January 14, 2015

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wafers on plate 2

Making Chocolate Dipped Wafer CookiesYou can enhance ready made cookies by dipping then in chocolate and decorating them with sprinkles. This is a page about making chocolate dipped wafer cookies.


Tile Countertops

Installing Tile Countertops?This is a page about installing tile countertops. Tile countertops are a less expensive alternative to granite for updating and customizing your kitchen or bath.


Lazy Susan

Using a Lazy SusanIn cabinets, appliances and on tables, these revolving shelves can make food and dishes easier to reach. This is a page about using a lazy susan.


Shortening with Knife

Uses for ShorteningThis is a page about uses for shortening. Not only is this fat used in baking, it can be helpful in a variety of other ways as a moisturizer and around the house.


Kitchen Tongs

Storing Kitchen TongsThis is a page about storing kitchen tongs. Cooking tongs can take up too much room and add to the clutter in drawers. There are a few creative ways to store them.


Older Cat

Moving an Older Cat?This is a page about moving an older cat. Moving pets can be very stressful. This upheaval can be even more difficult for an older pet.


Couple Shopping for Quality Recliner

Finding a Quality Recliner?This is a page about finding a quality recliner. Locating the perfectly comfortable recliner that will hold up well to constant use, can be a daunting task.


Beating Egg Whites

Tips for Beating Egg WhitesThis is a page about tips for beating egg whites. Many recipes call for beaten egg whites.


Water Chestnuts

Freezing Water ChestnutsIf you will not be using all of the water chestnuts you purchased in your recipe, freeze the rest for later. This is a page about freezing water chestnuts.


Woman Looking at Free Fabric Samples

Finding Free Fabric SamplesI am looking for a place that will give free fabric samples. This page has advice about finding free fabric samples for craft projects.


Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Making Chocolate Dipped Potato ChipsThis is a page about making chocolate dipped potato chips. The sweet taste of chocolate combines with the saltiness of the potato chips for a delicious treat.


Woman Having Tooth Pulled

Eating After Having Teeth PulledFollowing your dentist's instructions is important after a tooth extraction. Make sure you eat foods that will aid in healing. This is a page about eating after having teeth pulled.


Tastefully Simple Relish

Tastefully Simple RecipesThe yummy recipes from this American tasting food company are know for being easy and fun. This is a page about Tastefully Simple recipes.



slice of pie with whipped cream

Apple Almond Custard PieNot your typical apple pie. This pie has a custard like filling, is sweet, creamy, and laced with almonds. Did I mention the delicious crunchy topping? Yum.


baked chicken on a red and white plate

Herbed Ranch Baked ChickenThis is a recipe I came up with at the spur of the moment because I had forgotten to defrost my meat once again. I had company coming and was desperate. I actually prepared these frozen, and they came out fabulous! Talk about short prep time.


casserole ready to serve

Rutabaga and Turkey CasseroleThis is a hearty, filling, and inexpensive casserole. At first, my daughter was leery to try it because she thought rutabagas would taste bad. She was delighted to find they are a little on the sweet side.



finished card

"I Woof You" Valentine's Day CardValentine's Day is a fun day for young and old. Children love making cards for those they secretly admire. What can be more fun than a card with a cute little dog and a "I Woof You" message? Your child will love making this card and spreading some fun and cheer at school.


profile of Ella

Ella (Mixed)I rescued little Ella and her brother George (in his forever home) from hell in November 2012, at 6 weeks old, near death.


chore list

Organizing Household ChoresWhen my husband and I were first married (many moons ago), he once complained that he felt I was asking him to do what he felt was a unfair amount of chores. My solution was to make a list of all the chores that I had to do to keep our little apartment clean.



Tink (Rotweiler Cross)I was asked to take him in, from yet another violent abusive home. He was 4 months old, they had burnt his face, and a lot of horrid things. He has submissive weeing from it hence his name Tinkles (aka Mister Tinkles). Lol


different sized bag footballs

Storing Plastic Bags Using Football FoldDid you ever make paper napkin footballs when you were a kid? Well that childhood activity has a fabulous adulthood use too. Folding your plastic grocery bags using the football fold will reduce the space you need to store them.



