding a practice that will accept payments can be difficult. This is a page about finding a veterinarian that accepts payments.



Wassail RecipesThis page contains wassail recipes. An old English hot spiced ale, wine or cider served during the winter holidays.


Bird Seed

Covering a Bird House With Bird Seed?This is a page about covering a bird house with bird seed. Entice birds to your garden with a birdhouse covered in seed. Not only will they have a nice place to nest, but the outside is edible.


A girl in a southern prom dress.

Gone with the Wind Prom Theme Ideas?Plan your formal dance around this popular 19th century novel and movie about the southern US. This page contains Gone with the Wind prom theme ideas.


Empire State Muffins

Empire State Muffin RecipesThis page contains Empire state muffin recipes. These delicious muffins often contain apples, carrots, nuts, and other tasty ingredients.


beautiful wood floors

Removing Scuff Marks from Hardwood FloorsThis page is about removing scuff marks from hardwood floors. Certain shoes can leave black marks on your floors.


Turmeric being ground up.

Making Natural DyesThis page is about making natural dyes. Creating your own dyes can be challenging and fun.


A woman rubbing her skin.

Caring for Aging SkinThis is a page about caring for aging skin. As our skin ages it can become drier and begin to show fine lines and wrinkles. There are many commercial and homemade products that you can use to help keep your skin looking smoother.


Beetle on a leaf.

Beetle PhotosThis page contains beetle photos. Beetles are a common visitor to your home and garden. With their array of colors and shapes they are often the subject of amateur and professional photographers alike.


Gluten Free Meatloaf

Gluten Free Meatloaf RecipesThis page includes gluten free meatloaf recipes. It is easy to make a delicious meatloaf without the elastic texture of grains containing gluten.



Making a Magazine Purse?This is a page about making a magazine purse. Use colorful magazine pages to weave yourself a clever, unique purse.


Ceramic Stove Top

Repairing Scratches on a Ceramic Stove Top?This is a page about repairing scratches on ceramic stove top. Ceramic stovetops are very easy to clean and durable, but they can get scratched during normal use.


Faux Granite

Making Faux Granite Furniture Tops?This is a page about making faux granite furniture tops. There is a lot of information available about painting laminate countertops to resemble granite. Now you are thinking of attempting a similar treatment on furniture tops.


Disney World

Disney World Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains Disney World frugal travel guide. There are a number of ways you can save money when visiting a theme park.


Two girls eating pizza.

Kid Friendly RecipesThis page contains kid friendly recipes. We all want our kids to eat a healthy diet, but must at the same time deal with the typical pickiness of children's palates. It can be a challenge to find kid friendly recipes that you feel good about.


Road with freshly painted yellow lines.

Removing Road Paint From Your Car?This is a page about removing road paint from your car. Driving through an area where road work is being done often can not be avoided. This can result in oil, paint, and other construction materials being deposited on your car.


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Cranberry Orange Wreath RecipesThis page contains cranberry orange wreath recipes. A holiday table or Sunday breakfast is more special with one of these tasty sweet roll wreaths.


dog with parvo

Information About ParvoThis is a page about information about parvo. Parvo is a deadly canine virus that infects many dogs every year. There is a vaccine and treatments for dogs who have contracted the virus, as well as, instructions for cleaning up a house or yard after an infection.


Car's Carpet

Removing Salt Stains from Your Car's Carpet?This is a page about removing salt stains from your car's carpet. Winter, in many areas, means salt on the roads and unfortunately also on the carpet inside your car.



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Coffee Can Baked ChickenFor the best slow cooked baked chicken, use my favorite way to cook chicken. It's a family favorite!


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Potato Chip Chicken CasseroleA classic chicken casserole using Cream of Mushroom soup and potato chips.



White Lily with pink speckles

Lily (Needham, MA)I was captivated by the close up of this lily and its sensual nature. Long intrigued with patterns in nature, I was surprised to see that human forms are duplicated as well.


