October 20, 2015

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Making a Halloween MobileThis is a page about making a halloween mobile. A Halloween mobile is a great decoration to make your home ready for the holiday.


Woman Trimming Hedge on Ladder

Garden Safety TipsThis is a page about garden safety tips. Working in the garden involves a lot of tools and physical effort. Keep yourself safe and injury-free while working in your yard.


Oreck Cordless Speed Iron

Oreck Cordless Iron Reviews?This is a page about Oreck cordless iron reviews. Cords can easily get in the way while you are ironing. Getting a cordless iron may be the solution for you.


Estranged Parent

Legal Responsibility for Aging Estranged...This is a page about legal responsibility for aging estranged parents. Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities is important when dealing with estranged family members.


Red Flower Mandevilla

Growing MandevillaThis is a page about growing mandevilla. These viney tropical flowers, commonly know as rocktrumpet, will add a lovely splash of color to your summertime garden.


Old Steamer Trunk

Cleaning and Restoring an Old TrunkThis is a page about cleaning and restoring an old trunk. Whether it's an heirloom or an antique store find, an old trunk can be a wonder addition to your home for both storage and decoration.


Dealing With Mood Changes

Dealing With Mood Changes?This is a page about dealing with mood changes. Sometimes your mood is not stable from day to day or even moment to moment. These mood swings can be stressful to both you and others around you.


Sausage Breakfast Burritos

Sausage Breakfast BurritosA good breakfast is the best way to start the day. Sausage breakfast burritos are a fast, healthy and tasty breakfast option. This is a page about sausage breakfast burritos.


Making a Gnome Garden in a Planter

Making a Gnome Garden in a PlanterThis is a page about making a gnome garden in a planter. Add some of your own charm and personality to your garden by putting together your own decorations and planters.


Saving Money on Pregnancy Tests

Saving Money on Pregnancy TestsThis is a page about saving money on pregnancy tests. If you are unsure if you are pregnant, it is important to get a test. Pregnancy test can sometime be expensive.


Making Homemade Kitten Formula

Making Homemade Kitten FormulaThis is a page about homemade kitten formula. Keep your kitten happy and healthy by making your own formula.


Mason Jar Match Dispenser

Making a Mason Jar Match DispenserThis is a page about making a mason jar match dispenser. Keep your matches dry and prevent them from spilling out with this handy dispenser.


Halloween Poems

Halloween PoemsThis is a page about Halloween memories. Halloween is a perfect time for creepy, spooky and even poems. Share your favorites here.


Chickens in a Garden

Benefits of Chickens for Your GardenThis is a page about benefits of chickens for your garden. The addition of chickens to your life can give you the freshest eggs, as well as fertilizer and some insect control in your garden.


Beautifying Your Boulevard

Beautifying Your BoulevardThis is a page about beautifying your boulevard. You can share your community pride and give a welcoming feel to the neighborhood by maintaining a garden up to the sidewalk or curb.


Making a Candy Corn Pot Holder

Making a Candy Corn Pot HolderThis is a page about making a candy corn pot holder. A cute pot holder is a perfect way to get you kitchen in the Halloween spirit.


Halloween Pom Pom Garland

Making a Halloween Pom Pom GarlandThis is a page about making a Halloween pom pom garland. Here is a cute craft that will add some Halloween spirit to your home.


Banana Split Bites

Making Banana Split BitesBanana splits are a dessert favorite of just about everyone. Make this delicious dessert easy to share by making it bite sized. This is a page about making banana split bites.


Making an Egg Carton Ice Cream Cone

Making an Egg Carton Ice Cream ConeThis is a page about making an egg carton ice cream cone. Kids love to pretend to be a shop keeper. Use these little homemade ice cream cones toys to add some fun to their make believe.


Melting Snowman Gift Box

Making a Melting Snowman Gift BoxThis is a page about making a melting snowman gift box. The whole family can have fun helping with this project making these cute boxes for Christmas gifts.



Treating a Cat With Watery Eyes?This is a page about treating a cat with watery eyes. If your cat's eye are always watering it can be a sign of an allergy or infection.


Logo Ideas for a Childcare Business

Logo Ideas for a Childcare Business?This is a page about logo idea for childcare business. A good logo is an important part of any business. Your childcare business needs one too.


Halloween Pom Pom Topiary

Making a Halloween Pom Pom TopiaryThis is a page about making a halloween pom pom topiary. A pom pom topiary is an excellent way to a Halloween decoration to your home.


Embroidery Hoop Jack-O-Lantern

Making an Embroidery Hoop Jack-O'-LanternThis is a page about making an embroidery hoop Jack-o-Lantern. An embroidery hoop Jack-o-Lantern is fun and easy Halloween decorating project for kids.


Relieving Pain from Bone Spurs

Relieving Pain from Bone Spurs?This is a page about relieving pain from bone spurs. Bone spurs can be incredibly painful. Relieving the pain can help you get through the day with some sort of normalcy.


