February 5, 2014

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Growing Crocus

Growing CrocusThis is a page about growing crocus. A sure sign that spring is on its way is the appearance of these beautiful little flowers.


Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies

Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie RecipesThis page contains hazelnut chocolate cookie recipes. Many favorite cookies contain chocolate chips, and are delicious with a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of milk.


Spicy Chili

Chili is Too SpicyThis is a page about chili is too spicy. When your chili has too much hot pepper, it may be unpleasant for some people. There are a few ways to temper it down.


Treehouse Sign

Craft Tips for Making Wood SignsThis is a page about craft tips for making wood signs. Crafting with wood is a popular hobby. The newcomer to this craft, as well as the more experienced crafter, is always on the lookout for new tips to enhance their projects.


Bear at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Visiting Cleveland Metroparks ZooThis is a page about visiting Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. A zoo with over 600 species of animals that has a wide variety of educational experiences. Open to visitors and members year round, there is always have something to do at the zoo.


Corn on the Cob with Lots of Butter

Buttering Corn On the CobThis is a page about buttering corn on the cob. Even common place activities, such as buttering corn on the cob have unique variations in their execution.


Cross Stitch Pattern

Resizing a Cross Stitch Pattern?This is a page about resizing a cross stitch pattern. On occasion the perfect cross stitch pattern may need one adjustment, a resize for your current project.


Blemished Leather Suitcase

Repairing Blemishes on LeatherThis is a page about repairing blemishes on leather. A very durable material that can collect scratches, marks, and stains. There are a number of ways to make the worn areas less noticeable.


Table Centerpiece

Table Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about table centerpiece ideas. A popular decorating element for banquets, parties, and other occasions is the centerpiece.


Valentine's Day Bookmark

Valentine's Day Bookmark IdeasA thoughtful, creative, and inexpensive gift to give on Valentine's Day is a handmade bookmark. Even children can make these for parents, teachers, and friends. This is a page about Valentine's Day bookmark ideas.


Beagle Mix

Beagle Mix PhotosThis is a page about Beagle mix photos. As popular as the Beagle is, it is not surprising to find it as a common mix with other dog breeds.


Treating and Vet Examining Cat

Treating and Preventing Urinary Tract...This is a page about treating and preventing urinary tract problems in cats. Cats can suffer from a number of urinary tract issues, including but not limited to, infections and blockage.


Spicy Soup With Peppers

Fixing Soup With Too Much Pepper?This is a page about fixing soup with too much pepper. It is very dismaying to prepare a delicious soup recipe only to find that you have accidentally added too much pepper.


Wire-Edged Ribbon Bow

Making a Wire-Edged Ribbon BowFashioning your own accessories or package adornments can be fun with this stiffened ribbon. This is a page about making a wire-edged ribbon bow.


cow stencil

Making a StencilThis is a page about making a stencil. Stencils are used in a variety of crafts. Making your own can not only save you money, but allow you to create unique designs.


Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Information and...This is a page about Norwegian Forest Cat breed information and photos. These gentle and friendly cats make great pets.


Man Looking Keys Locked in Car

Solutions for Keys Locked in CarThis is a page about solutions for keys locked in car. When keys are left inside the car, there are ways to have an extra key close at hand or good services to help you get in.


Iris Photos

Iris PhotosThis page contains iris photos. The iris is found in a wide variety of colors and configurations, making them a popular subject of garden photos.


Beagle/Jack Russell Mix

Beagle/Jack Russell Mix PhotosThis is a page about Beagle/Jack Russell mix photos. The cross breeding of Beagles and Jack Russell Terriers produces an interesting mix of a hunting breed and the popular scent hound.


Blue Glitter Glue

Removing Glitter Glue from Clothes?This is a page about removing glitter glue from clothes. Mistakes can happen when decorating clothing, and you may need to remove some glue from your fabric.


Garden Tools on Shed Wall

Storing Garden ToolsThis is a page about storing garden tools. Keeping your tools well organized can help you get right to work. Keeping them clean and out of the weather will extend their life.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains Pennsylvania frugal travel guide. A geographically diverse, east coast US state with a wide variety of attractions to offer for the tourist. Many historical landmarks including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Valley Forge.



Building a Chicken Perch - branch perch

Branch Chicken PerchAfter building a large coop for our chickens, we realized that they needed a place to get off the ground. My husband found a large branch on our property and some scrap 2 x 4s that he used to make them a perch. He chose to remove the bark from the branch but that isn't necessary. They love it!


Reinforcing Proper Potty Spot for Your Puppy  - puppy with rolls of TP

Reinforcing Proper Potty Spot for Your PuppyAccording to the Humane Society if your puppy has an accident while being house trained, take the rags or paper towels you used to clean up the area and place them in her defined elimination spot outdoors.


