November 27, 2017

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Baby Wipes

Using Baby Wipes for CleaningBaby wipes are an easy and convenient way to clean surfaces are the house. Using baby wipes for cleaning a good way to clean small areas that just need quick wipe down.


Smooth Whipped Frosting

Preventing Grainy FrostingEveryone likes a smooth deliciously sweet whipped frosting on their cakes and cookies. Use the tips for preventing grainy frosting when baking.


Hair Dye With Brush

Dyeing Hair After Bleaching?This is a page about dyeing hair after bleaching. Dyeing your hair too quickly after bleaching it can cause damage to your hair. It also can result in the color being different from what is pictured on the box.


Silver Bars

Using 99.9% Silver to Keep Milk and Water FreshSilver has natural germ fighting qualities. Prior to refrigeration, silver coins were used to help keep milk and water fresh longer. Now you can obtain "silver rounds" at any coin shop, to achieve the same benefits. This is a page about 99.9% silver to keep milk and water fresh.


Underwire Bra

Keeping Bra Underwire From Poking OutAfter some wear the underwire in many bras will work its way through the fabric and poke out. This is a page about keeping a bra's underwire from poking out.


Washing Leather Chair

Removing Oil Stains on LeatherLeather can be quite resilient, but oil can be a difficult stain to remove. Removing oil stains on leather is not always possible and may require re-dyeing, but sometimes the stains can be removed.


Large parking Lot

How to Protect Your Car in a Parking LotParking lots can be an easy place to pick up small dents and scratches on your vehicle. Here are some ideas on how to protect your car in a parking lot.


Woman with glass of bad well water

Well Water Tastes Bad?Well water often has more particulate in it than water from a municipal source but it shouldn't taste badly. If your well water tastes bad, this may be sign that you need to filter it and perhaps consider having it tested for contaminates.


Red Generator

One Circuit Not Working When Running Generator?This is a page about one circuit not working when running generator. If one of your circuits isn't working, you might be trying to run too many things at once. Here is some advice for diagnosing the issue.


Sign saying Happy Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Program Ideas?This is a page about Mother's day program ideas. If you are organizing a Mother's day program, here is some advice for themes and decoration ideas.


Military Serviceperson Holding Cash

Proof for a Military DiscountGetting your military discount when you can is important because it can save you a lot of money over time. Be sure to bring proof for a military discount if you are entitled to it.


Man Cutting Up Pine Tree

Selling Mature Pine Trees?If you have large pines trees that need to be removed, it may be possible to sell the timber if you have enough of them or a desirable variety of tree. Selling mature pine trees from your property can help clear some land and make some money.


White t-shirts hang drying on clotheslines.

Removing Sunscreen from WhitesThis is a page about removing sunscreen from whites. It is not uncommon for sunscreen to leave yellow/orange stains on clothing. Here are some tips for removing these stains from white clothing.


Dishwashers Detergent Pod

Using Pods in Older Dishwashers?Using automatic pods in older dishwashers usually isn't a problem because the outer casing dissolves in water. If your pods have a drying agent, that may get washed away early and not do much good, but the detergent will do it's job.


A woman itching her wrist.

Remedies For ItchingThis is a page about remedy for itching. Many things can cause itchy skin. Here are some remedies to try, that will hopefully relieve the itching.


Waxing Hardwood Floors

Waxing Hardwood Floors?There are several very good options when it comes to waxing your hardwood floors. Read on for preparation info and product choices. This is a page about waxing hardwood floors.


feta bean salad

Mediterranean Feta Salad RecipesFeta is a slightly salty, soft cheese that tastes amazing in salads. Here are a couple of delicious feta salad recipes to try. This page contains Mediterranean feta salad recipes.


Whipped Butter

Substituting Whipped Butter in Recipes?A stick of butter, when whipped, will weigh the same (4 oz), but it's volume will be increased. Therefore, when you are substituting whipped butter in recipes it is important to measure by weight.


Children's Clothing

Frugal Tips for Children's ClothingWhether it's because the clothes are too small or they have been damaged, kids always need new clothes. This is a page about frugal tips for children's clothing.


Stuffing in Bowl

Can I Freeze Stuffing?Stuffing is often leftover from holiday meals. Freezing stuffing is a great way to preserve it for later use.



Flavored Greens Beans in bowl

Flavored Greens BeansAt our church, we have a monthly luncheon with 20-25 people attending. We have a committee that prepares the vegetables and desserts. I'm responsible for preparing green beans. I purchase a large can from Walmart and cook them in a large pot. Usually there are only a few left over.