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Sanitizing Hand Gel For Oily Skin and MoreI have been experiencing oily skin more and more of late, which has not really been a problem for many years.


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Sorting Out Who Is Related In A CommunityI live in a small community, one third of the people are family and a lot of these do not know who is really related.


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Coffee Filter as Emergency Dust MaskAs odd as it sounds, I keep a package of the round coffee filters in my quake kit.


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Keeping Flies off your HorseHere are three easy ways to keep flies off your horse.


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CD Cases for Scrapbooking Supply StorageI save everything. Tiny pieces of scrapbooking papers, cut outs, and anything else I can get my hands on. I have found a great solution to keep tiny pieces of papers and stickers organized.


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Save Electricity When Drying ClothesAdd a large clean dry towel to your dryer of wet clothes. the dry towel will heat up faster and help dry the other fabrics sooner.


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Leaving Clothespins on Laundry LineOne day, I forgot to bring the clothespin bag out with me when taking the clothes down from the line, so I just put the pin back on the line. The next load that went up, was soooo much easier to hang out - took less than half the time.



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Making Lemonade for 3000 People?I need to have enough lemonade for roughly 3000 people. How many gallons do I need? Is 120 gallons enough?


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Removing Ball Point Ink from Clothes?How do I take out ball point pen ink from cotton clothes?


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Theme for Sweet Sixteen Birthday Partry?I just wanna ask for ideas. I don't have any idea of what theme I should go with. Can you suggest a theme that is related to my sweet sixteen birthday? and what is cool?


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Value of 1957 Encyclopedia Britannica?I am looking to sell and need to know the value.


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Bobbin Thread on Singer Machine Not Being Picked Up?I can't get the bobbin thread to feed up on my 6268 Singer. I followed the manual instructions. Can you help please?


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Maytag Washer Won't Turn On?I have a Maytag 3.6 cu ft high efficiency top-load washer (white) Energy Star model#mvwc360aw. The washing machine doesn't come on. I took off the back panel and there are 3 green led lights lit, but the machine won't come on. What should I do?


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Octagon Soap Hunt?Where can I get Octagon bar soap in Phoenix, Arizona?


Closeup of skin pattern.

What Kind of Snake is This?I came across this in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At first we thought it was a diamondback, but it looks like it may be a timber rattler. Don't worry, we left alone and didn't harm it!


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Mower Won't Start or Turn Over?I have a Briggs and Stratton mower and it won't start. I tried hooking up jumper cables and turning the starter over that way, but the starter won't turn over. I tried taping it, also tried a new starter, still nothing.


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15th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is tomorrow and I have no idea on what to do. I will be turning 15 on the 20th of August. Please help I need something fresh.


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Yellow Finch Gorging at Birdfeeder?Why do male yellow finches gorge for days? I have a male on the feeder gorging on seed and now. He's so fat he can't fly. This happened about 2 years ago as well and that finch was there for weeks until one day he was gone.


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Maytag Washer Displaying F11 Error Code?What does F11 flashing on a 7yr old Maytag front load washer mean?


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Dog Started Peeing in Her Sleep?My three year old Shepherd started wetting the bed while she sleeps. It just started a few days ago, a day after I took her for a bath at a local dog groomers. Do you think she could have gotten a uti from there?


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Child Support and SSI?How do I go about getting child support from my son's father who is on SSI, I need to know if there's a way around the system that I can qualify for this. I know for a fact that his brother's wife is doing that.


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Ideas for 15th Birthday Party?My friend and I are both turning 15 this September and we wanted to have a party together. The only problem is we have no idea what kind of party we want. We would prefer it to be at night. Please help!


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Growing a Hydrangea in a Copper Pot?Will planting a maple leaf hydrangea in a large copper pot effect it in any way, for example its growth?


