September 10, 2013

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Open dishwasher.

Cleaning Dishwasher Rinse Agent DispenserRust and lime can build up in the rinse aid dispenser of your dishwasher, leaving your dishes not so squeaky clean. This page is about cleaning rust from the rinse agent dispenser in a dishwasher.


Cut Flowers

Displaying Cut FlowersThis page is about displaying cut flowers. Enjoy your garden flowers indoors with a few tips to help keep them looking fresh.


seat belt

Finding a Comfortable Seat Belt For Short PeopleThis page is about finding a comfortable seat belt for short people. Depending on your size, a seat belt can rub against you wrong.


Barbie Doll legs

Reattaching a Barbie Doll Leg?Barbie dolls are a favorite toy for many children and sometimes get damaged during playtime. This page is about reattaching a Barbie doll leg.


Frozen Blueberries

Freezing BlueberriesThis page is about freezing blueberries. It is great to be able to enjoy these berries all year long.


Sport Sandals

Cleaning Sport SandalsYour shoes will last longer with proper care. This page is about how to clean sport sandals and clogs.


Chest Freezer

Chest Freezer ReviewsWhen deciding to purchase a stand-alone freezer, the type of freezer you need depends on your budget and how you intend to use the freezer. This page contains reviews of stand-alone freezers.


Group of people having a fundraising carwash.

Fundraiser IdeasThis page contains fundraiser ideas. Finding a lucrative, thrifty ways to raise money for nonprofit organizations can be a challenge.


Oxygen Tubing

Uses for Oxygen TubingThis is a page about uses for oxygen tubing. Stretchy and soft, oxygen tubing can be used for more than just delivering H2O. There are many crafty and creative uses for excess oxygen tubing.


Photo of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu (Peru) Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains a Machu Picchu (Peru) frugal travel guide.Legends indicate that Machu Picchu was revered as a sacred place. The Inca turned the site at 9010 feet into a small, self-contained city.


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Making Window ClingsThis page is about making window clings. Window clings are a beautiful and easy decoration for your home or vehicle.


Aluminum Foil Dog Sculpture

Aluminum Foil SculpturesThis page is about aluminum foil sculptures. A simple craft for kids that you probably have a supply on hand in your kitchen.


Wood Paneling

Removing Water Stains from Barnwood PanelingBarn board paneling will give your home a naturally rustic look. But, water stains may not be quite the weathered appearance you're looking for. This page is about removing water stains from barn board paneling.


Bar of Soap

Making Liquid Soap from Bars of SoapTo keep perfectly good soap slivers from washing down the drain, simply reuse them. This page is about making liquid soap from the remnants of soap bars.


Eucalyptus Branches

Starting Eucalyptus from a CuttingThis page is about starting eucalyptus from a cutting. Although usually started from seed, rooting can be a challenge with this kind of woody plant.


Learning to use a laptop computer.

Learning to Use a ComputerThis page is about learning to use a computer. There are books, software and online educational sites where you can learn many things about computers.


ornamental rug

Removing Rug Dye from CarpetRug dye can sometimes bleed from the rug onto the carpet. Dye stains are difficult to treat. This page is about removing rug dye from the carpet.


Acidanthera (Peacock Orchid)

Growing Acidanthera (Peacock Orchid)This page is about growing acidanthera. A perennial bulb that is related to the gladiolus, not to orchids.


Group having a picnic.

Church Picnic Theme IdeasThis page contains church picnic theme ideas. Sometimes we want to have a special subject for a picnic besides a summer holiday.


Chunks of Concrete (Urbanite)

Uses for Chunks of Concrete (Urbanite)This page is about uses for chunks of concrete (Urbanite). Whenever a building is demolished there is always pieces of rubble to be disposed of. Urbanite can be reused in your yard or garden in numerous ways.


Childs Car Seat

Decorating a Child's Car SeatNothing is more important than the safety of your child and a car seat is one of the most important safety devices for your child. Decorating a new or used car seat is a fun and creative way to personalize your child's car seat. This page is about decorating a child's car seat.


Carpet Shampooer

Bissell Carpet Shampooer Isn't...The possible causes for the malfunction of your shampooer may be solved by a simple home fix rather than an expensive professional. This page offers suggestions for troubleshooting a Bissell Carpet Shampooer.