Making a Hot Glue Pendant

Making a Hot Glue PendantThis is a page about making a hot glue pendant. A pendant made from hot glue is a simple craft that you and your kids can enjoy making.



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Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda DeodorantI have been keeping a bowl and mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and using it as deodorant. I have never been fresher. Mix a small amount into a paste. I buy the value size on both at Sam's Club. I am at seven months and might get a year out if it. I used to use a deodorant costing 5.99 every two weeks.


light brown dog wearing sunglasses

Duke (German Shepherd)We got him a month ago. He had been very mistreated and the lady who had found him really did not want a big dog so my boyfriend said we would take him. Duke has greatly improved and is really starting to thrive.


server with cupcakes

Vinyl Record Dessert TiersHere is a way to reuse vinyl records as a tier for any treats you want. Make a party conversation piece with your favorite records.


Halloween Pom Pom Topiary

Halloween Pom Pom TopiaryThis awesome Halloween topiary is easy to make and can easily be customized!


A recycled bird feeder with Autumn colors.

Recycled Autumn Bird FeederI went to a thrift shop and found these colorful dishes. I glued them together to make a bird feeder, then layered them on a hanging pot from the tree.


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Tips For Weekly Grocery ShoppingI make several lists long before my actual food shopping week. First, what items I can get at the dollar store? I am always amazed at how many name brand foods are sold at the Dollar store.


Splatter screen on top of popcorn bowl

Use a Splatter Screen For PopcornHere is a tip to release the aroma of popcorn but protect it from anything entering. Simply use a splatter screen cover. Great for home, picnics, or parties!


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Teething Rings as Small Cold PacksAs hard as I looked, I couldn't find cold packs small enough to fit inside a lunch bag or lunch box. I finally picked up a few heart shaped baby teething rings and I keep them in the freezer. They're just small enough to keep in a lunch bag, but not so big that they take up all of the room.


A Halloween decoration with a jack 'o lantern

Ode to Halloween MemoriesI love my homespun but magical Halloween memories and hope that the kids still enjoy it as much as we did as children. I also hope you recognized some of our old candy treats in this post!



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Value of Seymour Mann Ballerina Doll?What is the value of the Seymour Mann doll, Ballerina?


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Removing Transfered Fabric Dye?How do I get dye, especially red dye, out of clothes after washing?


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Removing Emulsion Paint from Blinds?How can I remove emulsion paint from my blinds?



Removing Glossy Furniture Oil from Table?I just purchased a used cherry table with a matte finish. Down the center of the table there is a high-gloss sheen. I think it may be from the previous owner using a high gloss spray oil. Any clue what I can use to safely remove the high gloss oil from the table, without hurting the original matte finish?


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Finding Help After a House Fire?Who can help me after a house fire? I need everything, I lost it all.


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Painted Snowman Jars?I saw some jars painted in white with snowman faces on them. The paint was textured. What kind of paint was used? Anybody know?


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Childcare Business Name Ideas?Any cute ideas for a name for a home based childcare? Our name was "In Loving Arms" for years, but now I am revamping and starting over. My name is Dawn and am considering using my name in it.



Value of Grolier Encyclopedia?I was wondering if I could exchange or find out the value of the Grolier Encyclopedia. It is a 1961 edition with 20 volumes.


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Homemade Strawberry Cake Mix?What are the ingredients of strawberry cake mix?


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Dog Pooping Inside?My 2 1/2 year old Lab mix has started pooing in my basement. His environment hasn't changed in any way. Will be getting him fixed help with this problem? He is hardly ever alone and goes outside a lot.


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Growing Elephant Ears?I dug up my elephant ear bulbs today and it appears that the original bulb that I planted has rotted or gone soft. Since this is my first year doing this, I'm not sure what else I should be seeing. Is the portion at the bottom of each stalk a new bulb?


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14th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is coming up and I am turning 14. My birthday is on October 26. I know I want to have a party at my house and I am inviting 6 girls, but I don't know what to do. Pls help, thank you.


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Sewing Machine Presser Foot Stuck?How do I repair a frozen presser foot take up lever?


tri colored dog

What Breed Is My Dog?We adopted Link a couple of weeks ago. We know that the mom is a Catahoula (not sure if mixed). We were told that dad was possibly a Great Dane or Dane mix. I don't see much Dane in him, and he doesn't seem big enough at 8 months old to be part Dane.


closeup of flower

What Is This Garden Plant?This plant grows a foot a week and has started to sprout flowers. We think it's a weed, but cannot identify it. Does anyone know what this is? It's almost 7 feet!


Sharpie stain on counted cross stitch fabric

Removing Sharpie From Fabric?Someone messed with my counted cross stitch that I have been working on since May with a green Sharpie pen! I need someway to get it out.


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Name for Graphic Design Business?Can you suggest a unique name for my new graphic design business?


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