June 23, 2017

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pan of eggs

Cilantro Scramble RecipeA main dish of scrambled eggs can be enhanced by the addition of herbs and vegetables. This page contains a cilantro scramble recipe.


upclose mac and cheese

Homemade Mac n' CheeseThe creamy white sauce with added Velveeta and shredded cheddar make this delicious baked macaroni and cheese a soon to be family favorite. This is a page about homemade mac n' cheese.


Mother and Daughter Hugging in Park

Dealing With a Dead-Beat DadThis term is typically used to refer to fathers who shirk their financial responsibility for their children. Moms can also fall into this category, but less frequently as they typically have custody. This page contains tips for using the legal system to help collect support and some advice on talking to your children.


A man with a thinking bubble by his head.

Making Stepping Stones Without Concrete?Stepping stones do not have to be made from molded concrete. Consider using flat stones, bricks, and other suitable materials. This is a page about making stepping stones without concrete.


Lobster Mac and Cheese

Lobster Mac and CheeseThis delicious three cheese lobster and macaroni casserole is delicious and surprisingly inexpensive per serving. This is a page about making lobster mac and cheese.


Perennial flower garden with beautiful flowers.

Perennial Flower Garden MaintenanceTo keep your perennial flowers healthy and looking their best all season long, you need to get in the habit of scheduling some routine maintenance. Here are some strategies for upkeep that require minimal effort, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your garden, and less time working in it.


Imitation Crabmeat

Freezing Imitation Crabmeat?Imitation crabmeat is simply flavored fish and other ingredients such as starch to help it keep its shape. It can be frozen and is often sold that way. This is a page about freezing imitation crabmeat.



Freezing Cantaloupe?Like most other melons cantaloupe can be frozen and requires no special preparation other and removing the rind and cutting into chunks. This is a page about freezing cantaloupe.



Is it OK to Put a Refrigerator in the Garage?Many homeowners successfully keep a second fridge in the garage for overflow food, soda, produce, and more. This is a page about, "Is it OK to put a refrigerator in the garage?".


Photo of a fluffy Persian cat.

Neutered Cat Spraying in the HouseIt's generally accepted that neutered cats are less likely to spray in your house. This page looks at reasons why a neutered cat may start spraying and ways you can stop this behavior. While not an easy task, you should be able to reverse this behavior.


Oil and Vinegar

Subway's Oil and Vinegar Recipe?Mix red wine vinegar and a blend of olive and other oils and you can recreate the sandwich dressing offered at Subway. This is a page about Subway's oil and vinegar recipe.


A man standing on a roof cleaning his home's siding with a pressure washer.

Cleaning Your Home's SidingNo matter what type of siding you have on your home, routine cleaning is a worthwhile project. This is a page about cleaning your home's siding.


Cheddar Baked Mac and Cheese

Cheddar Baked Mac and Cheese RecipeForget the continence of boxed stove top macaroni and cheese, try this delicious baked version made with milk, eggs, and real cheese. This page contains a cheddar baked mac and cheese recipe.



Yoda Toad - toad sitting in the corner of a cinder block garden block

Yoda ToadWhile building a raised bed garden with cinder blocks, we discovered this little fellow trying to blend in with the colors of the block, while at the same time doing his best "Yoda" impersonation. I think he succeeded in both.


Chicken Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce on plate

Chicken Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping SauceI love making Vietnamese spring rolls, especially for summertime picnics and potlucks. They look pretty fancy but they are so easy to make. You can use any number of fillings for yours. Just like any recipe, it's fun to stray from the usual to suit your tastes!


Cleaning My Computer - keyboard and brush

Cleaning My ComputerI am getting ready to move and discovered all this dust in the areas you can't see. I began with a soft dust brush going over everything, the keyboard, the printer, the back of the hard drive, router, and power strip. Then I used my hair dryer.


Surprise In My Pop Corn Patch - tasseling corn

Surprise In My Popcorn PatchLook, y'all. My popcorn is tasseling! I 'bout turned into a popcorn freak when I was doing all that experimenting, trying to get the perfect method for popping corn (I did gain about 15 pounds). I shudder to think how it's gonna be when all this is harvested and in my pantry.


A Bunny Hide-out - Bunnies inside of a cinder block

A Bunny Hide-outTurning over the garden in the spring can bring some surprises. Like a cozy nest of bunnies. After being accidentally disturbed, they were on the run and used this cinder block as a hide-out.



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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 13 at the start of July and I don't have a clue what she's doing yet! She was thinking about having a sleepover with 3 or 4 of her close friends. She's an outdoor kinda girl and she loves sports. She also was thinking about going somewhere to eat (not too expensive).


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Getting Back to Natural Hair Colour After Dyeing?I dyed my hair red a month ago (I used Lorvenn's 5.22 and 7.22 1:1 ratio) and a couple of days ago I dyed it dark brown (4.15 by Garnier's Olia brand). The red still shows through. I really want to go back to my natural hair colour, which is a medium to dark brown or at least a dark brown.