Disposing of Feminine Personal Hygiene ProductsIt's easy to be discrete when disposing of feminine hygiene products. This page offers suggestions for inexpensive ways to dispose of feminine hygiene products.


Hyperactive dog with a ball in its mouth.

Remedies for Hyperactive DogsHyperactivity is a trait shared by many small to medium dogs. There are many different causes and possible solutions to hyperactivity. This page contains remedies for hyperactive dogs.



Uses for Pine-SolThis page contains uses for Pine-Sol. A strong smelling cleaning agent that has been manufactured since 1929. It is effective for a variety of jobs.


Homemade Blueberry Muffins

Making Homemade MuffinsThis page is about making homemade muffins. Having your muffin batter ready can make baking muffins for breakfast a snap.


Papier Mache Clay

Papier Mache Clay RecipePaper mache clay may be used to mold sculptures and make masks. Paper mache clay can be used in the place of traditional moistened newspaper strips and dries much harder, too. This page is about paper mache clay recipes.



Removing Lipstick Stains on FabricLipstick can leave tough stains on fabric. Kiss stubborn lipstick stains goodbye. This page is about removing lipstick stains on fabric.


Photo of a first year college student.

Packing for Your First Year in CollegeThis page is about packing for your first year of college. It is important to pack things you will most definitely need when moving off to college.


Pumpkin Seeds

Using Pumpkin SeedsEasy to make and fun to eat, pumpkin seeds are a tasty fall treat. This page is about using pumpkin seeds.


Rainbow cupcakes at a rainbow tea party.

Rainbow Tea Party IdeasThis page contains rainbow tea party ideas. The theme of this kind of party is color and often table decorations and foods are based on one color.


Comfortable Sofa

Choosing a Comfortable CouchThis page is about choosing a comfortable couch. Before you buy a sofa, it is important to see if you enjoy sitting on it for an extended time.



Orange tabby cat.

Buddy (Tabby)This is Buddy hanging out on the patio.


Grey tabby cat.

Angel (Tabby)This is Angel lounging on the patio.


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Protect Floors with Dog DiapersAs we all know, dogs will keep going back to the places they smell their scent. Even if we can not smell it, they can. My little Yorkie ruined our carpet, which we are pulling up and replacing with hardwood.


A bag with diatomaceous earth spilling out.

Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of ParasitesFood Grade Diatomaceous earth will kill fleas, ticks, bed bugs and almost any other insect. If taken internally, it will also rid your dog of worms and parasites. It must be FOOD GRADE not the kind sold at pool supply companies.


Mexico's Dog: The Xoloitzcuintli - dark skinned Xolo

Mexico's Dog: The XoloitzcuintliXoloitzcuintli is often called the unpronounceable breed of dog. Pronounced "sho-low-eats-queent-li", this breed is known as much for being hairless as it is for its hard-to-pronounce name.


A Golden Retriever

A Dog's Estrus Cycle (Heat)The canine estrus cycle is divided into four stages: proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus. The period during the cycle when a female dog is capable of getting pregnant usually only lasts from 18 to 21 days.


small trays in drawer

Using Trays and Plastic Baskets in DrawersOur bathroom has pretty large, deep drawers. I have found that things slide around a lot in them and everything falls over. To fix this issue I found various plastic baskets, boxes, and trays around the house.



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Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser Not WorkingWhat would cause an automatic dishwasher dispenser not to eject the soap when cleaning the dishes? I can tell because I have not had to refill it in quite a while.


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My KIC Refrigerator is Not Cooling or FreezingMy KIC refrigerator, double top and bottom door with bottom freezer isn't cooling. The motor is running, but it doesn't get cool or even freezing. When the motor is running it produces a loud sound as well. What should I do?


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Chicken on a Stick for 150 PeopleWe are fixing chicken on a stick for about 150 people. How much chicken do I need to buy?


black and white bug

What is This Insect?I came out to my car to find this on my windshield! It was huge...about 4 inches long including it's antennae. I have never seen anything like it before!


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High School Band Fund Raiser Prize IdeasI am the chair of our high school band's annual fruit sale fundraiser. For the past several years we have given cash prizes to the top sellers, but the same kids seem to win every year (or their siblings).


