March 19, 2018

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Rubber glove cleaning a burnt pan with a sponge.

Cleaning a Burnt Revere PanUse the correct cleaning supplies to make a burned mess clean right up. This is a page about cleaning a burnt Revere pan.


Pasta in a square bowl covered with parmesan.

Sweet Pepper Garlic and Cayenne Sauce with Linguini RecipeThe delicious sauce for this pasta dish combines bell peppers, spices, sour cream, and Parmesan cheese to create a scrumptious main dish you will want to serve again and again. This page contains a sweet pepper, garlic, and cayenne sauce with linguini recipe.


A homemade circus birthday card.

Circus Birthday CardThe circus is a fun theme to use when making a birthday card. The big top ad other popular components such as the clowns, acrobats, and more can be included in the final greeting. This is a page about making a circus birthday card.


Mens suits on a rack

Name Ideas for Men's Clothing Shop?Choosing the best name to capture the interest of prospective customers is a crucial part of starting a successful business. This is a page about name ideas for a men's clothing shop.


A SD card for storing data.

Securing Your SD Card DataSD cards are very commonly used in many cameras and other portable electronic devices. Oftentimes this information is important and you want to make sure you keep the files secure. This is a page about securing your sd card data.


Sliced ham on a cutting board.

Roasting and Slicing Lunch MeatsAvoid added sodium and other unwanted ingredients by being your own deli. This page has information about roasting and slicing lunch meats.


Marriage Certificate with flowers and a pen

Displaying a Framed Marriage Certificate?Proudly display the official certificate from your wedding day. This is a page about displaying a framed marriage certificate.


A homemade Valentine's Day card with pop-up hearts.

Mini Pop-up Valentine Card Kids' CraftEasily create vibrant pop-up cards from construction paper, great for kids to make for Valentine's Day. This page has instructions for making a mini pop-up Valentine card kids' craft.


Porcelain Doll with brown curly hair.

Value of Handmade Porcelain Dolls?Porcelain dolls have been valued by generations of young girls. Many have been handed down, mother to daughter. Condition, age and rarity will determine the value.


A recycled oven rack being used as a drying rack.

Uses for Oven RacksOld racks from your oven or toaster oven can find new purpose as a drying rack or a cooling rack for baked goods or baking dishes. This is a page about uses for oven racks.


Frog on a stump with a big wide open mouth.

Frog JokesIf you have a funny joke concerning frogs, add it to our collection. This page contains frog jokes.


Tomatoes and tomato juice on wooden cutting board

Recipes Using Vegetable or Tomato JuiceAdding a vegetable or tomato based juice like V-8 to recipes is an easy way to add nutrients and flavor. This is a page about recipes using vegetable or tomato juice.


Slice of pecan pie on a green plate.

Making Pecan Pie With Butter Instead of Margarine?When making older recipes, it's sometimes necessary to exchange unwanted or unavailable ingredients. This is a page about making pecan pie with butter instead of margarine.


Crumpled piece of Aluminum Foil.

Reusing Aluminum FoilFoil can often be reused by cleaning with baking soda and water. Depending on the quality and thickness of the foil you may be able to get multiple uses from a piece. This is a page about reusing aluminum foil.


Refrigerator ice/water dispenser.

Amana Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water or Ice Cubes?A step by step process of elimination is the best way to try and identify the cause of this type of refrigerator water and ice dispenser malfunction. This is a page about an Amana refrigerator not dispensing water or ice cubes.


Picture of the word "Advice" in a dictionary.

Grammar Tip: "Advice" vs "Advise"Use tricks to remember the little differences between similar words, to avoid incorrect usage. This page contains grammar tips about "advice" vs "advise".


Supplies for making laundry detergent.

Does Making Your Own Laundry Soap Save You Money?Making your own laundry soap may save you money depending on your choice of ingredients. One thing is certain by making your own you know exactly what it contains and can often make it from products you already have around the house. This is a page about, "Does making your own laundry soap save you money?".


Scraper for removing carpet adhesive

Removing Stubborn Carpet Adhesive?When replacing carpet with a hard or resilient flooring you will need to remove the old adhesive. This can sometimes prove to be a daunting job. Boiling water or Goof Off and a scraper may do the trick. This is a page about removing stubborn carpet adhesive.


Yellow winter aconite blossoms.

Growing Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)This perennial plant, native to woodland habitats in Italy, France, and the Balkans and naturalized in other parts of Europe, grows from a tuber and produces yellow buttercup flowers in the early spring. This is a page about growing winter aconite (eranthis hyemalis).


A person holding a taco, ready to eat.

Making Chicken Taco SurpriseSimmer chicken and veggies with taco seasoning for homemade taco filling. This one pan recipe is sure to be a favorite with your family.


Polishing Imitation Leather Shoe

How to Polish Imitation Leather ShoesPolish away scuffs on your imitation leather shoes using land lotion or petroleum jelly. Always test on an inconspicuous area when using a non-traditional product. This is a page about how to polish imitation leather shoes.


