May 28, 2014

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Woman using a PC.

Using Microsoft Outlook?This is a page about using Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a software package that can help keep your email, contacts, and schedule organized.


Fish Oil Capsules

Giving Fish Oil to DogsThis is a page about fish oil for dogs. Giving your dog nutritious foods can help to keep it healthy and happy.



Understanding Skunk Behavior?This is a page about understanding skunk behavior. Skunks are generally maligned because of their potential defensive spraying behavior and a fear of rabies. Understanding skunk behavior may help us coexist with these often beneficial animals and also alert us when their behavior is abnormal.


Bread Machine

Use Your Bread Machine as a Rice CookerThis is a page about use your bread machine as a rice cooker. This kitchen appliance can also work for cooking rice and other foods.


Deer in Garden

Deer Resistant Plants?This is a page about deer resistant plants. While deer can be beautiful to see in the wild and even in your neighborhood, they are less welcome when they decide to dine on your shrubs and flowers.


Refrigerator Frames

Making Refrigerator FramesThis is a page about making refrigerator frames. Homemade magnetic frames can help adorn your fridge with photos and artwork.


Woman Cleaning House

Motivating Yourself to CleanThis is a page about motivating yourself to clean. It can be difficult to get yourself motivated when it comes to cleaning. However, the longer you wait the bigger the job can become, making it even harder to get started.


Woman Enjoying Cake Decorating

Simple Cake DecoratingThis is a page about simple cake decorating. You don't have to be a graduate of a cake decorating class to simply and beautifully decorate your next cake.


Race Car Game

Making a Race Car GameThis is a page about making a race car game. Some easy to come by materials and a bit of creativity go into making this fun game for your kids to play using their toy cars.


Basil Salad Dressing

Basil Salad Dressing RecipesA delicious vinaigrette dressing that may easily become a family or personal favorite. This page contains basil salad dressing recipes.


Rain Drops on Leaf

Rain Garden BasicsThis is a page about rain garden basics. Rather than allowing runoff from rain or snow to go directly into the storm drain you can plant a rain garden and help improve the quality of the water leaving your yard.


blind woman

Things to Do with a Blind CompanionThis page contains things to do with a blind companion. Although lack of vision can rule out some activities, there are many fun things to experience with a blind friend.


Bug Bites

Getting Rid of Invisible Biting BugsWhen you are having trouble identifying what insect is biting you, they can be difficult to get rid of. This is a page about getting rid of invisible biting bugs.


Wooden Back Scratcher

Alternate Uses for Back ScratchersThis is a page about alternate uses for back scratchers. Your back scratcher, with that nice curved end and long handle, can be perfect for other uses around your house.


silver tea pot

Determining Silver Plate vs. Sterling SilverThis is a page about determining silver plate vs. sterling silver. There are marks on the bottom of silver pieces that with the help of the internet, can tell you whether it is sterling or not.


Cooking over a Campfire

Cooking over a CampfireThis is a page about cooking over a campfire. Cooking over a campfire is quite a bit different than when using your range.


Tick Removal

Removing a TickThis is a page about removing a tick. Ticks are blood sucking parasitic arachnids that feed on mammals, birds, and sometimes even reptiles and amphibians. Because of how they attach to the host they can be difficult to remove.


fried fish

Louisiana Fish Fry Recipes?You can make a fish fry mix similar to that available at the grocery, at home. This page contains Louisiana fish fry recipes.



Chocolate Peppermint Patty Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Patty CookiesChocolate cookies with a fun surprise inside, a Peppermint Patty!


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Flavored PopcornMake fancy popcorn to your liking!



Photo Mat Refrigerator Frames

Photo Mat Refrigerator FramesAwhile back I purchased some magnetic plastic refrigerator frames. They weren't very durable to I decided to try making my own. Photo mats are great for this because they are lightweight and come in multiple sizes.


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Give Deodorant Time to DryGive your deodorant time to dry before you get dressed. I get out of bed, make a pot of tea, and shower. I put on the deodorant. Then I sit and drink the tea (in bed). A lovely treat in the morning!


My Garden

My GardenI'm grateful to all life and respect it deeply. My garden is an extension of my kids and I. Maybe others don't understand it, but we do. A garden is meant to be a traditional education for kids. Flowers and all food plants are wonderful to teach about.


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Clean Jewelry at HomeScrub your good jewelry clean with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste. Rinse it clean in warm water and drop it into a small container of gin. Leave it for a couple of hours or overnight. Jewelry sparkles as good as new.


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Nail Polish Remover for Sharpie on SkinUse a cotton ball and nail polish remover, works every time!


