April 12, 2016

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Close up of a House For Rent sign with home in the background

Renting a HomeThis is a page about renting a home. Deciding how much rent you can realistically afford is one of the first steps in the process of renting a home.


pink Rosa Rugosa

Growing Rosa RugosaThis is a page about growing rosa rugosa. A hardy rose bush that can make a prickly hedge that can help deter intruders.


Stevia Powder in bowl next to Stevia leaf

Softening Granulated Stevia?This is a page about softening granulated stevia. This plant based alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners is quite popular. Like its cousins it can become a hard lump when stored.


Inside of an empty chocolate box against white background

Crafts Using Chocolate BoxesThis is a page about crafts using chocolate boxes. Empty candy boxes can be decorated and reused as gifts or storage for small items.


Father and teenage son working at a workbench together outside

Staying Connected with Your ChildrenThis is a page about staying connected with your children. As your children get older it can be easy to lose that connection you had when they were younger.


Close up of woman's teeth biting her finger nails

Preventing Fingernail BitingThis is a page about preventing fingernail biting. Nail biting can be a very difficult habit to break.


Hand holding remove pointing to flatscreen TV that is turned off

TV Shuts Off When Lights Are Turned Off?This is a page about TV shuts off when lights are turned off. Odd or intermittent electrical circuit problems can be difficult to track down.


Woman in white lace shirt gazing down

Removing Grease Stains on Lace ClothingThis is a page about removing grease stains on lace clothing. Lace clothing can be rather delicate, making stain removal a bit chancy.


Sepia tint image of a stack of white envelopes

Making Money by Stuffing Envelopes at...This is a page about making money by stuffing envelopes at home. People looking for work from home jobs have been tempted to consider envelop stuffing opportunities. Many such offers are often a scam.


Clementines in wooden box against white background

Crafts Using Wooden Clementine BoxesThis page is about crafts using wooden Clementine boxes. The little wooden crates that are used to pack these petite citrus fruit can be reused in craft projects.


A stack of popsicle sticks.

Uses for Popsicle SticksThis is a page about uses for Popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks, whether reused after eating a tasty frozen treat or purchased at a craft store, have lots of uses in addition to the time honored craft project.


Dwarf Chameleon

Chameleon PhotosThis is a page about chameleon photos. The chameleon belongs to a group of old world lizards containing some 200 plus species, some of which can change skin color.


Wide assortment of fruits and vegetables spread out on a table

Fruits and Vegetables That Help You Grow...This is a page about fruits and vegetables that help you grow taller. Although genetics plays a dominant role in how tall a person will be, eating a nutritious diet including fruits and vegetables provides a balance that can help you reach your full height potential.


Gloved hand using a paintbrush to clean furnace

Troubleshooting Furnace Problems?This is a page about troubleshooting furnace problems. You may want to try and narrow down the reason your furnace is not working properly, prior to calling a repair service.


Thumbprint cookies with jam filling on a cookie sheet

Thumbprint Cookie RecipesThis page contains thumbprint cookie recipes. Call them thumbprint or thumbhole cookies, either way these delicious seasonal favorites will become a favorite of yours, too.


Clipping a Duck's Wings

Clipping a Duck's WingsThis is a page about clipping a duck's wings. To keep your pet ducks at home when they are grazing in the yard, you will need to clip or have their wings clipped.


Close up of a single Roga Rugosa blossom against green folliage

Transplanting Rosa Rugosa?This page is about Transplanting Rosa Rugosa. A hardy rose bush that produces lots of suckers, large rose hips, and can make an impermeable hedge.


Father bringing birthday cake to birthday girl at a table of tweens (10-12 year-olds) wearing party hats

Tween Girl Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about tween girl birthday party ideas. Coming up with party ideas for girls this age can be a challenge.


Adult cat walking away from newborn kitten

Mother Cat Ignoring Her Kittens?This is a page about mother cat ignoring her kittens. Owner's of cats with a new litter worry if the mom doesn't seem to be caring for them.


Closed pizza box on a white background

Uses for Pizza BoxesThis is a page about uses for pizza boxes. When you use your imagination it is surprising what you can do with these boxes you usually discard.


Blocks spelling out "I [heart] HOCKEY" against wood background

Decorating Ideas for a Field Hockey Banquet?This is a page about decorating ideas for a field hockey banquet. Decorating for an athletic banquet can be great fun, if a bit creatively challenging sometimes.



Pineapple Chicken

Pineapple ChickenYou're going to love this one!


