August 24, 2013

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colorful garden

Adding Color to Your GardenThis is a page about adding color to your garden. Adding color to a garden is easy enough to do. Choose flowering plants, shrubs, and grasses that provide interest and color throughout the growing seasons.


80th Birthday Cake

80th Birthday Gift IdeasFinding an appropriate gift for this landmark birthday can be a challenge. This page contains 80th birthday gift ideas.


Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

Buying Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles?This is a page about buying mineral fiber ceiling tiles. Mineral fiber, whether natural or manmade, has very good insulation and soundproofing qualities, making is a good choice for manufacturing products such as ceiling tiles.


Autumn Trees

Photos of Autumn TreesThis is a page about photos of autumn trees. The spectacular colors of fall leaves make for beautiful photos.


Raspberry Patch Cream Pie

Raspberry Cream Pie RecipesThis page contains raspberry cream pie recipes. These delicious pies will soon become a family favorite.


Social Security Paperwork

Preparing for a Social Security Hearing?This page is about preparing for a Social Security hearing. You want to make sure you are advised of the necessary documentation when presenting your case before the Social Security Administration.


A stack of colorful towels.

Tips for Buying TowelsThis is a page about tips for buying towels. Buying new towels can be quite expensive, so you'll want to make a good purchasing choice.


Handmade Chocolate Bars with dried fruit.

Homemade Chocolate?This is a page about homemade chocolate. Satisfy your chocolate craving, not with a candy bar from the market, but with a delicious piece of homemade chocolate.


Mini ribs in a ceramic dish.

Microwave Ribs RecipesThis page contains microwave ribs recipes. Now you can make ribs even when you are short on time or the weather doesn't permit grilling outside.


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Safety TipsThis is a page about Christmas tree safety tips. Don't let your beautiful Christmas tree be the cause of a holiday fire. There are several precautions you can take to keep your holiday safe.


level and tape measure

Repairing a Sagging Floor?This is a page about repairing a sagging floor. Older homes in particular may suffer from sagging floors. This kind of repair can be costly. While not a job for a novice do-it-yourselfer, some home owners may have the ability to undertake this job.


Three thoroughbreds grazing in a field.

Adopting a Retired RacehorseThis page is about adopting a retired racehorse. Adopting an elderly racehorse is an inexpensive way of getting the use of a well bred and trained horse.


Yellow Labrador

Yellow Labrador Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about yellow Labrador breed information and photos. Labrador Retrievers are a very popular dog breed known of their goodnatured personality and intelligence. They make great pets and also are favored as service dogs. The Labrador has three dominate coat colors: black, yellow, and chocolate.


A woman trying to choose between an apple or a cupcake.

Dieting Tips and TricksEvery year thousands of people start a diet to lose weight, but many times they fail or lose the weight only to gain it back. This is a page about dieting tips and tricks.


Homemade hand sanitizer pump bottle.

Homemade Hand SanitizerThis is a page about homemade hand sanitizer. Many commercially produced hand sanitizers contain chemicals you may not wish to use. An alternative is to make your own formula.


Birthday Candles

Lighting Birthday CandlesIt's important to quickly light the birthday candles to save your fingers and the cake decorating. This page is about lighting birthday candles.


Marshmallow Brownies

Marshmallow Brownie RecipesThis page contains marshmallow brownie recipes. Marshmallows can simply be stirred into your brownie batter or be one of several additions.


Staying Passionate About Your Cause

Staying Passionate About Your CauseThis is a page about staying passionate about your cause. Working to make others aware of an issue or to effect change can become frustrating and overwhelming for even the most dedicated activist.


Two raccoons find a cooler at a campsite.

Keeping Raccoons Out of a Campsite?This is a page about keeping raccoons out of a campsite. Getting away to the great outdoors for a camping trip does mean that the wildlife may visit your campsite, perhaps looking for a nice snack.


array of silver jewelry

Identifying Silver JewelryDetermining the quality of the silver you have, isn't always easy. This page is about identifying silver jewelry.


Sandwich Wrap

Sandwich Wrap RecipesThis page contains sandwich wrap recipes. Using foods you have on hand there are many delicious combination you can use to make a wrap.


Couple in a grocery store.

Shopping At Ethnic Food StoresThis is a page about shopping at ethnic food stores. Ethnic food stores not only have a wide variety of foods, including fresh produce, that cannot be found at a chain market, but they will allow you to indulge yourself with exciting new recipes.


A nicely planted organic vegetable garden.

Preventing Weeds When Planting Your GardenThis is a page about preventing weeds when planting your garden. When planting a new garden, keeping the weeds out can be frustrating. Luckily there are some easy ways to prevent weeds taking a hold.


Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookie RecipesThis page contains chocolate cookie recipes. If you love chocolate, then chocolate cookies are probably on your short list of scrumptious desserts.


Tabby Cat

Tabby Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains tabby breed information and photos. These common domestic cats are full of personality and can help control rodents around the house.


Eating dinner at a campsite.