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Removing Paint Stains on TutuI had to paint my room last month. I was wearing my only and favorite tutu because I just got back from my little sister's bday party. (I may be a teen, but I love tutus.) I didn't think I would get paint on it, but I did.


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Using Peppermint to Keep Mice Away?Is there a way I can use peppermint to keep mice away? What is the best application for using peppermint?


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Daycare Name Suggestions?My name is Olivia. Do you have any suggestions with Olivia that are crafty?


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Value of 1945 Americana Encyclopedia?I have a complete set of 1945 Enclyopedia Americana. What is it worth?


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Homecoming Skit IdeasI'm planning this year's homecoming skit for my high school, and I would like to do a "Dancing Around the World" theme. We have to have 4 groups each doing their own dance to a song.


Very light grey cat on bed.

Cats Are Fighting?I just adopted a 5 yr old cat by the name of Tobie a few weeks ago. My other cat is 10 yrs old, and she hates him. Once in a while I'll see them tolerating each other sleeping on separate corners of the bed, other times they are fighting with growls hissing and crying.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have golden oak floors and cabinets and lots of windows trimmed in golden oak. I have black countertops with a black backsplash. Should I do warm yellow walls or will they disappear against the golden oak? Otherwise I want to do a deep garnet color.


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Homecoming Float Ideas for Lions vs WolverinesWe have homecoming in a couple weeks and we need ideas for our float, please help!


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Water Heater Tripping BreakerI have a brand new Whirlpool electric water heater, wired on 9-3-2013. One of the two 15 amp breakers trips after 7 minutes of operation. Internal temperature reset does not trip.


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Inexpensive 14th Birthday Ideas?My son is turning 14 and I have no money. How can I make this day fun for him?


Contrast between doors and cabinet color.

Yellowing Paint on Base CabinetsOur wood base cabinets are original and approximately 13 years old. The doors and drawers are all bright white because they have a thin veneer that looks like wood, but is not wood. So, the cabinets look really bad.


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Small 16th Birthday Party Ideas?So I don't really want to have a big party. I would rather have fewer friends over and do something special that I will remember. My birthday is a week after Halloween so its usually cold where I live.


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Daycare NameMy sister has started a daycare and she needs a neat name to go with it. She's maybe wanting to put her first name in it, which is Kristen. Any ideas?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 11th EditionI have a complete set of the 11th Edition of the Encyclopedia Briticana 1910-1911. What is it worth?


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Grasshopper Babies?How do I help to deliver the baby grasshopper?


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Can't Remove False Eyelash Glue?I had false eyelashes put on and I think they added super glue with the lash glue because it's been two weeks and I've tried oils and they won't come off. I even steamed my face. What do I do?


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Pineapple and Windmill Cookie DessertMy mom used to make a dessert using windmill cookies layered with crushed pineapple and topped with Cool Whip. Does anyone have that recipe?


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Sewing Machine Needle Won't Move Up or DownMy sewing machine motor jammed and the needle isn't going up and down.


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Repairing a Kenmore Ice and Water DispenserMy water/crushed ice/cube ice dispenser suddenly stop working! I have Kenmore side-by side refrigerator, model 3639557720. How can I repair it?Thank you.


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Finding a Low Cost Veterinary SurgeonMy dog needs surgery. She broke her front leg Sunday and I need a specialist according to the vet I took her to. I need a low cost specialist. Does anyone know where I can find one ASAP? Do you know if the specialist surgeon will let you make payments?


Saint Bernard puppy on vet exam table.

Caring for a Puppy With Parvo?My puppy is just over 5 months old and tested positive for parvo. He has been getting the medicine the vet has been giving him and then going back to the vet everyday for another bag of IV and vitamin B, plus an extra shot of antibiotics.


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Straightening Up Leaning TreesI have a couple of natural weeping cherry trees that have been in the ground for 4 years. They are slanted. I guess my husband planted them like that. One is really obvious. Will they ever straighten up?


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Best Way to Get Rid of MiceWhat is the best way to get rid of mice? I have set traps and sometimes I catch them, but they seem to come back.


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Ladder Ribbon PatternsI know how to make the basic slip bead necklace. I would like your direction on the other methods with the elastic and plastic, then also the one that is pictured with all the different lengths.


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