February 18, 2017

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French toast slices in a pan with banana slices.

Vegan Banana Coconut French ToastThis banana coconut french toast recipe is a great treat for vegans. This page shows you how to make vegan banana coconut french toast.


A close up of a bee.

Use Dryer Sheets to Repel BeesDryer sheets have many uses outside of the laundry room. This page features a tip about using dryer sheets to repel bees.


Black slow cooker.

Crockpot Cream Cheese ChickenChicken, cream cheese, cream mushroom soup, and your choice of other seasonings combine to make this easy crockpot meal. This is a page about crockpot cream cheese chicken.


Using aluminum foil to assist in ironing.

Ironing with Aluminum FoilUsing aluminum foil when ironing clothing can make the task more effeicent. The is a page about ironing with aluminum foil.


An orange zester with zest and a curly orange peel on a white background.

Using Orange Zest?The zest from lemons and oranges is used in a number of recipes, but it can also be used in homemade cleaning products. This is a page about uses for orange zest.


Sauce from Frozen Tomatoes

Pasta Sauce RecipesPasta or spaghetti is enhanced by the addition of a creamy or savory sauce. Alfredo and marinara are the most familiar sauces but there are many variations.


Nail Polish for Shiny Jewelry - applying clear nail polish to a watchband

Protecting the Finish on Costume JewelryInexpensive costume jewelry, while fun and attractive to wear is often discarded because the finish fails, by peeling or becoming discolored. This is a page about protecting the finish on costume jewelry.


Ironing on an ironing board.

Make Your Own Reflective Ironing Board CoverUsing a reflective ironing board cover can cut your ironing time in half. This is a page about making your own reflective ironing board cover.


Several ants around watermelon rinds.

Using Cream of Wheat to Deter AntsWhen ants digest cream of wheat, it expands in their stomach and kills them. This page is about using cream of wheat to fight ants.


A rear view mirror in a car.

Replacing Your Rear View MirrorYou don't need to go to an auto repair shop to have your rear view mirror replaced. There are kits and easy instructions available so that any auto owner can make the repair. This is a page about replacing your rear view mirror.


Using a thick rubber band to keep shower rack from sliding down the shower head.

Keep Shower Rack From Sliding Down Shower HeadYour shower head is a convenient place to hang a rack for holding soaps and shampoos but sometimes these racks do slide down the shower head. This page has tips to help prevent your shower rack from sliding down shower head.


A teenager fixing a lawn mower.

Finding Jobs for 13 Year Olds?Parents at some point will need to assist or support their child in finding safe, age appropriate jobs so that they can earn some spending money. This is a page about finding jobs for a 13 year old.



Using Hairspray for Lice PreventionIt requires a lot of work to get rid of head lice, so prevention is vital. This page explores the idea of using hairspray for lice prevention.


Leather Couch

Removing Candle Wax on Leather FurnitureLearn how to remove melted candle wax from your leather furniture without damaging the leather. This is a page about removing candle wax on leather furniture.


A table full of cards spread out.

Using a Deck of Cards to Play Stratego?Stratego is a fun board game for people of all ages. This page is about playing Stratego using a deck of cards instead of game pieces.


Mug Rack

Use a Mug Rack Hanger as a Jewelry HolderKitchen mug racks are also very useful for hanging your jewelry. This is a page about use a mug rack hanger as a jewelry holder.


Recycled End Table as Canopy Pet Bed - finished bed with drawer open showing leash, etc.

Recycled End Table Canopy Pet BedThis page contains instructions to make a cute pet canopy bed from a recycled end table. This is a page about recycled end table canopy pet bed.


supplies for paper bats

Balloon and Paddle GameThis simple padding game can be made using paint stir sticks and paper plates. This tutorial will show you how to make a balloon and paddle game.


Microwave Pressure Cooker

Instruction Manual for a Microwave Pressure Cooker?The recipes and instructions that come with a microwave pressure cooker are important to have to take advantage of this time saving device. This page features advice to help people locate an instruction manual for microwave pressure cooker.


Cordon Bleu

Crockpot Chicken Cordon BleuChicken cordon bleu does not have to be difficult to make. Try this version adapted for your crockpot. This is a page about crockpot chicken cordon bleu.