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Verbally and Physically Abusive Husband?I have been married for one and a half years and I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a month ago. My first marriage ended in divorce. I married a second time and it is worse than the first time.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend?My boyfriend is turning 18 on February 28th. Every time I ask what he wants, he says nothing.


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Oak Cabinets With Redwood Flooring?I have traditional oak cabinets next to redwood flooring. The cabinets need a makeover to match the new flooring. Should I paint or accent them in some way?


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Powdery Mildew on Cucumbers and Zucchini?There has got to be something you can do to get rid of the powdery mildew. I have tried compost, mulch, and last year I put in some tomato cages to keep them off the ground. They had the most beautiful vines, some 5 feet tall, but when the fruit set all the vines died!


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?When my father died, my mother started to receive a Social Security check for me and my siblings. About two years ago my older sister turned my mother in for not using the check like she was supposed to, so my mother had it taken away from her.


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Replacement Parts for George Foreman Grill?I have a George Foreman grill #GRP90WGR.


closeup of face and chest

What Breed Is My Dog?I got my pup from the shelter and am unsure about the parents. This picture taken when he was approximately 8 weeks old. He weighs about 20 lbs. He is almost all brindle, with a little white on his paws and chest. His skin is very loose, he needs to grow into it still.


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Cleaning a Burnt On Grease Off a Stove?I have a black enamel fast stove. The two front burners have charred grease and when I clean what will come off around the burners it has left dry dull areas. How can I remove all the charred buildup and make the stove top shiny like the rest of it?


black and tan dog

What Breed Is My Dog?When I got this puppy they told me he was a Shepherd Rottweiler mix, but is he an Australian Shepherd or a German Shepherd? I just can't figure it out.


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Removing Stains from Granite Counter?I stained my dark green granite counter with Tarn X rust remover. I have 2 white stains that I'm unable to remove. Any suggestions?


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Raising Zebra Finches?A friend gave me a zebra finch. I do not like animals of any kind to be single so I bought another one. They started multiplying so quickly that I moved them to an aviary. How do I tell if they are mated with another one and is there a way to tell if they have young if you can not see in their nest?


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11th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter's bday is in 2 weeks and I have no plans. She is a tomboy, but she has kinda girly friends. She does like makeup, freestyle dance, spa, arts and crafts, and baking.


standing in a field

What Kind of Dog Is This?My dog Luna is about 1.5 years old now. She was advertised as a pure Beagle from her breeder. However, she has grown up to be more slender than the average Beagle, and her legs are very long making her quite tall. Any ideas as to the mix it might be?


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Weight Watchers 1990's Diet?I am looking for a complete diet from the 1990s. I did the diet in 1992 with great results, but cannot find my plan. Can anyone help?


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Making Frozen French Fries?Can I soak the fries in cold water with a little brown sugar before frying and then pack to be frozen?


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Growing Hostas?I have some hostas that are 2-3 years old. They come up each year, but never get any bigger. I have 3 different kinds and they all act the same so I don't think it is the type. They grow in constant shade between a large pine tree and the house. I have a feeling that the pine or cedar trees have something to do with it.


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Getting Tomato Sauce Off Suede Boots?How do I get tomato sauce, from lasagne, off cream colored suede boots?


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Caring for a Dog and New Puppies?We have an American Bulldog and this is her first litter. She used to get on the couch when we were away, but she is not allowed on it normally. When we got home one day, she was up on the couch, and going into labor. We transferred her to the whelping box. Today she tried to move her puppies to the couch.


red volumes on shelves

Value of World Book Dictionary Set?I have a set of World Book Dictionaries (24 volumes). The copyright is 1988. Is there any value for these?


Slogan Ideas for Daycare?Starting a in home daycare for before and after school care. The name is "Julia's Divine Creations". I need help with a slogan for my childcare service.


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Tastefully Simple Toffee Coffee Drink Mix?Anyone have a copy-cat recipe for Tastefully Simple's toffee coffee drink mix? They no longer make it.


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Handwheel Stuck on Brother Sewing Machine?The handwheel is very hard to turn on my Brother CS-6000 sewing machine. When I do turn it, the needle goes up and down and seems to work okay. When I push the foot pedal to start to sew, it starts out okay but then makes a noise, almost like a clicking, and the machine sort of shakes and stops.


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