Christmas Tree Card - front of finished card

Christmas Tree CardThis is a cute and simple card that can be created with craft essentials you may already have at home. Perfect for kids to make too!


Malaysian Bred Chicken  - eating

Malaysian Bred ChickenSeeing the greens around with this colorful Malaysian bred chicken is such a wonderful morning view. It's fresh and soothing to the eyes. What I like most about this photo is the chicken being caught in the act of keeping a nice posture as it feeds. And it felt like I had just a wonderful day seeing this!


Clematis - Belle Of Woking - clematis blooms with viola

Clematis - Belle Of WokingFunny how we assume things with little or no good reason. Such is the case with this clematis. Given it's Oriental sounding name, I assumed the vine originated in China or was named for a real or fictitious lady from China. Not so.


Keeping a Cat from Licking and Scratching Its Wound - orange tabby wearing a harness

Keeping a Cat from Licking and Scratching Its WoundMy cat would not stop licking and scratching its wound behind its neck removing fur and causing scabbing. I got one of the dog harnesses that is fabric with Velcro and it has really helped and now his skin is healing wonderfully! Plus my cat does not hate it at all. It's worked out better than a cone!



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Removing Musty Smell in Rabbit Fur Lined Gloves?I purchased a vintage pair of rabbit fur lined leather gloves and they have a musty smell to them. Does anyone know how to get rid of the odor?


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Resident Cat Aggressive Towards New Cat?A few months ago I adopted a one year old female cat. She is a sweetheart, but is very paranoid by nature and prefers that you move slowly. She's taken to me a lot more than my boyfriend, who she doesn't like. She gets upset easily as well.


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Fixing Grainy Peanut Butter Fudge?I have been reading past posts about gritty fudge. I have been making this fudge for over 50 years. Last year I started having big problems with it coming out gritty. I thought it was my burners, but I guess not. So far this year I have made 21 batches and only 7 have turned out non gritty.


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Making Sleeper Wood Shelves?I am attempting to make shelves out of sleeper wood. I have prepared them with teak oil, 2 coats. Do I leave them like that or do I coat with clear varnish?


Identifying Small Black Bugs Inside - bug on wood floor

Identifying Small Black Bugs Inside?What are these small black bugs in my house? They are in the kitchen, in my basement, and around the front door. The exterminator said it is a confused flour bug, but I don't think he's right. I have looked them up and they don't look the same. They only seem interested in water.


Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll - red haired doll

Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll?I have had this porcelain doll for as long as I can remember. According to her certificate she is a limited edition Melissa doll from the Knightsbridge Collection. I was wondering her worth.


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?My dog was diagnosed with parvo yesterday, but he is walking around and drinking water. He is still is throwing up, has diarrhea, and he keeps groaning. What can do to reduce his pain?


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Keeping a Cat from Scratching a Wound?My cat has a wound on her neck. Once that part get dries she scratches it and the dried skin gets removed and the wound starts bleeding again. This is the 5th time she is doing this. What should I do?


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Removing Dye Transfer from Merino Wool?I bought a new sweater, ivory colored, that's 50/50 merino wool and nylon. I put it in a garment bag and used the hand wash cycle on my washer. I also tossed a couple of other light-colored items in the wash as well, but one had dark stripes on it. The dye from that shirt transferred to my wool sweater.


Manual for Coronado Treadle Sewing Machine

Manual for Coronado Treadle Sewing Machine?I have a Coronado treadle sewing machine with the #s 3432522 on it. I'm trying to find an original manual for it. If anyone knows where I can purchase or download one I would be so grateful.


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Asking for a First and Last House Cleaning Charge?I clean houses and am wondering if anyone charges clients a "first and last cleaning"?


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Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?I recently moved into a townhouse and have been having some trouble with the breakers. When I try to use my toaster the breaker for that outlet trips part of the way through the cycle. Just to be transparent I have an electric kettle on the same outlet, but I don't use it and the toaster at the same time.


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Removing Pen Ink from Door Handle?How do I get pen ink off of my house door handle?


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Dog Will Not Eat Dog Food?I have a Chow Chow; he is around 12 years old. He will not eat dry or wet food. I have changed his dry food and tried adding wet, he still won't eat and he is losing weight. What can I do to get him to eat? He does want people food.


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