Washing Hands at the CampsiteThis is a page about washing hands at the campsite. While great fun, camping can require some ingenuity when it comes to providing a few of the comforts that you are used to at home.


Watering plants in a vegetable garden.

Troubleshooting Your Vegetable GardenA successful vegetable garden requires more than simply preparing the soil and planting your vegetable plants or seeds. You will need to respond to any number of issues that might arise, such as leggy plants, low yield, or insect damage. This is a page about troubleshooting your vegetable garden.


A woman putting on sunscreen.

Fixing Streaks From Sunless TannerThis is a page about fixing streaks from sunless tanner. Sunless tanning lotions can sometimes leave streaks on your skin, not the result you had hoped for.


A dog owner hugging her dog.

How to Get a Dog to Like You?This is a page about how to get a dog to like you. Developing a good relationship with a friend's dog or even your own family pet can sometimes require some specific action on your part.


A solar light in a garden.

Adding Lighting to Your GardenThis is a page about adding lighting to your garden. Garden lighting can be used to illuminate a path, spotlight a special plant, or add seasonal interest.



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Treating Poison Sumac?Can you use toothpaste to get rid of poison sumac? I have tried everything and still have it. It's on my arms, legs, and feet. I want the redness to go away and the itch. Help me please.


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Derma Wand Causes Large Pores?After using this for a few weeks the pores on my cheeks close to my nose became huge. They run all the way down to almost my lips. I haven't used it for months and they are still huge.


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Inflating an Air Mattress?I have the Coleman Quickbed with a built in pump, but am going camping with no electric. Is there any way to inflate with a battery operated pump? Thanks.


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13th Birthday Ideas?My daughter is turning 13 and she doesn't know what she wants. Her father told her she couldn't have a Halloween party because he doesn't celebrate Halloween.


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Cutting Trees to Sell Lumber?How long do I need to cut trees for a lumber yard to sell?


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Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I am searching for the best color of curtains for a living room/dining room combo. The walls are tan color on the top - with a chair rail - and then brown on the bottom. The floor is a medium tone hardwood. The furniture is a tan microsuede.


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Vinegar Dish Washing System?Are you talking about "distilled white" vinegar? I would only assume you don't mean "apple cider" vinegar.


Bleach spots on gray fabric shoes.

Repairing Bleach Spots Shoes?I don't know if anyone knows this but does anyone know how to cover bleach stains on shoes? They are pacifically polo shoes.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I'm going to start a small scale interior business. Please suggest a name.


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Peach Jam Too Thick?How can I rescue peach jam that came out too thick?


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Chipmunk Burrowing Under Pavers?I had a chipmunk hole under a paver sidewalk in the backyard. Some pavers were broken and a chipmunk made a tunnel under them. I removed the broken sidewalk, sprayed Repel red pepper oil down and around his hole and filled in his hole.


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Making a Necktie Christmas Wreath?Did you remove the lining? And how long is the tie in the front, from the outer metal ring?


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Remedy for Dog's Itchy Skin?I have an almost 2 year old Neo Mastiff. Lately he has been scratching and nibbling at his skin around his butt, his back legs, and hips.


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Dog Drank Skunk Urine?What to do when a dog drinks skunk urine?


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Value of Murphy Bedroom Furniture?I have a Murphy 202 4/6 bedroom suite, including head and foot board, dresser, a mirrored chest drawers, and 2 night stands. How much is it worth?


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Remedy for Excessive Facial Sweating?I am 35 old age and I suffer from excessive face sweating when I walk, communicate with a new person, even when I do simple work, when I think a little bit. I think it is genetic from my parents (hormone case). So, how can I stop this excessive facial sweating?


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16th Birthday Ideas?I'm going to be turning 16 in March and I want to start planning as soon as possible. I'm not sure whether to spend a day out shopping just with my close friends or have a party. I don't want a house party because I don't want my house trashed!


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Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have several Russ porcelain dolls in mint condition, still in the box. Are they worth anything? I was told one musical porcelain doll by Russ "Chips" was the last doll to be manufactured by the Petaluma doll factory over 20 years ago.


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Kenmore Ice Bin Freezes Up?I have a 2008 Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator, model #106.58912801. The ice bin freezes up about every two days. The door chute assembly was replaced by a Sears tech approx. 2years ago.


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Sweet 16 Party Ideas?I want to have a sweet 16 in September. Maybe something with a limo or something, and either all my close girlfriends or a bunch of people. I have no idea where the limo could go or stuff like that, and I want it to be a fun memorable night. I live kinda near DC, but have no idea what to do!


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1929 14th Edition Encyclopedia Britannica?I obtained these from my late uncle's law library. It truly looks like they were never looked at (just for decoration!). I have all volumes and they are in pristine condition. Value?


Taupe wallpaper with white berries on vines.

Graham and Brown Honesty Wallpaper?I am looking for 4 rolls of Graham and Brown's Honesty wallpaper in taupe. Does anyone know where I can get them from?


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