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Troubleshooting Fusebox Problems?So we don't actually have a circuit breaker. We have the old fuse box and the past couple days, we've been having issues. The fuse slotted at number 8 controls all the outlets for our basement, bathroom, and one bedroom. For some reason, all the outlets in the bedroom and bathroom are out.


Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit Bull?

Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I just got my Pit about a month ago; he's 6 weeks old. I bottle feed him, etc. The previous owner told me his mom was a full blooded rednose and his dad was a rednose and bluenose mix. He has high muscle definition in his upper shoulders when playing and high muscle definition in his back legs.


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Removing Plant Sap Stain from Swimsuit?How do I remove milk sap from a plant on my new bathing suit? I was pruning in the garden in the sun and stained my new swimsuit.


Low Cost Vet Services In or Near San Fernando Valley - black and tan dog lying down

Low Cost Vet Services In or Near San Fernando Valley?My little dog is having a hip or patella issue and is just starting to limp. I don't have a lot of extra spending money so I was wondering where I could get a low-cost exam and x-ray to determine the cause of his limp before it gets worse.


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Leaves Dying and Branches Turning Black on Potted Avocado Trees?My potted avocado trees lost all of their leaves, now the new leaves are coming out and dying; the branches turn black. I tried cutting off the black part, but it keeps coming. Parts of the plants look healthy with new leaves, one flowered this spring.


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Removing Fabric Dye That Transferred in the Wash?I washed my husband's brand new golf shirt (pale pink and gray stripes) with my daughter's pink shorts and swim suit. Before I put them in dryer I saw that there are bright pink spots all over the golf shirt. How do I get the spots out without destroying the original colors on the shirt?


Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners

Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am disabled and I am moving my 71 year old mother in with me next week and some of my plumbing and electrical is broken. I need help fixing this. How do I find an agency or organization that can help with the repairs?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told he is Belgium Shepherd Mali today by his vet. We rescued him from Croatia. He has a problem putting one ear up.


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Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th Birthday?My boyfriend's 15th birthday is July 3rd and it will also be our 7 month anniversary. I want to make it extra special. He loves cars and racing and he plays video games and does a few sports. What could I give him for everything? I need at least 3 things.


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Determining Cleaning Rates?I cleaned a 3 bed room 1 1/2 half bath with 14 windows. I cleaned the windows inside and out, also cabinets, base boards, and vacuumed the floors. I also cleaned a large laundry room window seals. It took me 28 hours. My zip is 75061. I charged $250.00 and the owner thinks I'm ripping him off.


What Is This Houseplant? - foliage plant

What Is This Houseplant?Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?


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Steam Iron Not Working After Cleaning?Why is my steam iron not working after cleaning with salt?


Cleaning and Polishing Vintage Formica Tabletop - yellow vintage table

Cleaning and Polishing Vintage Formica Tabletop?This is not really about a repair, but a question about cleaning and polishing an old '40s style Formica table top. It is yellow with a cracked ice design, some of which is worn away. It also has a painted fish design around the edges, which shows some wear, but I do not want to repair or replace the table top.


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Catchy Name for Homemade Jewelry Business?I'm looking into starting my own homemade jewelry business and I'm not having any luck on picking out a name. I'm going to be creating homemade necklaces, charm bracelets, regular bracelets, earrings, and possibly rings. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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Value of a Mersman 7377 Table?I am looking into how much my table is worth.


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Finding Donated Fabric for Charity Events?I am currently looking for donated fabric or discounted fabric to use for charity projects such as the Snuggles Project - no-sew fleece blankets for animal shelters, Project Linus - blankets for children in crisis, and Capes for Kids where we create capes to donate to children in shelters and hospitals.


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15th Birthday Plans?My 15th birthday is in July and I'm a girl. I have no idea what to do. I can't do anything at my apartment because it's too small and crowded. I can't go to the spa or anything like that because my dad wouldn't let me. The only other option is to go out.


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Neighbor's Dogs Snap at My Dogs Through the Fence?I live in a townhouse community that has an HOA. The nextdoor neighbor has two small dogs who bark all the time and when my Beagles are in my fenced-in yard these small dogs put their snouts though the slats of my vinyl fence and try to bite my dogs. What can I do to keep my dogs safe from the snapping dogs?


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House Repair Assistance for Low Income Home Owners?Where can I get help? I live on $800 a month. I can't do anything. I stay home pray and cry. The siding on my home is rotting and molded and ugly. My son would help, but he passed at 36 from a heart attack on March 16th, 2016.


Janome New Home MC8000 Buttons Not Working - start, reverse, and needle buttons

Janome New Home MC8000 Buttons Not Working?I had a technician replace my backlit display and it now works! We have calibrated the screen (possibly also called a shock reboot from some notes I've read on this forum) by pushing the needle up/down, reverse, and start buttons while turning on the machine. But now these buttons don't work at all.


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?I have dyed my hair several times. It's been more than a year since I dyed it. My hair still has all of the colors I've dyed it a little inside of it. My hair is naturally brown. I have blonde, burgundy, red, and black all mixed in with my natural color. How do I get rid of all the colors and leave it naturally brown?


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