Cracked Black Pepper

Using Black Pepper to Deter AntsBlack pepper can be used to help repel ants without using harsh chemicals. This is a page about detering ants with black pepper.


Ants feeding on a solution of boric acid.

Using Boric Acid for Controlling AntsBoric acid is a common ingredient in homemade recipes for killing ants. This page is about using boric acid for controlling ants in garden and kitchen.


A mother talking to her teen son.

Random Drug Testing for Your TeensAll parents agree that keeping your kids off drugs is a priority, one way to help accomplish this is by giving your teens random drugs tests. In this page, parents discuss the merits and potential drawbacks of random drug testing for teens.


Bandanna Table Runners - red and black bandannas sew into a runner

How to Make Bandanna Table RunnersMake a quick, inexpensive, but decorative table runner from colorful bandannas. This is a page about how to make bandanna table runners.


Balsamic Vinegar

Crockpot Balsamic ChickenBalsamic vinegar lends a sweet, tangy flavor to this delicious crockpot meal. This is a page about crockpot balsamic chicken.


A plain bathroom mirror over a sink.

Dressing Up a Bathroom Mirror?Many bathroom mirrors are plain unframed glass kept in place with small uninteresting clips. Get creative and spruce up that large expanse of glass. This is a page about dressing up a bathroom mirror.


A loaf of banana bread, with thin slices.

Cake Mix Banana Bread RecipeOne thing that makes this banana bread recipe so quick to make is it uses a cake mix. This page shows you how to make Cake Mix Banana Bread.


Coal burning to heat a home.

Buying Coal for Home Use?Although not as common as in the past, some homeowners still use coal to heat their houses. This is a page about buying coal for home use.


Bottles of cleaners.

Buying "Ocean Pine" Pine Oil CleanerOcean Pine is a cleaner that has been difficult to find for some of our users. This is a page about buying Ocean Pine pine oil cleaner.


Side view.

Felt Mug WrappersFelt is so easy to work with that anyone can make decorative and useful wrappers to place around mugs of hot drinks to protect your fingers. This is a page about felt mug wrappers.


A group of children playing a board game.

Simple Games for 3rd Graders?Third grade children are at an age where they really enjoy playing games in the classroom. This page has simple games for third graders.


Cottage Cheese

Storing Cottage Cheese Upside DownStoring your cottage upside down in the fridge can help to extend its shelf life. This is a page about storing cottage cheese upside down.


A bee flying in front of a finger.

Using Hair Spray for BeesOne of the many uses for hairspray is as a bug spray for bees. The page is about using hair spray for bees.


Banana Peel Tooth Whitener - woman rubbing the inside of a banana peel on her teeth

Using a Banana Peel to Whiten TeethBanana peels have so many uses, but did you know you could use the inside of the peel to whiten your teeth? This is a page about using banana peel to whiten teeth.



Cannellini Bean Sauté on dinner plate

Cannellini Bean SautéSo easy, fast, delicious, and very inexpensive, too. A nice change of pace when you are tired of potatoes, rice and pasta. It's ready in a matter of minutes.



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Child Support and SSI?I am a grandparent raising 3 grandchildren. The parents were ordered to pay child support and not much at that, but anyway they have never paid a dime in 2 years. Now the mother is bragging that she will never have to pay me because she just got her SSI.


Inserting a Bayonet Style Bulb into Socket

Inserting a Bayonet Style Bulb into Socket?When I put the bayonet style bulb with the two lead lumps at the bottom and two small locking pins sticking out the side into the pigtail slot made for the locking pins and then give it the clockwise turn to lock it in place, they don't connect with the two terminals in the socket.


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Can a Puppy that Survived Parvo Become Infected Again?My puppy survived parvo and has had no shots. So it can't catch parvo again correct? Many people tell me many different things.


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Livingroom Paint Color Advice?My livingroom is 12 x 24 with large windows at each end and 2 archways on the same side entering from the front and back entrances. My love seats are cream and brown plaid and the Lazy Boy is medium brown leather. All the furniture has medium oak wood. What color do I paint my walls?


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Repairing a Sofa Sleeper Joint?Recently, I had a rivet break on one of the joints that puts the top of the bed up into the couch. Any suggestions on how to replace/fix it?


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