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Keeping Chipmunks Out of Garden?Will the chipmunks tunnel outside of the treated area and still be able to get into the garden? Also, I have raised beds and am concerned about them tunneling under the beds even with the area around the bed being treated.


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Removing Musty Smell in Travel Trailer?Our friend purchased a used trailer. Since it was closed up for some time all the cupboards, drawers, etc. smell musty. I have tried placing charcoal on aluminum plates, spraying fabric products, but it has not seemed to work.


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Homecoming Parade Ideas?I need help with a elementary homecoming parade idea! We are the Wildcats and we are playing the Panthers. Thank you!


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Zebra Finches Not Mating?I have two zebra finches, a male and a female. The female won't allow the male to mate. They had many clutches of eggs in 2010 and had 1 brood.


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14th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is February 8. I know its a bit early for planning, but I like to plan early cause it's just me and since I am asking online for an idea I don't know how long it would take to get answered.


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Smelly Washing Machine?I cannot get rid of the smelly odor coming from my washing machine.


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Yardman Won't Start?My Yardman 17.5 Briggs and Stratton will turn over, but won't start. I changed the spark plug and it still won't. What can it be?


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Pruning Jasmine?I lightly prune my jasmine every year to keep it under control. I used to cut it way back with electric shears, but the past year I have cut it way less with just hand pruners.


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Commercially Laundered Shirts Pucker When Buttoned?I have noticed that after a few launderings at commercial cleaners the buttons and button holes no longer line up, causing puckering. The more it's laundered, the more out of alignment it gets, with the bottom button and button hole around a quarter inch out of alignment.


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Dogs Tear Up the House When Left Alone?I have two Pit Bulls, Honey is a fully grown Pit Bull 11 years old, and Blaze that is 6 years old. Everytime we leave they tend to destroy the house!


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Cleaning a Dishwasher?I have tried baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. to clean my dishwashing machine like the store bought cleaners on the store shelves do, and nothing has worked. Any suggestions?


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Removing Wet Erase Marker on File Cabinet?A student used a wet erase marker on a file cabinet and it left faint shadows of the drawing. I've tried Windex, WD40, and Fantastik. Nothing has worked. All suggestions welcome.


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Washer Won't Open?My washer won't open. What is error code E2 F3?


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Free CPR and First Aid Certificates?Anyone know where my young mentoree can obtain free CPR and First Aid certificates? She needs them to work in a daycare center. We are located in the Washington, D.C. area. I have tried the Red Cross and AHA.


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Training a 9 Week Old Pit Bull Puppy?I have a 9 week old male Pit Bull and he's very hyper. He bites everything, me, my clothes, furniture, everything and when he bites it hurts! When he does this I tap him on his butt and tell him "no", but this is not working.


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 16 in February and it is going to be cold. I am planning a girl and boys party and I am not a girl girl. I want my party to be great fun and memorable, something that my friends will never forget.


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Embroidery Machine Patch is Warped?I have a Brother PE500 that I use to make embroidery patches. When I look at the design, it looks fine, but when I cut it out and look at it on the backside, it looks like the design has shifted and is warped.


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15th Birthday Party Activities?I am turning 15 in 9 days and this Saturday I'm having a party with guys and girls at my house. I want it to be the best party! What do I need to plan for cool and fun things to do?


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Keeping Flies Off a Puppy?My puppy is a 1 mouth old. I gave him a bath, but he still have flies on the back of his ears and head.


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Getting Rid of Cherry Tree Root Suckers?I have a Bing cherry tree I bought from a nursery. I have trees coming up from the roots surrounding the tree, up to 10 ft away. There are 6-10 trees coming up. What should I do?


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Hot Fudge Sauce Turns to Sugar When Cooled?Why does my hot fudge sauce turn to sugar when it is cooled? Is there any way to fix some that already has?


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Value of World Book Encyclopedia?I have a complete set of the World Book Encyclopedia, published in 1929 and it is in great condition. Any value to it? I need to downsize.


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