Ginger with owner who is holding an egg.

Ginger (Gingernut Ranger)We bought Ginger from a breeder who sold sexlink chickens.


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Use a Bath Towel in Place of MatFor the past few months, I have noticed that we both get our toes entangled in the step out rugs, especially at night. So I took all my rugs out of the bathroom. When we shower, we just spread another bath towel and toss them all in the wash when we finish.



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Name Ideas for a Babysitting Company?I want to start a babysitting business and I can't think of a name. Any suggestions?


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Amana Washing Machine Won't Spin?I have an Amana NAV 6800aww washing machine. The tub tries to spin clockwise in the spin cycle, but the brakes are on. Is the tub suppose to spin counterclockwise in the spin cycle?


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Bissell Carpet Cleaner Dumps Solution?My Bissell carpet cleaning machine dumps the solution, therefore soaking my carpet. The solution runs through the machine.


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Who is Responsible for Funeral Expenses?My mother in-law remarried 8 years ago. They live in my mother's home and he will continue to live there after her death. She has let her life insurance lapse and she is now 80 years old.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I want a good name for my modular kitchen, interior, and wardrobe company.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter's 13th birthday is on the 30th of March. I need some ideas for a surprise party for her. I don't think it will be too many kids, maybe 5-10. I'm taking her on a cruise at the end of February, but she don't think that's for her birthday. Can you help me please?


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Water Leaking Into Ice Dispenser Tray?I have a two door GE refrigerator and water seems to leak in the tray. The problem is there is no water line hooked up.


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What Can I Make with Avocado, Kale, and Broccoli?I am trying to have more creative ideas for my green veggies. I have a pretty good pantry.


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Name Ideas for a Daycare Business?I am finding it very hard to find a name that hasn't been taken in my state. I want to convey that I am offering a fun, creative and educational place to let parents feel comfortable to leave their children.


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Is Alcohol Dangerous for a Dog?My dog goes nuts especially if a storm is coming, he paces and paces, sticks his face in yours so you can't watch TV. He cries so I give him some Bailey's approximately 1 tbsp or less.


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Removing Dusty Smell from a Crocheted Robe?There is a dusty smell in a recycled sweater-like robe I bought at the thrift store. I have washed it, but let it air dry. It is like a crocheted sweater type material that probably would not do well in the dryer.


Closeup of a grey cat's head, with eyes closed.

Giving a Cat a Pill?My cat refuses to take a pill. I crushed the pill in her wet food that she loves, but she won't go near it. The vet only gave us one. After I already did this I learned that if it's bitter they won't eat it. So how can I fix this and get her to eat the food?


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Value of Menie Porcelain Dolls?I have 2 porcelain dolls by Menie. One is named Alison and the other named Ada. Does anyone know what they are worth?


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My Dog Won't Gain Weight?I tried the giving food and taking away food and it didn't work. Bandit went over a week and got pissed at me so he refused to eat anything. One thing that helped me was taking him off all chicken by-products, not natural chicken, but the so called by products.


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Making Satin Balls for Your Dog?Is there another cereal you can substitute for Total it's only available in the states and you need a binder besides oatmeal as well as flavor. I thought rolled Captain Crunch for calories, sugar, and flavor, but what do I know lol.


Black dog lying on tile floor.

What Breed is My Dog?What breed is my dog? His name is Koa (Hawaiian) and we adopted him at the shelter. They said he was hound mix, but I'm really not sure how much identification and knowledge these folks have.


Kota on dog bed.

What Breed Is My Dog?This is Kota. I got him yesterday off someone who did not want Kota, but I do! We're just not sure on his breed. We know he has German Shepherd, but what is the rest of this lovely mutt?


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Maytag Washer Won't Start?There is no power until I have opened door then "- - -" appears on display and it will not start. It is a brand new Maxima x steam. I can't find this code anywhere.


Photo of laundry area.

Designing a Laundry Cupboard?I need help designing a linen cupboard and storage for other laundry items. The photo is of the over all area, and to the left side is where the new cupboard will be. The measurements of this space are: 440mm wide by 2020mm length and 820mm in depth.


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Value of 1958 New Standard Encyclopedia?I have a full set of the New Standard Encyclopedia, 1958 edition, plus 2 volume dictionary. These books are in excellent condition. What would be a resell value?


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Removing Plaque from a Dog's Teeth?What can I do? Bandit will not let me brush his teeth either with the tooth brush or the finger brush. He bites hard on the brush locking it out of his mouth and if I don't move my finger I'm afraid it will suffer the same.


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