January 23, 2018

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Starting Bamboo from Cuttings?There are a number of ways to start bamboo from cuttings. This is a page about starting bamboo from cuttings.


Cat with Roomba Vacuum

Keeping Your House Clean With Pet CatsThere are several ideas in this page that will help you have a cleaner home, even with pets cats. Start with the kitty box, by cleaning daily and perhaps adding a mat outside the box to help contain the litter. This is a page about keeping your house clean with pet cats.


Ground Dwelling Bees

Getting Rid of Ground Dwelling Bees?There are several types of bees and wasps that live underground. Some are relatively mild mannered, while others, such as yellow jackets can be very aggressive. This is a page about getting rid of ground dwelling bees.


Dog Getting Ear Drops at Vet

Treating a Dog for Ear MitesIt is best to confirm with your vet that your pet does in fact have mites. Then using a medication and cleaning should remedy the problem. Untreated mites can cause your dog pain from scratching and distress. This is a page about treating a dog for ear mites.


Couple Tending and Watering in their Garden

Tending Your GardenThere is more to gardening than simply planting your tomatoes or veggies. Tending the garden means paying attention to the needs of the garden, supplement with water when it is dry, enrich poor soil, and check your garden routinely to ensure that it is healthy and happy. This is a page about tending your garden.


stir fry served over spiralized zucchini

Honey Chicken Stir-Fry RecipeA versatile recipe with vegetables and delicious over spiraled zucchini. This page contains a honey chicken stir-fry recipe.


Filing Nails

Treating Dry, Brittle NailsThere are a variety of suppliments you can take, and different things you can put on your nails to strengthen them. This is a page about treating dry, brittle nails.



A tarp on the ground outside to protect the concrete from ice and snow.

Use Tarps When Preparing for SnowOur deck is located on the northeast side of the house. When we have ice and snow, it takes a long time for it to melt.


A bowl full of organic produce.

Prioritize Organic Produce PurchasesOrganic produce is always more costly or unavailable locally where I live so I can't always buy organic.


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Keeping Kids' Toys to a MinimumWhen your child receives something new, they should have to give one of their old toys to a thrift store, or a friend. It keeps clutter down to a minimum. It also teaches them to not overdo it as they get older.


baked muffins

Easy Cranberry Orange MuffinsYou can make this easy recipe in muffin form or as a dessert loaf. I made these to serve during a holiday party and the loaf for my guest to take home.


A lazy susan full of beauty products.

Lazy Susan for Beauty ProductsIf your like me and have tons of beauty products and have them stored in a way that you cannot get to them all, then I have a solution for you! I purchased a $16 clear 2 layer Lazy Susan from Amazon and it is life changing!


packages of different sized beads.

Easy Bead SorterIf you work in beads, you know that certain sizes should stay together, even within their color. But who wants to hand-pick through beads just to separate them. I sure don't. So I was recycling one of the Dollar Tree scented bead air fresheners the other day and kept this handy little lid. Today it hit me like a big bag of beads!


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Beware Pre-authorization When Using Debit CardsWhen using your debit card, you have to be careful and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account because some places/retailers may add a pre-authorization charge that will take a couple days to fall off. If you don't have sufficient funds you could be charged with an overdraft.


A bakery cake that says "Happy 5 years" A + M

Complimentary Cake DecoratingI always thought purchasing cakes from the bakery section were grab and go unless you fill out a custom form sheet. But, during bakery hours - you can get them iced with your request for free.


A white shelf with a coffee center and some condiments.

Shopping with Less MoneyHello again, I would like to share my frugal story. I am living with fibromyalgia so I am in a lot of pain. It took a while to get this done but it is done. I am paying off my credit report for this year. I am living on $780 but my check is paid out.


A collection of toothbrushes in a plastic container.

Uses for a Toothbrush ContainerI have a tender spot in my gums, so yesterday I went to get some soft toothbrushes from the dollar tree. Choosing the packaged kind, I happened to look down at the other choices not at eye-level.


Love Grows Valentine Card - finished card

Love Grows Valentine CardThis Valentine's Day, celebrate your love for your significant other with this easy card. Using a printout of a tree and hearts punched from an old calendar page, this card is also easy on the pocket.


The fuel tank indicator in a car, with the arrow pointing to the side with the gas cap.

Which Side of the Car Has the Gas Cap?If you switch cars, rent a car, or just cannot remember, this is a useful tip. The icon of a gas tank on your dashboard will have a triangle on the right or left. That shows you what side of the car you put the gas in. The picture shows my car takes gas on the left.


A plant tray being reused for coffee mugs and glassware.

Use Plant Trays to Store Mugs and GlasswareMany of the places I buy potted plants from gives the plastic trays that plants are delivered in away free to customers. Some garden centres often leave them in the packing area after the checkouts so you don't even need to make a purchase to get hold of them.


A tray with a mineral deposit from dripping water.

Removing Mineral Deposits from SurfacesThis tip will make you flip! Water deposits/mineral deposits/hard water deposits, we all know what that is by different names, and it forever gets crusted in the refrigerator "drip tray" where the water and ice come out of the front of the refrigerator.