Bottle of shampoo with chamomile flowers.

All Purpose Chamomile ShampooChamomile not only makes a soothing tea, it has many medicinal, beauty, and bath uses as well. Make this shampoo from dried chamomile flowers, leftover bar soap, glycerin, and boiling water. This is a page about making all purpose chamomile shampoo.


Flower carved into a bar of soap.

Hardening Soap for Carving?Beautiful flowers and animals can be carved out of an ordinary bar of hand soap. This is a page about hardening soap for carving.


Woman with dyed wet hair

Rinsing Hair Dye Out of Your HairThere are a number of ways to rinse the dye out of your hair without splashing it all over the walls and floor. The shower is a popular place to do this step. You might also try the deep sink in your laundry room, if you have one. This is a page about rinsing hair dye out of your hair.


Knick Knacks on a window sill.

Cleaning Knick KnacksBeautiful or whimsical figurines and keepsakes can get very grimy after time spent on a shelf or in a curio cabinet. This is a page about cleaning knick knacks.



Lena (West Highland Terrier) - closeup of nose and eyes

Lena (West Highland Terrier)I rescued her from someone who was taking her to an animal shelter. She likes to lay with her squeaky toy Baxter the Bull.


DIY Chalkboard Paint - finished chalk board surface with hello written on it

DIY Chalkboard PaintI love chalkboard paint for use on many surfaces. They are typically found in blacks and greens, and can get more expensive in other colours. Here I'll show you how to make chalkboard paint in any colour you like, using either latex paint or acrylic paint. It's fun, it's easy, and it's quite the money saver!


Kid's Name Painter's Tape Art Project

Kid's Name Painter's Tape Art ProjectThis is a fun way of incorporating your child's name into their art work. Lay out painter's tape on a piece of paper spelling their name and allow your child to paint. When you peel the painter's tape off you get a beautiful work of art with their name included that can be framed.


DIY Kitchen Cleaner Spray - supplies

DIY Kitchen Cleaner SprayKitchen cleaners can be costly. Make your own cleaner solution for appliances, formica counter tops, and sinks. Buy a 32 ounce size spray bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle. Make the cleaning solution formula of Murphy Oil soap 2 ounces, Dish soap 1 tablespoon, and water to fill the spray bottle.


Car Wash Mitt from Knit Hat  - knit hat on bottle of car wash

Car Wash Mitt from Knit HatIf you need a car wash mitt then use an old winter knit hat. This would probably apply to snow and freezing areas, where residents have winter wear. I have also used an old sock, but this would work better. The hat rinses out very easily and doesn't scratch surfaces.



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Mending a Broken Relationship with an Adult Daughter?My daughter drinks heavily, says she's bipolar, and is in a second marriage that's going sour. She left her first husband and kids for another man 12 years older who treats her like a child. Every couple of months she leaves him to come to my house putting her job in jeopardy.


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Determining a House Cleaning Rate?My sister and I moved here to Corning NY. We want to start cleaning homes together. We are just wondering what is a good amount to charge in this area.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 14 in May and I have no idea what to do! I will only be inviting girls to my party, but none of them really like super girly stuff. I do not know what to do and I need help!


Value of Vintage Mersman Table - stepped table

Value of Vintage Mersman Table?I have a Mersman 1593 table. It has three tiers, one drawer. The measurements are: L25 1/2 W 16 3/4 H 27 1/2 to top tier. It has a water mark on the top tier. What is it worth?


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Value of an AMI Juke Box?I have a 1980 AMI juke box, 160 selection. How do I find the value?


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Organizations That Help Disabled People Get Furniture?Being that I'm on mental disability how do I go about getting help with a new box spring and mattress?


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Value of 1948 Era World Book Encyclopedia Set?Does anyone know please the approximate value of 1948 era The World Book Encyclopedia set in decent condition? I believe one volume is missing.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is next week and I can't seem to find a way to celebrate at home with only 5-7 girls. I just want it like a get together and not much money spent. I am thinking about playing any sport, but not really sure and I don't want it to be extremely girly and Gordy.


Value of an Ashley Belle Porcelain  Indian Doll - large Native American doll

Value of an Ashley Belle Porcelain Indian Doll?My Ashley Belle porcelain Indian doll is all dressed up. She is about 4 feet tall. What is she worth?


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Remedy for Hair Loss Due to Alopecia Areata?I don't usually use a mirror to check the back of my hair, but I did this about 2 months ago and got the fright of my life. A big bald spot (approximately 4cm diameter) smiled back at me. It looked like a full moon on my head. So I have seen my doctor about it and I'm being told it will grow back.


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Removing Ink from Passport Paper?How do I remove ink from passport paper?


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Heated Mattress Pad Controller?Where can I buy a controller for my ThermoSoft ETL-2 heated mattress pad?


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Manual for Vogue Stitch Sewing Machine?Does anyone know where I can find a manual for a Vogue Stitch model 8085 sewing machine?


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