Fresh Fruit Parfait Dessert

Fresh Fruit Parfait DessertI got a similar recipe on one of those fast videos on FaceBook. It looked great. So I remembered what went in it and made it myself. I used a round deep glass dish. It can be easily made in a 9 x 13 inch pan. A clear glass rectangle would be nice because this dessert is so attractive. This dessert was fun to make. :)



Crown Royal quilt on bed with puppy

Crown Royal QuiltThis is my second attempt at making a quilt. My first one like this. I looked on Pinterest and found this quilt so I just kept looking at the picture on Pinterest and tried to get it like the picture.


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Make Your Face Glow in MinutesFirst, exfoliate your face gently after scrubbing. Use a cleaner and rub it in circular motions and then wash your face.


Cutting up Veggies to Save

Prep Veggies to SaveWhen I am getting ready to shop for food, I look through my fridge and the vegetable bins. There are always some things that need to be thrown away, and some things that can be saved. This not only gives you an idea of what you need and getting your fridge ready for fresh food coming.


7 Tips for Making Thrift Shopping a Breeze

7 Tips for Making Thrift Shopping a BreezeThrift shopping is one of my favorite ways to save money. As the old saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure. The following are some tips to not only make thrift shopping easier and more pleasant, but also help get the most for the least amount of money.


Natural Cat Litter to Get Rid of Moles and Voles

Natural Cat Litter to Get Rid of Moles and VolesSeveral years ago I had a mole/vole problem in my decorative plant garden and lawn. I use a pine, walnut shell, or other natural cat litter for my cats. These products often have instructions right on the bag to use them once used on inedible plant beds as mulch.



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Source for Cross Stitch Ornament Frames?I am making some small (2 or 3") cross stitch ornaments for several groups I am in and am in need of frames for them. Plastic is fine; round or oval is best, but I might be able to use rectangles.


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Finding Free Furniture?Where can I find organizations that will help donate furniture to this family? They are in desperate need of everything. It is a lady and her 3 daughters. They have became homeless because of an abusive man.


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Bedroom Accessory Color Advice?My room is cream. My multi coloured rug is cream, grey, red, green, and teal. I would like to keep my duck egg curtains. What cushions, etc. do I put into room.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?I am in the 11th grade and won't graduate until I'm 20. I will be 19 in October of my senior year. When will my benefits stop?


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Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have a collection of handcrafted dolls with porcelain faces, hands, and feet on stuffed bodies. There are various size dolls clad in various handmade clothing. Where could I get an estimate on prices?


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Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 16 in July. I have a group of friends I can invite and a few close close friends. I'm not one to have a bunch of attention and I also am not this huge social light extravagant person. I originally thought a fancy dinner and some games while out to dinner, but it was kind of expensive.


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Repairing a Burn Hole in Vintage Disco Shirt?I was wondering if anyone knows how to repair a polyester disco shirt? I slightly scorch it using an iron. I know that I should have not have done so. Or maybe the iron was hot. It now has a medium hole in the lower area of the shirt.


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Collecting Back Child Support?I have a question and hope you guys can help. I'm 28 and I found my dad. I would like to know can I still charge him for unpaid child support?


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Speaking at an Employee of the Year Award Ceremony?I'm a 32 year old asked to give a speech on behalf of my department where one of my colleagues has won the employee of the year award, what can I say?


Boxer lying on blanket

House Training an Adult Dog?I have a 8 year old Boxer. He's only been in my home for 2 years and I don't think that he was ever potty trained. He does great when I'm home, but I can leave him in the back yard for an hour, let him in and leave for 10 minutes and come home he will have peed and pooped all over the house.


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Keeping Ants Out of Strawberry Pots?I have two pots on our deck with strawberries planted in them. The ants have taken over the pots. I have used Sevin dust, but they are still there. Is there anything I can put on them that won't kill the berries or me?


grassy plant with exposed round bulblike bases

What Is This Houseplant?Can anyone tell me the name of this plant and how much water should I give daily?


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Riding Mower Won't Start?I replaced the battery and solenoid and the mower still won't start. It clicks like a car would if the starter was bad.


Removing Cigarette Smoke Residue from Walls

Removing Cigarette Smoke Residue from Walls?We just found out from our next door neighbor that the people who rented the mobile home we just moved into this February were smokers. When I wipe the walls with a damp tissue there is a yellow stain on it. We want to clean the walls (big house) and want to use the best stuff.


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Identifying Small Flying Bugs?I live in a 6th floor high light apartment with a dog and houseplants. Around Thanksgiving I/we started to see many small, flying insects. We thought they might be fleas from a visitor. Then we thought they might be fungus gnats. Then a person in exterminating I spoke with suggested dust mites.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?I have low power, it takes a long time to charge things and the ceiling fan in the living area turns slowly. The dishwasher and garbage disposal no longer work. I am using a strip because the plugs do not work in my kitchen.


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