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Homemade Electronics Touch Screen CleanerYou can make this up in little bottles and give one to each child. Use 1 part water and 1 part rubbing alcohol. Removes grease and kills bacteria. Use a micro fibre cloth on phones. Use on television screens, tablets, etc.


Mable (Berger Blanc Suisse) - white dog

Mable (Berger Blanc Suisse)We adopted Mable when she was 18 months old. A couple were getting divorced and neither of them wanted her!


A row of complimentary seasonings at the meat market in a supermarket.

Complimentary Seasoning at the MarketTwo markets I frequently shop at provide complimentary seasoning when you purchasing meat or poultry. They can season for you. I usually ask for some seasoning on the side in a baggie to bring home.


An afghan folder over as a headrest for a chair.

Easy Headrest Pillow for Your ChairI buy afghans to "frog" (unravel) for the yarn. Most are good quality yarn, but sometimes I buy something that I find later, isn't worth the time. Tonight, in my $1.00 chair from Goodwill As Is, I made it worth the money.


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Save Trees and Money by Reducing Toilet PaperI hate spending money on toilet paper it is so expensive and and uses up so many resources; It also fills up the system. At first, I was embarrassed about this tip but no more! Now I use a soft washcloth (for #1 only). I rinse it well after each use and hang on a small cup holder discreetly behind the toilet where I can reach it.


Two fiddle leaf fig plants, one with one truck and one with two.

Plant Shop for the Best ValueWhile shopping for a fiddle leaf fig plant, we discovered some pots had only one trunk = 1 plant and some had two trunks = essentially that'll be two plants and they were the same price.


Make a Junk Journal Out of Envelopes - finished journal

Make a Junk Journal Out of EnvelopesJunk journals are great to make and to give as gifts. There are videos on the internet that show how to put together a junk journal. I fell in love with them on first sight. This craft is the beginning of a junk journal which is made out of envelopes.


A magazine rack storing many items.

Using a Magazine Rack for StorageI recently got a magazine rack for a song. The purchase was for craft patterns, paper, calendar masters, and more.



Name Ideas for Bath Bomb and Wax Melt Business - pink bundt cake shaped bath bomb

Name Ideas for Bath Bomb and Wax Melt Business?I'm starting up a new bath bomb business and would like to add wax melts as well. I have no idea what to call it. I would like the name Nana included if possible. I love my 3 grandbabies, Gabby, Kingston, and Carter, I love the words fizz, foam, bubbles (bath bomb words). See why I have no idea where to begin.


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Will Homemade Weed Killers Harm Garden Plants?When using salt and vinegar/Dawn, will it kill garden plants also?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Set?What is the value of a 24 volume set with cabinet and world atlas, copyright 1958?


1833 Farmers Exchange 10 note in poor condition.

Selling Old Money?I am looking for a buyer for my 1833 Farmer's and Exchange Bank $10 note. I am not sure were to look or how to begin. It was purchased in the 80s and recently passed down to me (couldn't of been at better time). Any ideas were to start?


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Medicaid and Marriage?I have a question. We live in North Carolina and plan on getting married this year. My fiancé and I have one child together and I have 2 of my own. Right now my daughters have Medicaid. When we get married will they lose their Medicaid even though my fiancé isn't their biological father?


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Killing Weeds in Lawns?I am looking for a weed killer that won't kill the grass.


Value of Glass Top Mersman Table - dark wood ornate table

Value of Glass Top Mersman Table?What is the value of a Mersman table #6275 with a glass top?


Value of Mersman Hexagon Table - brown table

Value of Mersman Hexagon Table?I have a six sided hexagon end table it looks to be in very good condition. The label says Mersman 38-5.


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Bleaching Ecru Cotton Top to Make It White?I have a top it is 100% cotton ecru colored lace. I want to lighten it to white, is that possible? I have used Oxiclean in the past on a very yellow vintage christening gown and it came out beautiful.


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Jacket Bled Onto Itself?I have a burgundy and white jacket that when washed the white areas turned pink. I have tried washing with Oxiclean with no change. Do you know if I use the RIT color remover if the burgundy areas will be affected by the solution or not?


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14 Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 April 22nd, but I like to plan ahead. I'm inviting boys and girls. I was thinking of going to Boomers or like the indoor go carts, but I don't know and there might be more boys than girls. I don't want anything childish.


Is My Dog a Full Blood Pit Bull? - tan puppy

Is My Dog a Full Blood Pit Bull?I brought this dog, the owner says the mother died. He also said it was a blue fawn or something like that and it's 4 weeks old. I don't really know about Pit Bulls can anyone on here assist me?


Patio Curtain Color Advice - dining room

Patio Curtain Color Advice?I need a curtain for a sliding door in the dining room. It's driving me crazy. The walls are red and the cabinets are red and green. What color should I use?


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Cleaning a Banister?I need to repair and or clean my banister. There is gooey gummy black stuff caked on. I do not want to take off the cherry finish. It is not a good banister, but one I do not want to replace. Any suggestions?


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