Cactus Blossom (Garland, TX)

Cactus Blossom (Garland, TX)We were eating at a BBQ Restaurant and just had to take a picture of this beautiful yellow cactus blossom that was on their patio.


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Dental Floss to Thread Sewing NeedlesYou can use dental floss to thread needles. Put a loop of it through the needle and use it as a threader to pull the thread through the sewing needle. Those cheaply made metal ones always break.


tick on cotton ball

Dawn Dish Detergent for Removing a TickI saw this on Facebook and tried it this morning. It works!


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Don't Water Down Summer DrinksDuring the summer, I make my own ice cubs out of tea, lemonade, and leftover fruits and juices. I then use them in ice tea or fruit drinks instead of ice cubes made from water. As they melt, it makes your drink more flavorful instead of getting watery.


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Radio Reading for the BlindI am a volunteer reader for a radio reading service for the blind. The service provides free of charge radios, which only receive the service broadcasts of the local newspapers, best selling books, magazines and even the Sunday comics and the grocery ads. Broadcasts are 24/7.


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Rain-X for Clean Shower DoorsSpraying Rain-X on your shower doors will make the water bounce right off and will also reduce the build up of soap scum.


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Spend the Summer as a VolunteerI know in Virginia, we have an awesome program called Hands On Greater Richmond. It is a volunteer database full of opportunities for kids and adults to give their time, learn something new, meet new people and to earn volunteer credit hours towards their graduation goals!



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Growing Fruit Trees from Pits?I started some cherry and Contender peach pits several weeks ago in my greenhouse. I checked and I might have a cherry growing, but it looks nothing like the seedling pictures, rather a small clump of purplish green leaves. I dumped a pot out and can't even find a pit! Help please.


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Simplicity Sewing Machine Problem?I have a Simplicity sewing machine, made in the 1980s. It works fine sometimes, but often it goes crazy. I hold the pedal about halfway down, and the speed changes drastically (super fast to super slow to fast to slow, to a dead stop, then starting again).


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Gasoline Smell in Trunk Even After Removing Carpet?How do I get the smell of gasoline out of the metal in my car trunk after the carpet is out?


Pit Bull pup

Is My Pitbull Really Full Blooded?She is a 4 mouth old pitbull. She is around 25 pounds, she is 25 inches from her nose to her tail also she is 18 inches from her nose to the ground. She was the smallest of the liter.


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Diabetic Salad Dressing?Does anyone have a low fat, low calorie, salad dressing suitable for a diabetic that is tasty?


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Survivor Benefits?I have three kids and their father died in 2009. However he never worked. Is their anything I can receive for them from SSI?


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Deer Resistant Plants?Is lavender deer resistant? What about heather? Any suggestions for plants, vines, or flowers that can be grown at high altitude (over 9,000 feet) and are deer resistant? I know it is a lot to ask of a plant.


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Survivor Benefits?I have a friend who has a daughter by her ex-boyfriend. He was killed in 2012. The daughter can't receive SS survival benefits because the father didn't have enough credits when he died. So she was denied. Is there anything else she could get? Does anybody know?


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Value of 1902 of New Popular Edition of Britannica?Any idea of the value, if any? It is in good condition with plates. Published by John Gresham London and Glasgow. 14 books red leather binding.


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Keeping Planters Over Winter?I have big glazed clay pots that I would like to leave outdoors in the winter. I want to put spruce tips in them. Can I leave the soil in the pots without having them crack? I have seen others do it but, do they put sand in the pots?


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Cleaning an Old Stained Shower Stall?My 25 yr. old permanent shower stall is stained. Are there any solutions to restore it, getting it clean?


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Calming a Dog Before Traveling?What can I give small Shih Tzu as a tranquilizer before a long car trip?


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Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice?What color do I paint the walls if my carpet is gray and my couch is chestnut brown? The trim is white.


Kitchen Curtain Style and Colour?I have an open concept livingroom/kitchen area. The livingroom is green. I just painted my kitchen Benjamin Moore Rustic Glaze (top half) and Boulder Ridge on the bottom and island. The trim is all pine and cupboards are maple. What colour and style of curtain would complement for a large window and patio door.


driveway and grassy area

Inexpensive Curb Appeal Ideas?Here is what the front of my house looks like. There is a trailer back there that no one can see (behind the camper and vehicles). So everyone thinks that my drive is the neighbor's drive and parks in our driveway....


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Wart Remover Left Scars on My Face?I used EndWarts accidently on my face and my skin got damaged. Now I have scars on my faced. How can I remove them? Thanks


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